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  1. Brogeefrong

    who can cranck 90's better | Minecraft Player vs Fortnite Player | 0-0-0

    Nicholas Chickolas has sent the Chicken Duo Assassins, Chickety China The Chinese Chicken and The Rock Chicken to go after Umulius Minecraft Guy has all his equipment Fortnite Guy has all his equipment Speed is equalized Fight takes place in Roblox...
  2. CurrySenpai

    Fortnite | The Strongest Verse of Today (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT /srs)

    Hi, I've been talking about Fortnite revisions for a while, and if you've been paying attention I make light jokes here and there about Tier 1 or 0 Fortnite... Yeah, it's kind of not a joke anymore, this verse is insane. This CRT aims to accomplish a few things, Most important of which is a...
  3. Vzearr

    Lego loopers missing abilities (Fortnite)

    The Profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Looper_(Lego) The missing abilities: Construction: Can build homes, makeshift cars, makeshift planes, watchtowers, Gliders ect. Flight: Via gliders and makeshift planes.
  4. CurrySenpai

    Fortnite Discussion Thread

    I didn't see one for this series and I want to scale more of it (especially since the verse is very outdated) To-Do List: Upgrade the verse beyond Tier 8/7 Update the verse with new equipment and add different keys for seasons among other things. Overall just make things cleaner-looking
  5. Vzearr

    Fortnite Upgrade

    So recently this calc got accepted upgrading the Mecha from City Block level+ and Subsonic to Town Level and Supersonic+ with its 2.0 version scaling to MHS+ AP would scale to The Devourer, I'm unsure about speed.
  6. RanaProGamer

    A Different Thor Aims For The Head | Thor vs Thanos GRACE

    Same setting as the end of Infinity War, Thanos attains the Infinity Gauntlet and Thor arrives to stop him. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Thor scales to 13.85 Tons Thanos scales to 13.50 Tons Thor (TABS) vs Thanos (Fortnite) Who wins and why?
  7. RanaProGamer

    Sans Fights a 2-A Character

    Just wanna see how much higher he can keep going. Can Sans beat the World Eater Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized 2-A Galactus is being used. Sans vs Galactus (Fortnite) Who wins and why?
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thanos reaches the End and tries to kill the Ender Dragon to beat Minecraft

    THANOS vs ENDER DRAGON Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the End Thanos: 0 Ender Dragon: 7 (@MrKerf, @jojo123, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @JustANormalLemon, @Deidalius, @Doggo, @Marvel_Champion_07) Inconclusive: 0
  9. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thanos (Fortnite) - Transformation

    Thanos currently has Resurrection, but the way it works is that a looper picks up the Gauntlets and transforms in Thanos. That more so fits the description of Transformation
  10. TheGatememer

    "Canon" Matchup, kinda. Phoenix Wright (MvC) vs Galactus (Fortnite)

    Phoenix Wright hears news of a cosmic entity coming to consume the Earth, so he attempts to stop them like last time. Can he successfully convince this Galactus to not destroy the Earth too? Battle Assumptions "Battle" takes place on MvC Galactus' Stage. (Phoenix Wright is on the Stage...
  11. V999

    Himiko Toga Against Thanos but from Fortnite (7-0-0)

    My Hero Academia VS Fortnite • Speed are equalized • Both are 8-B • U.A. Beginnings Saga Toga is used • Himiko Toga is 13.70 Tons of TNT • Thanos is 13.50 Tons of TNT • Location : Random Forest Himiko Toga : 7 (@Doggo, @Mickey1940, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @JustANormalLemon, @jojo123...
  12. Fortnite durability upgrade?

    Just got back from the fracture event, yeah it was boring but I need a calc for the explosion that the loopers survived when the island was destroyed, some of the npcs could be found during the reforming process. Maybe giving them some kind of breathing upgrade as well being able to handle the...
  13. Mariogoods

    Balance Seekers: Thanos (Fortnite) VS Marcy Wu (Amphibia)

    Rule: 1. Thanos is 8-B while Marcy is in her base key and is 8-B. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Thanos (Fortnite): 0 Marcy Wu (Amphibia): 7 (Jackythejack, MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, koopa3144, LeoEpicGamer8910, Mariogoods, Peppersalt43, The_Almighty_Wholesome) Inconclusive: 0
  14. RanaProGamer

    Homelander Takes On The Mad Titan Of Fortnite (GRACE)

    The world is in danger, the Seven have been defeated at the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos who now wields the Infinity Gauntlet. The only one left to stand in his way is the strongest hero to ever live, Homelander. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Homelander scales to 43.42 Tons...
  15. Arceus0x

    Azontr vs. Thanos

    Clash of Clans Goblin Azontr vs. Thanos from hit battle royale game fortcraft Speed is equalized Both are at 8-B Go!
  16. Oliver_de_jesus

    Question about verses that treat online, Online and armory as canon

    We can use the ads (not trailers or similar, but the small animations of the loading time inside the game) as canon? parachutes and similar things? Lobby give buff and Crafting the change of Skin that have special qualities like they are ghosts or elemental forms?
  17. Tots_Real

    Question about what is Canon to Dragon Ball Heroes.

    I've always heard that the games and non-canon dragon ball stuff is considered canon to Heroes. My question is, does that include Fortnite since it had a Dragon Ball Super crossover recently? And if so does that mean you can scale heroes to Fortnite's cosmology.
  18. Quangotjokes

    Ice King Upgrade

    Looks like we have some Planet level scaling for Ice King. He had world destroying weapons. Moved a moon to reality zero, and also Froze and created massive Ice storms and hazards on and around the planet. Making it inhospitable for living and undead...
  19. koopa3144

    Ratchet gets taken to Fortnite (Ratchet vs The Looper)

    Fight takes place in Tomato Town both have their 8-C equipment The looper has access to Structures Speed is equalized everything else is standard battle assumptions Ratchet: 0 The Looper: 0 Incon: 0
  20. Colonel_Krukov

    Ahsoka (Star Wars) vs Thanos (Fortnite)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed equalised *Clone Wars Season 1-6 Ahsoka Ahsoka: 7 (Coolboy6,Greatsage13th,MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer,Popted2,Kflare63,BEASTHEART880,Pikaman) Thanos: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 () Ahsoka is 27.71 tons, Thanos is 13.50 Tons. Ahsoka has a 2.05x advantage
  21. Quangotjokes

    Looper speed upgrade.

    A looper was able to Outrun an explosion at 0:40. loopers should get an upgrade to hypersonic. I've found that low end explosions are around mach 5 but is like more Input as well.
  22. Marvel_Champion_07

    Fortnite Thanos Lifting Strength

    Thanos should probably get "At least Class 5" lifting strength. He is basically a transformed looper and much stronger than a normal one
  23. Minaaaa

    Fortnite Foundation Universal

    In the Zero Crisis Finale, The Foundation held together the energy of the zero point, the zero point can cause a full reality collapse. The Foundation holding the energy to destroy all of reality would make him low 2-C/universal +
  24. DC Cosmology mixed with Fortnite

    I haven't heard this talked about much but in Scott Snyder's Batman/Fortnite Foundation #1 we're told of how the many different multiverses (possibly both in DC and outside) are formed. It's through the Zero Point, a nexus/orb in Fortnite that can be used to access different realities, it's how...
  25. Saintdhqhdy

    Fortnite SOL speed upgrade

    As you can see in these videos In the last video the player is moving so fast he only appears as light so what I’m tryna say is pretty self explanatory
  26. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Kirito (Aincrad) vs Thanos (fortnite) ONE MORE VOTE LEFT

    Kirito: 6 (@AbaddonTheDisappointment, @TheGreatJedi13, @Popted2, @CurrySenpai, @Bernkastelll, @Coolboy6) Thanos: 1 (@Quangotjokes) Rules: Both 8-B (Floor 100 Kirito) both Bloodlusted They start 50 meters apart Speed equalized both with knowledge of each other Victory conditions...
  27. NameIsForKing

    Fortnite Vs Avatar

    The Player. Aang. Both 9-A/8-C Speed is = Season 2 Aang The Looper can only use 9-A and 8-C weapons. The Looper has access to all of these weapons. Avatar State restricted as thats 7-C The Looper - 0 Aang - 0 Incon - 0
  28. Minaaaa

    Fortnite upgrade?

    Description of her pickaxe was stated she destroyed countless realities Also in the batman comics, it is stated that each reality is their own universe Fortnite 2-B?
  29. Knifeman29

    Fortnite thanos Space/Time BFR

    Fortnite's Thanos should have space/time BFR. Messages for when he punches you or lands on you says he Punches you through time or Blasts you into space. He should get something like "BFR with the Space and Time stones (can send enemies to through time or Into space)"
  30. Coolboy6

    Deku vs Thanos

    8% Deku is being used (high 8-C vs 8-B), speed is equalized Deku: 4 Thanos: Deku is 8.12 tons Thanos is 13.50 tons Around a 1.7x advantage
  31. KieranH10

    Fortnite - New Stuff and Some More Old Stuff

    Aight, not as big as last time but yaaaaaay... First and foremost, I wanna address the Cube after Operation Skyfire, as I assume most of us do. The Battle Royale Cube stuff should be taken off of the Storm Kings profile for starters, truth is at this point we don't know who its related to the...
  32. Quangotjokes

    Potential Fortnite Upgrade

    0:53 she's talking about the war effort and mentions how if we get enough gold the weapons in the vote will be "unlocked across all loops of the island everywhere" This proves there's multiple realities and not just one version of the fortnite universe. Which could potentially validate a...
  33. Knifeman29

    Galactus vs Dormammu

    Both are low 2-C speed is equal Fight takes place in space
  34. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Grass Grows, Birds Fly, and Brother I HATE FORTNITE (Scout vs the Looper)

    Scout posts on twitch that he hates fortnite. The Fortnite company after hearing this decides to send in the looper to assassinate scout for hating fortnite. Jeremy (scout's real name) knows the looper is coming and prepares for battle. Scout's Profile: 7 The Looper Rules Both have knowledge...
  35. Quangotjokes

    Fortnite Durability Buffs.

    In the Skyfire even the player tanks 2 explosions then gets hit by a falling spaceship. Seems they're more durable than we thought. skip to 9:14
  36. Coolboy6

    What have I done (9-0-0)

    Charmy bee (Archie) vs galactus (fortnite) Both low 2-C, speed equalized World devourer: 9 A literal bee:
  37. BigSmoke4269

    tyler "ninja" blevins vs epic fortnite banana

    yes. ninja: peely:
  38. RanaProGamer

    The End Is Near (Thanos vs Homelander)

    Just noticed that comics Homelander has been upgraded to 8-B so I thought it would be pretty cool to put 2 of the evilest villains against each other. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 8-B Versions. Thanos (Fortnite) vs Homelander (Comics) Who wins and why?
  39. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    The Mad Titan VS The Devourer of Worlds. In Fortnite??

    Considering Fortnite got a version based off MCU Thanos and Galactus, as well as it's past ties to MCU stuff, this seemed like an interesting matchup. Likely the last matchup I will ever do with Thanos Rules: Speed equalized Thanos has the full Gauntlet and Galactus is Low 2-C The Mad...
  40. Oleggator

    Celebrating Morshu's appearance in wiki.

    Just saw today Morshu's profile so I thought to give him a match. And let it be player from Fortnite. Rules: Speed is equal. High 8C versions Morshu is fully equiped. "Is ThAt A dAnCe FrOm FoRtNiTe?":1(@Conkergox98) "Come back when you're a little, mmmmmm... richer!":3(@FoxySonicMaster108...