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    Whats the highest tier this can achieve?

    As the title suggested, what tier will feats like this can achieve
  2. PuffletronGaming

    Which tier is creating an domain?

    This is what the title says. If you don't know what's an domain then here is this.
  3. PuffletronGaming

    What tier is this

    Rewrite of my first question but here is an thing, what tier is this for that dialogue. The verse is Briman2000, since you know the first briman2000 profile had minor issues (forgetting that i setted this as an page instead of blog post, summary errors and madness hax). But its simple, What...
  4. PuffletronGaming

    Is consuming everything back to nothing an feat or there is p&a related to it?

    Sorry if i posted this into wrong forum but i need to know if that supposed dialogue is an applicable feat or there is p&a related to it, Here is this. Just that i need to know and yada yada you get the point.
  5. Fuyona0

    Specifying Profile Keys

    When discussing the statistics of a character profile, it would be nice to clearly specify which key the character with keys is being compared to, or in general, when another character is mentioned in the explanation and they have multiple keys. For example, in Zenitsu's attack potency...
  6. TheShape03

    About the feats of darkening the environment.

    Can a feat like darkening the sky or even the universe be calculated? since things like lighting up the universe can be calculated, I would imagine this should be possible to calculate as well, but I haven't found a calculation of this. I mean a feat like this.
  7. I made a blog post on Ihwa from Hero Killer

    This do be the first ever installment to my webcomic character analysis blog. If anyone intends on making a profile on Ihwa, you know where to look. YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!
  8. How Time Travel feats should be accounted.

    I'm new to the Site. How Time Travel feats should be accounted? Many characters never states how much they can time travel, does this mean that a character that for example have the ability to travel back in time and went back in time 20 years for complete a mission should be assumed to be...
  9. Firestorm808

    Ben 10 - High 3-A Feat Recalculations

    Here is the current list of feats that I know are affected by the recent approval of High 3-A Universes/Pocket Dimensions. If I am missing others that are affected, please let me know. High 3-A Azmuth/Galvans w/ Prep Created the Null Void Alien X / Celestialsapiens Recreated the infinite...
  10. Statements vs Feats

    If someone in a show or book says that they can do a specific feat but there are no similar feats from the other high tiers in the verse can the statement be considered an hyperbole. For Example: The Whitebeard planet destruction statement from Sengoku but there are no similar feats from those...
  11. Spinoirr

    volcano feat

    How strong do you need to be to punch someone Into the earth so hard it makes shockwaves all the way deep inside the planet. Making all the volcanos erupt all at once
  12. Sniper670

    Author statements used for Upgrades

    As an example If the author confirms in an interview that Saitama can destroy the planet, is it enough for an upgrade knowing his showings so far?
  13. CowHeadGod

    MY OCD 💀 - Feat page

    A small, minor thing I've stumbled upon on the Feats page... and Yeah, someone should probably remove the double spacing. That's all, have a great day random passerby.
  14. SauceGod1.1

    Why Isn't The Kido Cannon Feat Accepted?

    In the first Bleach movie, there's a feat where like 180 fodder Shinigami can power a cannot which can destroy a Kongyoku (It's name is sum like that) which is basically a pocket reality that has a star in it. One can use this feat to upscale SS Ichigo to like Solar System Level so why isn't it...
  15. Awakened Shigaraki Re-Evaluating Feats

    Hello VSBattle Community! This is my first post, so I'm not sure if I misunderstood or overlooked some decisions/rules/posts. However I want to talk about Awakened Shigaraki, because his evaluation bugged me. According to the VSBattle side, Awakened Shigaraki is measured to be "at least 8-C...
  16. Requirements for Boundless

    Can someone please explain the requirements of boundless,what kind of feet is needed,or what has to be done to qualify for boundless? If you can give an example it'd be great too. (Btw dont copy what is written in wiki and paste here I already look there but didnt understand a single word...
  17. Sus

    what feat is this

    shooting the sun with laser and making it explodes into a super nova the explosion encompasses up to Jupiter's orbit with completely vaporizing it what tier would it be? High 4-C?
  18. What if...

    We scale by feats and direct scaling only. For example, Bob beats Jamal in a fight, and Jamal blew up a planet. So Bob is planet level. And in fact, people who beat Bob can make a scaling chain. But! If you swap Jamal's planet-busting with a statement, then neither are planet level. It doesn't...
  19. Livinmeme

    Possibly feat for batman probally not?

    if this things is valid then maybe a upgrade
  20. GuildZero

    Edens Zero chapter 148 justice speed feat

    I was just wondering if it was possible to calc the speed of justice during this chapter here are the feats Feat 1: here and it continues here feat 2: starts here and continues here i wanted to know if this can be calced and used for EZ for speed feats of the high tiers and god tiers
  21. Seventy96

    What abilities are required, to hit astral projection and hurt real body?

    Scenario: Character A created astral projection of himself. Character B hit char A astral projection and A body get hurt in the same place. Example: Someone hit Luke Skywalker AP in Last Jedi and Luke gets hurt. Another example: Someone hit AP of Pain and he gets hurt.
  22. Seventy96

    Surviving in sun is durability feat or heat resistance feat?

  23. BrokenStains

    Spaceballs: The Animated Series feats part 2

    Part 2 of combing through episodes of Spaceballs: TAS! In the words of Dababy, "LESS GOOO!" At the 7:55 mark we see Lone Starr create a barrier using the Schwartz to deflect lasers. At the 10:10 mark Dark Helmet confirms he can travel in and out of video games using the Schwartz, and implies...
  24. BrokenStains

    Spaceballs: The Animated Series feats

    So, i decided to rewatch Spaceballs: The Animated Series after seeing the Dark Helmet and Lone Starr profiles and realized there are some really juicy feats and hax. I don't know how to clip videos and I don't think linking to sketchy sites that pirate tv shows/films is allowed, so i'll be...
  25. Hizack123

    Monster #8 new feat.

    How strong is this?
  26. Seventy96

    Does creation feats scales to AP?

    I upon across this comment and I'm not sure what think about it. I know, that this topic was discussed several times, but still.
  27. Seventy96

    Arceus and creation of universe

    Pokedex entry stated, that Arceus created universe, but how much pokedex is reliable? Some pokedex entries are nonsensical, so what certainty we have, that Arceus entry is correct?
  28. ShionAH

    What are these feats?

    Basically a character builded a whole city in less than a hour (possibly) and he builded a whole big building in less than 3 seconds Is this sub sonic? Also a character made a small solar system and a blackhole what is it? and blackhole eated like a whole city and was growing if they didnt stop it
  29. Legeo364

    Is Alucard's speed Immesurable?

    Quoted from a somebody on discord, "Alucard has immesurable speed via transcending time in the Time Rift. When you compare the terms Infinite Speed and Immesurable Speed, it may seem like Infinite is higher, but Immesurable is pretty much a **** you to infinity and goes further past that point...
  30. Hizack123

    How strong is Hanuman?? (Both Ramayana and ramakien)

    Just as the title said I'm already aware that in thai ver. (Aka ramakien) hanuman is quite strong even in comparison to the verse but in india ver. (Ramayana) Hanuman is said to be god of strength....how strong are both of them in comparison to their own verse?
  31. Why is the creation of a universe a 3-A feat?

    I have seen many comments on multiple threads where it is mentioned that creating the matter of the observable universe is a 3-A feat while creating the space-time with all the matter is a low 2-C feat. I understand that we use the inverse square law and creation=destruction to calculate some...
  32. Jiren's_Dad

    FGO Miyamoto Musashi tier

    So I have a question I know for Musashi she’s listed at unknown but with all the quotes about her ability what tier would she be in hers some of the abilities and feats and quotes from guides and in the game. Miyamoto Musashi: Fate/Grand Order Empty: The highest rank that the A Swordsman...
  33. Jiren's_Dad

    FGO Ishtar

    So in Fate/Grand Order VSB has Ishtar at Large Island Level even though her Noble Phantasm she teleports to Venus and uses it and turns it into an conceptual energy arrow to attack wouldn’t that be at least planet level since she’s turning a planet into her attack and should be FTL+ since she...
  34. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Mega man

    So apparently, in MM8, Astro Man is capable of creating an alternate dimension with a starry sky https://youtu.be/6f4eMdcyK3w?t=347 . Even if it is an outlier for Mega, Astro Man should have 4-A AP and pocket dimension creation.
  35. Anomalous_N_I_W_D_E

    So...Any Back to the Future fans?...

    "Where we're going we don't need...ROADS." Why doesn't Back to the Future have a profile yet somewhere cuz it just hit me? XD I mean the humans in the series alone may not look too contending unless one were to be a user of the Dolorean at first (Given Doc said if used improperly it would...
  36. JackJoyce

    Possible Superman (Christopher Reeve) Revision

    The famous island lifting feat in Superman Returns is considered to be 768.049 m/s or mach 2.23. However the escape velocity of Earth is 11186 m/s or mach 33. So it's a better option to use the later one I think
  37. MilesTheMorales1

    Why doesn't Superman have immeasurable speed?

    Firstly, I would like to say that the blog post calculating his FTL speed is well executed. LordXcano did a great job calculating what is on the screen, there is no downplaying this. However, while it captures what's being shown on the screen(him flying around the earth), it doesn't account for...
  38. ShiningSilver2

    Goku is not Universal+

    Goku SSG Battle of God is Low multiversal, he is stronger than a attack which will destroy the universe, and the universe 7 has 4 different space-time, the living world, the other world, the kaioshin relam and the room of spirit and time Like Goku absorb the power of the SSG in his base form...
  39. UglyKittyCat238

    Evaporating the ocean

    What's the AP for evaporating the entire ocean?
  40. Xx.davidparra

    What tier are you in real life?

    the title is self explanatory age: 14 AP : I'm 10-A via size and martial arts and 9-C to B with weapons and prep speed : athletic human travel speed with possibly higher combat speed and reactions lifting strength : athletic human (I'm kinda short but stalky and can deadlift 500+ pounds at...