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fate/stay night


    Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night) vs Mega Man (Classic) [0-0-0]

    This is Unlimited Blade Works Route Shirou and High 6-C Rock being used, speed is equalized and the fight takes within the Unlimited Blade Works Reality Marble. Both sides are willing to win but not necessarily kill each other. Shirou : Rock : Incon :
  2. RethPo

    Voldemort fights his rapey counterpart (voldemort vs zouken)

    After killing kirei, voldemort decides to challenge another hgw contender who is attempting to steal his latest shot at immortality. Fight takes place just outside the matou household at midnight with speed equal. Both have prior knowledge of the others abilities, sba otherwise. Should be fair...

    FGO Fafnir re-calc + a Lifting Strength calc (Fate series)

    This thread is made to discuss the application of the following calcs: A recalc of the accepted Fafnir feat: 24.7 Teratons of TNT (Country level) Herc throwing a pillar in HF2: 4.73 Kilotons of Force (Class M) The latter is a mere 2x increase in LS over the current calc, but the former is a...
  4. TheSilverKing14

    Ginger vs Busty Blonde: Shirou vs Lucy Heartfilia

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucy_Heartfilia_(X784_to_X792)?so=search Lucy's High 6-C key is used UBW Shirou is used SBA is in effect Distance is around 60 meters or 150 feet. Can Lucy beat the harem protag Ginger with her celestial spirits...

    Nasuverse: 6-C Mages

    This thread seeks to upgrade the mages currently rated as 9-A to 6-C. The argument stems from an interview in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Animation Material I. The statement says the following: The source is here. The statement seems to say that Caster intended to amplify his...

    Izuku Midoriya vs Shirou Emiya: Battle for Humanity's Greatest Hero.

    This is Final War Arc Deku vs Unlimited Blade Works Route Shirou, Speed is Equalized and the fight takes place in Shirou's home town. Izuku : Shirou : Incon:
  7. Overlord_Darkness

    Nasuverse - High 1-B Cosmology

    For the argument about High 1-B see here. I was asked to create a CRT to discuss the presence of the High 1-B structure in the Universe because of the 'six doors' So, according to this, 'six doors' reaches across all of time and space. They are also considered to be the Universe itself and...
  8. Kirinator07

    Battle Against a True Creator (Void Shiki vs Lu Zhiyu)

    SBA Immeasurable speed vs Omnipresence Ryougi Shiki is Void Shiki (1-A) Lu Zhiyu is The Creator (1-A) Void Shiki Lu Zhiyu The Main Theme
  9. RanaProGamer

    Satoru Gojo takes on Fate's Laughing Stock

    Some...BODY ONCE TOLD ME that this was a fair match due to their hax, so I would like to put that to the test. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 28-year-old Gojo vs Base Lancer Who wins and why?
  10. ForkMorkPork

    Sans Vs Saber Alter

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sans https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_Alter Saber In character Sans Bloodlusted 6-C saber used Speed Equalized Sans sees her as someone who needs be dead And Saber see Sans as no more than someone in her way 100 meters apart Location: in a...
  11. Huesito88

    Satella (Re:Zero) vs Dark Sakura Matou

    Ok so this may or may not be a stomp either way I tried and at least this will get Sakura's page noticed, as it seems to have been forgotten in the updating process to make her Island level+ and FTL. If I could I would have Satella possess Emilia to make it more thematic, but then this wouldn't...
  12. KingNanaya

    Escanor vs Gilgamesh. Two Arrogant Men Clash

    To settle an argument I had with my dad, I want to have the opinion of the many. Servant Gilgamesh (Archer) vs The One Ultimate Escanor. Bloodlusted, speed equalized, 100 meters apart, Fighting at noon.
  13. Wurm

    Fate: Noble Phantasm + Excalibur Revisions

    All right, this has been something that's confused me for a while. A+ ranked NP's are currently ranked at Low 6-B (2.9 Teratons), but on every Fate related verse page, there is a 6-B (41.8 Teratons) calc. These are the Orleans and Gugalanna calcs, both of which are said to scale to A+ Ranked...
  14. Ionliosite

    Sayaka Miki vs Shirou Emiya

    Heaven's Feel Shirou Speed Equal SBA Both are Seigi no Mikata who went deep into hell and lost their idealism, so why not?
  15. FallenMaou2234

    And Thus the Shitstorm continues: Nasuverse Massive Speed Revisions part 2

    HEHE BOIIIIIII INTRO So were back, been waiting for the part 2 revision to drop and now that its been concluded I've got the greenlight to drop part two in this series which is a continuation of THIS thread. Been cooking this up for a while so sit tight cause were gonna be movin a little...
  16. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Gilgamesh vs Data Zahard

    Their previous match was outdated so this need to be redone Servant Gilgamesh vs Data Zahard Speed Equalized King of Heroes: Future "King of the Tower": Inconclusive:
  17. FallenMaou2234

    Unlimited Archer Upgrades: Low 6-B for Archer Emyia

    Yeah so Maou again........hopefully this hasn't been talked about before cause that'd be awkward Anyways let's get into it looking at Archer's profile: "Island level+ with Triple-Linked Crane Wings (C Ranked Noble Phantasms, which are equivalent to A Ranked Noble Phantasm's), Kanshou and...
  18. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    ichigo vs archer emiya

    Archer Ichigo Rules: Both 6-C (Post bankai training ichigo) Speed equalized No knowledge of each other in-character for both battle takes place inazuma city from genshin impact they start 30 ft apart Victory Conditions: Incapacitation or death Note: If the rules have any bias. feel...
  19. PsychoWarper

    Base Gilgamesh vs Base Karna redo

    Ive decided to redo this thread mainly cause I thought some of the arguments where a bit iffy but even more importantly the thread is almost 4 years old stuff has changed. Servant Gilgamesh vs Servant Karna -Start 10 meters apart -Battle takes place in Fuyuki City -Any wincon -Both are in...
  20. CrystalValley

    Don't Get Carried Away, Monster! Heracles Vs Shiki Tohno

    WILL THE MEME COME TO LIFE? or will Heracles throw the omnipotent Cu at Shiki as an NP and pull out a victory? CAN SHIKI KILL SERVANTS? Melty Blood Tohno key is being used. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Berserker_(Fate/stay_night)...
  21. FallenMaou2234

    And Thus a Shitstorm was Born: Monkey D. Luffy vs Emyia Shirou

    Alright Ladies and Gents THE HERO OF JUSTICE VS THE CAPTAIN OF THE STRAW HATS Battle Conditions: -Post Timeskip Luffy and Heaven's Feel Shirou are used -Avalons Higher-Dimensional sheild is sealed for this fight -Speed is equal -No Prior knowledge -Battle takes place in Wano...
  22. FantaRin_The_First

    The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Meeting - Kirei Kotomine vs Junko Enoshima

    The Fake Priest: 0 The Ultimate Despair: 0 Incon: 0 9-A Keys only (Kirie's Mantra Boosts are restricted and Junko has no access to Monokuma, but she starts with a baseball bat) The fight takes place in Fuyuki Church, both of them are eight meters apart and speed is equalized. Both are...
  23. Fastestthingalive50

    Fate Downgrade

    So, in the Fate Stay/Night visual novel, it is stated that Saber's attacks are comparable in power to those of a shotgun blast. So, all Fate characters should be downgraded to 9-C.
  24. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    gilgamesh vs accelerator (let's see what happens)

    Gilgamesh accelerator Rules: base key for both (servant gil vs pre-headshot accelerator) speed equalized no knowledge of each other They start 3 kilometers apart in-character for both (act as they would normally do) victory condition: Death or incap Edit: forgot to put Note: If the...
  25. SuperKamiNappa

    Artoria (Saber) vs. Musashi

    Rin-Artoria Base Musashi Part 1 of is "Artoria really the strongest Saber?"

    Shirou trace scalibur

    do you still consider it possible that Shirou traces an excalibur copy despite the author's statement that he cannot if yes, what are the criteria for ignoring an author declaration
  27. GoldExPoints

    White Hair, Red Clothes (EMIYA vs. Dante)

    Because it's Christmas, it's time to see some red and white! DMC3 Post-DT Dante is used, High 4-C restricted of course. F/SN EMIYA is used, so essentially both are 6-C. Starting distance is 1 kilometer. Speed equalized. SBA aside from that. EMIYA: AP: 26.6 gigatons, 79.9 gigatons with Noble...
  28. Phoenks

    Kirei Kotomine vs Guts

    Kirei Kotomine vs Guts (End of Golden Age Arc) Kirei's tier-jumping boosts are restricted, but he is allowed to amp his strength. Speed is equalized. Both combatants start 50m away from one another. Kirei's AP: 0.03 Tons Guts' AP: 0.04 Tons Guts holds the AP Advantage by a difference of 1.33x~...
  29. Phoenks

    Shirou vs Kiritsugu (4-4-0)

    Father and son fight. Bloodlusted. This is Fate/Stay Night Shirou, as UBW may be too much for this match. Both start 50m away from each other. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kiritsugu_Emiya https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya Who Wins? Shirou: 4 Kiritsugu: 4
  30. Servant Invulnerability Downgrade, kinda

    So, I only have recently come into VS Wiki and noticed a giant issue with the “Servant Physiology” section, which seems to believe bullets just bounce off of servants because they’re “Divine Mystery’s”, but this just… isn’t true. More specificly, we should look at a few sources of information...
  31. HyperZero95

    Saber vs Souren Araya

    Saber Vs Araya Saber has Rin as her master Both are in character. Fight takes place inside Araya's apartment complex. Saber: Araya: Inconclusive:
  32. HyperZero95

    Akiha vs Bazett

    They have full knowledge on each other. Bloodlusted. They start 10 meters away from each other. Akiha: Bazett: Inconclusive:
  33. FallenMaou2234

    Nasuverse speed questions

    Yeah so I'm new to the wiki so forgive me if this has already been discussed. As of now almost all Servants scale to Massively Hypersonic via the Calcs below: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ShadowWhoWalks/Nasuverse:_Hansa_Slices_Rubble_to_Dust...
  34. LordGinSama

    A Contractor and a Priest fight

    Darker Than Black vs Fate round 2, les go. For this particular match-up Hei is paid to assassinate Kirei after his meeting with Kiritsugu (The two became partners after the fight.) both are at base but Hei has the Meteor Fragment and Kirie has Mantra Boosts. Hei (Darker than Black):0 Kirei...
  35. LordGinSama

    The Black Reaper vs the the Magus Killer (Hei vs Kiritsugu.)

    There we ******* go, now that Hei got upgraded we have a match on our hands. Both are at 9-A Battle takes place in Tokyo Speed is Equalized Winner via any means Kiritsugu Emiya:0 Hei (Darker than Black):0 Incon:0
  36. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Additional for servant physiology

    Unconventional mind and memories, servant has mind and memories that reside in the soul Mind manipulation and Memory manipulation (also unconventional) via spiritual attack or conceptual weapons. servant's spiritual attack was able to attack the soul in which there are concepts and information...
  37. Naito-desu

    Gilgamesh vs Ren Amamiya

    Oh **** yes we're doing this, full throttle. Both are 1-C Gilgamesh is in his Original Power Key, Ren is in his True End-game key Both are given all their possible equipment Speeds are equalized Simpamesh: Ren Mama-mia:
  38. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Minor CRT for some servants

    GILGAMESH Resistance to transmutation above baseline, resisting ishtar's transmutation which was able to bypass nero's resistance Interdimensional range with GoB, stated that he was able to bring a GoB from new york to chaldea. Chaldea was cut off from the time axis Gil's treasure, he must...
  39. Rasputin

    Gilgamesh vs Arjuna

    Gilgamesh Arjuna
  40. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Minor additional for servant

    I saw a scans in the previous CRT which doesn't seem to have been evaluated yet, like More Enhanced senses servant can detect radiation, killer viruses, or any other variety of dangerous substances. More Soul manipulation servant's casual attack is able to attack the spiritual/soul without...