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  1. Salt-on-pizza

    Minor Baldi's Basics verse expansion

    I thought making a profile for the Baldimore comics version of him would be good, since it's still semi-canon "Some people say my sense of humour is insensitive!" SUMMARY A comic-ized version of Baldi, living in a fictionalised version of the real life American town, "Baltimore", often...
  2. James_Plays_4_Games

    Baldi's Basics Re-Evaluations

    Some of the fundamental aspects of Baldi's Basics' implementation on the VS Battles Wiki were decided over five years ago and have remained unchanged. However, after thinking about them, I believe that some of the ideas don't hold up. General Known Stats Rather than keeping characters without...
  3. Beeb_alt

    A Math Teacher fights a failed actor (Hezi Piposh vs Baldi) (0-0-0)

    Rules: -Both are 9-B -Speed is equalized -SBA Piposh: Baldi: Inconclusive:
  4. Brogeefrong

    2 bald angry teachers get into a ol scuffle | Walter White vs Baldi | 8-0-0 (completely bald)

    inside you there are 2 bald men Season 5A Walter is used, has all his explosives, and a Smith & Wesson Model 442 Baldi is at least 9-B Fight takes place at Baldi's school They start 100 Meters away from each other Speed is equalized Profiles https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Walter_White...
  5. XxZetsuxX

    Harem Protagonist VS Crazy Math Teacher

    Ayanokoji (Current) vs Baldi Rules: Speed is unequalised. Starting Distance: 5 meters Location: Baldi's school No prep time, Ayanokoji has prior knowledge (Optional equipment, AP and Hax) Baldi has his optional equipment Both are in character but willing to kill. Ayanokoji AP: 4 KJ - 8KJ Dura...
  6. HonestlyBored24

    Ow, the old. Ew, the new. (Baldi vs. Figure) (0-3-0, GRACE!)

    Da Roolz Speed is equalized. Both are in-character, and start 10m away. The battle takes place at Baldi’s schoolhouse. Da Vouts “That’s Professor Baldi to you, troublemaker.”: Scales to this; > 112.72 Kilojoules Scales to [UNKNOWN VALUE] “insert transcription of Figure’s roar here”: 3...
  7. Flashlight237

    Baldi vs Impostor Rematch

    So yeah, I'm doing this rematch because... Well, both Baldi and the Impostor got boosted. Baldi's AP went up to one-shotting 112722 joules (845415 joules in a Vs-debating environment here). Plus a whole lotta other stuff that had since been applied from various CRTs that may or may not date the...
  8. Flashlight237

    Baldi's Basics Revision: Slight AP Upgrade

    So... Baldi's Basics is getting upgraded from 51.5 to 112.7 kilojoules: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Psychomaster35/Baldi%E2%80%99s_Basics:_Cracking_Things_With_A_Grappling_Hook Take it or leave it.
  9. James_Plays_4_Games

    Baldi Revisions (March 2023)

    A few revisions to characters from the Baldi's Basics series. The player’s items need to be revised. Currently there are some mistakes and there are plenty of modern items missing. WD-NoSquee doesn’t have power nullification. It’s just an object that, when applied to a door or a locker, makes...
  10. James_Plays_4_Games

    Baldi Revisions (February 2023)

    There are some revisions that should be made to Baldi's Basics characters with the release of Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. Arts and Crafters now uses afterimage creation when teleporting the player. The player can survive contact with a red Baldloon, which erases things from existence...
  11. Duragoji123

    When The Basics Cry

    Rena Ryuugu VS Baldi -Battle takes place in Baldi's Schoolhouse -Baldi has prior knowledge on Rena's abilities, Rena does not receive prep time -Speed equalized -Rena starts in Kyute Mode, both are at 9-B Omochikaerii~!: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!: Incon:
  12. ShockingPsychic

    Baldi fights a spider train (Baldi Vs. Choo Choo Charles)

    The Teacher Vs. The Train From Hell Baldi is 51.055kj Charles is 33.9kj Hell Charles is used. Baldi has 5 minutes of prep time. Fight takes place on Charles' Island, giving him the home field advantage. They start 100 meters apart, but both are aware of the other's location. A SHinY...
  13. koopa3144

    Baldi vs Stalker (Roblox) (0-7-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in Baldi schoolhouse Baldi has his Optional Equipment They start 40 meters away from each other Speed is equalized SBA for everything else Bald man: 0 Stalker: 7 Incon: 0
  14. hockame

    0-1-0 Scout Retakes Kindergarten

    Baldi: Scout: 1 Incon: Both are 9-B Speed is equalized Fight is in Baldi's Schoolhouse (Evacuated since some dude came running in with a Scattergun) Win via KO, Incap, or Death Fighters start 20 yards away from each other
  15. hockame

    2-5-0 Baldi VS Polar Bear

    Baldi: 2 Polar Bear: 5 Incon: Speed is equalized Fight takes place within the Arctic Circle Win via incap or death Fighters start 20 feet away from each other And no, there is no particular reason why I decided to do this battle, I just couldn't be bothered to come up with something actually...
  16. James_Plays_4_Games

    Baldi Revisions (July 2022)

    Baldi shouldn't have phasing. Every time I have ever seen Baldi's phasing mentioned in a VS thread, it is always dismissed as game mechanics, and his profile deems it as a mere possible ability that could just be game mechanics. Unless I misunderstand and it's the things that Baldi can't phase...
  17. AceOfSpaces3709

    Any man with a ruler has a fighting chance! (0-6-0)

    No hair VS No chin, James Ellsworth is 9-B, Both are 6 m apart, Speed is equalized, and Battle takes place in the hallway where Raimiverse Peter and Flash fought. Baldi’s AP is 382.9 Kilojoules, Ellsworth’s AP greatly downscales from 796 Kilojoules, Which gives us much less than a 2x...
  18. Mariogoods

    Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière VS Baldi

    Rule: 1. Louise's long chants is restricted. Therefore, Louise is 10-B physically, 9-B with no chants while Baldi is 9-B. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. The battle occurs in Here School AKA the school in Baldi's Basic series. Vote: Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière: 2 (Jamesthetaker, Popted2)...
  19. AceOfSpaces3709

    Bald Teacher VS Bald Hero

    9-B Versions used Battle took place at Here School Speed Equalized Baldi: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  20. KingCorporeal

    Baldi vs Takeo Gouda

    Baldi's Page Takeo's Page The fight takes place in an open field, and both combatants start 10 meters away from one another. Both are bloodlusted. Standard conditions apply. 2017 YouTube Clickbait: That One Guy from Doraemon: Undecided:
  21. Psychomaster35

    (GRACE) Basics Among Us in Murder and Betrayal

    A young boy was running for his life in a school, as all the space around him turning as red as blood. The slapping noises at the distance getting louder until he gets cornered in a classroom with a vent behind him, and the angry teacher with his long ruler stepped up to him. Baldi readied to...
  22. Flashlight237

    Minor Baldi CRT: Baldi's Ruler Breaking

    Okay, I'm not sure if anyone's ever figured it out yet, but some time ago Baldi was updated to where he won't be able to harm the player if his ruler breaks. How come that wasn't accounted for?
  23. MistaClean

    Baldi tries to solo your verse..

    Why am i doing this... 1. Baldi is at normal speed and does not have his ruler. 2. Baldi is at normal speed, has his ruler and limited knowlege from last time 3. Baldi is at max speed, knows everything about your verse and has every ruler in existence. 4. This Baldi is used...
  24. James_Plays_4_Games

    Here School But Not Downplayed | Baldi's Basics

    Baldi He should have possible hacking, cause the text in the You Can Think Pad gets g╠Á╠╗╠░╠â═ï╠à╠ô═£l╠┤╠Ø╠ñ═ï╠ç╠ôi╠À╠«╠╝╠ª═åß║ù╠À╠»═ö╠¼╠òc╠À╠ù╠▒═û═ò╠Çß©º╠Â╠│═û═Ä╠Ç╠àe╠┤╠ñ╠╣╠«╠è╠ò╠ò═àd╠©╠ó╠½═û╠╗╠É═å in order to make the player get an answer wrong. This can be Baldi's doing since he enjoys...
  25. MistaClean

    Baldi vs The Hulk (GRACE)

    Hulk (1970s) vs Baldi Speed is equal. Hulk: Baldi: 7
  26. Buttersamuri

    Butters Loser Brackets Semi Finals 2 Round 14 Baldi vs Dick Gumshoe

    And so we are into our final 2 rounds! Our losers have fought hard, or haven't and went through my technicality (like a real loser), but before we do our finals, we have to see who will take the final spot for the finals. It's between Baldi from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning...
  27. Buttersamuri

    Butters Loser Brackets Round 12 Phil Matibag vs Baldi

    And so we progress to the 12 round. Final round before we enter into the Semi Finals! This fight we have Phil Matibag from The Nutshack, Submitted by Agletonwiki, going up against none other than Baldi, from Baldi's Basics in Education and learning, Submitted by Joaco0902 The Current Standings...
  28. Buttersamuri

    Butters Loser Brackets: Round 8 Koromon vs Baldi

    And to finish off our first round, we have an extremely weird battle. We have the Baby Digimon Koromo, from the Digimon series, Submitted by 00potato, going up against Baldi, from the horror game, Baldi's basics in education and learning, Submitted by Joaco0902 The Current Standings Speed is...
  29. Flashlight237

    Senku Ishigami vs Baldi (Baldi's Basics)

    Okay, so this is gonna get a little interesting. So, we got Senku Ishigami, the main protagonist of a very scientifically-oriented manga series, against Baldi, whose power level is comparable to Tsukasa (both have one-shotted comparable things). Both combatants get twenty minutes of prep, the...
  30. Jackythejack

    Baldi vs. Glass Joe (REMATCH!)

    It's the fight of the century here today! Join us in the arena (but not actually the arena) as we see Baldi, the math teacher with attitude, fight Glass Joe, the Frenchman with a losing streak. Can Baldi reclaim lost pride, or is this going to be a repeat? Baldi got an upgrade so naturally this...
  31. KingEzran

    (Grace) Sokka vs Baldi

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via KO Votes: Sokka: 7 Baldi: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  32. KingEzran

    Let's go on a trip to Wakanda!

    This is Baldi vs M'Baku. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 4 meters -Win via death Votes: Baldi: 0 M'Baku: 0
  33. Soupywolf5

    Time to R E L E A S E some math (Grace!)

    Baldi vs. Look-See Speed unequalized (Although I'll change this later if need be) Non-Canon Look-See Baldi has his Optional Equipment, and 30 minutes of prep-time (Once again I can change this if need be) Battle takes place in Baldi's schoolhouse Look-See is 40.75 Kilojoules, Baldi is...
  34. Jinsye

    Baldi vs. Brandon Breyer

    Baldi Congratulations! You found all seven notebooks! Now all you need to do is GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! Heh-heh-heeeeeh! ~ Baldi Powers and Stats Tier: 9-B Name: Baldi, Professor Baldi, Baldimore Origin: Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Gender: Male Age...
  35. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Baldi vs thread reevaluations

    Since this calc has been accepted, several Baldi threads have to be re-done or simply removed. Going through his loss record: His fight against Speedwagon should be re-evaluated or re-done, since Baldi was previously noted for one-shotting an 18 KJ character. Said character would now be at 51...
  36. ExSENNA

    (GRACE) Baldi vs Shego (0-7-0)

    Shego goes to a school and teacher is Baldi. Shego failed at exams now Baldi is pissed off and wants to spank her with his stick Speed equalized and starting distance is 10 meters Gotta spank: Childhood crush: 7 (Modernmyrmido, Maestro46, Nanazana, Gilad Hyperstar, Flashlight237, Culexus...
  37. Volt12121

    Baldi educates a wolf

    Baldi vs legosi The 9-B key for both Speed equalized Both are in character but willing to kill Math teacher: High Schooler wolf: 5
  38. ZacharyGrossman273

    Baldi VS LEGO Luke Skywalker

    Speed equalized Baldi: Luke: 2 Inconclusive:
  39. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Baldiverse upgrade

    We calculated the energy produced by 1st Prize, but not Gotta Sweep, who is larger and faster than 1st Prize and is capable of pushing them, Baldi, Principal of the Thing, Playtime, Arts and Crafters, and the Player (Baldi's Basics) all at once. Since GS's faster and can carry other characters...
  40. Buttersamuri

    Baldis basics in kindergarten and learning

    Oh No! Baldi went into the school of kindergarten and tried to start murdering the kids for getting a math problem wrong. But Bob just so happen to be cleaning the hallways when he sees this. He quickly rushes to confront Baldi Speed is equal Takes place in Baldis school house Full arsenal...