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Butters Loser Brackets: Round 8 Koromon vs Baldi

And to finish off our first round, we have an extremely weird battle. We have the Baby Digimon Koromo, from the Digimon series, Submitted by 00potato, going up against Baldi, from the horror game, Baldi's basics in education and learning, Submitted by Joaco0902

The Current Standings

Speed is equal

Koromon is in their first key (obviously)

Koromon scales to 328,213.351 Joules

Baldi scales to 300,000 Joules

That's all. Let's do this!

Baldi: 6


Baldi should just have this due to...having more variety? Similar ap as well and more variety I think net him a good win against an inexperienced baby digimon
Baldi tends to use melee, Koromon could just shoot at him with his range advantage, are Baldi's clothes flammable?
Koromon to my knowledge only shoots one ball projectile at a time yeah? Pepper breath and like spit attacks or something. Those sound like they could be dodged well. And Koromon is still incredibly inexperienced and lacking variety
Yea he has. The soda thing. That avoidable. And one single blast. But he won't dodge it even if he sees it coming
I guess but that doesn't seem to cause harm is the thing. Either way if Koromon hits him baldi is just going to get faster and start to overwhelm the poor baby digimon, especially if he uses illusions in some capacity.
Illusions I don't recall he ever used to much a combat capacity. But I haven't played the other games on him. So no idea. The stat amp thing works I think since him getting hit would be a good way to probably piss him off. Which is how it activates if my memory serves right
It activates by him getting ticked off yeah. He more the fight goes on the more that he's just not gonna be happy until eventually he probably ends up close to blitzing the thing.
How quick are the speed amps? Unless they happen quickly then they wouldn't be very effective. From what I remember they don't seem to happen much in combat since he doesn't speed up when you hit him with soda or if the broom hits him. So the speed amp likely is invalid as an argument.
Has it been shown to work when Baldi was hit in game? It usually just happens when you solve a problem set, so it wouldn't come into play in a fight like this.
But it would still count as hitting him and pushing him back (into a wall to be exact which should at least annoy him enough to trigger the amp if it was truly combat applicable.) also it doesn't trigger when a broom give him the push, backing up my point further.
Yeah but it would still activate the amp if it was applicable, can you prove that it would activate upon taking damage when the two closest situations in game don't activate it?
Because he isn't taking damage. We know what activates it. It's anger.

Regardless. I assume a vote for Koromon?
Yeah and being pushed into a wall by things the overpower him while he is chasing someone doesn't activate it, only solving the amswers. So why would it work here?
Has it been shown to activate in combat. The two closest situations we have don't activate it so why would it work now?
If hitting him and shoving him into a wall, impeding his progress towards his main goal at the time doesn't work. Then why would this?