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altair (re:creators)

  1. DefectiveDoll17

    Shinra vs Altair

    Hope this is not a stomp. Speed equal Start at 100m Shinra: Altair:
  2. Krystal (Game Masters) Respect Thread

    New blog is here, focusing on Krystal from the webtoon Game Masters! In a friend group's campaign in the tabletop game Mazes and Monsters, one of its members introduces a glitchy healer NPC to their party. It's all downhill from there...
  3. Kirinator07

    A rematch rivalry of plot supremacy (Altair: Re:Creators vs Monika DDLC)

    Since Monika got upgraded immensely, it would make sense for her to go against someone with similar attributes. SBA The fight takes place near the school that the literature club resides in Speed is equalized Both are Low 2-C Altair: Monika: Inconclusive
  4. LazyDaoist

    Klein Moretti vs Altair - 3rd Strongest 7-C Match (2-0-0)

    Match for the 3rd strongest 7-C on this Thread. The Fool Klein vs Base Altair SBA otherwise Speed Equalized Klein : 2 Altair : 0 Inconclusive : 0
  5. Blazko

    A Military Uniform Princess meets The Spawn Of The Taken King

    Living Self-Insert VS Crota's Dad's Son Round 1: Both at their peak in the series Round 2: Same as round 1 but Crota is replaced by his dad
  6. Pepsiman25th

    Mighty Creator with fiction powers vs the Heaven Transcendent Vampire

    Altair (Re:Creators) vs Heaven Ascension DIO (The profiles are linked here in their names) Slight backstory: Altair was bringing fictional characters from their reality into the real world. However, she was in one world where there was someone who somehow resisted it. She now meets the one who...
  7. Dereck03

    Quick question about Altair (Re:Creators)

    At least Universe level+ (Capable of generating and erasing a universe with minimal effort; can create an infinite number of universes, though this would take an infinite amount of time It has never been said that Altair needs an infinite amount of time to create infinite universes... Many...
  8. Dereck03

    Re:Creators Altair and Sirius CRT

    Altair & Sirius Profiles sirius's profile has been deleted... again Actually Altair's regeneration is Mid-Godly. (She was able to return even after her entire existence was erased by Sirius), hence the point of this CRT. When Sirius eliminated Altair, she used "The Sixty-Sixth Movement of the...
  9. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Battle of the plot manipulators: Altair (Re:Creators) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

    Altair is terrorizing the universe and sonic's gotta put a stop to her. Altair's profile Sonic's Profile: INCONCLUSIVE: 7 VOTES Rules: Both are Low 2-C (Reborn Altair) and (Base Sonic) Both have no knowledge or preptime speed equalized Sonic can have all of his standard equipment but...
  10. The_Pink_God

    help with Altair

    does someone have the scan or statement where Altair would need infinite time to make infinite universes?
  11. Setsuna_tenma

    Cosmic destroyer fights fanfic

    Altair vs Giygas Low 2C versions Speed equalized
  12. RM97

    Minor Re:Creators Stats Revision

    Tier So in EP 19, Rui Kanoya uses his Gigas Machina's full power to create a giant barrier (called "Reflector Field") that was able to crush and destroy both the Vogelchevaliers. Feat Happens here (Precisely at 1:30). This was Calcd to be 7-C or Town level in size. This is both a Range+AP feat...
  13. QuasiYuri

    Isn't this High Godly?

    Altair regenerated from the Sixty-Sixth Movement: "The target will then be absorbed even on a conceptual level, effectively bypassing resurrection, immortality, and Regenerationn. After the movement is complete, the target's body will be made into the user's and leave the target non-existent."...
  14. Tam0n3n

    Void Shiki vs Altair

    Both in their prime. Who would win?
  15. Schnee_One

    Altairs "Passive Causality"

    Where exactly does this come from? I've noticed instances in which there are in fact attacks that aren't always reflected, especially not all actions. I just need to know if there was an instance that supports this.
  16. Setsuna_tenma

    A fanfic character fights a dark lord

    Altair (Re:Creators) vs Dracula (Castlevania) Low 2C versions Speed equalized
  17. Phoenks

    Altair vs SCP-682 (0-0-0)

    This fight is brought to you by the Youtube Comment Section. Extended Canon 682 and End of Series Altair. Speed Equalized. Altair (Re:Creators): SCP-682: SCP-682: lol
  18. Razor-Nut

    Altair vs The Marvel Universe

    This might be a let down for them since they are trapped in the yolks of their world and not even OAA can't do anything to stop her since he's also trapped. And the characters that might be accepted, can't defeat her. That will definitely bust their egos.
  19. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Yogiri fights his longest rival once again

    Last thread aged well... Speed Equalized Low 2-C Altair SBA Die gg: Plothax gg: Fatehax gg: Well, my friends, I have returned. I feel like I've been born again! Do I know you?
  20. Livinmeme

    giant robot vs fanfic character

    this wil be my last publication of altair (maybe) Altair (Re:Creators) Mazinger super robot wars used maybe if this result a stomp i give he mazin power 7b mazinger and low 7c altair speed equalized
  21. Razor-Nut

    Altair Vs One Above All

    Military Uniform Princess vs The self proclaimed god in the Maverl multiverse.
  22. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Altair vs Not Cu Chulainn

    Hopefully this isn't a massive mistake or stomp lol Basically a canon OC vs An Uncomfortably Likeable Terrorist Speed is Equalised. Both are tier 7. Rin has intel
  23. AndyMouse

    Altair vs Doctor Manhattan

    Both of them are at their full power (Tier 2) and absolutely no holds barred.
  24. Botchede

    Battle of 2-C with powerful hax: Altair vs Eru Il├║vatar

    Altair vs Eru Il├║vatar Both at 2-C, speed equalised, battle happens in the city of Tokyo. Altair: Eru: Inconclusive: 1: I'm Blue daba dee daba die
  25. Animestormz_gamer

    Altair Vs Gilgamesh Sword Spam Fight

    Speed Equalized In Character
  26. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Throwing more Spaghetti at a wall (Altair vs Kazuradrop)

    Plot Hax Princess vs Composite Alter-Ego I am only kinda familiar with Altair. Kazuradrop's first match on her profile might very well be a loss, but that's ok, so let's see how it goes. Hopefully it isn't a stomp in either direction. Speed is Equalised. Fight takes place in the digitized oil...
  27. Dzhindzholia

    Does this scale to Durability?

    Altair erased the Universe from existence with her hax. Does that feat scale to durability or not?And why? I think it doesn't because nor Altair or Setsuna were the targets of that hax,the Universe was. What do you think,she tanked the destructoin or not?
  28. Dzhindzholia

    Altair's durability downgrade.

    I don't know how many times I did this but still. Her durability should either be low 7-C or unknown (Like her striking strength). At least Universe level+ (Can create and destroy the universe around her without sustaining damage) ^That is not a legit reason for universal durability,creation...
  29. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Altair vs Novel Kars

    Someone said this could maybe not result in a stomp, so... Speed Equalized Both at their strongest SBA VOTES: Understand gg: Lol Plothax: Inconclusive:
  30. Sir_Ovens

    SCP-2747 vs Altair

    Before you sharpen your pitchforks and crucify me, Agnaa didn't say no when I brought up the idea. So crucify him as well. The Sevenfold Destroyer vs The Military Uniform Princess End of Series Altair and Extended Canon 2747. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  31. Sir_Ovens

    Murphy's Law: Chapter 2 - Creation's a B****

    Fade in: Ext. Streets of Tokyo Japan - Night A fair skinned woman with white hair stands above her foes. She is wearing a complex military garb straight out of the ones you see in those superhero flicks. She looks smug. Looks like the kind of girl who could walk into a bar and leave with more...
  32. Genericstickman

    Altair vs Chaos (Castlevania)

    welcome back to another episode of Genericstickman attempts to find a fair battle for Chaos in this episode, Altair Low 2-C Altair used speed equalised Altair: Chaos:1 Incon:
  33. Ionliosite

    Rimuru vs. Altair

    Rimuru Tempest vs. Altair Speed equal Both Low 2-C All other SBA Who wins and why?
  34. Sir_Ovens

    I hit that phat dab - Oryx vs Altair

    There are no words. I do the will of Chaos. Oryx vs Altair Low 2-C versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  35. Overlord775

    Altair fights Waifu Lavos

    Let's see if this ends the same way as the other EoS Altair and Speed Equalized Altair (Re:Creators): 0 Hatou Manabu:0 Inconclusive:0
  36. AkiraDegawa

    Altair vs Infinite Zamasu

    Both Full Power Round 1: Speed Equalized Round 2: Best Speed Altair vs Infinite Zamasu
  37. Argoneedsmorelove

    Altair Tries to Solo Your Verse

    End of Series Altair Gauntlet Style with each gauntlet being the tier levels in that verse, Altair is unnafected by the previous battles going into the next if she is victorious. What verse will be able to stand against the MIlitary Uniform Princess?
  38. RM97

    Re:Creators Revision 3

    The following thread aims to change and add a few stuffs on Altair (Re:Creators)'s Profile as well as to Selesia Upitiria Powers and Abilities For Altair 1) Broadway Force: Made the minions dance to her tunes when she duplicated them in Ep 12 from 12:40 to 23:00 2) Deconstruction: Has...
  39. Corrupted_Idol

    Altair vs. Man-Thing

    Low 7-C, speed equalized Who will win?
  40. ZephyrosOmega

    I can only see this going well.

    Noel Vermillion VS. Altair. Altair's in her low 7-C key while Noel is in her low 7-B key. Will change if necessary. Speed is Equalized. Noel: Altair: Inconclusive: