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Altairs "Passive Causality"


VS Battles
Where exactly does this come from?

I've noticed instances in which there are in fact attacks that aren't always reflected, especially not all actions.

I just need to know if there was an instance that supports this.
Following the video that Yung gave...

You clearly see Altair activate it by saying it's name after being impaled, and before this you see no wound nor blood in Alicetaria's abdomen. Granted, is not a good shoot of her abdomen, but still.
There isn't any actual evidence of it being passive really

Thought based (Though she seems to activate it with words) but passive no
Speaking words when you do an attack is an extremely common fiction trope that's often contradicted
Episode 10 at 13:00. She uses her power and does no incantation. She says the name of the power at 13:30, after the power takes effect.
I don't know who that is. Or how to contact them as I can't access a person's message wall without finding it.
I think the delay on the reflection the first time is just a classic trope. Altair's mouth isn't bleeding after being impaled, like Alicetaria did, and seems to be pretty unphased considering she's been downright untouchable up until this point.

Also, following her rejecting her lance, Alicetaria tries to punch her and accidentally kills herself with the blow. No words, not even a glance from Altair.

Also, her abilities definitely do NOT need spoken activation before we even go there. In her fight vs Sirius she uses multiple abilities without saying anything and has invoked multiple Holopsicon movements before that also without speaking. I know that's not what this thread is about, but it was brought up.
I said this in a previous thread, but I don't think her other abilities being thought based should be used as evidence for other abilities beig thought based. I mean, we wouldn't argued that with passives in any verse, unless they're literally the same power. So why argue it here?

It makes no sense.

Anyway, what's your take on it Assalt? Thought based?
I originally supported passivity, and I still do.

I'm saying the least we can possible go is thought based.
I know the other instances have her not needing to talk, so that's why I defaulted for thought based.

I would think for an ability like this, is better to default for thought based unless there's indication this is on effect even when she doesn't expect or sense the atatck coming.
I'd say that's a pretty high standard. Notice when Alicetaria punches Altair that her eyes aren't even following her anymore. So if it is thought based, it's more thought-triggered and doesn't need to put focused on a single event.
Or maybe it was already activated?

Honestly, even thought based is a stretch imo. But I'll back down over it.
It may seem high, but when there can only be an effect when she's attacked, I'd hope to try and set a line for myself to discriminate between one or the other. Is easy to confuse thought activated and passive when it isn't working on something all the time, after all.

But you know more about the series so I'll default for your opinion.
Has Altair at any point been attacked when she didn't know and the affect worked, without her activating it prior.

It may be a trope, but it's literally what was shown as evidence for it being passive.
Sorry, haven't checked VSBW since a while.

For 'Passive' thing...

Altair in her base form, has a restriction such like "She has to 'play' her Gun in an order to activate her abilities, but she doesn't have to tell out it's name".

Though, we are talking about Base, not EoS or Amped version of her. During her fight against Sirius, she -obviously- played her gun and that was enough for her to summon an omnidirectional wave of erasure. We can't know "what kind of powers she got", because WOG says she got an infinite amount of them.

But I'll have to do some more reach about where does 'Passive Causality' coming from.

Unless you're talking about Acausality, of course.
Schnee One said:
No, her Causality reversal is what I'm tslking about
According to my small research, I theorized on Altair's use of Holopsicon may vary. Altair is said to have a hologhrapic body which cannot be harmed by physical attacks at all; and she only plays her gun when she needs to release plot/reality altering waves. Such as the Third Movement of the cosmos, which she didn't played her gun nor spoke out its name, she just did it.

So, her causality hax (14th movement) might need a revision about changing 'passive' to 'thought-based'.
If it "Varies" it isn't passive, that directly counters the idea of it being so.

Passive means always active, if it isn't active 100% it simply.
Well then

I guess we are good, we just need some more agreements, but from who
Do you really need agreements for a questions and answers thread? Pretty sure you got what you need
Theglassman12 said:
Do you really need agreements for a questions and answers thread? Pretty sure you got what you need
I mean this was more meant to be a CRT really. Perhaps I should have put it there but I was more worried the answer would be obvious for such a highly discussed character