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Versus Match-ups Addition Requests Thread 15

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VS Battles
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Sans vs Shedinja

This is an old match, but it was recently removed from Sans' profile due to Sans' soul hax being changed + no longer a one-shot, I think. But that shouldn't matter as Shedinja has negligible durability to anything that isn't resisted by Wonder Guard. Soul manip is something it is explicitly weak to, and so it should one shot Shedinja.

Needs re-adding to Sans ' profile.


VS Battles
GyroNutz said:
Yeah, pokemon weakness are super effective. Though, The match was super old though as Shedinja was just 9-B and gain new abilities, three yeats ago. I would argue that it can more easily survive Sans' soul manipulation move since at higher AP pokemons can survive super effective move from weaker pokemons. In any case, I think a rematch is the best option since new factors are present now.
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