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All Might vs Natsu Dragneel 00-08-00 GRACE

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Low 7-B Forms

Speed Equal

Distance: 100 Meters Apart

Location: Cell Games Arena

Natsu cannot access LFDM nor DF

All Might:

Natsu Dragneel: ShadowGun45, Ionliosite, Le Cookie Sale, DemonGodMitchAubin, HenryWong122, 1997KD, DragonGamerZ913, Zackra1799


VS Battles
Might be worth finishing up AFOs revision thread before we continue, given that details what quirks he has.
Schnee One said:
Might be worth finishing up AFOs revision thread before we continue, given that details what quirks he has.
Was not aware of AFOs revision, if he cannot be used should I switch this to All Might?
Okay so the advantages for both sides are All Might has a 1.6x Ap advantage, a massive LS advantage, and has more expirence but Natsu's a better fighter, Rage boost, better senses, and far better stamina
This Natsu is comparable to his x791 self as only a short amount of time had passed for him due to the timeskips before the Grand Magic Games, where he has a decent skill feat against Sting and Rogue.

Not sure if all might has any skill feats, but for the sake of the arguement we'll say they are comparable.
Natsu didnt improve at all between 784 and 791 in combat skills. He was frozen for 7 years and then lost the 3 months of training by being in the Celestial Spirits World (he got saved from being fodder by Second Origin). So i agree that x784 Natsu is capable of doing what he did against the Twin Dragons.
I mean ... Natsu actually has skill feats that are better than most of MHA (note I have only seen the first 3 seasons so correct me if I'm forgetting any particular skill showing). His flames can also amp in heat to neg winds that snuff out his normal flames with ease so the huge shockwaves (which are only slightly stronger than him in their entirety) would be stopped. Not that they would do anything besides push him away which is what causes the jump in heat.

After getting tossed around a bit, he amps his flames to neg the shockwaves which now gives him the range advantage. Forced into cqc, AM is now outskilled with only lifting as an advantage, something that doesn't help as Natsu is on fire rn and grappling him is a dumb move.
In the Infinite clock saga, Natsu has remained in combat with Midnight, so, if he gets angry, he can reach a level quite different from All Might.

I vote for Natsu


VS Battles
Calculation Group
Natsu FRA

Same reason as mentioned before. Way more versatility and also has rage power
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