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fairy tail

  1. Naitodesu

    High 6-C No-Holds Barred Tournament: Laxus vs Asta

    Both are High 6-C, Black Asta is in his first key, Laxus is in his last Speeds are equalized SBA otherwise Laxus: Asta:
  2. Sonicflare9

    Wendy vs Merlin

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Wendy_Marvell https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Merlin_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) x793 wendy speed equalized whooooooo would win
  3. Planetary tournament 5-B bracket round 1 match 3, grimgor ironhide vs happy

    •Speed is equalized •both are in character •they will have no prior knowledge •they will start 10ft from eachother •battle will take place in some random field Grimgor:2 Happy: Incon: Sidenote:I will link the profiles in the comments
  4. StrawHatArslan

    "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate VS. "King of Dragons" Acnologia

    Both are 6-B Speed Equalized Fight Takes Place at Alvarez Empire Whitebeard (12.64 Teratons): Acnologia (7 Teratons):
  5. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 9 (Garou vs Gray Fullbuster)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the On the Left: Gray Fullbuster! On the Right: Garou !
  6. Sonicflare9

    Julius Novachrono vs Aldoron

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Aldoron#God_Seeds https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Julius_Novachrono aldoron is gears 2 votes julius speed equalized whoooooooooooooooooooo would win
  7. DragonGamerZ913

    Fairy Tail vs. Black Clover: I am the Bone of my Sword

    First off, you a real one if you get the reference. More importantly, here comes a Fairy Tail vs. Black Clover matchup. True to its name, it involves a bone user and a sword user, specifically 55% Zenon vs. Suzaku. For reference, 55% Zenon scales to 7.29 teratons and Suzaku scales to 7...
  8. DragonGamerZ913

    Fairy Tail: Downgrading a Handful of High 6-A Characters

    I legitimately believe this is my very first CRT that's a downgrade. Can't believe it took this long. Anyways, Human Form Acnologia, Human Form Dragon Gods, and Suzaku are all currently High 6-A. However, I believe the scaling for this is very flawed for multiple reasons. One major reason for...
  9. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 2 Concluded (Godzilla vs Gray Fullbuster)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the Left:Godzilla! On the Right: Gray Fullbuster!
  10. God900

    Demon King Nakshatra's Army VS Alvarez Empire Army??

    Rules: No spriggans, no Demon Generals only fodder regular soldiers fight here. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alvarez_Soldiers (There is no a profile for Demon King's army yet). Anyway, each Demon soldier is FTL, and they are around 1.000.000 troops, they are 8-A+. They got Hax like Soul...
  11. Spinoirr

    7-A tournament round 2, match 1 (vision vs celestial spirit king)

    Speed is equal and both are fighting on planet cereal Vision: Celestial Spirit King: 4 Icon:
  12. Zackra1799

    Zervis ability additions

    Some additions to the cursed immortals of Fairy Tail. Both: Immortality type 4 (Not Combat Applicable, at some point within a year, Zeref along with Mavis reincarnated after their deaths) Resistance to Purification (Law/Fairy Law is unable to kill him/remove their curse despite it's main...
  13. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Erza's Durability and Acnologia's Resistance

    So I was browsing Erza's Page recently and really came to notice something, her "Higher with Strongest Armors" section for her Durability doesn't really need to exist. Erza is constantly shown to have Durability that is around the same level no matter if she's wearing or not wearing Armor...
  14. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Conceptual Space Between Time

    I don't know why this hasn't been done yet, but anyone who controls or destroys the Space Between Time's Magic should have Conceptual Manipulation. The Space Between Time has clearly been stated to be that of a Concept and be a direct result of the Concept of Time trying to fix itself. It's...
  15. Spinoirr

    Natsu vs Shigraki

    Speed is equal and both are 7-A and natsu knows about decay but that's it X791 DF natsu's AP: scales above 305.7 Megatons AFO Shigraki's ap: 640 Megatons Reason why this is fair: natsu can fly via fire and possibly vaporize shigraki with his fire that's hotter then endeavors fire however...
  16. Spinoirr

    Deku fights a pink haired fire user

    Speed is equal and both are 7-A Natsu with dragon force scales above 305.7 Megatons 45% Deku's ap is 550 megatons Natsu: 8 Deku: Icon (Erza stops the fight):
  17. Eseseso

    Animus Minor Power addition

    So in the movie, Animus punishes Zash for failing to stop the Dragon Cry from being stolen by using some sort of psychic power to torture him without leaving his chair. What power would that be under?
  18. Spinoirr

    Fight between two time goddesses

    Speed is equal and dimaria is island level in base form and Byleth is large mountain level with optional equipment Dimaria Yesta: Byleth: Icon:
  19. Eseseso

    X792 RLDM Laxus Multiplier

    So a previous thread discussing the multiplier for X792 RLDM Laxus went dead due to people wanting to wait until the Wraith upscaling-upgrading was put in place, but after a while (and thinking of 1 or 2 new things related to this), I came up with 2 possible multipliers for X792 RLDM Laxus: 1...
  20. Spinoirr

    Infinity Ultron fights a drunk wizard

    Speed is equal and both are 7-A and can use their 6-C attacks Vultron: Cana: Icon: 7
  21. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Ugh, Irene why do you say things?

    Yet again, I find myself having to admit a flaw in the current scaling that I've been putting off for a while now Irene states that Enchantment: Irene Belserion Wendy is using 1% of her magic... Which means that 100% of Irene's Power, which is Dragon Form Irene, is 100x stronger than...
  22. Valiant_Abyss

    Ultron (MCU) vs Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

    Vibranium Body Ultron vs Natsu in X791. Natsu starts in Dragon Force. Speed is equalized. SBA otherwise. Ultron (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) "What doesn't kill me, just makes me stronger": "The power of my friends is coursing through my body!": Inconclusive:
  23. Eseseso

    A potential 6-C upgrade and a Potential downgrade removal from 6-C (a soul for a soul)

    1. Let's start with the upgrade first. So we recently upgraded a bunch of people to baseline 6-C for scaling above Wraith who scales above a 4 gigaton blast due to damaging a Natsu with magic when a 4-gigaton blast didn't hurt a Natsu without magic. Now, X793 Wendy also had no magic but was...
  24. AnosVoldigoad314

    Fire(Natsu Dragneel) Vs Wind(Yuno Grinberryall) 0-0-0

    Both are 6-C X792 Natsu is Used andSpade War Arc Yuno is Used Both can transform to there Low 6-B key Speed is Equalized Salamander: Wind Spirit: Inconclusive:
  25. TheForgottenKing

    More minor additions to Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu should get “Damage Boost” via using his fire as a boost to power up his physical attacks “Awakened power” via all of sudden learning how to absorb an attack in which he previously was unable to do all while being engulfed in his opponents fire, this was something that impressed Makarov...
  26. AnosVoldigoad314

    Shin Wolford vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are 7-B X791 Erza is used Speed is Equalized The Ultimate Magician: The Ultimate Knight Inconclusive:
  27. AnosVoldigoad314

    The Salamander vs The Monster

    Both are Low 7-B Human Garou is used and Year X784 Natsu is used is used Speed is Equalized The Monster: The Dragon: Inconclusive:
  28. TheForgottenKing

    Minor additions to Natsu Dragneel

    Alright this should be pretty quick and simple Natsu should get “Social influenceing” as we see him being able to inspire his friends to get over their fear just with a speech alone and was able to break Atlas Flame free of being mind controlled just by making friends with him Natsu should...
  29. Eseseso

    X793 Dragon Force Natsu potential boost

    When X793 DF Natsu killed Aldoron, not only did he kill God Seed Aldoron, he also destroyed the main Aldoron's body with that same punch attack. That should mean that DF Natsu killed both a weakened GS Aldoron and the main Aldoron. While GS Aldoron was weakened, there isn't much to state that...
  30. Siegfried10

    Posible downgrade for Tartaros Arc Sting and Rogue

    At the moment Tartaros Arc Sting and Rogue are listed at Tier 7-A, and i have two things to object here. 1- Sting and Rogue with this are considered to be above characters like Natsu (Base and Raienryu) or Erza (Base and Strongest Armors), which lets be fair, doesnt make any sense. Back in the...
  31. Zackra1799

    More Fairy Tail ability additions

    Another round of Fairy Tail ability additions: Blessed (Anyone who has a Fairy Tail Guild emblem is granted greater strength and protects the guildmembers from death while on Tenrou Island.) Awakened Power (All Unison raid users should get Awakened Power as achieving a unison raid is so...
  32. Veloxt1r0kore

    Eula vs Ultear Milkovich

    Yes, despite how inactive GI supporters lately, the matches for their verses are still ongoing (and made the matches run slow due of it), however that doesn't stop it since how popular the verse are Anyway another Eula (possibly first attempt/step to Eula spam lel) match, hopefully this will...
  33. GuildZero

    Lucy Heartfilia minor addition

    Lucy should have Book of E.N.D. as Standard equipment as she had the book during the natsu vs zeref battle. And can write the words that were disappearing in the book of E.N.D. She should also have light pen as standard equipment since she used it to right in the Book of E.N.D. And lastly she...
  34. Naitodesu

    High 6-C Fantasy Tournament Round 6: August Dragneel vs The Queenslayer

    Both are High 6-C Ultimate Magic Form August & Late-Game Queenslayer are used Speeds are equalized, SBA otherwise Battle takes place in this arena Tournament thread Bracket August: Queenslayer:
  35. Eseseso

    Upgrade for X792 RLDM Laxus

    So as I mentioned in a previous thread, I think that X792 Red Lightning Dragon Mode Laxus should be comparable to X793 Base Laxus, for having a similar one-shotting feat to X793 Base Laxus as well as X793 FDKM Natsu, who is equal to X793 Base Laxus. So X792 Red Lightning Dragon Mode Laxus...
  36. Clown96

    Dragon and Monkey Brothers

    What if natsu was deaged and sent to the DB universe with is magic and raised alongside goku How different would it be through DB to DBS also what form natsu would have gained along the way from each arc
  37. AnosVoldigoad314

    Yami Sukihero vs Mereoleona but it's a boy

    Post Time-skip Yami is used and Igneel's Power Natsu is used Both are in their Low 6-B Keys Speed is Equalized Natsu Dragneel: Yami Sukihero: Inconclusive
  38. Eseseso

    Proposal for upscaling a few minor Spriggans

    So it's agreed that the base forms of all but the top 3 Spriggans (and God Serena) scale to Brandish, who is 2.65 gigatons due to scaling FAR above Ikusa-Tsunagi (kind of a lowball upscale IMO considering how the story portrays the power gap between them, but the lowball is very understandable...
  39. Eseseso

    Mirajane Satan Soul Halphas upgrade

    It was stated that Mirajane's Satan Soul: Halphas could destroy a city, so shouldn't Halphas Mirajane be city level?
  40. Eseseso

    (1-0-0-0) Battle of the Hot and Powerful Princesses (with terrible fathers)

    X792 Lucy Heartfilia vs Vinsmoke Reiju (with Raid Suit) Speed Equalized Lucy: 2.15 gigatons, but can summon 1-3 Spirits who are also each 2.15 gigatons Reiju: 2 gigatons Setting: Whole Cake Island, 10 meters apart Lucy: 1 (@NomsNoms) Reiju: Reiju decides to flirt with Lucy instead of...
  41. GuildZero

    Laracde Dragneel upgrade.

    I noticed on Larcade profile that he currently has a 6-C rating on his profile and I believe there is enough evidence to upgrade him to baseline High 6-C. When all of the spriggan 12 gather to fight for zeref mavis has a reaction to August, Irene and Larcade magic power. She is shown having the...
  42. Naitodesu

    High 6-C Fantasy Tournament Round 4: Kamen Rider Fourze vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are High 6-C Erza's Limit Break Key is used, Kamen Rider Fourze is in his Cosmic States Key Speeds are equalized, SBA otherwise Battle takes place in this arena Erza: Kamen Rider Fourze:
  43. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: X791 Upgrade or Downgrade

    Ok, this is something I have been in denial of for a long time due to my pre-conceived notions of the scaling for X791, but I've finally had to admit to myself that I have been completely wrong which believe me is extremely annoying as this means I have to admit that AnonymousBlank was right yet...
  44. TheForgottenKing

    The Original VS The Doppelgänger

    Jellal is on a quest to stop a new dark guild called Demon Card. He takes down the fodder with ease but he runs into one of the guilds strongest members. He is surprised to see the guy looks like him the man introduces himself as Sieghart they then engage in battle who would win?? Both 7A The...
  45. ZoroNotZolo

    A Cat VS A Dragon

    Yoruichi Shihoin VS Laxus Dreyar Arrancar Arc Yoruichi and X792 Laxus are being used (unless the X793 key needs to be used) Speed is equalized. Fight Location - Roman Colosseum (Real World, present day) Meow - 0 Rawr - 0 But Yhwach solos both - 0
  46. Eseseso

    Star Dress Lucy slight multiplier upgrade

    So after someone proposed a buff in a recent thread based on the person "adding the power" of 2 other individuals, I would like to propose a similar upgrade of sorts for Star Dress Mix Lucy. Loke says that her Star Dress Mix has the power of both himself and Virgo in it. Assuming that we also...
  47. Dust_Collector

    Link vs Erza

    Well since Zelda characters have been demoted from being universe busters and are now island level scrubs I thought may as well make good use of their new tiers. Using OOT Link for now, might change if it's too one sided or something. Adult Link and 100 Years Quest Erza are being used, and...
  48. Meganova_Stella

    Goku vs Natsu vs Naruto vs Yugi Muto vs Red (Composite) vs Takato Matsuki

    Battle Shounen vs Mon Games in a battle royale! Rules: In character for all Equalized stats - AP, Speed, Dura Real world-forms for Digimon No multipliers, only percentage amps. (MUI is a 130% amp, and the other forms fall somewhere in there for instance) Battlefield is in the Sahara...
  49. Rasputin

    Escanor vs Mereoleona vs Natsu

    Escanor Mereoleona Natsu Equal Speed
  50. Eseseso

    Island+ Level RLDM Laxus and Enchanted Erza

    So X793 Base Laxus is 42.4 gigatons vs scaling to FDKM Natsu, and RLDM X793 Laxus is "far stronger" than his base, and thus far above 42.4 gigatons. Now, the requirement for Island+ IIRC is 52.15 gigatons ((4.3+100)/2), which is only 1.23x above base Laxus, so it makes sense for RLDM Laxus to...
  51. Rasputin

    Natsu vs Magna

    Natsu Magna
  52. DaReaperMan

    6-C Tournament: Round 1, Match 1: Jurraxus Dreyar VS Shiki Granbell

    Speed Equal Start 10 Meters Away Battle takes place in the Wild West Jurraxus Dreyar: Shiki Granbell: Coin Flip: 0
  53. Zackra1799

    Minor Natsu and Erza Ability Additions

    Just some minor ability addition for Natsu and Erza Natsu: Acrobatics (Natsu has shown to be a very athletic and acrobatic fighter over the course of the series and qualifies for all 4 types, such as being able to throw well placed punches and high speed movement with a broken arm and pierce...
  54. Pokemonfan807

    Erza Scarlet vs Saber (Fate/Stay Night) (Fairy Tail vs Nasuverse)

    Last battle Slappy vs Spongebob was a stomp. so i hope this one isn't I was inspired by this and glad it wasn't a fight to the death despite the name death battle edit: i've decided to make a similar one as well So Artoria and Erza decide to have a sparring contest to see who is better, They...
  55. KeigoTakami89


    I chose Ignia to win. Ignia herself said we 5 dragon gods are stronger than acnologia. But if anyone disagrees with Ignia's statement, I have some interesting statements. 400+ years ago Acnologia aimed to slay all dragons, and 5 dragon gods until they fled because of the horror of acnologia...
  56. Rasputin

    Aokiji vs Gray vs Esdeath

    Gray Fullbuster vs Esdeath vs Aokiji Equal Speed
  57. Eseseso

    Minor upgrade for Lamy and X791 Lisanna

    When Lamy attacked Lucy, she one-shot Sagittarius (albeit the latter is one of the less-durable Spirits) and held her own against Virgo, so I believe she should scale to Lucy's spirits in X791 and thus be upgraded from a Low 7-B to just 7-B. Since Lisanna fought Lamy earlier (albeit she did...
  58. StrawHatArslan

    "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate Vs. "Salamander" Natsu Dragneel

    Both are Low 6-B Whitebeard's Second Key Natsu Starts With DF + FDKM Speed Equalized Battle Takes Place at Fairy Tail Guild Whitebeard (At least 3.08 Teratons): Natsu Dragneel (2.2 Teratons):
  59. AKM sama

    Fixing Zeref's Mistake in Fairy Tail

    More like, fixing the mistake in Zeref's profile from Fairy Tail. So I stumbled upon this page due to people memeing on it. The problem with this is self-explanatory. Time reset hax =/= attack potency or environmental destruction. In the scans linked above (here and here), Zeref says that he...
  60. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: X792 Gildarts Upgrade

    In the Weekly Shonen Magazine Version of Chapter 525, it is stated that Gildarts is Fairy Tail's Strongest and August is the Spriggan 12's Strongest Now unlike the Magnolia Size Revision, we actually have the Raw Text for the Weekly Shonen Magazine Version, and it reads as such... FT最強 VS...
  61. Eseseso

    2 minor buffs, both related to FT: Dragon Cry

    1. First off, I think Erza's Celestial Armor should be added to her strongest armors, since it managed to one-shot Swan, who had just previously matched Base Erza with no effort and kind of stomped Heaven's Wheel Erza, making Swan >= Base Erza. One-shotting a person on par with Base Erza (who is...
  62. Nerd1435

    Magnolia Size revision

    I'm doing this in a hurry since it's 4AM here but here's the thing, the distance between central street and the Fairy Tail guild which is at the outskirts of Magnolia is given to be 4-5km. Now central street is this horizontal road which extends across the center of Magnolia in front of the...
  63. KingTempest

    Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest: LFDM Upgrade

    My first Fairy Tail CRT, oof. After reading up on the series, I noticed something. Aquarius suggested that LFDM Natsu could kill Snake-Lucy, who is stated to be several times stronger than her base form, or ≥3x. Current Lucy scales to half of Base Natsu, and Snake-Lucy is ≥3x that, so...
  64. StrawHatArslan

    Changing Ars-Magia High 6-A to Environmental Destruction with it

    Ars-Magia should be High 6-A with environmental destruction noted next to it, as it pulls off the feat via destroying fiore off the face of earth, it's pretty simple.
  65. Nerd1435

    Regarding Selene Enlarging the Moon

    For some reason it appears this feat is being avoided like a plague within the wiki despite being mentioned so many times on Discord and some of you guys scaling her to this feat outside wiki We have a calc for this which puts the feat at Large Planet level in case Selene directly made the...
  66. Dunno6988

    Sternritter/Wandenreich run a 6 verse gauntlet (Yhwach can only interfere/help if all Wandenreich/Stenritter can't defeat the verse on their own)

    So in another multiverse timeline when 1k blood war arc never really happaned and all Quincy are alive following Yhwach and the Quincy have way too much time on their hands, so with all of this power and numbers they decided that their pocket dimention needs some expansion to a multiverse size...
  67. Arc7Kuroi

    Magic Fight Battle Royale

    High 6-C Black Asta (106 Gigatons, 906.6 Gigatons with Black Divider) vs High 6-C Igneel's Power Natsu (550 Gigatons) vs High 6-C True Magic Form Meliodas (higher than 200 Gigatons) Speed Equalized Get at em fellas
  68. KeigoTakami89

    Natsu's Attack Potency Upgrade

    In the manga Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest, Chapter 88 to chapter 89 shows Natsu and his team destroying Alta Face and on par with alta face which is 5B, is this Ap Natsu and his team being upgraded to 5B? Source : https://ww4.readfairytail.com/chapter/fairy-tail-100-years-quest-chapter-88/...
  69. Eseseso

    Fairy Tail age revision plus downgrade for Animus

    1. First off, I'd like to propose that all the characters in X791 are made to be a year older than their X784 parts due to the "413 day anniversary" chapter (which is a manga chapter and an anime episode, so it's not just an anime episode), which says that it's been 413 days (or over a year)...
  70. LordGinSama

    Zeref Dragneel vs Knives millions

    White Zeref and Fused Knives are used (Knives High 6-A key.) Zeref has access to Neo Eclipse. Battle takes place in Walter White's meth lab. Winner via any means necessary. Speed is equalized Knives Millions : 0 Zeref Dragneel :0
  71. Eseseso

    Questions about a few Fairy Tail feats

    I was just wondering, is there an accepted calc for Gildarts destroying a mountain? And were either X791 Jellal's Sema or X792 Jellal's Grand Chariot ever given a calculated power worth (the latter being more due to parting clouds)? Just curious.
  72. StrawHatArslan

    Mother Vs. Daughter REMATCH

    Erza Scarlet Vs. Irene Belserion Erza Starts with her Limits enhanced, Irene starts in Dragon Form Erza is High 6-C+, Irene is High 6-C Speed Equalized Erza Scarlet (550 Gigatons): Irene Belserion (539.6 Gigatons):
  73. NameIsForKing

    Thor vs Ezra (0-2-0)

    Thor (MCU) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)#Endgame Ezra (Fairy Tail) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Erza_Scarlet#Erza_in_X792 Both High 7-A Speed is = Wincon is knockout or death. Fight in deserted city The God Of Thunder: 0 The Queen Of All Simps: 2 Incon: 0
  74. Spinoirr

    Natsu vs Pyra

    Speed is equal and (base X792 natsu vs starting as Pyra). Natsu can go FDKM and E.N.D. Form Pyra: Natsu: Icon:
  75. StrawHatArslan

    Far Beyond Limits Erza High 6-C+ Upgrade

    So in the Recent Fairy Tail chapters, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Gray, and Erza all had their magic power enhanced far beyond their limits. For Erza she would have to be Stronger than her High 6-C Key which is 539.6 Gigatons, however, it is stated that this is FAR BEYOND their limits, which would...
  76. The_Impress

    Isekae'd into Shounen: Yamcha vs. Happy (1-0-0)

    Yamcha (Resurrected) vs. Happy (Heroic Adventure) Yamcha's Cell Saga key and Happy's Heart-Warming Mode used ("Likely" abilities restricted) Battle takes place on Kami's Lookout, Speed Equalized and In-Character. Both scale to Planetary Destruction (Baseline)
  77. DragonGamerZ913

    Fairy Tail: Revisiting Neo Eclipse

    Yeah, I'm revisiting Neo Eclipse, but kind of differently this time. So, to reiterate what Neo Eclipse does, it resets the Fairy Tail timeline by 400 years. It's not time travel. He is literally doing a time reset, and he says that the entire world will crumble away once it activates, citing it...
  78. Eseseso

    Lucy Spirits discussion

    hello, I'd like to bring up just a few things. First off, Lucy says that Taurus would probably be a match for Elfman (who had just easily beat Loke) in power. Next, I'd like to add to the above statement by proposing that Lucy get a "Strongest Spirits" addition to her writeups, much like how...
  79. Oleggator

    Low 7-B tournament losers bracket Round 1, Match 1 Garou vs Midnigh

    Tournament Garou (One Punch Man) (@XSOULOFCINDERX) vs Midnight (Macbeth) (Fairy Tail) (@Zackra1799) Rules: Equal speed, Low 7-B versions location is Osohe Castle Quick plot: After long fight, Garou has fallen against hands of Akame, suddenly after some time, he got awakened like some mysterious...
  80. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Erza vs Baam (0-7-0) Grace Period

    X793 Erza vs Red Thryssa Transformations Baam Erza can use her Strongest Armors and Enchantments Baam's 1st Thorn is restricted Speed Unequalized Titania: Irregular: 7 (ImNot4nUser, Arceus0x, Sonicflare9, Peppersalt43, Spinoirr, Loyd, NomsNoms) Inconclusive:
  81. Eseseso

    God Serena Upgrade

    Hey everyone, nothing too major just a minor proposed upgrade for God Serena. So as everyone knows, Serena curbstomped the 4 Wizard Gods without even trying (and this was BEFORE he activated his weird dark eyes and actually got serious). Jura, the weakest of the 4 Gods, is above Makarov as of...
  82. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    High 7-A Tournament Round 1, Match 3 (Pray Mayer VS Cobra)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are High 7-A, obviously (Prime Mayer and X792 Cobra are used here. Anything above High 7-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other. Speed is equalized Pray Mayer (Knight Run): Cobra (Fairy Tail): Inconclusive:
  83. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Elentir Revisions

    The latest chapter of 100 Years Quest has given us some interesting new stuff to work with First thing to note is that we have a new calc that is Large Mountain level+ (4 Gigatons), Alta Face fires a giant beam that creates a large crater and all of Team Natsu tanks it with little to no damage...
  84. Eseseso

    Possible Fairy Tail Upgrades (plus a minor addition for Youko)

    1. First off, I think it should be added to Youko's writeup that she casually made Lucy several times stronger than her normal self via the Yokai form, meaning that she is at least "several times stronger than Lucy Heartfilia". It's not a big thing and it doesn't really change the scaling much...
  85. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    High 7-A Tournament Round 1, Match 1 (Neinhart VS M. Bison)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are High 7-A, obviously (Neinhart is Enhanced by Irene and Bison is Empowered by the Black Moons. Anything above High 7-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Neinhart (Fairy Tail): 8 (LordGinSama, Ari64-SP, Popted2, Lou...
  86. Spinoirr

    Deku vs Erza

    Speed is equal and both are 7-B (Villain Hunt Arc Deku vs X791 Erza) Both of them are fighting at Kamino ground zero Erza: Deku: 7 Icon: Fem deku art made by Ciaxlia
  87. StrawHatArslan

    Gravity VS Gravity

    Both are High 7-A+ Speed Equalized x792 Kagura is being Used Dressrosa Fujitora/Issho is being Used Issho (3.98 Gigatons): Kagura (2.65 Gigatons):
  88. Eseseso

    Ikusa-Tsunagi casual slash question.

    Hey everyone. I have a small question/argument about Ikusa-Tsunagi and related scaling based on his slash. It is noted on his page that he did this slash casually. Since this means he did a 1.94 gigaton strike casually, wouldn't his full power be quite a bit above that? As in, probably at...
  89. LordGinSama

    Steel against steel; Roronoa Zoro vs Gajeel Redfox

    Both are 6-C, DF Gajeel vs Wano Zoro Speed is unequal Winner via any means Zoro:0 Gajeel:0 Incon
  90. Eseseso

    Ikusa-Tsunagi scaling question

    So I looked at the Ikusa-Tsunagi calc, and saw that it was 1.94 gigatons. Despite this, the number used for scaling to him is 2.65 gigatons. Why? It's not even a proper multiple of 1.94 gigatons. Can someone please explain this to me?
  91. LordGinSama

    Straw-Hat vs Titania (Luffy vs Erza)

    Both are 6-C Wano Luffy (starts off in Gear 3rd and has access to Gear Fourth.) Erza has access to her strongest armors. Speed isn't equal Winner via any means Luffy: 0 Erza:0 Incon:0
  92. Eseseso

    X792 Lucy Heartfilia vs Nami

    X792 Lucy Heartfilia vs Nami Speed equalized, otherwise Lucy would blitz Nami Location: Sabaody Archipelago, 20 feet apart. Nami has Zeus (and everything else, of course) Lucy has everything as of X792. Nami's attack power with Zeus should scale way above 2 gigatons Lucy's attack power...
  93. Eseseso

    Potential Bloodman upgrade

    Should we add to Bloodman's writeup that he seemed to have defeated Saber Tooth and Blue Pegasus (albeit Blue Pegasus isn't nearly as powerful as ST) on his own? I mean, pages 14-16 on this page seem to show that Saber Tooth was stomping all the Alvarez forces (although they don't scale to...
  94. StrawHatArslan

    "Grim Reaper" Bloodman VS. "Heavenly Demon" Donquixote Doflamingo

    Both are High 7-A+ Speed Equalized Fight takes place in Dressrosa Bloodman starts with Third Seal, and Doflamingo Starts with Awakening Bloodman (At least 2.65 Gigatons): theultimate5105, Zackra1799, Eseseso Doflamingo (At least 3.98 Gigatons): MonkeyOfLife, LordGinSama Inconclusive:
  95. Eseseso

    Shiki Granbell vs 100YQ Natsu

    Post-Xenolith Training Shiki Granbell vs 100YQ Natsu Natsu cannot use Dragon Force or Ignia's power Speed is equalized, although any speed buffs on either side can still be used Location: Magnolia Shiki Granbell: 0 () Natsu Dragneel (100YQ): 0 ()
  96. DragonGamerZ913

    Fairy Tail: 5-B Alta Face

    Yeah, I'm doing this. Alta Face recently got a profile that puts it at "At least High 6-A, likely far higher" based on a calc and the "far higher" being from a statement. I'd like to expand on that statement because I've been re-reading 100 Years Quest and Alta Face is pretty blatantly 5-B...
  97. Oleggator

    Low 7-B tournament, Round 2, Match 2 Blade vs Ultear

    Tournament Round 2, Match 2: Blade (Azure Striker Gunvolt) (@Smashtwig) vs Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail) (@Imouto-tan) Rules: Equal speed, location is Cerulean Beach from Mother 3 Quick Plot: After previous fight, Ultear knocked out Midnight to the point that he almost couldn't fight, suddenly...
  98. Eminiteable

    Two Swordswomen fight (2-6-0)

    X792 Kagura and Post-Timeskip Tashigi are being used Starting Distance: 5 meters Starting Location: Domus Flau Speed is equalized Tashigi: 2 (CinCameron20, StrawHatArslan) Kagura: 6 (Zackra1799, FluffyCreatureZ, Loyd, Sonicflare9, Eseseso, Schnee_One) Incon: 0
  99. FluffyCreatureZ

    Asta vs Natsu lets gooo... (Black Clover vs Fairy Tail)

    The click bait didn't work, please I need some discussion... Post devil bargain Asta vs X792 Natsu Asta starts in black divider and can go devil union, Natsu starts in dragon force fire dragon king mode. (why is the name so long bruh) Savage dragon fire form restricted. Speed equalized. Starting...
  100. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Dragon Gods Human Forms Revision

    This is a rather simple CRT, the Human Forms of the Dragon Gods should not be that much weaker than their Dragon Forms. First of all, Aldoron is a prime example of this as his “Human Form” being God Seed Aldoron is flat out stated to be the same power as his Dragon Form. Selene is another...