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Aizen Sosuke VS Zeref Dragneel

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Right now you're only telling me about the manga's past episode, the part I'm talking about is much later than yours, directly the part where Yhwach died. And yeah, I don't know how many times I have to tell you, but Yhwach clearly states that he saw it with his own eyes, I'm not the one who needs to re-read things here, man
No, I say it again. You've confused the situations in the manga. The time period Yhwach said when he died in the last episode is where he was killed by Ichigo in the past episodes. And I have to tell you again that Almighty was not on Yhwach at the time, but Jugram was on it. At that time, Yhwach was sleeping and woke up because of what he thought was a dream. After waking up almighty moves on to him. Jugram showed Yhwach that Ichigo would kill him in the future.

Not open for further replies.