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wolverine (marvel comics)

  1. NikHelton

    Downgrade of weapon users

    Not so long ago, I participated in a discussion where it was decided that character A does not scale to character B, since it uses a weapon to kill him. This makes sense to some extent, but for some reason it is used in isolated cases. I will give you an example of several situations and...
  2. The_Impress

    Marvel: Weird Wolverine speed addition

    So New X-Men Vol 1 115 gives a very weird stat for Wolverine, the speed of his claw ejection. 130 miles per hour, which is Subsonic. If this is listed I'd probably need some calrification what to list it as, maybe Attack Speed?
  3. JediMindTrickz

    Grogu (Yoda) vs Wolverine

    Hope this isn't too big of a stomp. VS Thread is based on this hilarious cartoon, highly recommend watching. Grogu has: AP Advantage LS Advantage Possibly faster Wolverine (MAX) has: Resistance to Mind Manipulation Regen Higher Stamina and Durability Rules: Bloodlusted 50 meters...
  4. The_Impress

    Marvel: 8-Cs' Invalid Calc

    So for context, Marvel's 8-C tier is supported by two calcs, the Cable one AND the US Agent one, latter being an explosion John Walker supposedly tanks, but the issue is.... there is no explosion. This is the full page of the feat, for context: You can very blatantly see, the fuel truck's too...
  5. Valiant_Abyss

    Mister Sinister (and possibly several others) Regeneration Revision

    Mister Sinister's regeneration is listed as Low-Mid for this statement of him claiming that his regeneration rivals Wolverine's who is listed as low-high. This is probably because Wolverine had his regeneration upgraded at some point, but Sinister was forgotten and left in the dust. Suggestion...
  6. Npc170

    4-B wolverine wtf ?

    Ok that page should be fix because wolverine does not have 4-B attack potency. What we should do is erase that key and give him the ignore conventional durability explanation that we have on other character.
  7. Zamasu_Chan

    Wolverine vs Alex Mercer

    Alex: 2 Logan: Inconclusive: Battle between two experimented Anti-Heroes. 8-C and speed equalized. Who wins and why?
  8. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Marvel street tier upgrades

    This has been coming for a long time, upgrading Captain America to 8-C would be more consistent for scaling. After several months of finding and calculating, I have calculated a 0.52 ton feat for John Walker. Steve Rogers is weaker, but still scales. After consulting Ant and Zark, I have made...
  9. Duedate8898

    A Battle of Beast (Wolverine vs Herah)

    Preamble: While watching over the school, having been left behind as the rest of the team went out to do their own things, Logan hears a crash outside and screams. Rushing out, he finds a young-looking demon girl standing within a crater surrounded by fearful students. "What the hell are you...
  10. ShivaShakti

    Questions about Wolverine's claw AP.

    So Wolverine is currently listed at 4-B with his Claws due to harming Thor, Hulk, Thanos and I believe Ultron as well. Does he have literal 4-B potency in the sense he can generate a 4-B amount of energy with his claws and oneshot characters of a lower tier, or can he just harm people with 4-B...
  11. Ehnkr2beboh

    Wolverine downgrade

    Solar System Level Wolverine is silly. I know most users disagree with this rating anyways. He can be anywhere from 8-C to 8-B imo. I didn't really want to make this thread but I realized seeing how much I disagree with this I might as well make a thread. For the reasons he's at Solar System...
  12. Apollodoro055

    Geralt of Rivia vs 616 Wolverine

    Rules: Geralt post B&W. Geralt can use swallow and blizzard potion, (quite in character, in novels the most used potions are the one who increase his Regenerationn and the other one who increase his speed/reflexes). He got 2x Northern wind and 2x Samum bombs. He's allowed to use any Sign...
  13. The_Impress

    Comics Wolverine and Captain America Additions

    Wolverine Resistance to Pressure Points (As show here) Disease Manipulation (Resists spore, a disease which infected the Eternals, resists Contagion virus and can resist vampirism and lycanthropy) Poison Manipulation (As shown here), if not then this is Immortality (Type 4) Mind Manipulation...
  14. Madotsuki24

    Marvel Street Characters Upgrade To 8-A/7-C (13 CONSISTENT FEATS)

    Marvel street characters have shown exceptionally consistent multi-city block level to town level feats that should absolutely not be ignored for whatever reason(s). Here they are. Spiderman's volcano feat. Venom tanks a small town level explosion. Carnage gets smashed through a prison...
  15. Skrypa9900

    Wolverine vs Cu Chulainn

    Wolverine vs Lancer (Fate/stay night) Both are at their fullest and both are bloodlusted
  16. The_Smashor

    Wolverine question

    This probably has been asked before (And I'm far from knowledgeable about Marvel), but shouldn't Wolverine scale to Deadpool's healing factor-based abilities and resistances, since Deadpool literally had Wolverine's healing factor injected into him? These would include: Mid-High Regenerationn...
  17. DanielIH15

    Wendigo (Marvel Comics) speed

    I want to add the Wendigo (Marvel Comics) to the wiki, but I have a doubt about his speed. The wendigos normally fights against Hulk and Wolverine, but reading some comics I found out that one Wendigo, in a fight against Alpha Flight, reacted many times to Aurora and even caught her while flying...
  18. LordTracer

    Laura Regen Upgrade

    Laura's regen is currently Mid, but it notes her as being comparable to Logan, who has Low-High. Shouldn't Laura have Low-High regen as well?
  19. Ayewale

    Potential Wolverine buff.

    Fights against Mr.Fantastic, a High 7-A. Tanks an optic blast from Cyclops. There are several instances of this happening, but this is the only one I could remember offhand. 7-A blast btw. Seriously harms ghost rider twice. And Ghost Rider is 7-A. Hurting Namor is an outlier for him though...
  20. Legion350

    Possible Black Panther Upgrade (And those who scale to him)

    So I noticed that even before all of the Multi-City Block level stuff, that Black Panther was accepted as Building level from this feat. If so would that mean he could be re-upgraded back to Building level, or is this now considered an outlier, even though it was accepted before?
  21. JohnCenaNation

    Why is Deadpool multi-city block level?

    Captain America is 8-A because he can knock down Deadpool. Wolverine is 8-A because he defeated Deadpool. When I looked at Deadpool's profile to find explanation or calculation regarding to his 8-A tier, I found none. So can someone please tell me why are they all Multi-City Block level?
  22. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Type 2 Immortality for Wolverine

    Wolverine should have Type 2 Immortality since, if he's decapitated, his severed head can survive and talk for hours, though he cannot regenerate from just his head and it will need to be reattached to his body within a certain amount of time lest his brain die. (Wolverine has Mid level Type 3...
  23. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Legends Grievous vs Wolverine

    I'm ready. vs I didnt like the proposed render for Loga, so I made another one. General Grievous: Wolverine (Marvel Comics): tie: FIGHT!!!
  24. NoodIes67

    Wolverine's claws have durability negation?

    Hey just wondering what type of "durability negation" wolverine's claws have because as far as I'm aware it's just a really strong metal. I looked on the durability negation page, and none of the types seem to fit his claws. Just curious as to why we don't just say his claws have solar system AP.
  25. JohnCenaNation

    Wolverine New Power Keys Upgrade

    Earth-616 Wolverine got few transformations that's missing from his profile, the first picture is Phoenix Force, the second picture is Asgardian Claws, and the third picture is Chi Augmentation. Shouldn't we add this in his profile?
  26. Intruvious

    Wolverine kills Thor? How?

    https://screenrant.com/wolverine-kills-thor-marvel-comic/amp/?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral Is this canon? If so, shouldn't Wolverine be ranked higher than Thor, now?
  27. ΚΟΜΙΞ

    More new Phoenix Avatar Feats

    From the new issue of Thor: Phoenix Wolvie can hurt Old King Thor who is 3B/3A The Phoenix Raptor stretches for light years. A firebird the size of Galaxy. His claws burn hot enough to melt stars (which means at least 3C) Phoenix Jean >>> Phoenix Rachel >> Phoenix Logan.
  28. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Logan vs Logan

    Wolverine vs Old man Logan. Experience vs prime Who wins?
  29. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Yusuke vs Wolverine

    vs 8-A versions, speed equalized Yusuke Urameshi: Wolverine (Marvel Comics): tie: FIGHT!!!!
  30. Revan_Laha

    Wolverine power addition

    http://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/06/06/wolverine-new-power-hot-claws/ He can apparently heat his claws now
  31. Intruvious

    It's written that Wolverine is dead.

    But, what say you about this? https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/9/30/16379010/marvel-wolverine-retur
  32. Plisteit

    Wolverine vs Lobo (Post-Crisis)

    Speed equalized Wolverine with claws Lobo at his peak
  33. Abscoolguy

    wolverine (marvel comics) vs deathstroke (post crisis)

    both at 8-A claws restricted for wolvie to keep him at 8-A speed equalised
  34. Promestein

    Wolverine Regen

    What are those Mid-High showings? Cause I've looked through a bunch of stuff on him and it seems his best actual Regenerationn feat is healing from that nuke that destroyed everything but his skeleton but I read that he actually died back then and just returned to his body with the whole...
  35. Landon_Avery

    Bone Claw Wolverine vs Adamantium Wolverine

    I think Wolverine's profile should include a key that differentiate's between Bone Claw Wolverine and Adamantium Wolverine. Adamantium Wolverine would stay the same (I.E. 8-A Physically, 4-B with Adamantium for both AP and Durability.) and Bone Claw Wolverine would just be 8-A. What do you think?
  36. RinkakuKagune

    Winter vs Wolverine

    Weiss Schnee vs James Howlett Volume 4 Weiss Speed Equalised Logan has bone claws only
  37. Crazylatin77

    Wolverine VS Scorpion (MK)

    Both at 8-A, Speed equalized and victory by KO, incapacitation or death Who wins and why?
  38. Sir_Ovens

    Kharn the Betrayer vs Wolverine

    Please don't be a stomp. Resident spam killer vs Edgy Animal Ma Speed equalized. Win a SBA. Discuss.
  39. TeenAngel101

    Alex Mercer VS Wolverine

    Both are 8-A and Speed Equalized Fight takes place in New York Who wins and why? Mercer[[1]]: 8 (Stefano4444, Shootingkill, AguilaR101, ShadowChild'sReaper, Captain Vietnam, Matt5scrappysdad, CoreOfimBalance, Monarch Laciel) Wolverine[[2]]: 0
  40. Ehnkr2beboh

    Spider-Man and The Flash vs Wolverine and Green Lantern

    Who wins and why?