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Geralt post B&W. Geralt can use swallow and blizzard potion, (quite in character, in novels the most used potions are the one who increase his Regenerationn and the other one who increase his speed/reflexes). He got 2x Northern wind and 2x Samum bombs. He's allowed to use any Sign

Logan, standard equipment, adamantium claws allowed

Both are 50 feet apart

Speed equalized


Zark2099 said:
Isn't this a rangestomp and a haxstomp?
I chose the two potions mostly used in novels, eliminated thunderbolt which is quite standard for him, and limited the bombs that is part of his standard gear. I can eliminate bombs however.
I mean still, Wolvie has to cross 100 feet here, while Geralt can do god knows what at that range.

This is a stomp-stomp
Wolvie crossing the distance, enter the Piercing Cold or Northern Wind AoE and ice manip gg, I think
Exactly, he has no wincons here, unless he's literally 5 feet away, in which scenario he godstomps with 4-B hits and resists against blunt damage and High-Low Regen

Stomp v. Stomp. Close this.
Logan can literally generate 4-B of damage or just cut people which have 4-B durability? I think Quen can parry his claws.
Adamantium can't cut through adamantium, rad, he regens from any minor damage in a second.

Legit, close this. I'm being serious, either Wolverine has 0 wincons due to never getting in range, or Geralt has 0 wincons due to having nothing against 4-B hits and Low-High regen. This is a stomp for either of the characters for every condition you give.
Not open for further replies.