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vs battles wiki

  1. Antvasima

    Credits sections?

    @AKM sama @DontTalkDT @Ultima_Reality @DarkDragonMedeus @SomebodyData @Celestial_Pegasus @Wokistan @Andytrenom @Mr._Bambu @Elizhaa @Qawsedf234 @ByAsura @Sir_Ovens @Starter_Pack @Abstractions @LordGriffin1000 @Colonel_Krukov @SamanPatou @GyroNutz @Damage3245 Your input would be very appreciated...
  2. Antvasima

    Our community needs help via Patreon donations!

    Hello. As many of you likely know, we have launched a Patreon subscription service, so our members can donate to help keep our forum sufficiently financed to continue, and would greatly appreciate help from our community and visitors who are willing to help us out. To become an active...
  3. Antvasima

    How should we handle pages that discuss extremely sensitive topics?

    Hello. I apologise if this is a controversial issue, but it was publicly revealed in Fandom's ongoing Community Connect meeting that they plan to introduce some guidelines regarding the discussion of very sensitive topics such as suicide, and given my own past experiences with suicidal...
  4. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! I am here to bring you another batch of staff promotions. After getting input from most of our staff members, on behalf of all the bureaucrats, I am happy to announce the new promotions in the staff team. Administrator: @GyroNutz Thread Moderator: @Emirp sumitpo Calc Group...
  5. Antvasima

    Information regarding the wiki's downtime on May 18, 2022

    Hello. This is just an information message regarding what happened yesterday. I was previously told that there would be a system update to MediaWiki 1.37 near the end of this month, and the displayed editing error message made it seem like the wiki was being moved to a new location, so I was...

    Stomp Matchup CRT.

    According to Our Rules on Stomp Matchups, a Matchup that ends in a fight where one opponent can't beat the other because their Regen is too effective is not a stomp, however everytime I've seen a matchup like this come up everyone treats it like a stomp because how wouldn't it be if one...
  7. Propellus

    Profile Restoration Request Thread Suggestion

    While from the looks of it seems pretty much self-explanatory since this is mostly the opposite of the Profile Deletion Request Thread, I'll still get into detail about this suggestion. Some people may think that the profiles that got deleted wrongfully and not for a good reason as to why...
  8. Antvasima

    Please help out with financially supporting this community via Patreon

    Hello. As many of you likely know, we have launched a subscription service, so our members can donate to help keep our forum sufficiently financed to continue. However, the previous version that we launched via Ko-fi did not work out very well for us, as it seems like Paypal is not an...
  9. AKM sama

    30,000 and counting!!!

    Figured I'd make this since I noticed it just now and it's been a while since one of these threads were made. Our wiki has reached 30,000 pages, which is A LOT and probably puts us in the upper echelon of wikis in terms of number of pages. AND WE KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Somewhere along the...
  10. Antvasima

    Sound file quote addition request thread

    This thread is for requesting that a certain profile quote receives an accompanying sound file (in .ogg format), or that a new file is added to replace an old one. Sound files can be uploaded the same way as images. Our moderators evaluate what does and does not seem acceptable to add...
  11. Antvasima

    Happy Easter!

    Hello. I wish a happy Easter to everybody who are a part of this community.
  12. Antvasima

    Versus matchup suggestion evaluations

    If you are not certain whether or not two characters featured in our wiki are sufficiently well-matched for a versus discussion thread, you can post the suggestion below, to get opinions from other members of this community. Please make sure that you link to the two relevant profile pages, and...
  13. Arceus0x

    We've hit 30,000 pages (30032 to be exact)

  14. Promestein

    So long

    I'm done stressing out over stupid uneventful threads on Antvasima's evil wiki that promotes and revels in demons, darkness, sin, lying, deceit, theft, selfishness, gambling, crime, murder, godlessness and immorality. I have come to know God and this hobby simply is not compatible with my faith...
  15. The_Impress

    Unifying a few repeated P&A techniques on our files

    So due to the abundance of P&A we list, there are times where certain recurring techniques can get listed in a variety of ways on the wiki. While this is fine and all, many of these come off as rather indefinite over actually describing specific scenarios, so this thread is made to have an even...
  16. Propellus

    Character Versus Approval Evaluation Thread Idea

    This could help out a lot if people make accidental stomp threads and this could mostly prevent that. So basically if you do have an interesting character battle in mind, but you're clearly unsure if it's a clear stomp or not, but you can ask there, which is why this thread should be...
  17. Antvasima

    Powers & Abilities Evaluations Thread

    The purpose of this thread is for our members to ask for evaluations regarding which abilities that are being demonstrated during different types of displayed scenes or feats.
  18. Antvasima

    Staff applications

    Hello. Here are the description pages for our main staff positions: Administrators Content Moderators Thread Moderators Calculation Group Image Helpers If you know of any highly experienced, competent, helpful, rational, and reliable member(s) that genuinely fulfill all of our...
  19. Confluctor

    Fandom editor issue

    Basically, sometimes you can't write in the line you want to write in. For some reason, the stuff gets inputted into the line above or below, but not the line you want it. So, you have to type in another line - above or below - but even then, sometimes it doesn't get inputted in the right one...
  20. SuperStar

    How to connect your Vs Battle Account to Fandom

  21. Antvasima

    Self-evident intelligence revisions thread

    Hello. This is a thread for quickly adjusting Intelligence ratings that very clearly do not match the feats that are described in relevant character profile pages. More complicated cases should preferably be discussed in separate content revision forum threads instead.
  22. Antvasima

    Linking to Discord images is forbidden in our wiki

    Hello. As I mentioned some months ago, Discord images extremely easily disappear, including if an old post is deleted or the chat room it was posted in is closed down, so, for safety reasons, we need to replace all links to them in our regular wiki pages with images uploaded to the wiki itself...
  23. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Why profiles are so annoying to edit now?

    For some reason, when I try to edit the profiles in either source mode or visual mode in the wikia, it doesn't let me write anything unless I hold the mouse, and even then it's a pain to write anything. If anyone else have this problem, or know about this problem, then I'll be happy to hear it

    Possible help with "complex" explanations

    While I was making some profiles I remembered this And then I thought in this: Basically the idea is to add notes to simplify explanations, so you don't have to see the justification of 10 other profiles or even search on your own for a thread with the proper explanation. It will also cause...
  25. Ogurtsow

    Happy Women's Day!

    This is the first thread celebrating the International Women's Day here on VS Battles. Dear VSB ladies, I wish you all Happy Women's Day. We may have not as many girls as we have guys due to the nature of our topic, but we gentlemen still must show you all of our respect you deserve for being...
  26. Antvasima

    A new preferred pronouns feature for our forum

    Hello. This is just a notice that I asked our system manager to install a preferred gender pronouns feature for the members of this forum, in order to help prevent accidental misgendering, due to not being able to remember all the details of all our several hundreds of active members at the...
  27. AKM sama

    Rule Proposal for Rule Violation Reports Thread

    A member who does not feel comfortable sharing this publicly himself, has come up with a proposal for a rule for our Rule Violation Reports Thread: "Hey AKM, Sorry to bother you but I have a proposal for a rule that I don't feel too comfortable sharing publicly. I don't think non-staff should...
  28. Antvasima

    Important community instructions about Ukraine

    Hello. Given the current situation in Ukraine, the history for the area, and the genuine fears that we could be seeing the start of spreading warfare, I would like to make the following requests of the people in this community: 1. Do your best to stay safe. 2. Avoid spreading rumours and...
  29. Antvasima

    Important: A project to replace all Discord images in our regular wiki pages

    Hello. As I mentioned in the thread linked below a few months ago, Discord images extremely easily disappear, including if an old post is deleted or the chat room it was posted in is closed down, so, for safety reasons, we need to replace all links to them in our regular wiki pages with images...
  30. Shmooply

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I woke up pretty early today, and since I can't sleep, I guess I'll post this. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! If you're somehow unaware about its existence, it's a day where love between people is celebrated, which nowadays includes bonds between families and friends, but many people know it...
  31. Antvasima

    Content Revision Promotion Thread

    This thread can be used to link to discussions in the content revision forum regarding changes to verses or profiles, so that they may be seen and evaluated by staff members without the need of contacting them individually. In the event that posting the revision here fails to obtain enough...
  32. Antvasima

    Report thread for inappropriate advertisements in this forum

    Hello. This is just a note regarding that if you notice any genuinely inappropriate advertisements in this forum, you should preferably report them in a post below, so I can remove them.
  33. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    How to post images from FANDOM on the forum

    So, as most of you already know, whenever we try to post FANDOM images here, it'll show us this icon: I've found a trick to solve that problem. Apparently, you just need to change the 'static' part of the image address to 'vignette' whenever you open the image in a new tab. And the forum will...
  34. The_Impress

    Adding the Standard Format for Teams

    STAFF ONLY! https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:The_Imp-ress/owo Above sandbox contains a proposal for the Standard Format for Team Profiles, and I am proposing this because teams in actuality represent a VERY CRUCIAL aspect of combat-related verses, and even versus debating, since the idea...
  35. Antvasima

    A new VS Battles wiki bureaucrat!

    Hello. This is an announcement regarding that our staff have decided to appoint @DontTalkDT as a new VS Battles wiki bureaucrat. He has been a loyal contributor to this community for almost 7 years now, since February 22, 2015 to be precise, a staff member and administrator since August 22...
  36. Antvasima

    A small but important addition to our site rules page

    Hello. I and AKM would like to make a minor but significant change to our Site Rules page. This: "Refrain from spamming, trolling, threatening, using derogatory comments of any form (ethnic, homophobic, belittling the disabled or mentally ill, etcetera), and rude, vulgar, sexist, etcetera...
  37. Antvasima

    Happy New Year!

    I just want to wish everybody who help out in this community a happy new year. I hope that the future will turn out much better for all of us.
  38. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! It's the holiday season. We just had Christmas. Now 2021 passes and we are about to step into another year. Ending the year with positivity and with hopes that the next year will be even more awesome with the help of these new recruits, on behalf of all the bureaucrats, I bring...
  39. Antvasima

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of the staff and regular members helping out in this community, along with all of the visitors who appreciate our work. I hope that your holiday will be joyful and your coming years will get better and better.
  40. The_Impress

    Using the Forum Warning System officially?

    This is in respect to the official warnings given out through RVRs and whatnot, not the standard "quit it". I was wondering if there is merit to using the wiki warnings system more. For those unwary, its interface looks like this Joke unsubmitted warnings aside, you can see we can have a...
  41. Antvasima

    Supporter memberships that are free from advertisements

    We have launched a subscription service, so our members can donate to help keep our forum sufficiently financed to continue. To become an active supporter of our community, you can go to https://ko-fi.com/vsbattleswiki and become a monthly member or make a one-time donation. To show our...
  42. Coolboy6

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    🦃 Happy turkey day bois 🦃 What are you thankful for in this wiki? Or in general? I’m thankful that this wiki exists tbh anyways, I hope y’all have a happy thanksgiving and an amazing thanksgiving feast with your friends and family!
  43. Antvasima

    A message from Dark649

    Hello. I apologise for not posting this earlier, but Dark649 (our previously hardest working administrator) sent me a fanfiction.net message a few months ago. I previously thought that something horrible had happened to him, so it might come as a relief to some of you. Anyway, he mentioned...
  44. Antvasima

    Overlord775 has reached over 50,000 edits!

    @Overlord775 , one of our most longtime loyal members, has reached over 50,000 VS Battles wiki edits. Please help to celebrate him below. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Overlord775
  45. Antvasima

    Wiki linking to discussion threads or Discord images

    Given that Bobsican is being impatient regarding this subject, I suppose that I have to stress out a discussion thread despite that I am already overwhelmed with work. Anyway, this is not remotely a new practice, given that I have been giving these instructions for years within the wiki, but...
  46. Antvasima

    I will go on vacation soon

    Hello. I am going on vacation between November 6 and November 13. I can handle the wiki patrolling as usual, but will not be able to handle nearly as much forum organisation work as usual on top of that. I would greatly appreciate if other staff members are willing and able to take up part of...
  47. Hellbeast

    Universal Energy Systems

    Ya'll know why we're here, we have no guidelines for this so I and KLOL worked on a Doc with proposed guidelines. This is an invitation to discuss the proposals and see if we can make a page for this concept. EDIT: New Sandbox made by KLOL There was a previous thread (is recommend reading at...
  48. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! Halloween is around the corner and with that we are also getting another batch of scary promotions. After getting input from most of our staff members, on behalf of all the bureaucrats, I am happy to announce the new promotions in the staff team. Sysop/Administrator...
  49. Colonel_Krukov

    A rule about waiting for the season to finish before making profiles and/or revisions.

    What the title suggests, we should make a rule or recommendation for people to wait for a episodic television/web season to finish before making profiles/revision threads. I have know of a couple recent examples where they have been rushed out as soon as specific episodes have been released and...
  50. Setsuna_tenma

    Verses than fell from grace

    what are the verses you know that fell from grace and why? This is about quality not power so no verses that got downgraded.
  51. Cul0r

    Most interesting VS Battles

    As the name implies,what are the most interesting matches you have seen or thought of?
  52. Coolboy6

    Why the hell are there ads everywhere?

    I go anywhere on this site and all I see are ads. Why tho?
  53. Colonel_Krukov

    Anyone else getting these large blank gaps?

  54. Damage3245

    Suggestion for Locations & Distances that are not officially stated [Staff Only]

    In circumstances where we're directly given the size of a landmark or location by a statement or some other official source (Word of God, databooks), we should preferably use it unless there are contradicting official sources or logical issues that are impossible to ignore. But in circumstances...
  55. AKM sama

    A Super Moderator Promotion

    Back when I joined the wiki in late 2017, I remember Medeus was also a regular member just like me. Apart from being a really nice guy, it was his work ethic, friendliness and willingness to help out with any kind of thread that set him apart, and it didn't take me long to become friends with...
  56. Antvasima

    Official Calculations Discussion Thread

    Use this thread for questions regarding how to perform calculations and related general information. This includes asking for information regarding methods, real life data, and help when calculating feats. All Calculation Group Members should preferably subscribe to it.
  57. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Heyo all! This time we are getting two new staff members among us. After receiving input from other staff members, on behalf of the bureaucrats I'd like to announce the following promotions: Calculation Group: @DragonGamerZ913 Image Helper: @MistaClean My congratulations to both of them...
  58. Sus

    a problem with keys

    okay this should be obvious, we should put keys on top of the page instead of the bottom it causes confusion when reading the profiles as after reading i realize I didn't check the keys and have to read again to understand, or i need to go to the bottom and then to the top, which also causes...
  59. Antvasima

    Fandom's Oasis skin will be retired next week

    Hello. This is just a note that next week Fandom's Oasis layout skin is being retired: https://community.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MisterWoodhouse/Retirement_of_legacy_designs ?useskin=oasis will remain as a URL parameter for testing for a couple of weeks after that, but after that the skin...
  60. Antvasima

    Important suggestions for turning the wiki more professional (Staff only)

    Hello. First, I think that we should encourage inserting regular wiki references for important information into our profile pages to a far greater degree than currently. It looks far more professional and reliable to our visitors, and makes it much easier for us to verify information, and in...
  61. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hoi hoi! It is time for another batch of staff promotions. On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I am happy to announce the new additions to the staff hivemind team, after getting input from most of our staff members. Content Moderator: @ElixirBlue Thread Moderators: @QuasiYuri Calculation...
  62. Antvasima

    Help needed: Listing yourselves as knowledgeable members

    Hello. I would greatly appreciate if all longtime/experienced members of this forum who are genuinely knowledgeable enough about certain fictions to help out in content revisions threads write themselves down in the supporters/neutral/opponents sections of the relevant verse pages. The members...
  63. Valiant_Abyss

    VS Battle Wiki General Discussion Thread

    Well here it is. The most general discussion thread of them all. Not sure if this'll be used at all but this is pretty much just a general discussion thread to talk about anything VSBW related that you don't feel goes anywhere else. Just follow the forum rules.
  64. Antvasima

    A new powers page for weapon enhancements?

    Hello. It seems like we have no current page for empowering external objects such as weapons. Should we create a new "Weapon Enhancement" page, or expand on a powers page that we already have available instead? And would somebody be willing to handle the required work for this task?
  65. Pain_to12


    As the Topic said, this thread is about verses(Books, Anime, Light novel e.t.c.) that are: 1. Outdated or lacking valid information 2. The majority of it is Untranslated (Accuracy cant be guaranteed) 3. The verse no longer has active supporters/experts (So it can be wanked or lowballed without...
  66. RisingIons

    Why do we award abilities to feats with no supporting evidence?

    Why do we accept one-time events that lack clarity as feats? If a character is hinted to have possibly done something through an ability, but they've never redone the feat anywhere else, and it isn't stated anywhere in the verse that they have the capacity to perform X feat, why do we award...
  67. Antvasima

    Adding artist credit texts to fan images

    This is the official thread for adding artist credit texts to fan images that we use in our character profile pages. This should be done within the image file pages themselves, rather than the character profile pages, as this can be done by all members, rather than further burdening our staff...
  68. Antvasima

    Interdimensional and Low Multiversal Range problems (Staff only)

    Hello. Our current wordings for Interdimensional and Low Multiversal Range seem to cause confusion regarding the differences between them. As far as I have understood, the intention of the page is that powers that simply cross the boundaries between different space-time continuums (for example...
  69. Antvasima

    Updating the wiki's Gfycat links to Imgur instead

    Hello. We need to update all Gfycat gif file links from our regular wiki pages so they lead to Imgur instead, given that Gfycat has redirected most of the old links to a site with porn ads. See here for a list of all of them...
  70. Antvasima

    Help needed: Improving our "Standard Format for Verse Pages" page

    Hello. As you can all see, the "Hotlinking images" section of our Standard Format for Verse Pages page is severely outdated, and needs to be replaced with a section that explains how we currently usually create image galleries. We have a brief section about this in our Standard Format for...
  71. Pokemonfan807

    If people made a Movie/TV series about Vs Battle Wiki

    Suppose a of company had the film rights or television rights (if there is such a thing to tv rights) to vs battle wiki and decided to make a movie/tv series about it. How would the plot go exactly. Obviously it’s gonna be about vs battle wiki but how could they do it? BTW if it actually...
  72. The_Impress

    Regarding Tier Rating-Specific Categories

    This is a proposal for an overtime revision to our wiki's categories. Currently on the profiles, to signify tier, we use Tier 9, but in my opinion, this is too unspecific and at the end of the day, a pointless category, never do we really need tier research on that expansive a scale, and this...
  73. Stomp Threads, Essay.

    My gripes with things i have seen/noticed on the Forums. Most people seem to already notice this as well, but the topic “Stomp” matches is one of the things that should be better explained to newer users. If people are making accidental stomp matches, and getting more experienced members to act...
  74. AKM sama

    Undoing some old bans regarding the Sera situation

    As you all know, the situation regarding Sera EX was cleared up recently, and given that several members were banned in 2018 for "doxing" Sera, the HR group decided to review the matter and we have reached the following conclusion. The following members were banned primarily for "doxing" Sera...
  75. Antvasima

    Important about the wiki's image galleries

    Hello. Very unfortunately, Fandom's UCX system upgrade means that our image galleries no longer use the same fundamental code command system as previously, which causes some serious problems for our layout in this regard. The new system can be inspected and learned via the following page...
  76. Yar_R_agi_7k

    New Wiki question

    Something caught my attention in the new wiki, after doing Information>Characters respectively, we used to see the top 10 most entered characters under the logo at first, is this won't that happen anymore?
  77. Antvasima

    An expansion of our censorship filter

    Hello. This is a public information message to inform our community about that I greatly expanded our forum's censor filter against illegal download, streaming, and comics hosting sites a few days ago, after receiving a long list from a member of Fandom's SOAP cleanup unit that I know. This...
  78. Hop_Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer

    Hoppy Memorial Day!

    Nothing major, but Hop wanted to bring awareness to why we have this holiday in the United States, but for those of you outside the country of cheeseburgers and V8 noisemakers, please thank your armed forces and veterans for their service and be grateful that they allowed you to have the freedom...
  79. Rikimarox2

    Making a rule for Gfycat

    Good morning. As some of you may know, gfycat has started using a new bot that detects if said Gif is SFW or NSFW. Due to this, the bot will sometimes label SFW evidence in our profiles as porn, and sends it to its sister site, redgifs. The problem with this, is that redgifs is specifically...
  80. The_Impress

    Misaka Mikoto vs. SeraEX (1-3-1)

    The Mikotopotence vs. Composite Sera Family Socks Equalized. Both have access to Gmail.com inb4 socks attack this thread
  81. KingTempest

    Tournament Discussions Promotion Thread

    This thread is created with the purpose of members promoting tournament style threads in the Versus Battles board or the Fun and Games board. It's very similar to this, except it's for tournaments as well. Link your tournament threads down below! Current Tournaments Active High 8-C Creature...
  82. Sparkive

    Non-existent franchises on the wiki

    In this thread we will collect franchises that people on the wiki would like to see on the wiki (that is, said by you) most likely this will also serve as a list of series recommendations. Why did I make this thread? In my other discussion thread "Franchises forgotten by the wiki" someone got...
  83. Theglassman12

    Small Break

    Hey guys, as the title says, I'm taking a break for a while. Due to an unfortunate (and stupid) IRL accident, I hurt my arm and wrist pretty bad. Due to the issues that come with it (I have a brace on for example), I won't be help to help with CRTs, discussions, versus threads, or anything here...
  84. Antvasima

    Should we rename the Peak Human page?

    Hello. I wonder if we should rename the Peak Human page to "Peak Human Physical Characteristics" instead, while leaving a redirect link. Most character profile pages seem to use the latter wording anyway. That is all.
  85. Promestein

    On Sera EX

    As you may know, during the forum move, all accounts with the same email registered were merged, as Xenforo only allows for one account for one email. As a result of this, three notable pairs of accounts were flagged and merged; Sera EX and Lady Alice VenomElite and Momokamaru The Reclusive One...
  86. Sparkive

    Franchises forgotten by the wiki

    What franchises already exist on this wiki, but do not have enough profiles? This is a discussion thread to see that "verses" don't have enough profiles, or that have profiles that haven't been updated after the release of a new product from your franchise. The reason for creating this...
  87. Antvasima

    Upcoming Fandom system changes

    Hello. Here are some recent or relatively recent Fandom blogs that detail soon-to-be wiki system changes that you all may wish to read to not get any unwelcome surprises later on...
  88. AKM sama

    VS Battles Wiki Staff Timeline

    This is a continuation of something @Ogurtsow did back in 2019, so all credit goes to him. I decided to update it for fun. So here it is. This is the VS Battles Wiki Staff Timeline. Here you can see when our staff members got promoted/retired, which positions they held/hold and at what time...
  89. Ryukama

    My Retirement

    Before I begin I need to make it clear than I am not leaving this site, or leaving Mori's Discord server, or retiring from Joke Battles. So please do not worry or say good bye to me. I'm not actually going anywhere. But with that being said, I will be retiring from my bureaucrat position on VS...
  90. Antvasima

    A new sandbox function in this forum

    Hello. This is just a public service message regarding that our forum system manager has installed a new sandbox function in this forum, in which you can hopefully prepare and save drafts for your new discussion threads. That is all. I hope that you will find it useful. Also, there may or may...
  91. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Leaving the Wiki

    Gentlemen. It’s been an absolute honor. I’ve had a wonderful time with this website. Meeting good friends I would have never had a chance to see. All good things come to an end,though. I must leave. It’s mostly personal issues that have nothing to do with the website. I’m afraid I won’t be...
  92. Antvasima

    Some possible forum downtime

    Hello. This is just a public information message regarding that the forum might have some hours of downtime later today, or maybe tomorrow, due to that our system manager will try to install a sandbox function for us, and also update all of our tags so they consistently use hyphens between...
  93. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Hax Resistance Scaling Issues; X's Superior to Y & Gets Z Hax Resistance

    Sorry for having this thread suddenly posted in the staff forum of all places. Just to confirm, I was given permission by @Damage3245 to make this thread after speaking with him and some other staff members about the issue this thread will be addressing. Since it's a staff thread, I don't intend...
  94. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    I'm officially taking a break (for an indeterminant amount of time)

    Hey, most of y’all don’t know me but I will get to the point, for the last few months I really haven’t been too active and I only check this site out of a feeling of obligation. I rarely post or comment on anything anymore so I feel like I should just make it official and say I am taking a...
  95. Galactic_Astronaut

    A Spark of Positivity.

    I see a lot of negativity towards this community, so I realized that we should try to create something positive to begin with. This community is one of the biggest and funniest places to be (especially these days), people try their best to do the best possible profiles for everyone to enjoy. I...
  96. Waka1979

    Why isn't there a request thread for locking?

    We have one for match additions, match removals, profile deletion etc but not one for thread locking. Why not? Should there be one? It only makes sense considering only staff can lock/delete threads on the new forum.
  97. Gewsbumpz_dude

    Another user is leaving. Go figure.

    Warning: This might come off as triggering to some people. This thread isn't meant to cause drama and this is simply just a farewell thread. I’m not going to beat around the damn bush here. This community, the Vs Battles Wiki, sucks. You’ve heard the reasoning from other members, like...
  98. King_Clab

    Cute but Deadly (Megaman vs Mew)

    Mega man is High 5-A Speed unequal Mew is MFTL+ Super Adapter Equipped The Speed and Strength gear is being used Starts 5 Meters away Fights in open field Who wins and why? Mega Man: 1 Mew: 0
  99. Schnee_One

    Demotion request

    Given how little I’ve been wanting to help out with recent CRTs and other such ordeals as well as my feelings on the site, I request to be demoted to just a standard user No I am not leaving, yes I have already considered many options, I talked about this to AKM a while ago and decided not to...
  100. Sera_EX

    Sayōnara, my beloved friends at Vs. Battles Wiki

    Unfortunately, this is not a joke nor a drill. I'm sure some of you saw my message on Zark's sever. It's all true, I'm finished. I have been a part of this community for nearly 5 years and I can honestly say, this place has brought me nothing but pain. Over the years, I have met various...