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vs battles wiki

  1. Antvasima

    Wiki problems that need to be dealt with

    I have some wiki issues that likely need to be dealt with: The following pages seem to use guesswork statistics, so I think they should be deleted: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Kingdoms_of_Amalur Which of the following two categories is the main one for Sonic? It seems redundant...
  2. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I bring you another batch of staff promotions after getting input from most of our current staff members. Administrator: @Dereck03 Thread Moderator: @AbaddonTheDisappointment Calc Group Members: @Chariot190 and @SunDaGamer These are well...
  3. Mr. Bambu

    Addition of Pointless Categories

    My Issues Making this off the cuff (and in doing so, preserving Promestein's will), moreso to prompt a conversation than anything. This thread is made to address the (in my estimation) fairly bloated category situation on our wiki. It is my belief that we should maintain a slim list of...
  4. Regarding the Common Editing Mistakes Page

    Introduction: This thread will attempt to improve the Common Editing Mistakes page based on a variety of factors. The stuff I describe in the "Content Changes" is then implemented in the new draft which you will find at the end of this thread. Content Changes: The longer a page is, the less...
  5. Lacku

    Martial Arts & Skill on Profiles

    I was looking at the Martial Arts ability on the wiki and how it’s been used and I was wondering are we ever going to expand on or change how it works? It’s surprisingly basic and doesn’t really convey how good someone is at fighting. At least in my opinion, I don’t think it’s right that...
  6. M3X_2.0

    Reinforcing the idea of using Striking Strength.

    Striking Strength is one of the most important statistics we have in our Standard Format for Character Profiles and yet, it's barely not used or developed the way it should be, like, at all. The Striking Strength page says: Striking Strength is the physical part of the attack potency, it's...
  7. Antvasima

    I am taking a vacation

    Hello everybody. I am taking a vacation roughly between January 12 and February 8, 2024. I would extremely greatly appreciate considerable help from our staff members with properly taking care of our community in the meantime. This includes regularly inspecting and helping out in our...
  8. DarkGrath

    Proposal for Off-Site Rules Revision

    Note: This thread is staff-only. You may request permission to reply from a staff member if you believe you will have productive input on the topic. Introduction: Hello. I am making this thread today to propose a revision to our off-site rules. I would like to preface that, while this...
  9. SeijiSetto

    One of our speed values is wrong.

    our page on speed has baseline Sub-Rel (i.e starting at 1% SoL) as Mach 8810.2, where Mach 1 is 343m/s. Mach 8810.2 ≠ (299792458/100). 1% SoL is Mach 8740.3 For the weirdest reason, Sub-Rel+ and Speed Of Light get this one correct, being the right numbers. tl;dr baseline Sub-Rel needs to...
  10. Regarding the Rule Violations Report Thread

    I have a proposal. The purpose of the RVR is for users to report violations to our discussion/site rules; this allows for staff to assess the situation and, after some discussion, determine whether any action needs to be taken. The thing is, many of the reports in the RVR are just reports of...
  11. H3110l12345I20

    What does the rule of avoiding putting composite versions of characters really mean? +an I put "X match" involving "X" (continued in the description)

    character from VBW and another from JBW/FCOC be allowed in the latter and tertiary wikis while not being present in the former wiki? (Rule) I know the heart of why it is there. Though... When it says "either of the involved character profiles," what does it mean? Does it mean characters only...
  12. Antvasima

    We will now use bold text for Intelligence, Stamina, and Range statistics

    Hello. We have recently decided to finally go ahead with beginning to use bold text for our Intelligence, Stamina, and Range statistics, for the sake of better consistency with our other statistics and powers and abilities sections, as well as to provide easier overview for our visitors. These...
  13. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I bring you another batch of staff promotions after getting input from most of our current staff members. Administrators: @DarkGrath Content Moderators: @Catzlaflame, @ImmortalDread and @GarrixianXD Thread Moderator: @Propellus Calc Group...
  14. Antvasima

    Petitions for children in extreme need

    https://reliefweb.int/report/occupied-palestinian-territory/opt-emergency-situation-update-30-7-oct-2023-8-may-2024-1600 https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/7/is-israels-gaza-war-the-deadliest-conflict-for-children-in-modern-times And in addition to all of the horrors depicted above, over 2...
  15. IdiosyncraticLawyer

    Clarifying the number of staff necessary to approve Tier 1 and 0 revisions

    During a recent confrontation between @Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara and @KLOL506 on the former's Staff Discussion thread seeking to downgrade Devil May Cry from Low 1-C to 2-C, it became apparent that there were disagreements over how many staff are needed to apply CRTs affecting Tier 1 and Tier 0...
  16. Antvasima

    Music stage personas (Staff only)

    Hello. I think that we should delete all of the music stage persona pages that have recently popped up in our wiki. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Music https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Music_Characters I thought that we made an exception for certain wrestlers that are...
  17. Antvasima

    Suggestions for new rule additions

    Hello. I hope that you are all well. 🙏 I wonder if you would all consider it acceptable to add the following text near the start of our Site Rules page: Also, what are our standards regarding "Resistances" sections in our character profile pages? To me it seems redundant to link to that page...
  18. Antvasima

    Important information regarding a solution for our recently wiped clean notifications for new replies to subscribed discussion threads

    Hello. This is a community notice that yesterday our forum system manager had to rebuild the code of our notification bell plugin to fix a problem with a recent update to it, which caused the notification alerts for our members to be automatically marked as read. Please use the following page...
  19. Antvasima

    Our email service should work properly again now!

    Hello. This is a public information message regarding that our forum system administrator has worked very hard to set up a new email service for us that seems to work properly. This means that all automated two-factor login authentication, registration, discussion thread update, and otherwise...
  20. Antvasima

    Extremely important instructions for all our members who use two-factor authentication via email to log in to our forum

    Hello. I am afraid that I have some bad news about a side-effect from our recent migration to a server with considerably higher capacity than previously. I have been informed that Google has not yet accepted our new host server's IP address for automatic emails, such as selected notifications...
  21. Antvasima

    Information about our recent forum server move

    Hello. As you have probably noticed, our forum has often been extremely laggy recently, due to that its activity is getting closer to maximum capacity. To do something about this, our forum system administrator has been preparing to move our forum to a new and considerably higher capacity...
  22. CNBA3

    (Technical) How do you find all the user board or direct messages that you sent?

    The title is pretty straight forward as it involves tryin to find any messages that you have sent in the past to other people either on their board or as direct conversation.
  23. Antvasima

    Important urgent information about Discord-hosted image-links

    First, please take note that this issue will not significantly affect our wiki, due to that I took the precaution to initiate a revision project to, among other things, replace all of our Discord-hosted image-links a few months ago, and several of our most helpful members were extremely kind...
  24. ThanatosFTW

    The Battle Of Barrel Rolls

    And so it begins The Hunter(MH)🗿🗿https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Hunter_(Monster_Hunter) : VS! The Ashen One 🔥🔥https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ashen_One : the battle starts at 500 meters Speed equalized both in their 6-b keys 1 day prep time Location: The Rotten Vale
  25. BestMGQScalerEver

    A needed addition to verse pages

    I was thinking about this for a bit and decided to make this thread. So we have a CRT limit for verses around 3 for most verses while a greater amount for expansive verses such as DC/Marvel/Dragon Ball. However this is rarely ever enforced so I want to propose something that would fix this. I...
  26. SatellaTheWoE

    Heaven vs Darkness

    Yami (Black clover) heart kingdom arc, tier high 6A vs Reid Astrea without his dragon sword speed equalized SBA
  27. Antvasima

    Somewhat stricter upcoming word filter settings

    Our forum system manager told me the following earlier today: As such, we will unfortunately be forced to add a few extra words to our automatic content filter. My apologies. 🙏 We obviously won't start to ban people for using what are not actual serious slurs, but we will have to add a few...
  28. Agnaa

    Policy Change Announcements

    Follow this thread to be notified of changes to our site's standards that require the revision of pages. This thread is intended merely for announcement of these changes and general advice on implementing them, not to discuss and ask questions about issues and edge-cases. For those, please use...
  29. Antvasima

    Virus warning about the read comic online website and a dangerous file spread by compromised Discord accounts

    Hello. When I visited the "read comic online .li" website yesterday while using my Brave tracking-preventing browser to access it, and with my VPN active, BOTH my Bitdefender and Avast Antivirus programs, which had their virus link guards activated, registered malicious activity on several...
  30. SuperStar

    VS Battles Wiki General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything Wiki related, and overall just a regular discussion for the Wiki. Note: This is not a thread for past or ongoing Wiki drama or RVR reports. No slander either since that is banned now.
  31. Antvasima

    Regarding our recent increase in advertisements

    Hello. As I have mentioned elsewhere, our new advertisement partners are in the middle of setting up a new advertisement system to be able to pay for our bills, as the person who owns our forum has lost a lot of money from continuously paying for this, but the settings have not been finished...
  32. Deagonx

    No More Slander Threads

    Hello, For those of you that frequent the "Fun & Games" sub-forum, you may have noticed that some popular threads have been deleted, a few of which were named "slander" threads. For those who are unfamiliar, the intent was light-hearted jokes and roasting between friends. They have now been...
  33. Crabwhale

    Powers and Abilities Diversification Project

    Overview VSBW has over 200 standard power pages, and the number is rising all the time. I believe, and I think most others do as well, that they should seek to be as comprehensible and representative of our wiki as possible. However, the latter part of those requirements is not present in a...
  34. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Can this FC/OC verse be on VS Battles Wiki?

    Recently, I have been making profiles for this verse on FC/OC VS Battles Wiki, and was wondering if it could be on VS Battles Wiki. At first I thought it couldn't because it's a YouTube series contains characters from Friday Night Funkin' mods and Undertale AUs, but Animator vs. Animation is on...
  35. Agnaa

    Missing GIFs Thread

    As a part of the move from Gfycat to internal wiki links, we've found some links that appear to go to the wrong place, or are missing from Gfycat entirely. This thread should be used for people replacing those Gfycat links to contact supporters of those verses, so replacement clips can be found...
  36. AKM sama

    New Staff Promotions

    Hi everybody! How's it going? It's THAT time again. On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I bring you another batch of staff promotions after getting input from most of our current staff members. Administrators: @Agnaa and @Just_a_Random_Butler Content Moderators: @Therefir and...
  37. Antvasima

    EXTREMELY URGENT: Gfycat is shutting down completely on September 1st. Please help out with replacing all of our wiki gif links to this site.

    @AKM sama @DontTalkDT @DarkDragonMedeus @Mr._Bambu @Celestial_Pegasus @Wokistan @Ultima_Reality @Elizhaa @Qawsedf234 @ByAsura @Sir_Ovens @Damage3245 @Starter_Pack @Abstractions @LordGriffin1000 @Colonel_Krukov @SamanPatou @GyroNutz @Firestorm808 @Everything12 @Maverick_Zero_X @Crabwhale...
  38. Setsuna_tenma

    Nationality Tag Inclusion

    I have been thinking there are tags for lots of miscellaneous stuff why not add a tag for nationality as well.
  39. Antvasima

    Warning Tracker

    This is a thread meant to track warnings handed out to members of this forum, for reference in case of later rule violations. Certain warnings will be tracked separately from others, due to that the rules that were broken are significantly different. Sometimes this will be because a rule...
  40. Antvasima

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Proper use of discussion thread tags/categories

    Hello. Whenever you create new discussion threads in this forum, particularly ones focused on revisions, it is extremely important that you properly use tags/categories for them. This is done by checking for and using the exactly worded current titles for the relevant wiki pages for each topic...