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Petitions for children in extreme need

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And in addition to all of the horrors depicted above, over 2 million Palestinians are currently in danger of starvation.

The following study highlights that even back in 2006, 41% of Palestinian children in Gaza suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and in 2018, 95% of them had four groups of symptoms: depression, aggression, hyperactivity, and a preference for being alone.

A page explaining most of the entire current horrifying situation:

Information about the recent allegations of genocide against the government of Israel:

Important information articles:

Please sign here if you want to try to help create a permanent ceasefire:

And if any of our visitors are well-off financially, please consider donating here to help children in extreme need:

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Here is another petition that Canadian citizens can sign, calling for a ceasefire, which uses governmental systems, so it is likely more effective than a change.org petition for those who are able to participate.

And here is a United States petition from "Jewish Voice For Peace", this world's largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization, which is likely also more efficient than the first petition.

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