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New Staff Promotions

AKM sama

Waifu Connoisseur
VS Battles
Human Resources
Hi everybody!

On behalf of all the bureaucrats, I bring you another batch of staff promotions after getting input from most of our current staff members.

Administrators: @DarkGrath

Content Moderators: @Catzlaflame, @ImmortalDread and @GarrixianXD

Thread Moderator: @Propellus

Calc Group Members: @SeijiSetto

Image Helper: @Muchacho_mrm

Translation Helpers: @TheUnshakableOne and @Agnaa

Human Resources Group: @DarkGrath

These are well deserved promotions and I am glad that they will be shouldering increased responsibilities in their new positions. Congratulations to all of them, and please make them feel welcome below.


DarkGrath should read the Administrators instructions page.

Catzlaflame, ImmortalDread and GarrixianXD should read the Content Moderators instructions page.

Propellus should read the Thread Moderators instructions page.

SeijiSetto should read the Calculation Group and the calculations related instructions pages linked to via our front page.

Muchacho_mrm should read the Image Helpers instructions page.

TheUnshakableOne and Agnaa should read the Translation Helpers instruction page.

They all should read the Advice to the staff of the VS Battles wiki.
No trolling please.🙏

(I am referring to a now deleted post.)