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to aru majutsu no index

  1. ShadeyD

    Can someone tell me what this ability falls under?

    NT9 Chapter 6 Beta Can someone clue me in on the type of ability Othinus is using here? The first thing that came to my mind is causality manipulation
  2. ShadeyD

    Asta vs Coronzon

    Final Saga Asta (Judgement Day Arc) Speed equalized 20 meters starting distance Coronzon: Asta:
  3. FantaRin_The_First

    "Let's get to the point" Minor ToAru Revision

    Thanks to all of the CGMs that were willing to go along with my bull and approve my calcs. Future thanks to all of you mods and non-mods that'll look at this CRT of mine. Okay, let's get straight to the point. This CRT will cover some minor lifting strength, speed, and a minor attack potency...
  4. ShadeyD

    Coronzon ability additions

    This profile has been missing few of her abilities and other justifications that she should logically have, with one of those abilities being on here notable attacks and techniques section, but not on her P&A section. These include: Clairvoyance: (Spies on Aleister from the other side of the...
  5. RanaProGamer

    Sans vs Kamijou Touma

    Wall level characters that could kick ass of Universal characters. The ultimate soul hax vs the ultimate power null. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Base Touma is used Kamijou Touma vs Sans Who wins and why?
  6. ShadeyD

    Magic Gods ability additions

    Another Magic God CRT First off, Chimera should have Type 3 Madness Manipulation NT17 Between the Lines 3 Heck, her profile even says it. Of course, all Magic Gods should receive resistance to this as well. High Priest should get Fusionism Fused with a comet As well as Soul Manipulation...
  7. ShadeyD

    Can Accelerator reflect ghosts?

  8. ShadeyD

    Accelerator vs Makima

    Speed equalized Starting distance is 20 meters Accel in his post awakening key, with access to black and white wings Starts in base. Accelerator: Makima:
  9. ShadeyD

    Demon of Control vs Demon of Dispersion (Makima vs Coronzon)

    Speed Equalized Starting distance is 20 meters Coronzon: Makima:
  10. ShadeyD

    Aleister Crowley vs Makima

    Speed Equalized Starting distance is 40 meters Crowley Hazards are loose Aleister will be in the second key Makima: @GunshyFever Aleister Crowley: @Doggo
  11. ShadeyD

    Kakine Teitoku vs Satoru Gojo

    • Kakine in his first key • Present Gojo • Starting distance is 20 meters • Speed equalized Kakine Teitoku: @EL_xWatcher1234x @GunshyFever @Churronzon Satoru Gojo : Inconclusive:
  12. ShadeyD

    Toaru Minor Ability additions

    Accelerator should have temperature manipulation [Can manipulate temperature by creating an instantaneous expansion of air, allowing him to freeze a water monster] Accelerator can also do the opposite of this, instead of an expansion of air that he used to freeze, he can compress it to create...
  13. SchroKatze

    Minor Accelerator addition

    Guess who's back! jk jk. Just a small thing: Adding "limited Adaptation" to Accelerator's P&A, or something among these lines. He has shown that he can add new calculations and update/adapt his redirection field to deal with things that originally bypassed it. Maybe adding "Resistance to...
  14. RanaProGamer

    Satoru Gojo vs Kamijou Touma

    This seems like a good battle of haxes Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Present Gojo vs Base Touma Who wins and why?
  15. FantaRin_The_First

    To Aru Majutsu no Index: High Level Espers CRT

    Hey, hey, fanta here. Let's settle some issues I have with High Level Espers in this verse, shall we? Summary Minor Stuff Give Level 5 Espers the ability of Accelerated Development Give Accelerator Subsonic flight speed in Base, and Hypersonic+ flight speed via White Wings Rework Rensa's keys...
  16. Deidalius

    Aleister Crowley vs Kurumi Tokisaki | 0-0-0

    Speed equalized Crowley's hazards are out. Aleister Crowley With Blood Sacrifice Key: Kurumi Tokisaki: Inconclusive: If it's too much of a stomp I can change keys.
  17. The_King_of_Prudence

    Very minor To Aru thing

    Since Beginning Child went through a prototype Esper curriculum, should she have poison resistance?
  18. Expectro2000xxx

    Hajime Nagumo vs Kakine Teikoku - Battle for 4th Strongest 6-C (Non-Smurf)

    Speed Equalized, Hajime Post-Schnee and Kakine Post-Revival key. Person who control matter: 0 vs Person who control drak matter: 0 Inco: 0
  19. DontTalkDT

    ToAru Physical Stats Revision (Low to Mid Tiers) - Let's Fix That Scaling

    So the ToAru (physical) Low-Tiers are currently ranked 8-B. This comes from a feat, which had already been decided to be removed in a past thread. Hence we have a lot of characters which need new physical stats. Furthermore, many revisions were apparently applied without properly updating the...
  20. koopa3144

    Koopa's second Stat Equalization Tournament: Round 9 Noriaki Kakyoin vs Orsola Aquinas (0-1-0)

    Welcome to round nine of Koopa's second Stat Equalization Tournament! All stats except Intelligence and range are equalized Fight takes place in lego city Distance is 20 meters SBA for anything else Noriaki Kakyoin: 0 Orsola Aquinas: 1 Incon: 0 (I'll add pictures later)
  21. JnSteHar002

    Potential Shizuo & Claire Upgrade

    "Sky By Fire" Feat This thread is to determine if the feat above can be used and who would scale to it. A) This has been accepted but it is a canon crossover feat that would also be a massive jump (9-A to 7-B) B) It should scale to Claire as it's confirmed that he and Shizuo are equal but...
  22. koopa3144

    Koopa's second Stat equalization Tournament: Round 2 Yoshikage Kira vs Orsola Aquinas (0-2-0)

    Welcome to round two of Koopa's second Stat Equalization Tournament! All stats except Intelligence and range are equalized. Fight takes place in Gotham City Distance is 10 meters SBA for anything else Yoshikage Kira: 0 Orsola Aquinas: 2 Incon: 0
  23. DontTalkDT

    CRT Foundations for ToAru - Calc Section on the Verse Page and Scaling Chart

    Everyone in the ToAru community wants to do lots of revisions, but updating all the characters correctly is hard. So I thought we should lay some groundwork. Totally not because I have a hard time with the next revision I wanna do or anything, baka. Calc Section These days verse pages usually...
  24. DontTalkDT

    Misaka & Misaki vs L

    Misaka & Misaki vs L This is not a regular fight. I believe it was Junko that stated that Misaka and Misaki together would make for the perfect crime duo, with Misaki erasing memories and Misaka erasing electronic records. Let's put that to the test. Scenario: Misaka and Misaki get fed up...
  25. Mariogoods

    Pewdiepie (Legend of the Brofist) VS Misaka Mikoto

    Rule: 1. Misaka is in her base key with Lightning Strikes restricted (At least 8-B physically, higher with Magnetism, at least 8-A, likely 7-C with Railgun) while Pewdiepie is 9-A, Higher with Attacks, High 7-C with the Legendary Brofist. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Pewdiepie (Legend...
  26. Mariogoods

    Misaka Mikoto VS Killua Zoldyck

    Rule: 1. Misaka is in her base key and anything above 8-A is restricted, Killua is Chimera Ant Arc and Election Arc and anything above 8-A is restricted. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Misaka Mikoto: 3 (Doggo, chumiminjo, Soulgizmo) Killua Zoldyck: 0 Inconclusive: 0

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hermaeus_Mora?so=search Hermaeus mora Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus Othinus Speed = Equalized
  28. DontTalkDT

    Kamisato vs Kamisato

    Kamisato Ayaka vs Kamisato Kakeru Speed Equal Both get prior knowledge of each others abilities SBA otherwise Who takes it? Making this match while the stats still work
  29. DontTalkDT

    Which is the better tree breaking calc

    So, I recently had a calc approved, not knowing there already was a calc for that feat. So as is custom we need a thread to decide which calc is better. And... well, Fanta's calc makes the assumption that the fractured area has the diameter of the tree at its thickest part and is as high as...
  30. DontTalkDT

    ToAru Anbu No Item Revisions

    Something quick for in between. All the following quotes are from the Anbu no Item novel. Very Minor Electricity Resistance for Mugino Speaks for itself. As an electrical Esper Mugino has some resistance... but really just a little, as she still died from electrocution. Surface Scaling...
  31. DontTalkDT

    ToAru 8-B Downgrade

    This thread is about this calc https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:FantaRin_The_First/Calculating_Touma_Kamijou_Feats_Part_4 which is the source of current 8-B ToAru stats, due to scaling to Kamijou Touma's durability. I believe it should not be used and the characters hence be...
  32. Churronzon

    Toaru revisions, Omnibus edition

    Sandbox (WIP) Coronzon Moonlight Absorption (Shown here) Magick: Flaming_Sword "higher" attack speed Continuing from this CRT, Flaming sword should have a speed rating of "higher". [See this comment for more reasons.] Small intelligence addition Coronzon has gathered great knowledge in the...
  33. Which is better, 50/50 reality warping or prisoner physiology?

    Actually, both are very difficult concepts for me https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Matthew_Schroeder/The_Elder_Scrolls:_Metaphysics_%26_Philosophy?mobile-app=false
  34. DontTalkDT

    ToAru 8-A downgrade

    Let's make this really short: 8-A statistics of (most) 8-A ToAru characters are based on being physically comparable to Tobio Yumi who can survive this. Problem is that Tobio didn't physically survive said attack, she instead used her supernatural ability to form a shield. (Chapter 46 of the...
  35. Mariogoods

    Uiharu Kazari VS Ned Leeds (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Rule: 1. Uiharu Kazari is in her Base key (10-B) while Ned Leeds is 10-B. 2. Ned Leeds has all optional equipment. Uiharu Kazari has the same laptop with Ned Leeds'. 3. Speed is equalized. 4. Uiharu Kazari and Ned Leeds starts at different rooms (similar to...
  36. Spinoirr

    **** addict vs Accelerator

    Speed is equal and both are city level Android melody vs Pre-Headshot Accelerator Melody: Accelerator: Icon:
  37. FantaRin_The_First

    (Super To Aru Revision) A Certain Magical Revision Genesis Testament

    Purpose Hey, hey, fanta here! ... Y'know the purpose of this CRT, so... Let's just get to the point. This CRT's Purpose is to upgrade the Top Tiers/HighTiers/Anybody who isn't High 1-C Being via the number of calculations I've created and the number of calculations I've found in Reference of...
  38. DontTalkDT

    ToAru Esper Intelligence Split

    So, this came out of this conversation and some chat following that. Basically, Espers that scale to supercomputer-level calculation prowess should receive "Extraordinary Genius in terms of calculations" as they can perform on levels beyond what top-tier humans can. In addition they should...
  39. Aseka

    Infinite attack speed for Magick: Flaming_Sword

    My proposal is to upgrade Coronzon's Magick: Flaming_Sword attack speed to Infinite. The reason is because Flaming_Sword have infinite acceleration. NT 22 Prologue Agree: Disagree: Neutral:
  40. FantaRin_The_First

    (To Aru Revision) A Certain Magical Revision New Testament

    Purpose Hey, hey, fanta here. This thread serves as a follow-up to my previous CRT regarding the ToAru-verse, and was created for the purpose of applying new calculations I made for the verse. At the very least, this thread will remove the 'At Least 9-B, Likely 9-A' Ratings for many characters...