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  1. Yoazkk6188

    Downgrade durability hela MCU When she was hit by a power attack and In depth analysis on MCU Hela and L&T Thor power levels

    Essentially Hela has three stages of power in the film. 1. When she first arrives on Earth. (Base) 2. When she first fights Pre-Awakened Thor in the Asgardian throne room. (First taste of Asgard‘s amp) 3. When she regenerates from Thor’s big lightning strike and arrives on the Bifrost Bridge...
  2. Lloydblitzed

    Possible big Thor and MCU upgrade

    This will be simple and short (trust me) So I have some scans that could upgrade Pre Awakening Thor to Planet Level As yall probably known, Thor was able to go through the Destroyer Beams and one shot him. It was stated that the Destroyer's beams burned with Odin Force. It was also stated that...
  3. TauanVictor

    All Might VS Thor

    "Symbol of Peace" Toshinori Yagi VS "King of Asgard" Thor Starting Distance: 2km Both in-character Equalized speed Prime All Might | Pre-Awakening Thor LOCATION: All Might: Thor: Inconclusive:
  4. Brogeefrong

    We Are The Princes of Pride! | Thor vs Vegeta (Toei) | 0-0-0

    Nothing above 3-C is allowed Base Thor is used (63 Zettafoe) Vegeta is in his Post Second Hypeie bola mine chamber Key starts in SSJ and can go Grade 2 (>13.5 Zettafoe in SSJ, >135 Zettafoe in Grade 2) Speed is equalized No Prior Knowledge at all State of Mind will be them competing in the world...
  5. StrangeDays20

    An Issue With Thor's Profile (Regarding Speed) Marvel Comics

    So I was looking at Thor's profile and I saw a statement that said Earth and Asgard are spaced apart by an infinite distance and Odin's feat of sending Thor from Asgard to Earth was the reason why he was given infinite speed. What's the issue? Well Thor has gone from Earth to Asgard quite a few...
  6. Deymoc13

    Superman (Post-Crisis) vs Thor (Marvel Comics)

    Superman (Post-Crisis) vs Thor (Marvel Comics) Both 3-C Speed equalized Attacks and abilities higher than 3-C tier were restricted. Man of Steel: Brahmatman, Deymoc13, God of Thunder: Maverick_Zero_X, Minos_the_Judge, TaiwaneseScaler, Accelerated_Evolution, Robo432343, Excel616...
  7. Robo432343

    Hulk vs Thor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hulk_(Marvel_Comics) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Comics) Anything above High 1-B is restricted SBA otherwise Speed =
  8. Phoenks

    Thor VS Garou • (12-3-0)

    I'm desperate for a match in 3-C, okay? Thor Odinson, the Asgardian God of Thunder VS Garou, the Avatar of God Speed Equalized • Base Thor • Parallel Garou • Nothing Above 3-C Allowed Garou: 3: @Mickey1940, @TaiwaneseScaler, @Kachon123, Thor: 12: @LordGinSama, @Doggo, @Sir_Marvulous...
  9. AloseVQ

    Question about Thor (MARVEL Comics)

    I saw that Thor and some other Marvel cosmic characters do not have HDE in their profile (TOAA and Eternity etc.). Are these going to be added in the future or they really don't have HDEs?
  10. One-Mastor

    Sonic (Modern) vs Thor (Comics) /0-0-0/

    Sonic Modern vs Thor Base was used Rules: Sonic is 4-A and Thor is 3-C Sonic have Caliburn Speed is equalized Any win-con is valid Bloodbuster in both 50 meters of distance in the start Location: A random planet in Marvel Votes: Sonic Modern: "The will to live, the drive to achieve, the...
  11. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thor fights a Way Big alien

    THOR vs WAY BIG Base Way Big is used Starting distance of 30 meters Speed is equalised Thor: 7 (@Robo, @Reiner, @TheKillerYT, @jojo123, @Shadowbeast, @BEASTHEART880, @Excel616) Way Big: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Thor has dealt with giants before, but how does he fare against this one?
  12. Suigetsuhyugs

    Thor and Odin scaling to Captain Marvel?

    Before going crazy on me hating better hear me out. First i will stablish a thing or 2 about Carol Danvers and her Binary form. Now lets head to the main subject about Thor and Odin Now that we know her binary form and her base form dont have a clear difference we can talk about the...
  13. Marvel_Champion_07

    Abang Kassim faces the Norse God of Thunder (GRACE)

    CAPTAIN KAIZO vs THOR Galaxy Captain Kaizo is used Speed is equalised Standard Battle Assumptions Captain Kaizo: 7 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Greatsage13th, @Doggo, @Peppersalt43, @Popted2, @BEASTHEART880, @Mariogoods) Thor: 0 Inconclusive:
  14. Why does it say that Captain America is Country with no Mjolnir and his shield and then it says "higher with mjolnir and shield"

    What Country level feats does Cap preform without Mjolnir and his shield?
  15. JohnCenaNation

    Marvel Comics - Shouldn't Sentry be Tier 2-A: Multiverse level+?

    Source: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda, Issue #2. Publication: Oct 16, 2019. Nearly three months before we are told that Thor has Odinforce in Thor Issue #1. - Immortalgodd According to this YouTube video that I found, Sentry was able to fight on par with King Thor and even managed...
  16. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thor vs Ikaris

    THOR vs IKARIS Speed is equalised. Standard Battle Assumptions Thor: 7 (@Excel616, @Guretodesu, @Lacku, @Dalesean027, @TheKillerYT, @Doggo, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft) Ikaris: 0 Inconclusive:
  17. ShionAH

    "heya thor. don't ya think its a beatiful day outside without any thunders?" (Added)

    Thor vs Sans Thor 4-C and Sans is 9-A Speed is equalized Both are in character and they are 5 meters apart Thor has prior knowledge Thor: Sans: 8 They drink together:
  18. Námor was NOT significantly weakened during he end fight of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    the title says it all. Namor wasn't significantly weakened during the fight against Black Panther and i will show yall why. We first gotta understand how Namor's power works. This following conversation is Riri and Shuri talking abou their powers: Riri then follows up by saying this: So now we...
  19. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Goku VS Thor

    Son Goku (Toei) VS Thor (MCU) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed BoZ / Dead Zone Goku | Love and Thunder Thor in 5-A key LOCATION: Goku: 9 (@Coolboy6, @Vondoom, @Vizer04, @Spinoirr, @jojo123, @Dragonite007, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Quantu, @Greatsage13th) Thor...
  20. NHTkenshin2

    Marvel Comics: The Infinite Universe

    These marvel upgrades are taking a strain on my mental health. Dr Doom states that the Universe is infinite | Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 #12 Ego calls the universe “The Infinite" | Silver Surfer: Black Vol 1 #4 The black galaxy is an infinite gulf of space and time away | Thor #417...
  21. God243

    Deku(final-act) vs thor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya_(Deku)_(Final_Act) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Ultimate_Marvel) Next time deku vs CCC Gilgamesh Deku:7 Thor: Speed equal. Deku at 45%
  22. Would Thor (GoW) able to hold his own against Jubi (aka ten-tails)

    Your thoughts?
  23. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Thor Love and Thunder

    When will Thor Upgrades from TL&T be made? And when is Gor the God Butcher(MCU) profile be made or published? What tier would Thor be in his Love and Thunder Key?
  24. Omnificence

    Marvel Comics - Thor's Speed and Mjolnir

    Mjolnir and Time From the 86th issue of Journey Into Mystery, Mjolnir has the power to enter the fourth dimension. In the 102nd issue of the same comic, Thor uses Mjolnir to travel to the 23rd century, and it's explicitly stated by Thor he can move forward and backward in time by swinging it at...
  25. speedster352

    Why doesn’t Thor have star level durabity?

    So why not?
  26. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Thanos VS Thor

    They are in the same tier so this is quite a fascinating matchup. Can Thanos from the MCU defeat Thor from the comics??? Rules: Thor is High 6-C and anything above is restricted Thanos has the Power and the Space Stone Fight takes place on Titan (MCU) Speed is equalized Both are 50 feet apart...
  27. Random-Helper323

    Kratos vs Thor

    Both in character, fight starts twenty metres apart, speed equalized. God Kratos vs Odinforce Thor, 2-C versions Kratos has all his equipment from God of War 2 and 3. Kratos: Thor: Inconclusive:
  28. ZespeonGalaxy

    Pink Ball vs Thor (Kirby vs Thor)

    Yup, Kirby vs Thor, Rules for this one Both Bloodlusted. Both are in 3-C Battle distance is 20 meters apart Winner via kill Post Star Allies Kirby is Used Base Thor is also used. Speed equal Pink Sphere: 1 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kirby?so=search Blonde Guy with Hammer...

    how potentially powerful a Thor/Hulk would be (I mean, a Thor powered with enough gamma to convert into a hulk)

    how potentially powerful a Thor/Hulk would be (I mean, a Thor powered with enough gamma to convert into a hulk)???
  30. GodOfThunder

    question on current Thor

    is Thorforce Thor stronger than Herald of Galactus Thor Herald of thunder thor best feat is beating a galactus that was stated to be stronger than he had ever been before But Thorforce is basically odin force which in the past could sendshockwaves throughout the 9 realms
  31. ShionAH

    A kid vs The literal god of thunder (GRACE)

    Maxwell vs Thor from comics Speed is equalized Both are 2-A Maxwell: 7!! (@DemonicDude, @JustANormalLemon, @TheKillerYT, @Alexander, @Propellus, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Dragonite007) Thor: Incon:
  32. YoutubeForKing

    Thor vs Charlie Macdonald

    Thor vs Charlie Macdonald Speed is = SBA The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. Thor - 0 Mcdonald - 0 Incon - 0
  33. YoutubeForKing

    Thor vs Jeritza von Hrym

    Thor Vs Jeritza von Hrym The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. Jeritza does not get optional equipment. SBA Thor is 3.75 Gigs Jeritza is Baseline (1 gig) Thor is class M Jeritza is Superhuman God of thunder - 0 The Death...
  34. YoutubeForKing

    Thor fights a Pokemon Trainer

    Thor vs Bruno Speed is = Thor is High 7-A Bruno is High 7-A and his second key The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. After a brutal battle Hela captures Thor with a pokeball, pulls up on Bruno and challenges him to a pokemon...
  35. YoutubeForKing

    Thor Vs The Fafnir Knight

    Saakar Gladiator Thor Vs The Fafnir knight. Both are High 7-A Speed is not = The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. Thor is 3.75 Gigatons Fafnir is 2.8 Gigatons Thor is Class M Fanfir is Unknown Thor - 2 Knight - 0 Incon - 0
  36. Knifeman29

    Meta Knight vs Beta Ray Bill

    Speed is equal Both are 3-C Fight takes place on the halberd Beta Ray Bill: Meta Knight:
  37. M_Animefan

    Superman (Zack Snyder Justice League) VS Thor Odinson (Post Awakening)

    Speed is equalized: Superman (Zack Synder) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(DC_Extended_Universe)#Black_Suit_(Snyder_Cut) VS Thor Odinson (Post Awakening) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)#Post-Awakening
  38. Alancaliber

    MARVEL and DC confusion

    This is really confusing and I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone complain about how we scale so many of these characters based off of damaging someone else. So many of Marvel's characters are supposedly solar system level and when you check to see the feat supporting this, it's a dumbass damage...
  39. Quantu

    Vegeta vs Thor: Death Battle! but...

    It's Xeno Vegeta vs Odin Force Thor. Peak Xeno Vegeta with the Keysword. OF Thor is using his 2-A key. Speed Equal. Pretend this is OF Thor in the pic :)
  40. Rune King Thor vs Mister Mxy

    Low 1-C versions for both Speed is equal Thor: Mr. Mxy: Draw: