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sparda (devil may cry)

  1. Palito266

    DMC Hax Revisions 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Good evening yet again, today I will present to you some miscellaneous abilities of DMC that were found by me whilst I was doing a research on a bigger project on the same verse. This should be fairly easy to add anyway, so here it is: - 1) Air Manipulation: The Demon World can cause the air...
  2. Oliver_de_jesus

    DMC Downgrade

    Yo, is My, When was my last DMC CRT? 2 years ago I think? well the important thing, it turns out that Klol recalculated the star and earth creation feat that was previously high 4-C, now it is 4-C so L for DMC boys
  3. DarthSpiderr

    All cosmologies DMС

    I saw in the discussion that the characters (At least Dante) could not be given a 1-C, but a Low 1-C. This is from 5D to 6D. So, it became interesting to me, what is the ALL DMС cosmology? I would like to know about all possible indications of the dimensions of Hell, both spatial axes and simply...
  4. Mister6ame6

    DMC Minor God Tier Revision

    Well, time to stop being lazy and make this CTR that i'm promised a long time ago, adding some stuff to Sparda, Bolverk, Pluto and V profiles. Hopefully should be a simple and easy thread to make it, so lets going with the proposals here: Sparda Attack Potency: At least Island Level, likely...
  5. Knifeman29

    Odin VS Sparda

    The beginning of legendary Bloodlines. Speed Equal Both are 2-C Prime Sparda Both in character Odin: Sparda:
  6. Mister6ame6

    DMC haxs additions

    Well, i'm gonna post some haxs additions for the verse here. For Demon Physiology Lower Tier Demons 1- Enhanced Senses (Night Vision) (Demons can see through the darkness of the night) 2- Supernaturalwillpower (Demons are capable to use the powers of the Beastheads, which is confirmed that...
  7. Cyberblader90

    Legendary Dark Knight takes on God

    Sparda attempts to prevent the fusion of the Trinity of Realities. First key Sparda vs second key Jublieus, both at 2-c
  8. Necromercer

    Hector vs Sparda

    Both Low 2-C Speed Equal Hector (Castlevania): 0 Sparda (Devil May Cry): 0 Incon: 0 Fight Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqUAjHr1-7A&list=RDMM4uw0iz9vn7w&index=19
  9. Lightning_XXI

    Devil May Cry 5-B feat comes with a heavy surprise huh

    Hello Devil Hunters, finally another small DMC CRT XD Well, the case here: Devil May Cry 2, our beloved game, has probably the most important feats in the verse, the Low 2-C stuff, hax stuff, some 3-A stuff and now Lifting Stuff, why ? Glad you asked Argosax's powers can do many things, like...
  10. Assembled1801

    About Sparda defeating Mundus and his Armies

    How long did it took Sparda singlehandily defeating Mundus and his demons?
  11. Oliver_de_jesus

    Mega hax addition for devil may cry.

    Mega hax addition for devil may cry. Now that we have a decent translation of before the nightmare, let's add what I had planned since 84. nero must have extrasensory perception through the devil brigger that reacts to the demonic power of his https://ibb.co/yBBmN0W Users with good knowledge...
  12. Oliver_de_jesus

    Argosax vs mundus: the time has come.

    Argosax vs mundus: the time has come. Well, it's time to see who is the strongest demon king (technically urizen is not a demon king). Mundus original timeline and Argosax Despair Embodied are being used. Do not match the speed. Battle in the demonic kingdom. in the character and therefore...
  13. PhantomMistress

    Devil May Cry: Downgrade

    Hello. I am a new person here on the wiki - I have lurked for a relatively long time and participated on the OBD here. I decided to make an account after learning about this. I am a proud DMC fangirl and it's one of my favorite fictions out there. That said though. Recently, Devil May Cry...
  14. Lightning_XXI

    Dante Vs Sparda - Father and Son battle

    So, how about another family reunion ? But meh, f*** Vergil, I want Dante vs his legendary father to see who is the Boss - Both 3-A - Devil May Cry 2 Dante (however this can be changed If needed) and Prime Sparda are used - Fight takes place in the same place Vergil and Dante were fighting at...
  15. Sam_Dragonborn

    Question about Sparda

    «Was implied to be able to hammer a spear all the way into the Earth and heavily damage it if he so wanted» I just interested where it was said? Can anyone give a link or source name?
  16. Toshiohex

    At Least Universal DMC and more.....

    Greetings everyone and thank you for your time. Yes, I am aware that this has been discussed multiple times and I am aware of what staff are put through. Here are some notes before reading: -Some of what is discussed may have been discussed before from other threads on this wiki. There are...
  17. Lightning_XXI

    DMC2 Dante

    Yo guys So, a few days ago we downgraded Argosax since his fight with Sparda was only a few centuries ago and by this time Sparda had his power already sealed (likely), so he needing help to seal him is no longer a proof that makes DMC2 Dante stronger than Sparda With this, the scalling chain...
  18. Konaguna

    Hack and Slash Fathers

    Base Father Balder (Bayonetta) vs Sparda (Devil May Cry) both Multi Cont high 6-A Rulez: -Starting distance 1km -Fight takes place in mushroom kingdom -In Character -Speed not equal
  19. PrettyFearMachine

    Some DMC stuff

    Since the first two keys of Nero are practically never used, I guess we should delete them by merging them all into one, because they are doing nothing but taking up the space and make the stuff more confusing. I remember that AZ for Frosts was debunked, but can it be just a somewhat decent Ice...
  20. NeloAngeloSonofSparda

    Mundus upgrade(3-C minimum)

    Mundus is actually universal, and I can prove it. Thats right, Matt was dead wrong, and while tearing down universal DMC might have been well intentioned (I doubt it since he seemed either like he was very biased or hadn't played the games/forgotten them) his argument has some huge flaws and...
  21. Ninjaboy14

    Sonic and Infinite vs Sparda

    Both at High 6-A Sonic Infinite Sparda round 1: vs Sonic winner by ko or incapticated round 2: vs Infinite winner by round 1 conditions bouns round: vs Sonic and Infinite winner by round 1 condition along with death
  22. Matthew_Schroeder

    Devil May Cry Revisions

    So, this is long overdue, let's get this over with. Introductio Currently, the Devil May Cry God-Tiers are ranked as 3-A by scaling from Mundus' feat. Here is the reasoning in Mundus' profile: Universe level (Created an entire universe to serve as a battlefield with Dante. And it has bee...
  23. Viralata2

    Sparda vs Virgo Shaka

    The Legendary Dark Knight vs Virgo Gold Saint. Speed Equalized. Both at their peak. Virgo Shaka So, who wins???
  24. Matthew_Schroeder

    Dante / Devil May Cry Downgrade

    So. Currently Dante, Sparda and Mundus are all rated as "Possibly 3-A" due to Mundus' Dimension Creating feat, which according to the game's creator Hideki Kamiya on twitter, is a universe. The problems with this: Firstly, not once in Devil May Cray has powers of this capacity been depicted...
  25. Lord_Ghetsis

    Wrong information

    So yeah it states here on his profile that Sparda should be comparable to Majin Dante who tanked attacks from Mundus. First of all Majin Dante is exclusive to DMC2 and Dante fought Mundus in DMC1. Secondly, Dante used Sparda's DT form, not the Majin form to fight Mundus. In DMC2, Dante was...
  26. SaberLily015

    Devil May Cry Upgrade Discussion Part 2

    Link to part 1
  27. Austrian-Man-Meat

    Majin Dante,Mundus and Sparda Upgrades

    I request the following to be moved up into Multi Solar System for the following reasons. Devil May Cry 1 HD Dante vs Mundus The Ending-0 Around the 2:50 mark we see Mundus create a dimension which manages to house collosal amounts of stars within them. Enough to grant Mundus a Multi Solar...