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ryougi shiki

  1. Robo432343

    Featherine vs Void Shiki

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora#True_Form vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryougi_Shiki#Void_Shiki SBA
  2. TISSG7Redgrave

    Ryougi Shiki. Just some curious things. I̶ w̶i̶s̶h̶ I̶ c̶a̶n̶ c̶u̶t̶ l̶i̶n̶e̶s̶ l̶i̶k̶e̶ h̶e̶r̶

    Ok I'm gonna ask a few things. Firstly, her first two keys about MEODP: Outerverse level with Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Can kill inanimate and animate things, even concepts, by cutting their lines of death) It doesn't really sound 1-A but if it is then could there be a scan to make it...
  3. Medaka619

    Yogiri Vs Shiki

    Yogiri Takatou Vs Ryougi Shiki Speed equalized. Who would ultimately win?
  4. BasedNecoScaler69

    Shiki Ryougi vs Yhwach (2-6-0)

    It's time to put another one of the Shiki's vs fodder. SBA Literal Emptiness: 2 Anime Hitler: Yhwach uses Schrifts Speed Equalized. 20m range Ryougi is using her melty blood key. Yhwach is using Soul King Absorbed https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryougi_Shiki...
  5. Iiliminal

    SCP-682 vs Void Shiki

    Extended Canon SCP-682 vs Void Shiki 682 starts at 9-B, likely 9-A Void Shiki has prior knowledge about 682 SCP-682 (2nd key): Ryougi Shiki (3rd key):
  6. BasedNecoScaler69

    Archetype Earth 1-A thread

    Credit to @Grand_Saver_Ritsuka and grindsetgang for providing me with scans and such. First, in MBAA, a fight between arcueid and shiki occurs. Ryougi explicitly states that Void is the one urging her to do this instinctively and is behind all of this...
  7. Railgun

    Theory Goats vs Ryougi Shiki

    Location: City of books https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryougi_Shiki?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Theory_Goats?so=search Both sides at their strongest.
  8. CrackerVolley

    Wack Ass Iaido Duel: Ryougi Shiki vs Reinhard van Astrea (0-0-7)

    Yeah, this very much an unresearched match that just sounds interesting in my head. So if this ends up becoming a stomp or absolute shitshow, I'm sorry. If Ryougi is too much of an issue with that oddly long list of resistances, I may swap her out with MB Shiki Nanaya. Ryougi has all of her...
  9. BasedNecoScaler69

    Mystic Eyes of Death Perception 1-A level EE and Dura-Neg

    In the tsukihime remake's Arceuid route,it's explained that the mystic eyes are connected to the root by seeing the end of all existences. Shiki can also see a being's originating point which is a "thin line" that connects a being to the root, and target it. Although, Shiki has to be fast enough...
  10. Kirinator07

    An NLF rival (Lord English vs Void Shiki)

    Two characters on the same level of 1-A, but still risky to even prepare due to the nature of such battles SBA Speed is equalized and then unequalized Caliborn is Lord English (1-A) Ryougi Shiki is Void Shiki (1-A) Battle takes place outside of Andrew Hussie's house Lord English Void Shiki
  11. FallenMaou2234

    And Thus a New Shitsorm Was Born: Nasuverse Massive Speed Revisions

    AWWWWWW YEAH BABY HERE WE GO Shout out to @Migue79 for hooking me up with the Calc you knew it was gonna come eventually and here it is IT WAS INEVITABLE So let's get straight into it. We all know Servants and everyone who Scales to them are given an MHS rating as a result of this calc and...
  12. HyperZero95

    Minor Ryougi stuff

    So this will be a quick and short thread. Shiki Tohno recently got a key for his Melty Blood self. I simply propose to make a Melty Blood key for Ryougi too, since she defeats him in her route. MB Ryougi also casually defeated Nrvnqsr Chaos, who is a general equal of Araya, with just her knife...
  13. CrystalValley

    Void Ryougi Shiki Vs Featherine Augustus Aurora

    my friend outside of this wiki wanted me to make a match on this due to some Umineko downgrades or something. not really knowledgeable on the verse myself but let's see how this plays out. both are 1-A . speed is equal since Void's is unknown right now. Ryougi Shiki profile. Featherine...
  14. FallenMaou2234

    Void Shiki Possible Speed Upgrade

    Anyways yeah so this'll be a fairly straightforward one and ya'll know what this is about. Also sorry if this has been discussed before and sorry if there's another upgrade thread going on that I don't know about which will cover this. I'm kinda new round these here parts. So yeah Shiki has...
  15. CrystalValley

    Void Shiki Vs Persona Joker

    since mid-game Ren is a serious 1-A smurf from what i've seen in the last thread, how would he do here? wanting to see how big of a low 1-C smurf he is considered to be here. if it's too much for him maybe we can use one of his earlier 1-A keys? for now though i'm starting this with his low 1-C...
  16. ThatDarnFish

    King Hassan's Death Hax

    Curious about King Hassan's Death Manipulation. It says on his profile that it works similarly to Ryougi Shiki's MEoDP. Would that mean that the Old Man also has the ability to negate all forms of immortality if they're comparable, or does he have 1-A death hax? Also, I don't think there's ever...
  17. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Battle of two of the most powerful glass cannons in all of fiction: Yogiri Takatou vs Ryougi Shiki

    These two seem very similar, both having the ability to kill even some of the most immortal characters in fiction despite their low striking strength, and they both have extremely powerful true forms far beyond the power of their mortal forms. Because of this, I decided to pit them against each...
  18. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Ryougi shiki vs SCP-682

    The foundation has hired shiki Ryougi to kill the hard to kill lizard. can her MEODP do it Shiki's Profile 682's Profile Rules 9-B vs 9-A (normal Shiki vs Extended canon 682) both bloodlusted knowledge for both speed equalized who wins and why
  19. Lapsad

    Shiki vs Culexus

    Shiki vs Assasin (culexus) speed equalized void shiki were used
  20. CrimsonStarFallen

    Nasuverse Mega CRT Part 1: 1-A Root

    Introductions Likely my biggest CRT ever, and the first of many tier 1 shenanigans in Nasuverse. Shoutouts to Ultima, John935, TheUnshakableOne, Regidian, Iapetus and many, many others, either on or off site. This would have been impossible to do alone. This is the day where my reputation on...
  21. DontTalkDT

    Fight of Concept Destroying Low-Tiers: Ryougi Shiki vs Sayama Mikoto

    Ryougi Shiki vs Sayama Mikoto Speed Equal Base Shiki The fight starts at 10 meters range. Shiki gets her knife, prosthetic arm and sword. Sayama gets Georgius, his physical enhancement charms and the wooden sword with Mukiti inside. Which concept killer takes it?
  22. SpookyShadow

    Shiki Ryougi vs Kiritsugu Emiya

    Worth to try out because nobody has done that before. (Don't blame me) Speed is equalized First key Shiki and she has only her knife Kerry has Avalon 50 meters distance Kiritsugu: Shiki: 1 Incon:
  23. ShidoTM

    What is the tier of void shiki ?

    what would be the minimum and maximum tier of the shiki ryougi wish grant, and why?
  24. Tam0n3n

    Void Shiki vs Altair

    Both in their prime. Who would win?
  25. MarvelFanatic119

    Battle of Anti-Supernatural Combatants (Kamijou Touma vs. Ryougi Shiki)

    Round 1: Base Touma Touma vs. Base Shiki w/o katana Speed Equalized in this Round. Round 2: Dragon Shell Touma vs. Base Shiki w/ katana Standard Battle Assumptions Takes place on an empty street at night Starting distance is 10 meters away from each other Win via KO, Incap or Death...
  26. Diinou_HotHead

    Seeing conceptual stuffs bring this to mind: Eiji VS Shiki

    Yeah. I did it. If a good OOO VS a Servant match can't be made, I'm gonna use another installment in Nasuverse: Kara no Kyoukai King's TaToba OOO VS Void Shiki Both start 10 meters apart Sword and MUTHAFAGKIN AXE BAZOOKA: Katana thingy: SUTANDO PAWAAA!!:
  27. Nier_Hitoshura

    Most likely a terrible idea: Dante vs Ryougi Shiki

    Originally, someone requested (more like dared) me to do Shiki vs V, however, I kinda went with this instead as V's demons were all rated as 7-B. Key(s): Volume 1 Dante and Base Ryougi Mindset: In-character. Speed?: Speed is equalized. Distance: 8 meters apart. Other: Shiki has Kanesada...
  28. J989

    Shiki Ryougi vs One Above All?

    Is it possible for her to defeat an omnipotent being?
  29. Makkurona

    Really bloodlusted Demon Hunter vs Kindest Demon Hunter

    Ryougi Shiki with Kuji Kanesada vs Kamado Tanjirou (post Pillar Training) No MEoDP for Shiki. Victory through incap or death. How will it go?
  30. A_random_user15

    Ryougi Shiki Vs Four (BFDI)

    Speed is equal both are bloodlust. MEoDP is allow. Shiki has her sword only. Ryougi Shiki: Four (Battle for Dream Island): Inconclusive: I hope this match should be a fair this time.
  31. DragonEmperor23

    Void Shiki vs Yukari Yakumo

    Void Shiki vs Yukari Yakumo SBA applies Speed is equal
  32. KnightOfSunlight

    The Boss and a simple girl with a murder impulse fight (Shiki Ryougi vs Diavolo)

    A dripping. Droplets of blood against the stone. The "end" of his past. He finally had it. The arrow. Finding Polnareff's location had proved difficult, but by following Buccellati, he had managed to piece together where he was hidden away. The rat that had remembered his past. It mattered no...
  33. Wokistan

    Ryougi Shiki vs Headhunter

    Knife wielding girls with powers that make finding 9-B matches annoying Shiki's first key Speed equalized Start 20m away in the jungles of Vietnam Shiki's uncalced, Headhunter's 0.0017 tons Ryougi Shiki: Headhunter: Inconclusive:
  34. Jackythejack

    Ryougi Shiki vs. Connie Maheswaran

    So, hopefully this'll be fun. Probably not. Fight takes place in the Drevis mansion, and speed is equalized. Both starts ten meters apart. Who wins? Ryougi Shiki Connie Maheswara
  35. Paul_Frank

    Ryougi Shiki vs Shigeyo Kageyama

    Häagen-Dazs vs Bowl Cut Mob's 9-A key is used here First key Shiki Speed Equal Shiki has the Kuji Kanesada Sba otherwise Häagen-Dazs:7 Bowl Cut:
  36. Dargoo_Faust

    Shiki vs. Spender (Finished)

    This might be a fair match, might not. I think Spender has ways to take her out with speed amps and EE, so let's see how this goes. Base Shiki, starting distance of 20 meters. Spender is in Spirit Fusion, speed is equalized, otherwise SBA. Richard Spender - 7 (Apies, Dragon, Sol, Litentric...
  37. Kahndaq_Lord

    4 Hax Gods Below Tier 7 vs Everyone up to tier 5

    Edit made by myself. Yep. Ryougi Shiki, Cursed Spirit, the Hunter and the Bounty Hunter vs literally everyone up to tier 5. Rules: Hax team has all their equipments etc. bypassing their inventory limit (Especially for the Hunters) Speed Equalized for everyone. No smurfs (Characters connected...
  38. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Smile-san vs Ryougi Shiki

    I have no ******* idea what I'm doing, so slap me if it's a stomp. Smiling ****** vs Spinne Buster Buster Base Shiki with a knife. Smile-san is bloodlusted and both have basic knowledge about the other. Speed is equalized. Type 8 unrestricted (I doubt it would matter though)
  39. Fukouda-san

    Ryougi Shiki vs Kamijou Touma

    Ryougi Shiki Kamijou Touma The "normal" high schooler VS The one who can kill God. Equalized speed. Win via Death or K.O. The fight takes place at night, in a random isolated street in the Academy City. Round 1: Both have a prior knowledge of each other's skills and are in character. Shiki...
  40. Kerwin0831

    Can Ryougi Shiki kill characters who have Type 3, 5, 7 and probably even Type 9 immortality?

    Just curious ^-^