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  1. KremcikGorv

    Race between infinite speed and immeasurable speed and omnipresent character

    Let's say we will count backwards from 5 and a 100 meter race will start. One of the contestants is omnipresent, the other is immeasurable speed and the last contestant is infinite speed. What would be the result of this race?
  2. G33kedzinx

    Is this omnipresence ?

    Can the world arcana be interpreted as embodying omnipresence due to its representation of totality and wholeness ? It signifies a state of being where everything is interconnected and harmonious, perhaps suggesting a presence that transcends boundaries and permeates all aspects of existence.
  3. Jozaysmith?

    Regarding Slime

    so in the process of having a profile i wanted to ask real quick, If a being wasn't necessarily mentioned to be omnipresent but they are other wordings like one in all and all in one would still count Do higher dimensional existence?? The weaker version of said character created the multiverse...
  4. Abstractly_a_Protagonist

    Omnipresence Attack Speed (?)

    Context: The Hedgehog can dodge an immeasurable atk speed, so the god use Omnipresence (?) attack so it will hit. Leaving no room for evasion. The God in the question is not Omnipresence mind you.
  5. CrisisCrysis

    Gaunter O'Dimm MASSIVE Profile Revisions.

    I made this sandbox alongwith my friend. Have a look:- https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:prophet%27s_Profit/Sandbox Can we update the profile based on this?
  6. whydidigetrejected

    The Chaos of The Chaos Force (Archie Sonic)

    I have a dream. The dream of the Chaos force being one of the strongest forces, competing with Pheonix and Speed forces. I wanna see Sonic Forces on that lost (worst joke in history.) However, I don't know much about it. This place is for talkin about it (should this be in general discussions?)...

    Omnipresence revision

    I think there needs to be a rule to add the speed to the speed section of an omnipresent character, instead of just saying "omnipresent" only for omnipresent characters that either have only 1 key, or have an omnipresent key where they have different (higher or lower) combat speed Using Arceus'...
  8. Sniper670

    Is Omnipresence Downplayed on the Wiki?

    How exactly do you beat an omnipresent character ???? Any examples?? So there's this character I have in mind who's mentioned to be in everything and nowhere at once. He's in the opponent, in their weapon, their shoe, etc. Wherever, it's in it, wherever, it's not. It's all Metaphysical Mind...
  9. Shiroiyo

    Range and Omnipresence.

    Let's suppose a character is omnipresent on a 2-B scale. Now, another character fights the omnipresent being and defeats him... causing him to explode, can this be used as a range feat?
  10. Sniper670

    About Omnipresence of a certain Llama God

    So we have Arceus, who's Omnipresent and is actually the multiverse ( large Size Type 9). But then there's this quote: 1. "The Original One is in all things, the original one is nowhere at all".( meaning he exists everywhere, but doesn't exist anywhere) And this 2". Beyond Space and Time, One...
  11. Regarding Omnipresence

    Alright this shoulden't be to controversial ig, I propose we delete "omnipresence" and "omnicent" from any characters Powers and Abilities section the reason for this is because it's redundant. Every character has an intelligence and speed section for the purpose of listing their intelligence...
  12. Vizer04

    Shizuka upgrade

    Shizuka should have Omnipresence, Abstract Existence and should be upgraded to Tier 0.
  13. TheGatememer

    Question about AE Type 1 and Omnipresence

    So lets say for example someone is a Type 1 Abstract being of water. Then there is an entire world of water. Would that Abstract being have omnipresence/nigh omnipresence in that world due to being the concept of water itself?
  14. TheGatememer

    Are Types 3 and higher Concept Abstract Beings assumed to be Omnipresent ?

    Title basically. Since they are a concept that governs all reality, would that make them omnipresent?
  15. Hitting an Omnipresent entity.

    Is it possible to hit an Omnipresent entity? Since they are stated to be everywhere and anywhere at once.
  16. DarkDragonMedeus

    Sonic Immeasurable Speed Debates Continued

    A continuation from this thread which has gotten filled up and needed to be refreshed and clarified from square one. But anyway, with the recent revisions here and later updated here have listed more restrictions as to what qualifies as Immeasurable speed. However, the primary one is the policy...
  17. Oleggator

    Omnipresence question.

    As I know. Omnipresence is when you're everywhere. But what if you're literally everything what around you? Is it still would be omnipresence but in higher scale or it's something else?
  18. Alucard omnipresence downgrade

    I have seen that several users have agreed on old threads here, but it remains the same: why does Alucard continue to have its "omnipresence"? Well, he doesn't have good feats about that, only the phrase "i'm everywhere and nowhere", but it may be simple hyperbole or something, not seem to be...
  19. The_Pink_God

    Does that mean... (this is a repost since the original was in the wrong category)

    So as you can see in Void Termina description it says he exist in all dimensions right? And i heard some people saying that because of that Void is Omnipresent or at least Nigh-Omnipresent The argument is that because his existance is in all of the dimensions, and Omnipresence is your existance...
  20. The_Pink_God

    Does that mean...

    So as you can see in Void Termina description it says he exist in all dimensions right? And i heard some people saying that because of that Void is Omnipresent or at least Nigh-Omnipresent The argument is that because his existance is in all of the dimensions, and Omnipresence is your existance...
  21. DaSmileKat

    Isn't omniscience and omnipresence NLF?

    If omnipotence is considered to be NLF, why isn't omniscience and omnipresence also NLF? Similar to omnipotence, there's no way to prove a character's omniscience and/or omnipresence.
  22. Zenkaibattery1

    Nigh-Omnipresent vs Omnipresent

    I'm a little confused about the standards To be omnipresent, do you have to be everywhere in your own cosmology, or just within a universe is enough to qualify? Because techncially you are fully omnipresent throughout said universe. Also, assuming you have to be everywhere in your own...
  23. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Omnipresence Issues

    I have to go to bed so I'll try speeding through this and get to the point. Because of this thread I made here about Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist, there's an issue with Omnipresence that I think needs to be addressed. How are we supposed to differentiate characters who are omnipresent on...
  24. NostalgiaTrip

    Question - Rewording

    This statement makes no sense. This was in Unicron's speed section - "Omnipresent outside of the universe (Embodies the "darkness between worlds"), would eventually become totally Omnipresent" I can't be the only one that sees the problem right? I mean... how can something become totally...

    If you create Anime Character, what FEATS do you give him to prove that he is Omnipotent?

  26. Blackcurrant91

    How the heck does speed= work with one character who is omnipresent and another character who isn't

    I can't even begin to wrap my head around the implications of speed equal when one character is omnipresent. Can anyone help lul?
  27. TheUnshakableOne

    The Nigh Omnipresent page needs an updating????

    Is there different types of nigh Omnipresents? For example Character A is the literal emodiment of Darkness on earth. He exist anywhere where darkness is. Including the color black, and shadows. While Character B exist throughout timespace/history of the Earth (only 1 single earth)? Should...
  28. TriforcePower1

    Omnipresence and Acausality

    Omnipresents on a 4-Dimensional scale, with one dimension being time, should have Acausality type 3. Let's start with a comparison with a much more intuitive Omnipresence, the 3-Dimensional one. If a 10-C character with this omnipresence fought a 5-B character, would the latter be able to kill...
  29. Elizio33

    Beyonders abilities

    The same fight taking place across all realities in the same time The Beyonders are able to be to multiple place at once. Is this Omnipresence? And the Cosmic Cubes allows their users to be omnipresent and their powers and properties derives from the Beyonders.
  30. The_King_of_Prudence

    Who is the weakest Omnipresent character?

    I wan to pit Wolfgang Schreiber against them.
  31. The_King_of_Prudence

    Adding a category for Omnipresence users

    We should do it.
  32. PrettyFearMachine

    Omnipresence in speed equalized matches

    I may be a part of the minority here, but isn't speed equalization with one of the combatants being omnipresent basically an equivalent of power restriction, which prevents a match from being added? Because that's what I see. My thoughts are if omnipresence really matters in a match and speed...
  33. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Monarch of Pointland Upgrade

    His voice can effect higher dimensions, so shouldn't that technically be higher dimensional manipulation? Also, tho it is a technicality, he encompasses the entire zero dimensional realm, so wouldn't that be Omnipresence on a Zero-dimensional scale? Also, he is technically immortal due to his...
  34. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Domains meant to counter omnipresence

    What if a person was completely omnipresent, EXCEPT there was a domain made specifically so that omnipresent people could not go or see inside?
  35. Konaguna

    How do you destroy an omnipresent without being omnipresent?

    the title speaks for itself, how do you destroy an omnipresent character if you yourself aren't?
  36. Snaily100

    South Park: Kyle's omnipotence. Tooth Fairy Tats 2000

    In the episode "Tooth Fairy Tats 2000" due to questioning his excistance for most of the episode, Kyle temporarily becomes "Everywhere yet nowhere" "Nothing and everything" Powers he directly shows during this state include space-time manipulation, shapeshifting and omnipresence. However it...
  37. Golden_Void

    Press F to Pay Respects for Stephen Hawking

  38. Nico-v11

    Omnipresent and Speed Equalized?

    Do characters that are Omnipresent need to have their speed equalized against others that aren't omnipresent? Same with Pseudo-omnipresence. I ask this because being omnipresent isn't really a speed but instead a state of being
  39. RRTheEndMan

    Omnipresence is more difficult to understand than time-travel stories

    How can a non-abstract being like ness be omnipresent? Wouldn't it destroy the universe?
  40. ShatteredNightMares

    Dunno if this was done before buuut

    Is there a way to harm an Omnipresent character without the obvious existance erasure? I'm not asking this for a particular reason I'm just curious.