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Omnipresence Issues

I have to go to bed so I'll try speeding through this and get to the point.

Because of this thread I made here about Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist, there's an issue with Omnipresence that I think needs to be addressed. How are we supposed to differentiate characters who are omnipresent on [insert here] scales from characters who are given a tier via what they embody?

To be more specific, as you can see with Truth as an example, some characters here are rated Low 2-C or higher for being treated as literal sentient universes/multiverses. However, this clearly doesn't go both ways since there are other characters here who aren't scaled to such tiers despite having omnipresence to similar, equal or greater degrees.

Tl;Dr: Some characters here are just simply given omnipresence and others are granted tiers because of their omnipresence. Im asking how can we tell the difference between the 2 on how one's AP scales to their state of existence and not another.
Omnipresence isnt a speed so unless the character who scales to Truth exists as a state comparable to Truth they wouldnt scale to omnipresence
Yes, but the issue here is how can we tell the difference from characters like those and characters that are just omnipresent?

Because not all omnipresents have their AP scaled to it, unless im missing something.
Omnipresence or Nigh-Omnipresence do not grant any AP or Durability statistic, but do its naturaru, if you want to do something to it affecting its entire dominion is necessary (like aoe attacks), although, in few cases is possible tha its essence/soul remain within an specific place (depends of the verse).

By default, someone merged with a universe is Nigh-Omnipresent, and although I would argue if they really have High 3-A/Low 2-C (isn't like they sre possible to destroy themself, or one-shot a different universe from afar), but their durability would be dependent of the universe itself, as its their body, and any damage is negligible.
Being everywhere across space-time, is not the same as being the space-time itself. Just because Manhatta is everywhere at once doesn't make him that big.

Being an embodiment of a 4 dimensional space-time manifold would grant you Low 2-C by size alone, with omnipresence in that universe at least. But being everywhere at once/omnipresent doesn't necessarily mean you're big, as with the Manhattan example which wouldn't give you any tier by itself.
Embodiments of space-time aren't necessary omnipresent, neither necessary big, they represent space-time they aren't necessary all of it, although one would believe they have range proportional to its domain.
If they are embodiments of a 4 dimensional space-time manifold that's universal in size, then yes, they are that big and they are omnipresent in their own universe unless specified otherwise.
What more info do you need? Already mentioned that being nigh-omnipresent do not grant any AP/Durability rating, the Truth is kind of different, not just embody the totality, it is also the totallity, so being omnipresent is just a subset of its physiology.