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mujin park

  1. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High School - mid tiers upgrade part 3 i guess

    Basic premise: This is extremely simple. A new recalc got accepted. This CRT is centered around changing the AP ratings in accordance to the recalc. Now, the calc uses the same reasoning as Saitamas Serious Punch² calc so we're going to treat the results the same way. In other words, the lower...
  2. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High School - Lifting strength upgrades

    This should be a fairly simple thread. Setto already did almost everything for me. We have a "new" calc for lifting strength for Daewi pushing Jupiter away. This upgrades majority of the verse to Multi-Stellar. Who scales? the OG Yeoui (duh) Daewis telekinesis (duh 2) Okhwang should scale to...
  3. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High School - revising the gods

    This is a pretty simple ability addition thread so there is no need for a TLDR or anything like that. God physiology: There are certain abilities that all gods possess. To simplify this and shorten the profiles, I made this blog post where I index them all. So far only pure gods will have this...
  4. Megaraptor149

    GOH: Regarding Abstract Existence (Type 1)

    So Mori and Mujin got Abstract Existence (Type 1) in their profile due to becoming one with the world as embedded in its duality too. Actually, every aspect that exists within the world is not only duality but also law, karma, concept and information. In other words, when Mori and Mujin become...
  5. TheGreatBanana

    Really minor additions for Mujin park

    1- Force field creation. Chapter 507 And another force filed creation. 2- Summoning. Chapter 506 3-Inorganic type 1 maybe? Plus regeneration [low-mid], large size type 4. Chapter 506
  6. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High School - Fixing up the profiles part whatever

    The goal of this thread will be to fix up some stuff in the profiles. For now I'll be mainly focusing on Mujin, Mira, and Satan. Warning, Miras profile is REALLY underdeveloped so this section is pretty big. Honestly, this probably isn't even half of the stuff that's missing from the...
  7. DavidTPPM

    3-B GoH? The God of High-school mid-high tiers upgrade part 2

    While I was gone another calc got accepted. This time it's a feat for ragnarok Jeahbongchim amped Mori. Summary: This calc gives us far greater values than we had before with 2 changes to the characters tiers. The only changes are in values, reasoning remains the same as before. 4-A upgrades...
  8. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High-school: Massive AP revision for mid tiers Part 1

    This should be pretty straight forward. We now have a new accepted calc for Ogre and Mori that gives us an INSANE amount of changes to mid tier characters. 4-A upgrades: First let's discuss who gets the 4-A upgrades by scaling to the feat itself. Currently everyone who scales to 4B does so by...
  9. Megaraptor149

    Park Mujin Mid-Godly/High-Godly Regeneration

    Looking at Mujin's profile, especially his regeneration power section. Regeneration (Mid: Could survive his head being blown and sliced up) Actually, his regeneration should be Mid-Godly, possibly High-Godly, because he ate Satan's core element and took all of his powers, including his...
  10. DavidTPPM

    The God Of High-school - Missing Mind Manipulation

    Yet another CRT adding missing or incomplete abilities that I randomly remembered. Missing Abilities: To start off looking at Mujins supreme god key he currently has this This is not wrong, but it's incomplete. Mujin has 2 types of mind manipulation. One which is already listed on his profile...
  11. DavidTPPM

    God of Highschool - Minor AP upgrade for 4-B characters

    Summary: Post time skip Satan scales to 202500 Foe in base meaning he should scale to 250,000x greater value with jeabongchim and everyone who scales to him should do so as well. Reasoning: Basically, as it's already accepted Supreme God Mori Jin (ragnarok) scales to 202500 Foe and every 4B...
  12. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Sonic VS Mujin Park

    "Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind" Sonic VS "Coordinator of The Six" Mujin Park Starting Distance: 5m Both are bloodlusted Equalized speed Optional Equipment allowed Adventure Era Sonic | Full Power Supreme God Mujin Park LOCATION: Sonic: 7 (@XxZetsuxX, @omegabronic, @Theuser789, @Eseseso...
  13. Halkum145

    Mori Dans non-duality and Mujin Parks resistance additions

    Here I will discuss the issue of nonduality, which was accepted before but later refuted by Dereck. Short version for lazy people: The reason why non duality was rejected before was because the physiology of Mori did not change as presented by Dereck, I am here to prove that wrong. Long...
  14. DavidTPPM

    God of Highschool - a majorly minor change to Fear Manipulation

    The basic premise of this thread is that the current Fear Manipulation standards for the verse are bad and we should change them. Short version for lazy people: The current interpretation for Fear Manip in the verse is stinky, makes no sense, and we should change it. I have 2 options of how...
  15. SeijiSetto

    [God of Highschool] MHS Downgrade

    So this calc is the basis for the verse's MHS ratings. There's a minor error in the calc itself but this CRT aims to remove its use entirely so it Don't Really Matter™ Why? There isn't any proof that this behaves like real lightning, to keep things very brief. It looks like it, it's called...
  16. Robo432343

    Aizen vs Mujin Park🔥

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sosuke_Aizen vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mujin_Park Both 4-A SBA otherwise Speed =
  17. Pedonar

    Mujin Park VS Yhwach

    Mujin Park Vs Yhwach SBA RULE Speed equal Park: Yhwach: incon:
  18. DavidTPPM

    Mujin Buu vs Majin Park

    Mujin Park (GoH) VS Majin Buu - kid (dbz) Both are 4B, speed is equalized. SBA applied Starting location is an empty earth
  19. SeijiSetto

    Bumping Mori Dan's LS Rating

    Yet another incredibly simple revision straight out the kitchen. The Actual Change Made I want to upgrade Mori Dan's LS rating for his G.O.H. Finals key. It's currently Class Z physically, Class Y with Yeoui. I think it should be a flat Pre-Stellar. Reasoning He already has resistance to...
  20. DavidTPPM

    Minor God of Highschool addition - Mujins fairies

    Mujins fairies can infinitely clone/multiply and evolve themselves. According to 2 different versions of Mori, the letter destroyed their worlds. The term world should be reffering to universes rather than planets as planetary destruction isn't really a note worth event in the verse (it...
  21. JohnCenaNation

    Prime Soul King vs Red Wings of the Prophet Mujin Park (GRACE!)

    Synopsis: I remember doing an equal stats battle between Soul King and Mori Dan at their strongest, guess what happened? Even then, Mori Dan still straight out murdered Soul King in a fight! Looks like we will have to wait a while until Mori Dan can find his proper match, but what about Mujin...
  22. Deceived3596

    Spongebob Squarepants vs Mujin Park

    🗿 SBA Speed Equalized Both are 4-A vs Sponge boy me bob - Weakass Korean Neighbor - Fudo Myo-o Victims -
  23. azontr

    Two Gods face off in "Epic" battle (Mujin Park VS Godcat) (Battle for strongest 4-A)

    The Creator and The Destroyer(Godcat): VS! The True Master of the Universe, Maitreya(Mujin Park): Both are 4-A. Speed is Equal. Fight!
  24. azontr

    The Supreme God Maitreya fights a uh... box. Again. (Battle for 5th Non-Smurf 4-A)

    Mujin Park(@Maitreya) A box(Announcer): Both are peak 4-A. Speed is equal.
  25. azontr

    The Sword Daoist challenges The Supreme God (Battle for Strongest 4-A Non-Smurf)

    Mujin Park: Ji Ning: Speed is equalized. Both are at Peak 4-A keys. So yeah, fight.
  26. azontr

    The Supreme God VS A literal box with horns (Battle for strongest 4-A)

    Maitreya (Mujin Park): Evil Computer (Supreme): Speed is EQUAL. Both are at their strongest 4-A keys. So yeah, fight ig.
  27. Maitreya12

    Another God of Highschool thread.

    Ok yes another ability addition thread: God of Highschool version this time 🗿 (this is it I promise.) It’s a ‘relatively’ minor addition this time so hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue. Same format as before with how I’ve created a blog which will be linked and shown down below as...
  28. Maitreya12

    God of Highschool CRT Version 3! Can we get this over with already pretty please?

    Hello there everyone. This CRT has been a long time coming. Basically the profiles for both Mori Jin’s profile as well as Mujin Park’s profile are extremely outdated and lack the new forms they achieved thanks to the series’ conclusion. The purpose of this CRT is to have these sandboxes...
  29. Maitreya12

    God of Highschool Upgrade Version 2! Supreme God Boogaloo.

    This is basically part 2 to this thread right here to undergo the application of Mori's new keys along woth his new powers and abilities. However, it was brought up how the profiles in question needed a lot of work with links and references and some profiles that were also impacted by the...
  30. KingogKings777

    Mujin Park Resistance to Precognition?

    So what chapter does Mujin Park gain resistance to precog, since on his profile it claims "Dean stated literally that he could not see into Mujin's future", but I can only find this thread. It says 558/557 but Dean isn't in those chapters to say that. I was wondering if anyone has the correct...
  31. Sir_Ovens

    Another Mid-Break The God of High School Revision

    Hello guys. It's ya boi. I'm gonna do this on mobile because I'm at work and my work computer won't connect to the Internet. Let me preface the revision by saying I will be mentioning events that take place in the Korean raws and Fast Pass chapters. If you don't want to be spoiled, please...
  32. Sir_Ovens

    The God of High School Hiatus Revision

    Took me a while to get this together but I'm doing it now. GoH is now on a hiatus and I thought that this would be a good time to do some revisions. Changes Mira inherited Greed from R and is able to use it in the same capacity as him. As such, she should get all of R's abilities with Greed...
  33. Teezar

    The god of high-school CRT.

    Though I'm still reading the manhwa but I'm bored and decided to do the CRT before I forget as I have threads I would also like to work on. Sage king/jade Emperor Han daewi - Matter Manipulation. Executive/commissioner Q - Probability Manipulation. Executive/commissioner Q - Fate Manipulation...
  34. Sir_Ovens

    The God of High School Ilpyo Revision (Among Other Things)

    Ok so the recent free chapter is released and an important nugget of information was bestowed upon us. Dragon states that Okhwang was afraid of Ilpyo's power. This is a consistent statement throughout the entirety of GoH from the moment the Nine-Tailed Fox was revealed. Now, what this entails is...
  35. Sir_Ovens

    Mujin Park vs Darkseid

    In the middle of the Egyptian desert, a figure hovers over the sand in quiet meditation. Suddenly, a wormhole opens in the sky, as the clouds darken. A dark figure emerges from beyond and levitates in the air. He looks upon the meditating figure and descends downwards. This planet belongs to...
  36. DragonEmperor23

    G.O.H General Discussion Thread #2

    Previous Thread
  37. PowerToScale

    Would this qualify as light/laser?

    https://www.webtoons.com/en/action/the-god-of-high-school/ep-76/viewer?title_no=66&episode_no=76 In the above, the character has a laser beam shot at him. From the appearance, it appears to be light and is called a laser and seemingly is going in a straight line. However, I am not sure if it...
  38. Litentric_Teon

    Divine Light vs Solar Light! (Park Mu-Jin vs Grana)

    Fight takes place in the God of Highschool arena, at night Speed is equalized Starting distance is twenty meters apart. Low 6-B versions. Who wins! Grana: 0 Park Mu-Ji: 0 Wielder of the Holy Grail The Almighty Light Psychicer
  39. Nonickfound

    Park Mu Jin's hearing range

    In chapter 315 ( the number on raw version or 317 on *********), there is a scene that show Mujin being able to heard what Han Dae-wi said at least a couple of city blocks a way: http://*********.me/manga/the-god-of-high-school/s5/c317/31...
  40. Monarch_Laciel

    Park Mu Jin Justification Change

    Park Mu Jin from G.O.H is currently listed as 6-C for casually flattening an island at the start of the series. However, looking back at the feat, it seems to be far less than that, while he has more impressive ones. The problem with the feat here is that while this is technically an island...