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  1. koopa3144

    Spider-man fights a different octopus (Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) vs Korosensei)

    Ok, so idk what I'm cooking here, but I hope it works. Fight takes place in Devastation The Other and Tentacle Monster keys are being used Both have Optional Equipment Distance is 15 meters Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Spooderman (7.98243253469700152123416377439 Tons of TNT): 0...
  2. Shoichiro

    Downgrade Calculation Assassination Classroom

    Hello, this is the calculation level reduction of Assassination Classroom 1.Karma Cracks a Window I'm not going to talk about whether it's bulletproof glass or not. But I'll deal with the thickness. He didn't even measure the thickness. He measured the largest piece that had come off, which was...
  3. GoldenBooster445

    Assassination Classroom verse wide revisions

    Yo it's me again, it's time to revive AC from the dead and finally bump up the verse to a whole new tier. [SNIPPED] Karma: So this section will be about the abilities I didn't add in the previous CRT along with martial arts moves in the Notable Attacks/Techniques section of their profile...
  4. Ironinquisitor

    Claire Stanfield (Baccano) vs Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a good assassin character to go up against Korosensei. With the help of user Creaturemaster who suggested I have him go against Claire Stanfield from Baccano! I decided to go with that. Given Claire’s impressive feats of speed and being shown casually...
  5. Shoichiro

    CRT: Upgrade character speed for Assassination Classroom Class 3-E and other characters.

    In this CRT there are speed upgrades for class 3-E,lrina, Karasuma,The reaper(2.0), the reaper(Korosensei),Houjou,Gakuho. split into two Because upgrades are not the same 1. 3-E Class Upgrade and Irina Speed This calculation is accepted. The achievement is supersonic speed (549.6m/s) and let's...
  6. Knowzn

    Omnipotent Assassin vs. Perfected Super-Destructive Life-Form (AC)

    I still can't shake the feeling that this is a stomp, but I've yet to put my finger on why. Eh, might as well go ahead with it. Prior knowledge: They both have the same knowledge as they did in volume 20. Location: A completely flat, empty space. Preparation time: Koro has 10 minutes of...
  7. Shoichiro

    Assassination Classroom: Upgrade Karasuma and the speed of 4 other characters.

    Since this calculation is acceptable So put it into an assassination classroom profile with 5 characters. 1. Karasuma Of course, this calculation came from Karasuma dodging his bullets. 2. Reaper 2.0 gains good scaling from fighting Karasuma and can maintain speed. and has been described as...
  8. PartialPriority54

    Assassination Classroom: Speed and Lifting Strength Revisions

  9. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom revisions, part 2

    A thread that was supposed to be published weeks ago but I'm only now finding the time for. I guess I'll stop here for now. Now all that remains are proper stamina and/or intelligence sections for peeps who are not Koro or Craig, which isn't really difficult but tedious and time-consuming...
  10. Assassination Classroom attack potency and speed upgrade

    Karma performed this feat which was calced to be 1.12 MegaJoules Karma also damaged Terasaka with a punch, who tanked a tentacle blow to the gut by an enraged Itona who was weakened () (we know Itona wasn't holding back because from the panels, he aimed for his surroundings but Terasaka caught...
  11. cloudyagami

    Taro Sakamoto hunts an Alien

    Koro-Sensei is still attempting to blow up the earth. The assassins have now gotten serious and called the best assassin for the job. Taro Sakamoto. Location: Rain Speed equalized Sakamoto has prior knowledge of Koro All Weapons allowed Koro is fully serious Korosensei: Skinny Sakamoto:
  12. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom Revisions, Part 1.5

    This should be relatively straightforward, as it mostly covers minor things. Verse Page & Koro's Intelligence Section Since they are quite outdated, these shall take their place: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Knowzn/sandbox https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Knowzn/sandbox_2...
  13. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom revisions

    AC revision after months yay or smth idk. (Starting threads is hard) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Knowzn/sandbox ^Everything I want to change in Koro's profile. Rest of the profiles will be updated according to this (i.e The Reaper gets Adaptation) The rest is as follows: To...
  14. Jamesthetaker

    Assassination Classroom AP Revision

    After skimping through Assassination Classroom page, i have found something quite unusual so i've decided to make this. Attack Potency First of all, here is the justification for current tier 8-C: Korosensei: Blew away a tent of this size that was stated to be able to withstand the charge of a...
  15. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom verse-wide revisions, part 3

    Doing weekly crts starting to feel like a chore so I'll just spam everything at once. Get ready for a wall of text. P&A: Now that we're done with that, I'mma go into boring stuff. AP and Durability: Before all, Gotta correct some things. Starting with protaganist; Nagisa...
  16. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom verse-wide revisions part 2; Overused boogaloo joke

    This one should be fairly quick compared to first one. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Knowzn/sandbox Profile remakes for Koro and God of Death who will be Reaper from now on (because that's how official translations translated it which sucks, I like God of Death far more and is more...
  17. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom verse-wide revisions

    Hello everyone, aim of this crt is revising Assassination Classroom profiles 'cuz they are heavily outdated. This is my first crt and my first post on this site for that matter so, I apologize if I make any mistakes. There will probably also be a huge amount of grammar mistakes just ignore them...
  18. Tots_Real

    Luz fights off a tentacle

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Luz_Noceda https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kaede_Kayano#With_Tentacles Speed Equalized SBA
  19. Jinsye

    Sans vs. Korosensei

    This seems cool. The government asked their sleeper agent, Sans, to do the job of killing Korosensei as a last-ditch resort. The situation is that Korosensei will live in Sans and Papyrus's house for 4 weeks. Sans needs to eliminate Korosensei before the 4 week deadline comes to pass. Sans has...
  20. Creaturemaster971

    Assassination Classroom additions

    Just some additional feats, information, and minor changes that I think should be added to the characters' pages as justifications/qualifications for their skills and strength. All top-tier characters should have Extraordinary Genius intelligence, Information Analysis, and Accelerated...
  21. Roachman40

    Antlion Guard vs Korosensei

    Antlion Guard: Korosensei: Inconclusive: Antlion Guard is 9-A Korosensei is 9-B
  22. Geeman2

    Possible big Korosensei upgrades

    Early on in the manga, Koro spins around so fast that it creates a large tornado which is visible on the Class 3-E mountain. It's significantly big when seen from a distance, it would need to be calced but its a possible massive upgrade to his physicals. It was done casually too, and we know...
  23. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Kiritsugu vs God of Death

    vs 9-B versions, Kiritsugu can't go past Double accel Kiritsugu Emiya:1 God of Death: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  24. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Hard to kill reptile vs Hard to kill sensei

    vs Extended canon 682 is used, fight starts off with 682's base stats SCP-682: Korosensei: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  25. ABCXYZ_dragionatie

    Korosensei vs composite human

    human with 150 day prep time and full knowlegde. 5-B korosensei
  26. Apatheticskell

    Korosensei additions

  27. Apatheticskell

    The God of Death is after Saitama. (COMPLETED)

    The God of Death vs Saitama. Both 9-B. Speed is = equalized. Both are in character with no weapons. Saitama: 0 () Korosensei: 7 (Videogamer1265, ZellTemplar55, JooCipher, Dragonpentling, IvoryAS, LSirLancelotDuLacl, Starter Pack)
  28. Jinsye

    The God of Death vs. The Silent Assassin

    9-B Speed equal Who wins? Agent 47 Korosensei
  29. MrKerf

    Korosensei vs. Agent 47

    47 got all possible info exept weaknesses. 47 got access to anti-sensei material. 47 got 7 days prep time. Korosensei is unaware about 47. Battle starts when 47 start it, from any possible distance. Who would win? Korosensei Agent 47
  30. Arceus0x

    One fist vs eight fists (tentacles(legs?))

    Saitama vs Koro-sensei speed equalized both 5-B FIGHT!
  31. Just_a_Random_Butler

    Long Hair vs Long Tentacles

    Izuru Kamukura vs Korosensei The fight will happen in an abandoned city. Both on 8-C form. (Ehh, probably everything at their disposal besides Korosensei's anti-matter self-destruct). Starts at 100m distance and speed equalized. They only know each other's names and appearances on the...
  32. Jinsye

    Korosensei vs. Composite Human

    Since I noticed Korosensei is a bit above baseline, I'll give the CH some weapons to compensate. CH has a Glock pistol, a Machete, and three M67 Fragmentation Grenades God Of Death vs. Composite Human Speed Equalized Who wins? Korosensei: 0 Composite Human: 0
  33. Xanxussama1010

    Edward Elric vs Korosensei

    Edward Elric vs Korosensei Fight at Rocky Mountain Start at 50m distance Otherwise, Standard Battle Assumptions Ok, who is the winner? Edward: 0 Korosensei: 8
  34. OmniTops

    Korosensei Possible Upgrades

    Korosensei should have a physical AP building level or city block level, since he could destroy the entire building in which he was imprisoned next to a couple of buildings that were nearby. Its durability should also be building level or city block level since it has withstood several...
  35. Creaturemaster971

    Human Korosensei abilities

    Shouldn't Korosensei's human self have the same abilities as the second god of Death, considering that he taught him everything he knows and was always presented as being superior in every way? Plus we could maybe add his weird glass K.O. to notable techniques.
  36. Jinx666

    Sans vs Korosensei

    Which one of these grinning fast af troll characters wins? Battle starts in underground, both fighters 25 meters apart. Both willing to kill. Speed Equalised
  37. Hound_dogs

    Killua Zoldyck (HxH) VS Korosensei (Assassination classroom)

    In order to kill the monster that is threatening earth the government hired none other than Killua Zoldyck before the start of the chimera ant arc (no godspeed) Both in character, 1v1, the fight takes place in the woods surrounding class 3-E, no knowledge of each other, Killua is given...
  38. EdwardSuoh

    Kayano vs. Koro-Sensei

    In a fight, where there is no one else to interfere, would Kayano be able to kill Koro-Sensei? Something that was bugging me, I always percieved Kayano to be as strong as, or even stronger than Koro-Sensei, yet her tier lists her as like 9-A, but Koro-Sensei as 8-C (with beams, that should be...
  39. Titanijum

    Tao pai pai vs korosensei

    A god of assassain vs king of assassin so what you think abouth this battle ???
  40. AquaWaifu

    Squid Girl (Musume Ika) vs Koro-Sensei

    Squid Girl vs Koro-Sensei Both are in-character, but willing to kill. Korosensei will not use antimatter destruction. (I don think he can even willingly activate it, but regardless) The fight is at a beach. starting 50 meters apart. Speed is equalized. Both have full knowledge of each...