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kiara sessyoin

  1. InterFIGHTER123

    Fulgrim(WH40K) VS Kiara sessyoin(FATE) PART 2.. or.. Round 2 ?

    Sex Goddess vs Prince of Pleasure I wanted to do this versus again because I think that in the previous versus at the end they said that fulgrin was outdated or data was missing, even worse he still had an advantage (or something like that hehe) .. and that I also have doubts about the power of...
  2. Maxeez

    Nasuverse god tiers revision

    Okay so, after thinking about it for quite a long time, I think I should try this revision since it seems to make sense. Feel free to correct me as I don't know if any counters have been made before about that. It has been accepted here that Outer Gods scale to 7D, possibly 9D due to them being...
  3. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: CRT for servants

    TIAMAT Transmutation : chaos tide is able to make a creatures turn into other creatures Biological manipulation : able to manipulate cells and DNA Absorption : black mud can absorb Corruption (Types 1 and 2) : able to corrupt the DNA and spirit origin which is the soul Higher-Dimensional...
  4. CrystalValley

    Question About Fate/Extra CCC Speed

    why does Gilgamesh and co. only have immeasurable reactions when they fought against Kiara, whose profile list her speed as full on immeasurable? shouldn't they scale directly to that due to fighting her and beating her? or can immeasurable reactions allow you to have a prolonged fight with a...
  5. CrystalValley

    Possible speed upgrade for CCC god-tiers

    I was watching the CCC translation walkthrough and noticed this description regarding what star rank means. since star rank is something that cannot be numerically represented, it would either mean infinity or an infinitely increasing finite number. we know that Moon Cell BB has all of...
  6. Ottavio_Merluzzo

    Milf vs God 2.0

    This was done with Xeno Trunks and Demigra and it ended in both of them getting stomped. Let's see if this is any different (probably not but hey, trying doesn't hurt anyone.) Kiara Sessyoin (Fate/Extra CCC) vs Time Power Unleashed Mechikabura Speed is = All other SBA "Resistance Negation...
  7. PsychoWarper

    Small Enkidu CRT

    This CRT will simply be about changing his "Up to 5-B with Enuma Elish" to "Up to 2-A with Enuma Elish" due to its special nature of "Its power rises in response to destructive deeds committed by the opponent towards the planet or humanity, such as Kiara Sessyoi, and the attack would gain a...
  8. HulkoHuko

    Alter Beserker Gilgamesh vs Biara (Child of BB and Kiara)

    Yes I am
  9. AwkguyDB

    Fate/Extra CCC's Rita Repulsa vs Ginger Time Monkey

    Kira Sessyoin vs SSJG Xeno Future Trunks. Keysword is accessible for now. Off on a distant planet devoid of with no signs of life. YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED
  10. Nier_Hitoshura

    Kiara attempts to seduce Accel's father.

    Beast III/R, Kiara, and 2-A Dante. Speed is equalized. Dante and Kiara are in-character. Standard Battle Assumption for everything else. Kiara: SMT Dante: Neither gets laid:
  11. Makkurona

    Kama and Kiara as "regular" Servant

    If both as Servant, not Beasts, put into their profile, what tier would they be? Kinda need it for lower tiers vs
  12. TheUnshakableOne

    Arcueid Brunestud, and BB are going to be so OP!!!

    I will admit some of these I am not sure on (unsure of), for those i will say "Possibely,or possible" Or i could be misunderstanding something too lol Affected Characters Kiara Sessyoi Passionlip Meltlilith Berserker (Arcueid Brunestud) BB (Fate/Extra CCC)...
  13. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Kama's stats and skills/Big Fate 3-A to Low 2-C Revision

    I did the research and here's what I got. Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation, Weapon Mastery and Telekinesis (Master at using spear and bow and arrow and able to telekintetically move her weapons), Flight, BFR (Sent almost the entirety of Chaldea using Rayshift), Reality...
  14. ZERO7772

    Accelerator shall take on the THOT~

    Yeah, I didn't think this through but my boi Accel MUST have more loves and matches now. Accelerator VS Kiara Sessyoi -Both 4-B Versions are used here -Speed is equalized -In character
  15. Anti_authority

    Kiara Sessyoin vs link(composite)

    both at 4-B link has 2 hour prep time and use his power at full potent who will win
  16. Wokistan

    Kiara Sessyoin vs the Daughters of Oryx

    Oryx is too ridiculous for matches but maybe his kids can get some Speed Equal 4-B versions Only fighting one Deathsinger Fight takes place in Ravnica, but they have a portal to the daughter's throne world for some reason The Daughters of Oryx: Kiara Sessyoi: Inconclusive:
  17. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Calypso vs Kiara Sessyoin

    Shieeeeet, MrKing is going to see some weird shit rn Both are 5-A, speed equalized. Calypso (Twisted Metal): Kiara Sessyoi: Inconclusive:
  18. Sir_Ovens

    Loki vs Kiara

    Loki tries to be the best looking female God. Kiara is not impressed. Heaven's Hole vs Heaven's Troll 4-B versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  19. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Hakumen

    Don't blame me, blame the suggester who want me make this match Underrated Nasu character who not used so much, and this time a new match involved her against the Beast-Slayer, who would win!!? -EXTRA CCC Kiara and 100% Hakumen are used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place: Moon Cell...
  20. The_Wright_Way

    Real reason Jedi repress emotions

    Luke Skywalker vs Kiara Sessyoin Both at 4-B. Speed Equalized. vs. How sweet, it would be a shame to kill you...
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Kiara vs Ganon

    Demons face off. Speed equalized.
  22. ShiroyashaGinSan

    NasuBeasts: TPI or Acausality?

    Okay, in Goetia's profile, it's listed that Beast has Acausality yet in Kiara and Tiamat's profile says it's TPI. Which of them is true?
  23. Sir_Ovens

    A God of War vs A Sex Goddess - Mr. Wednesday vs Kiara Sessyoin

    This should be fair, right? Odi vs Kiara 5-A versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. I've seen a lot of women in my life, but you miss, are a marvel to behold. How sweet, it would be a shame to kill you... Discuss.
  24. Jinsye

    A magical pony fights... a sex god. (Twilight Sparkle vs. Kiara Sessyoin)

    Twily has a pretty big AP advantage but Kiara's kinda haxxy so.... btw I will eventually finish Fate/Extra CCC soon enough later Rainbow Power vs. 4-B Kiara Speed Equalized Who wins? Twilight Sparkle: 0 Kiara Sessyoi: 0
  25. Jinsye

    The Batter vs. Kiara Sessyoin

    Kek so the Batter has come to purify, Kiara, probably after seeing her Noble Phantasm. 4-B versions used. Speed Equalized Who wins? The Batter: 0 Kiara Sessyoi: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  26. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Bombzilla (and Rein?) surprise: Darkseid vs Kiara Sessyouin

    Oh Bomby~.....look's like Darkseid must meet an another Gal girl here,which is more worse than 21-chan~,say hello to Kiara Sessyoin!!!! -Both in 4-B version -Speed equalized -Range is 100 meter -Both bloodlusted -Place located in Ars Paulina -Win via death!!! VS -Kiara: 0...
  27. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kiara Sessyouin vs Nine the Phantom

    Welp,another BB match here,and now lets see if best milf meet an best milf too,what will happen~~? -5-A Kiara is used -Speed equalized -Both In character -Place located in Moon cell -Range is 10 and they start an CQC -Win via death!!!! VS Kiara : 0 Nine : 0
  28. The_real_cal_howard

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Mewtwo

    I'm probably gonna regret this lol. Speed equalized. Composite Mewtwo. Round 1: In-Character Round 2: Bloodlusted
  29. ALRF

    Kiara Sessyoin thing

    I want to ask...where does the feat/statement about her womb erasing anything caught inside it comes from?
  30. Sir_Ovens

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Fulgrim

    Why was this not made sooner? Sex Goddess vs Prince of Pleasure Fate/Grand Order Kiara and Daemon Prince Fulgrim. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Who wins and why?
  31. HoroMuzaky

    Jin Mo-Ri vs Kiara Sessyoin

    Both is 4-B Speed Was Equalized Kiara Without Hax Reality Warping and Fate Manipulation Mori Ragnarok Arc Who Will Win?
  32. AguilaR101

    Justification for Nasuverse/Type-Moon 4-B ratings?

    I'm actually unsure about Kiara's 4-B rating, why is it assumed that having planets orbit you makes you 4-B? Doesn't that only require you to have a mass similar to that of the sun? The other two things supporting that reasoning are the statements of her being a pocket universe(of apparently...
  33. GalaxianAegis

    4-B Digital Battle: Geo Stelar vs Kiara Sessyoin

    Surprised this hasn't been thought of given that both fighters battle across the digital realm. Plus, it's a Fate battle without Gilgamesh or BB, go figure. 4-B versions of both Rules: Speed Equalized. Who wins? Geo Stelar Kiara Sessyoi
  34. Sir_Ovens

    The Piper vs Kiara Sessyoin

    Eh, I'm bored. Let's do this. He blows a flute vs She blows flutes (If you know what I mea) Both at their strongest. Speed equalised. Win via death, BFR, or incapacitation. Discuss.
  35. The_real_cal_howard

    AncientWisemon vs Kiara Sessyoin

    People face off. Who wins? Wisemo Kiara Sessyoi Speed equalized.
  36. Sir_Ovens

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Silver Surfer

    Kiara Sessyoi vs Silver Surfer 4-B forms. Speed equalized. Win via death or incapitation. Discuss.
  37. The_real_cal_howard

    Kiara Sessyoin vs Piedmon

    The most...ahem...hyped up verses currently face off (come at me bruh ovo) 4-B Piedmon. Speed equalized.
  38. Matthew_Schroeder

    Fate/Grand Order: Kiara's Tier?

    Kiara Sessyoin is currently ranked at 5-A due to hr feat from Fate/Extra. However, the profile also lists her feat from Fate/Grand Order as part of the evidence. One problem: That feat is not 5-A, it's 4-B. Just look at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec3R5qAwgC4&feature=youtu.be&t=38...