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  1. Deceived3596

    InFAMOUS Profile Revisions (InFAMOUS 1 and 2)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Lancero_2222/InFamous_Profiles_Reworks_(InFamous_1_and_2)#InFAMOUS After almost two weeks, countless hours of working, I've finally finished this blog. Overall there's ten profiles that have been almost completely revised, adding scans to all of...
  2. The_Smashor

    Kessler vs Demerzel

    These two electrically powered superhumans are responsible for molding the heroes of their world into what they became through tragedy, leaving an immense impact of their worlds even after their deaths. They who manipulate events from the shadows. The bringer of the apocalypse, and the man who...
  3. BakiHanma18

    Elsword vs Kessler

    Elsword in his 7-B, likely 7-A Sword Knight key. Kessler is, of course, in his at least 7-B key Speed is equalized Kessler is massively above 27 megatons. Elsword is baseline 7-B, likely baseline 7-A, can be amplified with stat boosting passives and skills. Elsword has 7 seconds to set up as...
  4. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Blue's City Clashing Bracket: Round 6

    Hello friends, it's time for Round 6! On 1 side we got Superman (Earth One) from DC Comics, nominated by The Wright Way. On the other side we got Kessler from InFAMOUS, nominated by, the Wright Way. Who will win, let us find out! Rules: 1. Both are 7-B 2. Both are 50 feet apart 3. Speed is...
  5. The_Wright_Way

    Kratos vs Kessler

    A broken old man spoke to an oracle one day, a sorrow heavy in his heart. He was a stranger to this world, his miraculous power came by the way of science, but he still saw potential in it. His head was heavy, as low as his heart. His beloved, his Trish, was once again gone. Gone again by his...
  6. The_Wright_Way

    Broken Men ~ Vader vs Kessler

    Story Incoming. I want to make sure this is fair first. ROTJ Disney Vader vs Kessler. Speed Equalized. vs.
  7. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler fights a sadistic demon

    Kessler vs Mr Popo. Let's see if hax and range can beat that AP and Skill gap. Speed Equalized. vs.
  8. The_Wright_Way

    Three Coles and a Gauntlet

    Good Cole, Evil Cole, and Kessler run a gauntlet. inFAMOUS 1 versions. Speed Equalized. The Coles have 10 seconds respite between each fight. Both teams have ten days to get to know each other (no, they are not allowed to kill each other). Round 1: Dante (DMC Reboot), Ditto, and Superman...
  9. DragonEmperor23

    Ouma Kurogane vs Kessler

    Ouma Kurogane vs Kessler SBA applies Speed is equalized Battle takes place in Pleasant Park
  10. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler vs Kirby

    Right Back at Ya! Kirby. Speed Equalized. vs.
  11. The_Wright_Way

    Cole Battle Royale

    Good Cole vs Evil Cole vs Kessler. The Saint, The Beast, and The Failure. All at 7-B. Speed Equalized. Vs.
  12. Sonicflare9

    Kenpachi vs Kenshiro

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenshiro_(Hokuto_no_Ken) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenpachi_Zaraki speed equalized 6-B versions standard equipment whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  13. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler vs Augustine

    Because Cole vs Delsin is overrated. ~ (Insert five paragraphs long plot here) ~ Speed Equalized. Location is Augustine's tower. vs.

    aNoTHeR inFamous Abilities Revision

    Alright hello, its ya boi, PTSOXMONEY99, and its that time of the year again~ Realized that there are some additional abilities that need to be added, some more clarifications needed, and maybe an ability that needs to be removed, so lets get to it Kessler: Limited Resistance to Gravity...
  15. The_Wright_Way

    Too late ~ Kessler vs Sans

    Sans remembered the day perfectly. It was a nice, blue day in Empire City. Everything had begun to settle down perfectly after humans and monsters accepted each other again. Everything was looking up, until the Blast happened. Papyrus had been in the epicenter. Sans remembered teleporting and...

    The Final Boss - Kessler vs The Didactic (Grace)

    Yup, I'm doing this The Time Traveling Electric Ma vs Commander of the Forerunner Military SPEED EQUALIZED Both at 7B Both start 300 feet away from each other WHO WINS AND WHY? Kessler: The Didact: Inconclusive 7 (Gargoyle, DMUA, Karmod, VersusJunkie54, Xtasyamphetamine, AstroGhost...

    Keeping a promise - Kessler vs Kyoko

    Promise kept Gar Grumpy Old Ma vs Magical Girl Both appear to be baseline MHS+, so SPEED UNEQUALIZED Kyoko's first key is being used, so both at 7B Both start 30 feet away from each other. WHO WINS AND WHY? Kyoko Sakura: 5 (Kal, Gar, Reb, Shiro, Shmuck) Kessler: Inconclusive:
  18. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler vs. Sirzechs

    Speed Equalized.
  19. The_Christian_Nerd

    Possible Kessler Upgrade

    A possible upgrade for Kessler. Basically just adding a seperate key for his prime state, due to both Cole and himself stating that he could've defeated The Beast in the prime of his power in the early days of it's awakening. As Kessler was likely much more powerful then than he was in InFAMOUS...
  20. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler kills Trish again

    Kessler vs. Axl Ro Speed Equalized. vs.
  21. Schnee_One

    Ending the inevitable: Dante vs Kessler

    Well, it was gonna be done sooner or later. PTSOXMONKEY vs Rebubleuselet Speed is Unequalized, 7A for both, Sparda restricted Dante: Kessler: Incon: 1
  22. Kisaragi_Megumi

    We Settle this Once More!!: Kessler vs Semiramis

    This done before but saddly it get dead so yeah....but then i decide to redux it again,let's settle this once for all!!! The Assyrian Queen vs First Sons Leader,Who Would Win!!! -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in Hanging Garden of Babylon -Win via death!!! Semiramis: 0...

    Let's try this again - Kessler vs All for One

    Cause every time these two fight, revisions end up causing the match to become invalid. Battle of the crippled old men with mechanical parts The Enigmatic Leader of the First Sons vs The Shadowy Mastermind of the League of Villains Kessler vs Prime All For One Both start 20 feet away from...
  24. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Kessler vs Johnny Gat

    Full disclosure, dunno a thing about either of these two 'verses. Was going to put the latter against Mami, then I looked for other 7-A Puellas and then I noticed on Lapin's page she had a match against Kessler and I thought to myself: "Hey, that seems like it could be interesting actually."...

    An old man tries to stop Despacito 12 from being made

    Since Kessler is probably gonna lose a bunch of his concluded matches, why not put him against one of sites favorite spams? Old Ma vs Despacito 12 SPEED EQUALIZED Both start 25 meters apart WHO WINS AND WHY Kessler: Sans: Inconclusive

    The Inevitable - Kessler vs Nui Harime

    Or "PTS forces Gargoyle and Weekly into a death battle" Shitty Time Traveler vs Meme Machine Base Nui, obviously Speed Equalized Victory via DEATH or INCAPACITATION WHO WINS AND WHY? Kessler: Nui Harime:

    (sigh) Another inFamous abilities revision

    Well this was bound to happen soon Basically, all the inFamous profiles need to lose their immunities Cole's immunity to electricity needs to go and just be left with resistance. He's shown to have no problem with producing seemingly limitless amount of electricity in the good ending and...
  28. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    Dodo's Comeback Surprise: Sailor Moon vs Kessler

    Gar wants an opponent for Kessler, so I gives him one. 7-A forms are used and speed is obvious. Sailor Moo: Kessler: 5 (Gar, Dodo, DMUA, PTSO, Rebu) Inconclusive:
  29. (Fini) Kessler Vs Aqua (I will never imagined this...)

    .......I will never imagined this, Aqua is.......Strong?! and 7-A? kessler's hazing continue 7-A Speed Equal Both start at 100 meters Kessler: 7 (Gargoyle One, Blahblah9755, PTSOXMONKEY99, Veloxt1r0kore, CoreOfimBalance(COB), RebubleUselet, Shadowbokunohero) Aqua (Konosuba): 0
  30. Schnee_One

    Kessler vs Lapin

    Since Homu sweet Homu's suggestion ultimately failed at being a viable Kessler match, let's try this. Speed doesn't need to be equal I don't think, if it ends up being a stomp I will Equalize it, this is of course Witch Form Lapin. Using Kessler because I don't think Cole can beat her...
  31. The_real_cal_howard

    Kessler vs Shunsui Kyoraku

    Kessler vs Shunsui Kyōraku Speed equalized if necessary (I didn't even check the profiles, so Idk)
  32. Schnee_One

    Mami vs Kessler

    So after Cole Macgrath vs Mami ended up getting closed for revisions and never getting redone, this should have happened already, but then again no one wants Kessler to take an L. Magical Girl Mami as always, aside from that SBA unless there's a distance issue. Kessler: Mami Tomoe...
  33. Schnee_One

    Beat the **** out of your past self (1 vote remaining)

    This. Is fair again. Hallelujah. Speed is Equal, fight in UBW and of course 7A versions for both, other then that, SBA as always. Guy who beat the **** out of his past self so he can become a savior: Guy who beat the **** out of his past self so he can stop existing: Inconclusive: 6

    Old but Gold - Kessler vs Yamamoto (1 vote needed)

    Old? Yup Bald? Uh-huh Grumpy most of the time? Yessir Leader of a group? Sí Uses an element to fight? Uh huh Need I say more? The Leader of the First Sons vs Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 Both at Mountain level+, Yamamoto's Bankai is restricted Both start 20 feet away from each...
  35. The_Wright_Way

    Gamzee Makara vs. Kessler

    Both at 7-A. Speed Equalized. vs.
  36. TeenAngel101

    Kessler vs Kakine Teitoku

    This is Post-Revival Kakine Speed is UNEQUAL unless necessary Fight takes place in Empire City Who wins and why? Kessler: Kakine: Inconclusive:
  37. VersusJunkie54

    Kessler vs All For One

    Rising spam vs Rising spam. All For One in his prime vs Kessler. (7-A) All For One knows about Kessler's abilities. Kessler has heard rumors about All For One's power, but nothing more. Speed equal. Both in character. Victory by any means. Who wins and why? Kessler:0 All For One:0...

    Gars Surprise: Kessler vs Esdeath (1 votes needed)

    This one's for you buddy Mean old bike messenger vs Mean old ice ****** SPEED EQUALIZED Both at 7A Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief RESTRCITED Victory via DEATH, KO or INCAPACITATION WHO WINS AND WHY? 100 Year Old Bike Messenger: Crazy Ice ******: 6 (Gargolye, Thatoneguy, Rebuble...
  39. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kessler vs Semiramis

    Another Semiramis match,and i hope this will be fun and interesting,alright lets go!! -Both in character -Kessler is inside of Garden of Babylon,start point is the core of Garden (they meet each other) -Speed equalized -Range is 100 meter -Win via death!!! Semiramis : 0 Kessler : 0...
  40. The_Wright_Way

    Kessler vs. Garou

    Both at 7-A. Speed Equalized. He sacrificed so much, just to save the future. vs.