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Kratos vs Kessler


VS Battles
A broken old man spoke to an oracle one day, a sorrow heavy in his heart. He was a stranger to this world, his miraculous power came by the way of science, but he still saw potential in it. His head was heavy, as low as his heart. His beloved, his Trish, was once again gone. Gone again by his hands. Would she approve? Would this have been worth it? It pained him to back out now, not when he'd sacrificed so much already. "Tell me," he started, memories of a lost family still fresh in his mind, "can pain create a good warrior? Create a hero so mighty he can slay any Beast?" The oracle danced amid the fog and answered in a glowing voice. "Indeed. But it can also create a far more dangerous Beast then the one you seek to destroy." Kessler almost jolted, his head no longer held low. "Show me." He requested.

A vision appeared before him. An Olympus in flames, a Pantheon slaughtered, a single Spartan standing above it all. The loss of his family fueling his single minded rage. Kessler was silent.

He shouldn't get involved. He wasn't from this world. He wasn't a hero. But a single memory kept him from leaving. The last plesant smile of his wife in his arms. He stood by and watched and apocalypse happen before. Never again.

"Is it possible... to prevent this future?" Kessler asked. The oracle merely glowed again. "If the Ghost of Sparta, The Marked Warrior, slays the God of War, the Olympus is doomed to fall."


A lone Spartan marched forward, leaving behind a trail of gore. A sarrow was heavy in his heart, an image of a slaughtered family in his mind. It only fueled his rage. His eyes met with those of a cloaked old man sparkling with electricity. "A son of Zeus." Kratos assumed. "Not exactly, but that's hardly important." Kessler answered. "I'm here to stop you." Kratos grip tightened around the hilt of his blade. "Then you will die." Kratos moved to swing his blade, but a single sentence stopped him. "I lost my family too." Kratos paused, eyes widened. "More than once even. Both times by my own hands." Kratos paused, this time in confusion. "Then why do you stand in my way?" Kessler sighed. "Because you promised you would have your revenge. I promised never again."

As Kratos thought the comment over Kessler latched on to his face. Flashes of Kessler's life appeared before his eyes. A family, a marriage, a Beast, a failure, a promise, and one final sacrifice. The image of a man standing over his younger self as he mourned the wife he never got to marry burned into his brain. As the image faded, Kessler stood far away from him again and they were now standing in the crater of an explosion that had changed the world.

This had all been deliberate, Kratos realized. This Cole- no. This Kessler was clever. If appealing to Kratos' humanity didn't work, then they would have to fight. Kessler had the foresight to give himself both distance and the home field advantage. He'd brought Kratos to his own realm.

Kratos still felt anger, a burning hatred towards Ares. But he struggled to feel any for this man. Granted, he was much like Ares. He wanted to create a great warrior. He succeeded. But his motives we painfully similar to his own. "I have no quarrel with you, old man." Kratos admitted. "But I will have my revenge. Ares will die. And you will return me to my world." Kessler looked at him tiredly. A memory appeared before him in that moment. A memory of Trish's last words to his younger self.

"You've done so much with your power, Cole. You've saved so many. I love you..."

"No." Kessler responded. "I'm done not being the man she'd want me to be."


Kessler vs. GOW1 Kratos. (Restricted to 7-B)

Speed Equalized.

Takes place in the Blast Crater in Empire City.

Kessler Render
I'll be honest, doing the research for this thread's story has made me appreciate Kratos a lot more as a character. Definitely gonna add GOW to my shopping list now. Anyone have any opinions on the match?
I take it Kratos' mindhax resistance is better than Kessler's potency?

If so this might lean towards Kratos via time hax and overall better versatility.
As far as I am aware, Kratos is not exactly Hax spammy or trigger happy, and though we see him very much use now and again in cutscenes, he leans far more into a hands on approach, which is gonna be an issue considering Kessler's teleportation and mostly zoning based strategies.
He's fought teleporters before and once he sees how annoying the Teleport+Range Spam Combo is he's gonna stop time and Hax the shit out of him before this gets too out of hand.
Huh, what he said gave me that assumption. Either way, Kratos isn't afraid to throw out Hax if he wants to. He mostly just tries to start with Melee, but will go for Hax if that doesn't seem like a good idea. Kratos isn't stupid, he's not gonna die because dumb strategies.
I was correcting both of you. Kessler is merely so fast that it looks like he's teleportating is all.
Goddamn fanon eating comments.

I had heard it referred to as teleport before so I went by that.

Anyway, what is the time stop all about? What does it come from?
If i'm correct, Kratos doesn't retain Weapons' powers over keys unless specified. It just means his passive haxes carry over, so in GOW 1 he wouldn't have the amulet.