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  1. Employe

    God-Emperor meets Ultimate Life-form (Phobos inside Gestalt vs Kars)

    Phobos heard about some member of another ancient and near-extinct race with similar to him title and how strong he is, so he interested in the using Gestalt to absorb him and stole his stone mask Possibly rating is restricted Both are at 8-B keys and speed is equal Hamon victim Halo victim...
  2. azontr

    The Ultimate Lifeform VS The Immortal "Human" (Kars VS Mirae On)

    "I don't intend on being a warrior like Wamuu, nor am I an idle dreamer. I don't care what method I have to use, victory justifies any means!" - "This isn't enough to kill me... So, quit bothering me." - Incon - @The_man_with_the_Midas_touch Both are 8-A (Kars scales to 642.947485589...
  3. noisyPitta

    Clash of the would-be ultimate lifeforms (Kars vs Muzan)

    I've found a ton of threads comparing these two, in which Kars always seems to win. However, these fights always use Ultimate Kars and not his base form. With equal stats I feel like this might be a closer fight based purely on biology, skill and tactics. Stats and speed equalised. Both are in...
  4. Pepsiman25th

    The Perfect Lifeform Who Conquered the Sun vs The King of Demons who has a Dream to Walk in the Sun

    A battle of two life forms. The greatest natural disaster, the king of demons, Muzan! The one who is the ultimate lifeform, Kars! Battle takes place in the Infinity Castle and its nighttime. Muzan has prior knowledge. Muzan however has 1 hour of prep while Kars has none. Muzan is also...
  5. DaReaperMan

    The Ultimate Lifeform vs The Infintite (Kars vs Trazyn)

    Speed Equal Kars has Prior knowledge and 1 hour of prep Battle takes place in Narnia Start 10 meters away The Infinite: 0 The Ultimate Lifeform: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. StrymULTRA

    (GRACE) Sans fights the Ultimate Life Form

    I have thought at a Sans vs Jojo match-up, but almost all of the Stand Users would pretty much stomp him, so... Sans vs Kars. Kars is in his Ultimate form. Speed is Equalized. Distance is 15 meters Location is the Judgement Hall Music (aka the other reason why I did this) Ketchup: 0 Legs...
  7. JohnCenaNation

    All JoJos (JJBA) vs Kars (JJBA)

    Ladies and gentlemen after the original timeline of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure all got their anime series, what did we learn from watching the anime? Among everyone of the main antagonists that got killed, Kars is the only one that is still alive. Dio got killed by Jotaro, Yoshikage got killed by...
  8. YungManzi

    Kars Vs. Frieren

    Time to celebrate her profile being made :sneaky: Kars Vs. Frieren 1) Speed is Equal 2) Enhanced Frieren vs. Base Kars 3) SBA Vs. Can Frieren slay this demon?
  9. Shmeatywerbenmanjenson

    The Ultimate Lifeform vs The Demon King

    Kars Vs Muzan After achieving his status as the Ultimate Lifeform Kars hears of a certain demon who shares the same title Rules Speed will be equalized. Both have their standard equipment Battle takes place in a forest in the evening Kars Ultimate lifeform key is used Both start 2...
  10. ThanatosFTW

    Alex Mercer Vs Kars (canon)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kars VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alex_Mercer Both in 8-A keys Speed Equalized SBA No prior knowledge Fight location is The Colosseum. PlagueFather: AztecGodOfFitness:
  11. Rarcelroy

    Noriaki Kakyoin vs Kars (Base)

    Kakyoin vs Kars Rule : Milf Hunter : 0 Aztec God of Fitness : 1
  12. Seventy96

    Son Goku vs Kars - all stat equal

    Manga MUI Goku Ultimate Kars In character All stat equalized
  13. Seventy96

    Giyu Tomioka vs Kars

    High 8-C Kars 8-B Tomioka Speed equalized In character
  14. BlastX

    Danny Phantom VS Ultimate Kars

    This matchup is possible again, both characters have also went through quite the amount of revisions. This is Season 3 Danny Phantom VS Ultimate Kars. Battle takes place in the place were Kars ascended into his Ultimate Form. Ghost Teen:0 Ultimate Lifeform:0 Eventually, Danny and Kars got...
  15. StrymULTRA

    A small downgrade for Santana + Pillar Man/Vampire additions

    Santana on his profile has Type 1 Immortality, which, however, is wrong. Pillar Men can become old, as shown in both manga and anime, with the latter even showcasing old and young Pillar Men. Heck, while that isn't needed that much, they still needed to reproduce, even if at a rate much, much...
  16. GoldExPoints

    The Demon King of Drip and the Aztec God of Fitness (Anos Voldigoad vs. Kars) (STOMP, STOPPED)

    Why did I decide to do this, I'm dumb. Jorge Joestar Kars is used and he has all of his stands Silver Sea Anos is used Speed equalized, duh Arena is the Tournament of Power Arena Starting Distance is 100 meters My gut says this is a stomp, but let's try... Anos: Kars: Mother's Basement Joke...
  17. Sir_Marvulous

    DIO vs Kars

    This matchup went from Kars literally eating DIO to being removed due to what I assumed was content revision dictating that The World kinda just pummels Kars, but now I think it might be more fair due to the latest accepted CRT Awakened DIO vs Kars Speed equalized and SBA
  18. Spinoirr

    Right hand man vs ultimate Kars

    Ultimate Kars vs cyborg right hand man and speed is equal. I sure hope this isn't a stomp Right hand man: Ultimate Kars: Icon:
  19. Knifeman29

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Both are High 8-C Atlas Cinder Speed is equal Fight takes place on Mantle Kars: Chariot190, M3X, TyranoDoom30, Blue, TheGunsFinalWrath, TuanVictor, KnightofSunlight, Maverick_Zero_X, emirp_sumit_po, StrymULTRA, Sonicflare9, NotoriousSoda, Bernkastelll M3X, M3X, D4C Cinder: Spinoirr...
  20. DaReaperMan

    Jotaro and Old Joseph vs Kars: Because the comic was kinda funny.

    Speed has no reason to be equalized. Old Joseph, part 3 Jotaro, and base Kars are used. Battle takes place in an airport (cause yeeting kars out of the plane intensifies if it's on one lol) Start 20 meters away Kars: 0 Old Joseph and Jotaro: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  21. TyranoDoom30

    Symbiote vs a Car

    Venom vs Kars Both are High 8-C Speed is equalized Base Venom vs Base Kars Location is at Pakistan "We are Venom!": 1 "Don't you wish to conquer the sun?": Incon:
  22. SpiteBattles

    Yujiro Hanma vs Kars

    The Strongest Creature on earth challenges The Ultimate Lifeform. •Both 8A •Hanma has Demon Back •Speed equal •Both Bloodlusted •All abilities can be used •Both start 15 meters away from each other. •Battle takes place in The Devils Palm. The Hanma: The Pillar Man: Incon:
  23. M3X_2.0

    Vampire Fight: Kars Vs Dettlaff

    Kars fights another vampire. Dettlaff is in his "monster form" and Kars is in his normal form. Speed obviously equal and SBA. Kars' profile (Massively upscales from 2 tons calc, 6 tons with his blade) Dettlaff's profile (6.8 Tons) Difference is 3.4 times in AP. Kars: 2 Dettlaff: 0 Incon: 0
  24. StrymULTRA

    ULTIMATE Perfect Geniuses with long dark hair: Tier 8 Edition

    Yep, I've noticed some stuff which make them extremely similar. Both have prior knowledge on each other, Speed Equalized, Izuru Kamakura and Ultimate Kars are used. Perfect Human: Perfect Lifeform: Incon:
  25. Braking

    Tanjiro Kamado Vs Kars

    haha yes Tanjiro is his post zeroshiki key with demon slayer mark restricted Kar is in his base form both are high 8-C Speed is equal Tanjiro: Kars: Incon:
  26. KnightOfSunlight

    Demon Slayer vs The Peak of Evolution

    So, Tanjiro has an 8-A key. And Kars has an 8-A key. Hmmm... Post-Breath of the Sun Training Tanjiro vs Ultimate Lifeform Kars. Speed Equalized. Tanjiro: Kars:
  27. The_originator_of_ideas

    Ultimate life form Kars vs Naruto Uzumaki sage of six paths

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kars https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(Part_II:_War_Arc)#Six_Paths_Sage_Mode Everything is allowed, ultimate life form kars from canon jojo not novel kars
  28. Abysswalker2126

    Kokushibo Vs Kars

    Kars Vs Kokushibo Speed Equalized Both 8-something Kars is in base Kokushibo has Prior Knowledge Both start 20 meters from each other Kars: Kokushibo:
  29. JoshDoshMosh

    Kars fights a monkey from the cool monkey game

    Kars must fight the wizard monkey from BTD, will he win or will he be forced to return to monke? (Speed is equalized both are 8-A) The ultimate life form: MMMMMM monke: incon:
  30. Seventy96

    Pillar Man new ability addition: fusionism

    During his fight with Joseph, Esidisi lost his hand. After a little crying, he cut off Loggins hand and place his new hand in the place of the old one..It seems, like his new hand fuses with the rest of his body. I think, this ability should be added to not only Esidisi, but also to the rest...
  31. ShrekAnakin

    Squall vs Kars

    I regret everything. Kars is at his peak, Squall is Low 2-C with Disk 4, speed equal, who wins and why? Gill from Street Fighter: 0 Jotaro with a Sword: 0 Iconclusive: 0
  32. TyranoDoom30

    Po fights the Ultimate Life Form (Grace)

    Kars vs Po Both are 8-A This is KP3 Po vs Ultimate Kars Speed is equalized SBA This takes place in Amazonia florest Music Votes: Kars: 7 (Cloozuma, CBslayeR, Rez, JJSliderman, I'm_Blue_dada_dee_daba_die, DRW001, Oleggator) Po: Incon:
  33. Dangeroustaco

    Ultimate Lifeforms (Kars vs. Shadow)

    I can't be the first person to have thought of this. Two ultimate lifeforms fight to see who is truly the ultimate. Kars: 8-A key. Shadow: Infected with the Metal Virus. Speed equal. Location: Starting range of 100 meters, SBA otherwise (Central Park, NYC). Kars: 7 (Lord_JJJ, VegetaFan756...
  34. TyranoDoom30

    About 8-A Ultimate Kars

    is there any feat that he has that puts him at 8-A? or it's just scaling chain?
  35. Triple Threat between some Jojo composite

    Dio Brando composite vs Kars composite vs Giorno Giovanna composite All In Character Speed Unequalized 100 meters each other Original manga, oneshots, light novels, games, interviews, databooks and any other official media where this characters appears is valid. Who stomps?
  36. Chariot190

    "Quick" JoJo missing abilities CRT

    Straightforward, the first in a chain of some CRT's I and a few others have been working, albeit this was one wasn't really planned, in fact it was the last made chronologically, but it's the quickest so doing it first. A lot of these should be straightforward so there's isn't an album or scans...
  37. Kars AP and speed

    1) Can we assume that Kars' AP is much higher than that of vampires? I just remembered that Kars' speed allows him to move so fast that the vampires can't even see him. It is logical to assume that if it is x times faster, then it is, in general, physically stronger x times, because speed is the...
  38. JoshDoshMosh

    Toguro finds the ultimate fight against the ultimate life form

    Who do you guys think would win between Younger Toguro(YYH) vs Kars(JJBA P2 canon)?
  39. SheevShezarrine

    Kars vs Tanjirou Kamado

    Kars vs Tanjirou Kamado Ultimate Lifeform Kars vs Demon Tanjirou Speed equalized SBA Who wins?
  40. Peter1129

    IF vs Kars (Battle of the Perfect Lifeforms) (Grace)

    Saw that Kars and Dio were the 5th strongest non smurf 8-C. So I decided to have IF give a go with Kars first. IF: 8 (Nicetoderp, IxaSaga2, SunDaGamer, Mister6ame6, Mr.Cutlery, InfiniteDay, Setsuna_tenma, Ned_the_outer_god) Kars: Inconclusive: Both are 8-C SBA Speed Equalized