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johnny joestar

  1. ZetsuEarly0

    Funny Valentine Limited Acasuality Type 3 Addition

    (1.Scan's) I'm going to get into the subject without further ado. "Funny Valentine Limited Acasuality Type 3" Valentine's stand ability is simply to travel between infinite universes, travel and bring different bodies from alternate universes. When valentine summons the bodies of others, both...
  2. Sisyphusx

    About Johnny Joester's Infinite rotation

    What is the reasoning for Infinite rotation being rejected as H-3A?
  3. Gohanblanco217

    Johnny joestar vs Mista

    Johnny with Tusk act 2 Both in character Johnny : Mista :
  4. Churronzon

    Leviathan (Worm) vs Johnny Joestar (JoJo)

    Johnny has 15 seconds prep time Combatants start 30 meters apart Johnny has access to all of his Tusk Act evolutions Profiles: Leviathan | Johnny
  5. OriginFox

    Johnny Joestar VS Gojo Satoru

    Johnny VS Gojo Round 1: Johnny is restricted to Act 1-3 and speed is equalized Round 2: Johnny is restricted to Act 1-3 and speed is unequaled Round 3: Johnny has no restriction but speed is equalized
  6. CBslayeR

    JoJo Stand User Bracket Round 2 Match 4 (Johnny Joestar vs Weather Report)

    The final match of Round 2 and it just so happens to be the haxxiest people in the bracket (bruh moment for Jotaro) Both start 15 meters apart in Central Park, and are in character Speed is equalized (although I'm not sure how much this matters anymore with how speed equal messes with Stands...
  7. chosen

    Question about Ringo

    Are Ringo bullets tagging Johnny and Gyro despite them having MFTL reactions considerated outlier or just some explanation like Ringo bullets are faster than normal ones
  8. chosen

    Jojo Part 7

    Out of curiosity Outside of Dio The world scaling what is Part 7 best ap and speed Scaling (at least from the calced feats)?
  9. TauanVictor

    Doctor Strange (MCU) VS Johnny Joestar

    Doctor Strange (MCU) VS Johnny Joestar Fight Location: Wakanda Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Post-Infinity War Strange | Act 4 Johnny Strange: Johnny: Inconclusive:
  10. M3X_2.0

    Johnny Joestar Vs Johnny Test

    Creating this match up because of the names. I know Test's AP is much higher than Joestar's, but Joestar has hax advantage. Both in character and SBA, speed equal. ACT 4 Johnny and first key Johnny Test. Joestar: Test: They become friends because they have the same name:
  11. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) JoJo's Bizarre Battles: Johnny Joestar VS Diavolo

    Johnny Joestar VS Diavolo Fight Location: Siena (Italy) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Act 4 Johnny | Diavolo Johnny has prior knowledge Johnny: Diavolo: 7 (@ZillerBucko, @FarerPurple, @Peppersalt43, @StekFence, @Sonicflare9), @StrymULTRA, @Shey) Inconclusive:
  12. SpiteBattles

    Johnny Joestar vs Taylor Herbert

    Infinite Rotation vs Administrator •Taylor’s Khepri key is used •Johnny is using Tusk act 4 •Taylor is High 7-A while Johnny is 8-C •Taylor has access to Ash Beast and Interdimensional Ram •Johnny has Infinite Rotation •Speed is equal JoJo: Skitter: Incon: Wins by INCAP or DEATH
  13. SpiteBattles

    Crippled Cowboy vs Agent Ukulele

    Johnny Joestar vs Dr. Clef Rules: 1.Both are bloodlusted. 2.Johnny is 8C while Clef is 8A 3.They have prior knowledge 4.They all have their abilities and equipment 5.Speed is equalised Who wins? Johnny:1(peppersalt43) Clef:
  14. DaReaperMan

    Tusk act 4 vs Gold Experience Requiem

    Tusk already has infinite rotation already active GER is doing its thing Fun ensues
  15. Gohanblanco217

    JJBA Steel Ball Run possible 2-A upgrade

    There is probably a rule against it but hey that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to make a CRT to change it tho : Love Train durability should be upgraded to 2-A : For starters Love Train barrier is maded up of Infinite Neighobor Dimensions and Funny Valentine can run/travel in that place each...
  16. Bernkastelll

    Steel Ball Run Content Revision.

    Hello! Well, I saw something a bit weird, well, first of all, Diego is rated as MFTL due having The World, however, do we have proof that this The World is really comparable to the part 3 one? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Diego_Brando_from_Another_Universe Anyways, about Hot Pants, Hot...
  17. Gohanblanco217

    A small question about Johnny Infinite Rotation ability

    Yeah well I want to know why isn't Johnny Joestar Infinite Rotation not rated as High 3-A? Doesn't it use some kind of Infinite energy?
  18. JoshDoshMosh

    Finger gun battle(Yusuke Urameshi vs Johnny Joestar)

    both Johnny and Yusuke decide to have a finger gun battle, except they use real guns(kinda) (Johnny has acts 1 and 2 while Yusuke is his spirit detective arc version, speed is equalized if needed) You're a mesh-y: Johnny Johnny: Incon:
  19. Gohanblanco217

    Satoru Gojo vs Johnny Joestar

    Both in character Speed equalized Johnny with the Infinite Rotation Johnny has 10 seconds of prep to activate infinite rotation Fight start at 20 meters away from each Johnny : 2 Satoru :
  20. Steel Ball Run Upgrades

    Worth a shot lol https://**********.com/read-online/Jojos-Bizarre-Adventure-Color-chapter-102-page-36.html Funny Valentine uses Infinite dimensions for Love Train. Each Dimension has it's own space-time and these dimensions merge together to create Love Train's dimensional walls/barriers. I...
  21. Thebannanaworkshop

    what is tusk's ap compared to some of the strongest stands in the verse(excluding ger for obvious reasons)

    asking because...aside from being able to harm the world and his bullets going through building height stones like butter,....its unclear how hard/how damaging tusks's non amped attacks are. act 4's for obvious reasons(every time we see him hit something he's always covered in the infinite...
  22. Kiwisociety

    Satoru Gojo vs Johnny Joestar

    Will infinite rotation reach Gojo's Mugen? Johnny start using Act4. SBA rules and Speed is equalized Infinite Wall : 7 Infinite Rotation : 4 Incon :
  23. Cloozuma

    Johnny vs Johnny

    Johnny time travelled with the infinite spin then met Nero in Redgrave City. Apparently this is Johnny vs a Character voiced by Johnny. Act 4 Johnny and DMC 5 Nero Speed Equal Paraplegic Man with Sleep Paralysis Demon: Deadweight Grandson of Sparda: 1 Aight, bringing the others:
  24. Thebannanaworkshop

    The most unhinged jojo vs the most disrespectful jojo.

    Johnny joestar vs jolyne kujo. Act 4 is restricted This is Johnny post high voltage. Both are 8 meters away from each other. My nails just shot out from my lame feeeet! : 2 Well... It's, uh... um... It starts with an M... Mas... um... mastur... uh... bation. I was... Yeah. : 0 I couldn't...
  25. Buttersamuri

    Butters Glass Cannon Brackets: Round 1 Bubsy The Bobcat vs Johnny Joestar

    Their made of glass, but punch like they're steel. Welcome to the Glass Cannon brackets! Our first round is going to be none other then Bubsy the Bobcat from The Bubsy series, Submitted by Psychomaster35, Going up against Johnny Joestar, from Jojos Bizarre Adventures, Submitted by Genericstickma...
  26. EnnardTrap1987

    Funny Valentine tries to solo your verse

    Happy Valentines day. And why not celebrate by doing some fun and games with Funny Valentine from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Anyway, Funny Valentine (with D4C & Love Train) tries to solo any verse you name, love or hate. Fight takes place in the White House (because why not?) Rules: Speed...
  27. Killer-Crimson12

    Steel Ball Universe

    Johnny Joestar VS Steven Universe Johnny Joestar Round 1: -Speed is Equalized -Steven is restricted to base form -Johnny only has acess to Tusk ACT 1, 2, and 3 Round 2: -Steven has aceess to his pink form -Speed is equalized Round 3: Steven Universe -Johnny has acess to Tusk Act 4...
  28. PaChi2

    JoJo vs Dio (UnExPeCtEd)

    Johnny Joestar vs Part 1 Dio Brando No Tusk 4. SBA and speed equal otherwise Cripple master
  29. Buttersamuri

    Johnny vs Chel

    She can't fight Jonathan. So let's try Johnny! I don't think this guy is as hacky. So let's do this ACT2 Form will be used (will change if needed) Speed equal That's all, maybe this shall be better Who wins Johnny Joestar: Chelshia: Inconclusive/Draw:
  30. SupremeGilgamesh

    Infinite Rotation Damage

    I want to discuss the Unknown tier for Tusk and consequently Ball Breaker I don't want to say they have infinite damage I mainly want to do a discussion on it Because i read their pages and they got my attention about that If you guys want to or have interest into,of course
  31. Axl233

    Gyro vs Johnny

    Plot:Johnny Instead of fighting Diego in the High Voltage story arc,he fights an alternative version of Gyro convinced by Valentine to get the corpse parts. -both at they strongest. -speed doesn't need be equalised,both have the same speed.
  32. SupremeGilgamesh

    Tusk Unknown Stat

    I have read the thread that downgraded and it's simplyyyy....stupid and asinine It says literally that the damage is infinite.The thing of never ending is disconected entirely off of it So,TL;DR The longevity and the damage of Tusk is entirely separated
  33. Chariot190

    Gyro+Johnny Power Additions

    A few powers that Zeppeli should have that he doesnt. Some type of sonar Actual sonar Statistic amplification with the Guard technique (Wekapipo can do it too, even used it on Stephen to protect him from an explosio) and via amplifying habits. Pain Maniulation, but only in the sense that...
  34. Yobo_Blue

    Funny Valentine and Johnny Revision

    Funny Valentine should have Damage Transferal for obvious reasons with Love Train. Johnny Joestar's ACT 4 resists it so it should have Resistance to said ability
  35. Quibster

    Gold Experience vs Tusk Act 3

    Giorno Giovanna vs Johnny Joestar Speed is Equalized GER is restricted, Giorno is using Gold Experience. Tusk Act 4 is restricted, Johnny is using Tusk Act 3. Battle takes place in the Streets of Italy. GioGio: 0 JohJoh: 0 Thunderclusive: 0
  36. Deerofdreams

    the spiral vs... another spiral?

    JOJO VS the spiral ACT 4 IS USED maybe hax stomp idk first round speed unequal second round speed equal i thought this would be fun but you know
  37. Listentomyrhytm

    Battle of the Jonathans

    Johnny after his fight with Axl RO, is walking around the city, until an enemy stand drags him out of nowhere and he appears in a big mansion, as he notices a big and strong-looking guy, and Johnny decides to attack him instantly without a single doubt. However this guy dodges and looks...
  38. Ultimatewillpower

    Tusk Act 4 Johnny vs Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum Za Warudo

    -Johnny has infinite spin -Battle takes place in Cairo -Jotaro can only have one asspull in the first round -3 Rounds Paraplegic Super Spin God:8 Araki's Favorite Son: Jotaro has Intel
  39. Sir_Ovens

    Phoenix Wright vs Johnny Joestar

    Yeah, it's big brain time. Lawyer vs Jockey Pre-Tusk Act 4 Johnny. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  40. SupremeGilgamesh

    Tusk Act 4 Unknown tier

    "The damage caused by the rotation is stated to be probably infinite as well" Was this brought in the thread?And if not,can we discuss it?