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god zamasu (chou)

  1. omegabronic

    Dragon ball universe crt

    the current calcs for the 3-As in the dbs uses the classic map for the macrocosm to calc the ap and speed of the characters, however there are two problems with this: 1: this map is not consistent with dbs anime's visuals of how universes are, it is consistently shown to not look like the...
  2. Quasar002

    addition to zamasu fusion(manga)

    That Should this be pain inhibition or extreme pain tolerance? Zamasu doesn't mind the sword piercing his chest.
  3. EldemadeDityjon

    God Zamasu Mid Godly regeneration removal

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/God_Zamasu_(DBS_Manga) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Regeneration Mid-Godly: The ability to regenerate from the complete erasure of body, mind, and soul. Wiki standard states characters needs to be completely erased & Regenerate on body soul and mind but...
  4. Seventy96

    Can manga Zeno kill Hades from Saint Seiya?

    Since Zeno murdered Zamasu who has mid-godly, can he kill Hades?
  5. Vizer04

    Zamasu vs Moro (GRACE)

    Zamasu VS Moro Fight Location: New York (USA) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Original Power Moro AP Section Zamasu: At least Multi-Galaxy level Moro: At least Multi-Galaxy level Votes Zamasu: Moro: Inconclusive: 7 (@LeSupremeKing1, @Gilad_Hyperstar, @Nierre, @Vizer04, @Peppersalt43...
  6. Potential Moro and Zamasu (manga) upgrade

    I always found it odd that after the B.O.G clash in the DBS manga, every other huge feat capped out at galaxy level. After rereading the manga a couple times I noticed something that I thought might worth discussing. It appears on numerous occasions, the word "galaxy" is used interchangeably...
  7. Spinoirr

    Yhwach Vs God Zamasu

    Yhwach VS God Zamas Speed is equal This is Infinite God Zamas vs Mimihagi Absorbed Yhwach Both are in-character They are fighting in the ruins of future trunks earth Yhwach: God Zamas: Icon:
  8. RisingIons

    Confusion about Zen'o's erasure/Future as a whole

    I feel like Zen'o didn't really erase all of the future timeline, but more so he erased a frame of time, which allows the present (and by association any concept of a future) to not exist. This could explain how the past can be so freely travelled to. Though I still don't understand Trunks's...
  9. Spinoirr

    Two zamasu's try to solo your favorite verse

    Both manga and anime fused zamasu's met up to travel the multiverse to kill all mortals, how far do they get in each verse Zamasu kills everyone: 3 They somehow defeat the two zamasu's: 1 The zamasus just leave: 1
  10. Yautjawarrior24519

    Baby VS Zamasu (Chou)

    Baby (Dragon Ball GT) God Zamasu (Chou) Both are 3-B fight takes place on namek Baby is in strongest form 2 win by any means, death, K.O., or incapacitation. who will win?
  11. KingPin0422

    Dragon Ball Super Manga Downgrades

    Introduction Right now, we currently rate Chou Goku as a Super Saiyan God at 3-B based on the following scan: Meanwhile, Jiren and everyone who scales to him (such as Ultra Instinct Goku) is rated at 3-A because he is stronger than Belmod, who scales to Beerus and Champa, who apparently would...
  12. Zamasu_Chan

    Big DBS manga revisions

    These are some pretty heavy buffs to the manga. Base Goku should be 4-B. Gohan in the ROF Arc, who should be at least 1.053 KiloFOE, stood no chance against Frieza even in his first form, which is < 1% of Final Form Frieza. Base Goku is equal to Final Form Frieza and should scale 50x above...
  13. Omegas03

    God Zamasu vs The Sentry.

    God Zamasu (Chou) vs. The Sentry (merged with Void). Speed is Equalized, Zamasu is 3-B and Sentry is 4-B. Who wins?
  14. JohnCenaNation

    Why is Fused Zamasu such a weak Potara Fusion?

    Let's be completely real here, other than that Kabito Kai wannabe who tried to fight against Super Buu only to be **** blocked by Old Kai telling him your weak go home which actually makes sense since he is a Potaro Fusion of a two garbage tier joke characters, Fused Zamasu by no means should be...
  15. AppleLord

    In the manga he is called God Zamas not Fused Zamasu

    And mortals refer to him as just Zamasu. https://**********.com/manga/Dragon-Ball-Super/0025-006.png
  16. HST_Master

    Zamasu vs Sora

    Zamasu (Manga) vs Composite Sora SBA Sora: 1 Zamasu:
  17. Zamasu_Chan


    This is likely a stomp. Chou Zamasu vs Jiren SBA A Namekian: One buff boi: Incon: Stomp:
  18. Minghaoly_god

    Zamasu (manga) vs SSJ1 Gogeta (Toei)

    3-B forms. Speed equalized. Who wins? Strongest Fighter
  19. SSJRyu1

    Zamasu (manga) Regenerationn

    In the manga it is made clear by Berus that his power, though superior to Zmaasu could not kill him due to his immortality. This would include Hakai. While it is true Hakai is sometimes depicted to turn individuals into sand during the attack, it is also directly stated that it can destroy...
  20. SomebodyData

    Son Goku and Fusion Zamasu (Chou) Resistance Removal

    So... Time Stop Resistance was added to Fusion Zamasu and Son Goku's manga pages without a CRT, but two wrongs don't make a right, so I'm making this thread. Whis explicitly states that this is a flaw on the technique, not that Goku resists. Seems cut and dry.
  21. HrishikeshM

    manga goku

    can we make a page for manga goku or is it not allowed? i asked because there is a page for manga zamasu
  22. Parrot675

    fusion zamasu (manga) vs lucifer spn (3B)

    im corious they power level and win
  23. AidenBrooks999

    Manga Zamasu's Speed

    Not to be that guy but... If this is the manga version, where does MFTL+ cames from? Also, Beerus flying at 3/4 of whis' speed isn't anime only aswell?
  24. Xenomorphios

    ssj 4 Gogeta (GT) vs Zamasu (3-B)

    EDIT: Speed is Equalized and Both Fused beings have no time limit VS
  25. Schnee_One

    A Dragon Ball vs Saint Seiya match

    WHAT AM I DOING?! Yes, you read that correctly, this is a DB vs SS match, and for the record, I am aware that this is banned, but I would like to point out that I am the first and so far only one to make a Saint Seiya vs DB match that actually got concluded...
  26. Maverick_Zero_X

    Mario vs Fusion Zamasu

    Mario vs Zamasu 3-C forms, speed is = if necessary |
  27. ByAsura

    Fusion Zamasu powers

    Just a few from Goku, I'll add which saga these feats were introduced in to see if they fit with Fusion Zamasu. Now, I'd just like to cover a point incase it might be asked; "Why should he scale when he hasn't even shown these techniques?" We scale them on the wiki like this, see Goku Black and...
  28. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    GT Goku vs Manga Fusion Zamasu

    3-C forms. Goku can go to SS4 at most, no dragon fist allowed. Speed equalized.