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doctor strange (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. Yokoahh5743

    [MCU] upgrade tier and scaling feats for doctor strange and scarlet witch and america chavez

    Dr Strange should have a tier on Monica's level that can close the space-time portal, clearly requiring the same level of energy as opening it. It is an incursion that sucks reality from another universe. Come crash into another universe which happened to dr strange and he closed it as script...
  2. Eseseso

    MCU: Upgrading the CM of the Infinity Stones, plus some magic stuff and upgrades for Dormammu.

    1. Currently we give the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet Type 2 Conceptual Manipulation since they are the remnants of six Singularities that existed long before the current universe, each capable of manipulating and controlling the fundamental, essential and primordial aspects of space, reality...
  3. 2-B MCU Thor & Thanos: WoG Proofs

    MCU Thor and Thanos should be upgraded to 2-B because there are WoG statements that Thanos was the most powerful villain shown in the MCU at that point, hence above 2-B Dormammu, and Thor hurled Stormbreaker, which WoG called the "ultimate weapon", and hence above the Gauntlet, through Thanos'...
  4. Beretta001

    Tatsumaki vs Dr. Strange (MCU)

    • Speed Equal • Starting Distance: 100m Tatsumaki: Dr. Strange:

    Wang ling vs Supreme strange

    WANG LING v/s DR. STRANGE (MCU) Starting Distance: idk maybe 10-50 meters Both in-character Equalized speed Sealed wang ling | Sorcerer supreme strange vs wang ling: Dr strange: Incon ( goku's victim):
  6. FentyBeauty

    MCU Sorcerers + Scarlet Witch Upgrades

    Scarlet Witch Infinity War to Endgame + WandaVision her durability should be upgraded to 6-B, as she withstood a close-up explosion from the Mind Stone, which instantly blew up Vision’s body and pushed both wanda as she was still blasting at his head, as well as slightly pushing back Thanos...
  7. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Gojo Satoru VS Doctor Strange (MCU)

    Satoru Gojo VS Doctor Strange (MCU) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Pre Prison Realm Gojo | Sorcerer Supreme Strange LOCATION: Gojo: Strange: 7 (@SunDaGamer, @ZoroNotZolo, @DefectiveDoll17, @Excel616, @ShionAH, @MintyBoi1, @V999) Inconclusive:
  8. FentyBeauty

    [MCU] Magic Users and Vision P&A Additions

    Scarlet Witch Wandavision Radiation Manipulation (Her hex was generating colossal amounts of CMBR) Heat Manipulation (Overcooked a chicken with her magic) Paralysis Inducement (Westview residents out of Wanda’s reach were left immobile. Children in the Hex were also inactive in Wanda’s reality)...
  9. Stillwinston

    Doctor Strange fights a bunch of robots 6-0-0

    Well the last DS match I tried was a bust, lets see how he does against a robot gank squad. Speed is equalised Post Blip Strange is being used, Darkhold is restricted Starting distance is 10 meters SBA otherwise Is that everyone?: 6 Your survival is improbable: 0 Incon: 0...
  10. RoTt35

    [MCU] Kaecilius Upgrade + Extras

    His physical stats should probably be upgraded to 9-B since he broke through a wall, and his LS should be upgraded to Athletic Human since he easily overpowered and restrained Doctor Strange Blessed (Dormammu granted him a portion of his power for the purpose of extending his life and a certain...
  11. Stillwinston

    Doomguy vs Doctor Strange (MCU)

    Idk if this was ever done but lets give it a go I guess. Speed is equalised Both start 10 meters apart Post Night Sentinel Doomguy is being used and is allowed the crucible Sorcerer Supreme Strange is being used. No tier 6 hax is being used. Fight takes place in the streets of Tokyo SBA...
  12. RoTt35

    MCU General CRT⁵

    Celestials/Arishem Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Druig stated that he didn't have the power necessary to mind control a newborn Celestial, needing to combine his own cosmic power with that of four Eternals to do so) Thanos Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Unaffected by crushing the...
  13. Lacku

    Miguel O'Hara vs. Doctor Strange (Spider-Verse vs. MCU)

    Miguel probably doesn't have anything against Strange like he does MCU Peter, and if anything Strange would probably side with Miguel against Miles. Despite all this I wanna make them fight anyways. (Strange is in his Post-Blip key, only 8-C+ spells, Speed Equalised, Fight takes place outside...
  14. RoTt35

    [MCU] General Sorcerers CRT

    Vibranium, Sanctuary II and Sorcerers Wakandan vehicles and ships have some statements stating that they are made with Vibranium: ‌The Wakanda Files states that the Wakandan fleet and vehicles are powered by Vibranium ‌The Art of Black Panther states that Vibranium has use in vehicles ‌WoG...
  15. Dinobot1996

    MCU High 8-C Upgrades

    This calculation was just accepted by CloverDragon03, which would put Spider-Man and all those scaling to him at 5.57361055 Tons of TNT (High 8-C) Yes, it's a higher value than what Namor's durability calc got, but that calc seemed lowballed considering it didn't take into account the rock...
  16. RoTt35

    [MCU] Hulk New Key + Downgrades

    Hulk currently scales to Thor's 6-B full power due to their first fight during Avengers, which is incorrect since in "Thor: The Dark World Prelude" it was stated that the Dark Energy weakened both Odin and Thor, and for reference the process almost killed Odin, therefore Thor was not at his full...
  17. RoTt35

    Doctor Strange Supreme & Scarlet Witch Physicals Upgrade

    Doctor Strange Supreme was able to physically destroy Tao Mandalas and punch away the Protection Spell of his counterpart, which withstood shapeshifted blows and DSS's Magic, which is "At least 7-B+, up to likely 6-B". Therefore his physicals should be upgraded to "At least 7-B+, likely 6-B"...
  18. RoTt35

    MCU: Time Stone Upgrade

    Wong stated that Doctor Strange was breaking the space-time continuum while using the Eye of Agamotto. With a guidebook also stating that he was threatening the fabric of time and could cause irreparable harm. This also states that the Time Stone grants complete control over time and that...
  19. Propellus

    MCU Spider-Man Relativistic+ Downgrade

    So, apparently from this scene is the reason why MCU Spidey is scaling to Relativistic+ due to him keeping up with Doctor Strange. But one problem from this is that Strange was clearly holding back and wasn't even going to kill the guy, I mean sure Strange is trying to incapacitate him for the...
  20. Lacku

    Surgeon Peculiar vs. Surgeon Destiny (MCU vs. DCEU) (3-4-1)

    Doctor Fate attempts to migrate cinematic universes to the MCU after Black Adam destroyed his, but first, he has to get through the (former) resident Sorcerer Supreme. (Strange is in his Post-Blip key and Fate is in his Prime, Speed Equalized) Doctor Strange: Artorimachi_Meteoraft, Excel616...
  21. Stillwinston

    So a Doctor meets a Courier

    It might be a bad idea but always keen to try Courier matches and thought this might be good if both had a match with Emily Kaldwin Plot: Courier takes a package through New York, Strange wants it cause reasons. Speed is equalised Sorcerer Supreme Strange is being used Strange has the...
  22. ThePrimalHunter

    Doctor Strange vs Voldemort (MCU vs Harry Potter) (7-0-0) (Grace)

    Figured this would be a fun debate. MCU Dr. Strange vs Voldemort Conditions: Speed is Equal Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange is used (9-A version) Both have prior knowledge of each other Both are bloodlusted Fight takes place on Titan If this fight is unbalanced at all, I can change Dr. Strange's...
  23. Valiant_Abyss

    Doctor Strange Supreme vs Avengers (Endgame)

    In a similar, albeit slightly different chain of events, Strange Supreme defeats his good counter part and knocks him to the ground, preparing to absorb him and reunite with his beloved Christine. In a desperate bid opens up a portal which somehow brings 616's Avengers to the scene. Good...
  24. Dalesean027

    Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch ability additions (MCU)

    Simply put this thread is for the addition of some looked over abilities in Multiverse of Madness, this shouldn't be controversial Strange should receive body puppetry for being able to magically control a random guys body making him attack himself for 3 weeks straight Can't find a clip of...
  25. Valiant_Abyss

    Doctor Strange Supreme Physicals upgrade (with shapeshifting).

    So I just noticed this, but in Pre-Fusion Strange Supreme's fight with his pure half, he morphs his hand into that of one of his absorbed creatures and proceeds to break through Good Strange's shield by flying into it, using his morphed hand as a lead. (I don't know why the video cuts it so...
  26. Sir_Marvulous

    Doctor Strange vs Doctor Strange Supreme | Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Greatest Threat To The Universe vs Sorcerer Armani Post-Blip Doctor Strange and Pre-Absorption Doctor Strange Supreme Strange gets the Darkhold, prior knowledge of his counterpart's Eye of Agamotto, and preparation time to set up a protection spell 10 meters starting distance "I did...
  27. Arcker123

    Emily Kaldwin Vs MCU Doctor Strange (Dishonored Vs MCU: 7-0-0)

    Empress Of The Isles Vs Disabled Doctor Eh, seems fair, and I wanted a dishonored match so… Thematic OvO Second key strange (IF war) Strange has the Timestone No High 6-C magic (Strange is only 9-A+ with 7-B Dura shields) Emily has bonecharms Streets of Dunwall (Should still be fair, chose...
  28. Lacku

    Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange vs. [[NUMBER 1 RATED SALESMAN 1997]] (MCU vs. Deltarune)

    Fight Location: Queen's Mansion basement Speed Equalized Both are in-character Sorcerer Supreme Strange is used and is 9-A+ Spamton is in NEO WHO WINS AND WHY? [[NUMBER 1 RATED NEUROSURGEON 2016]]: GodlyCharmander, Popted2, Pokemonfan807, Dalesean027, Sir_Marvulous, AbaddonTheDisappointment...
  29. Dalesean027

    A Maddening Multiverse CRT (Doctor Strange MoM)

    Disclaimer: We can't get clips for every ability because the movie has not officially released but that hopefully shouldn't pose a problem as this has been discussed in number by those who have in its own discussion thread Character blogs To start off we of course have new blogs involving any...
  30. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament: "Journey Through The Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Loser Round 1 - Match 3: Dr. Strange vs Sasuke Uchiha

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: ARROGANCE AND CONFIDENT After their defeats, one is a glorified defeat by a holy light, one is a humiliation of power difference and lack of prowness, the two combatants with amazing talents and potency, amazing intelligence, but are held by respective weakness: Arrogance and...
  31. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament "Journey Through Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Round 1 - Match 11: Dr. Strange vs Jeanne D'Arc (Puella Magi)

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: CONNECT TO TWO DIFFERENT UNIVERSES! THE CLASSICAL MAGICAL FIGHT! The connection between two different universes were seems impossible....at least by someone who doesn't understand fully the concept of cross-universes The Sorcerer and the Hero, who also applied as a Doctor...
  32. The_Impress

    Little Sorcerer Academia: Atsuko Kagari vs. Doctor Strange (MCU)

    Atsuko Kagari (Little Witch Academia) vs. Doctor Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe) This is Akko without the Grand Triskellion and Post-Infinity War Doctor Strange (Or Pre-MoM if a new key is added) Speed equalized, in-character, and battle takes place in Luna Nova courtyard at 2 AM (Make up...
  33. Qawsedf234

    Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (Spoilers inbound)

    To prevent clutter for the MCU General Thread keep all discussion for MoM here until a couple months have passed. Read at your own risk Tag all spoilers Intentionally spoiling anything for anyone will result in a warning and then a temp ban Idk that's about it. Go wild.
  34. The_Impress

    MCU: Doctor Strange Quote Replacements

    Strange's file has some really shitty quotes that honestly make him look like a ******** (more than he is, to be fair), and honestly is a really poor representation of his character during the films. So I suggest replacing the first film quote with Shows his ultimately moral nature well...
  35. Valiant_Abyss

    MCU Doctor Strange Ability Split

    Okay so Strange has 2 keys but for some reason we're not splitting up his abilities, which we need to do because it should be pretty obvious that strange did not know all this shit when he first started. Additionally there's a few things that he's lost the ability to do (cough cough, the time...
  36. Arcker123

    The Successor Of His Majesty Vs The Sorcerer Supreme (Bleach Vs MCU)

    The Last Quincy Vs The Failed Doctor Wanted to have a bleach fight that’s fair. How about we pit two doctors against each-other Uryu Ishida (Bleach) Vs Doctor Strange (MCU) High 6-A Uryu (Ap doesn’t affect Stranges wincons) Post Endgame Strange Speed = Start 20 Meters Away Bloodlusted (For the...
  37. Luigi3645

    Minor MCU Strange Addition

    Hello all, I hope the new year is treating you well! We recently did a big time revision for a lot of pages for MCU to mark the events of No Way Home, but we forgot to add Platform Creation. He demonstrated it in Infinity War when he allowed Star-Lord to leap across the battlefield, so I...
  38. Lonkitt

    Spider-Man No Way Home Revision: AP, Speed, and everything we didn't cover before (SPOILERS)

    HUGE SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK So for this revision, I'm gonna go over some basic drafts of what ratings are gonna look like due to what this movie has shown. Yes, cross-scaling is going to be proposed and surprisingly? It's quite consistent and helps with the lower...
  39. CrimsonStarFallen

    MCU and Sorcerers

    Currently we have Doctor Strange, along with other Sorcerers, listed as Unknown in AP due to this CRT deciding the Sorcerers have no magic attacks that are directly AP, and thus they have nothing to scale to. Putting aside how this wasn't edited into the pages, how we were left with circular...
  40. Luigi3645

    MCU Doctor Strange Revision?

    Hello everyone! I reviewed the MCU Strange's page recently and I think, especially in light of his appearance in No Way Home, that it needs a bit of revision. E.g. he needs to have proper Spatial Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (rather than limited) and a few other abilities and feats...