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dave strider

  1. Thelastmlg

    Massive Homestuck Overhaul (Additions, Removals and changes) (Act 1)

    A few months ago i started a blog to grab the homestuck profiles and change quite a lot of their content and how they are executed, the changes including: Scaling Additions Removals Justifications Minor fixes https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Thelastmlg/HOMESTUCK_OVERHAUL_LET%27S_GO...
  2. Thelastmlg

    Homestuck overhaul blog

    as i mentioned before, i plan to make a CRT for nearly all homestuck profiles, but i'll post it after the currently active CRT is done as to not diverge attention (staff is going as slow as we can take it, can't risk it), for now however, i already started making the new profiles in this blog...
  3. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Franklin Richards vs Dave Strider

    i wanted them to be both kids but adult franklin seems better. Franks profile Dave's Profile rules: both 2-A (adult franklin vs god tier dave) Speed equalized Knowledge for both Win via both death and incap (since franklin can't kill dave, he can incap him. dave on the other hand can...
  4. Gonzalo

    Time Patrol vs Knight of Time

    Goku Xeno VS Dave Strider Rules -Equalized Speed -God Tier Dave is Used -Goku Xeno starts at SSJ The knight overtakes the patrolman (Dave): Patrolman surpasses the Knight (Goku):
  5. Knifeman29

    Sburb gets ported to the Death Drive Mk II

    hope this isn't a stomp Speed equal Both are 9-A Travis: Dave:
  6. Victikirby15

    Dave Strider vs Sakuya Izayoi: The Knight of Time vs The Time Controlling Maid

    I originally came up with this as a joke, but the more I thought about it the more interesting I found the matchup to be. God-Tier Dave vs 2-C Sakuya Speed Equalized
  7. Realjackthegamer312

    682 vs dave strider

    Pretty sure this would be like 682 vs 076 part 2 but why not? Speed is equal and both are 2-A. Indestructible reptile: Some cool dude with shades: Incon lmao:
  8. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Some Homestuck Revisions

    This is going to cover the Top-Tiers and Bottom-Tiers mainly. The High 4-Cs and 2-As stay where they are, except for their lower keys, if they have any. Top-Tiers Sadly as it is, the 1-B stuff has got to go. Apparently, String Theory =/= High 1-C, as the dimensions are small and/or they aren't...
  9. The_Wright_Way

    The Saint and The Demon vs The Seer and The Knight

    Figured I'd do a fun two v two fight to scratch my Homestuck vs inFAMOUS itch while I wait for Cole vs Dave to finish. High 7-A Dave Strider and Rose Lalonde vs. RFI Cole MacGrath and inFAMOUS 2 Evil Cole MacGrath (without Beast Powers naturally) Speed Equalized. I don't know if you've ever...
  10. The_Wright_Way

    The Knights of Hope and Time ~ Cole MacGrath vs Dave Strider

    Dave grunted and groaned as the buzzing of his glasses woke him up. His joints were still stiff from his ill advised nap on the couch. Apparently even Gods could get cramps. Joy. Dave shoved his shades back onto his face, pressing the button to open the chatlogs so he could respond to whoever is...
  11. The_Wright_Way

    Time on my side ~ Dave vs Aradia

    The Knight vs The Maid The Gods of Time Both at 2-A. Win via KO or Incap. vs. Homestuck - Time On My Side Extended
  12. Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv

    The Hero of Time vs The Knight of Time

    Dave Strider vs OOT Link Both are High 7-A Link has all items in his HIgh 7-A key Speed Equalised Dave: 3 Link: 8 Inconclusive:
  13. Sadistic_Sleuth

    It's about time: Homestuck AP revisions

    Tis all in here (All the credit goes to Yuri and Dante) So what happens is Non God-Tiers go to High 7-A to 6-C 5-B people go to High 4-C High 3-A and Low 2-C people go to 2-A, 2-C people go to at least 2-A Jake goes to 1-C, Horrorterrors go to possibly High 1-C Now, some junk I wanted...
  14. QuasiYuri

    Homestuck powers revisions ACT 5: Beta Kids

    It's going to be a long thread: Shared Abilities Acausality (type 1) The Alpha Kids are the young Guardians send at others time, and all of them are Paradox Clones. See this explanation. Hammerspace + range See the previous thread. John have a sydallex quite normal (however his range is the...
  15. The_Wright_Way

    Heroes of Time ~ Dave Strider vs. Link

    A Link to the Past Link vs. God-Tier Dave. Both bloodlusted. Speed Equalized. Both at High 4-C. The most reoccurring and adventurous Link. vs.
  16. Rodri_"Dante"

    Homestuck Kids Revision

    Continued from here . Most of them are abilities that they have in base but arent mentioned or included in the powers and abilities section. John: In base, John has Regenerationn with the Hellacious Blue Phlegm Aneurysm Gushers (No, I didn't made that up), Flight with either his Rocket Pack or...
  17. The_Wright_Way

    The Boy of Steel vs. The Dave of Guy

    Both at 8-C. Superboy doesn't have his shields. Speed Equalized if necessary but assume that it isn't. vs.
  18. The_Wright_Way

    Strider Bros vs Mario Bros

    Putting this in versus threads because while I don't expect this to be added I do want serious answers. Both at High 4-c. Speed Equalized if necessary. vs.
  19. The_Wright_Way

    666:Satan vs. Dave Strider

    Both at High 4-c. Both Bloodlusted. Speed equalized. vs.
  20. The_Wright_Way

    Jin Mo RI vs. Dave Strider

    Both at High 4-c. No statistics amplification. Victory by any means. vs.
  21. Kople700

    Matt (Epic Battle Fantasy) V .S Dave Strider (Homestuck)

    No access to outside help or consumables Both at 4-c Fight to the death. Speed Equalized Who wins and why? Matt: Dave:
  22. The_Wright_Way

    Pun-ishing knights in a Time-ly matter. This title is Sans-sational and this match might be to hot to handle. Once your done groaning feel free to vot

    Sans vs. Dave Strider. Speed equalized. Dave at High 4-c. Takes place in hotland to go with the picture. Don't flame me for it.
  23. The_Wright_Way

    A Friendship in Flames

    John Egbert vs Dave Strider Both at High 3-A. In character. Music:[[1]] vs.
  24. Neolancer16

    Dave Strider vs Sakuya Izayoi

    Planet Tier Blade Wielders of The Fandom Starts at the peak of a unnamed mountain (because that's awesome) 2 Rounds. 1st round: both are bloodlusted. 2nd: With base moral restrictions. Both fight to the death.
  25. The_Wright_Way

    Dave Strider vs Mario

    Both at High 4-c. Speed equalized. Takes place in Bowser's castle from Mario Kart wii. Victory by KO, Death, or permanent death if Mario has any way of getting past Dave's immortality. vs.
  26. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Dave Strider vs Future Trunks

    The Knight of Time vs The Mysterious Youth From the Future It just feels oh-so right to put these two time-travelling swordsmen with parent/guardian issues, against each other. Rules Dave is God Tier. Trunks has finished his RoSaT training. Dave has Caledscratch. Trunks has his sword (just...
  27. Shade45

    Homura Akemi vs Dave Strider