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Pretty sure this would be like 682 vs 076 part 2 but why not?

Speed is equal and both are 2-A.

Indestructible reptile:

Some cool dude with shades:

Incon lmao:


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Pretty sure for it to be heroic, dave would need to die sacrificing himself or something like that, SBA makes this a random encounter so he is safe.

In theory the sword he uses could nullify all of LE's immortalities, since it is mean't to kill him, but that doesn't include type 5, plus scp 6i2 can adapt to his time powers anyway.

Also, what can he do against HD existence, he is 4D In power but i'm pretty sure he can't hit 4D beings with his sword.
Higher-Dimensional Existence. As previously brought up, the man hasn’t interacted with someone who’s literally 4-D, just 4-D in power.
Higher-Dimensional Existence. As previously brought up, the man hasn’t interacted with someone who’s literally 4-D, just 4-D in power.
I still don't understand the whole "higher dimensional existence" garbage, so idk if that's true or not.

But if it is true then rip.
682’s True Form is 4-Dimensional. Aka the same dimensions as Time itself and crap, infinitely superior to 3-D crap. Strider himself is 3-D with a 4-D power set- able to manipulate Time and stuff.
Problem is that he’s 4-D physically. He attack someone who’s physically 4-D would be like literally Stabbing Time itself. Which isn’t in Dave’s power set.
4D ain't time when we use HDE, it is spacial, as in, he is infinitly bigger than lower ones, so i would be akin to a drawing trying to stab the drawer.

Actually, his range in his god tier form is multiversal+, idk why, but i think that allows him to attack 682.

HDE is only one of the problems though, 682's adaptation and immo type 5 make it impossible for dave to kill him, depends on how good his sword is and if his range applies to it, because i think his range is outdated.

I'll call yuri and sadisticsleuth.
Range looks outdated, since only thing which would qualify would maybe be his time powers since others GT could reach that far with their Aspects.

The sword can bypass LE invulnerability + immortality yeah, but didn't show anything more.