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Why did you restrict his Ocarina? Now this can't be added and it's not like he can just stop and play it mid combat anyways.
How skilled is this version of Link? Because Dave's skill is ridiculous and time clone spam is gonna be a big problem.
I'll elaborate on Dave's skill.

He's been trained to fight sense birth. Literally. He was doing backflips while still in diapers. And he and his friends fought againt an army that regularly crushes actual gods while still being human, whilst simultaneously monopolizing an entire planet's economy with a company made entirely out of time clones of himself. Even Trolls, people who grew up on a death world meant to turn them into the most ruthless galactic conquerors possible, are impressed at his skill.

I'll elaborate more later, as I'm on between classes right now.
OoT Link isn't as skilled as other Links (Unless the Hero Shade skills he learned in the future are included), so he's definitely not as skilled as Dave. However, Nayru's Love makes Link undamageable for two minutes iirc, and sealing is a counter to the clone spam.
How does sealing work? Would it seal all the Daves at once or just one by one? Because if so, there's gonna be nearly hundreds of Daves and Dave's response to seeing one get sealed would be to make more.
Dave is 1.7 gigatons, Young Link is > 3.6 gigatons, already an AP advantage.

Clones get caught out by omnidirectional din's fire.

Various melodies can empathic manip Dave.

Nayru's Love makes Dave's attacks 10x less helpful, like dogpile won't do anything to him since he no-sells any attacks that's not from Ganondorf with Nayru's love.

His flash can paralyze and blind any remaining Dave Clone

Also soul manip gg.
1. Dave's feat is casual for what it's worth.

2. The clones survive. They're all just as durable as Dave is. Unless the fire negates durability in some way. Not to mention he and his clones can just make more clones.

3. That implies the Daves are just gonna sit there and let him play those harmonies.

4. How does it work?

5. Assuming sunglasses don't block it. Also, he can just keep making Daves. This guy had billions of himself at one point. He'd be perfectly fine with having a few of himself sit back to make more of him while a hundred Daves rush link.

6. How does it work?
Okay. Just checked the Soul Manipulation. It comes from eating Poes and a melody. The first isn't applicable in this situation, the second won't happen because Dave's not just gonna let him play a melody.
1. Doesn't really change much. Link's > the 2.9 gigatons.

2. They're getting hit by an attack that's far above their regular dura, even if they survive they'll be seriously harmed and suffer from burning like other enemies in zelda do, so even if they survive it's as helpful as thanking a car hitting you irl.

3. He's 4km away, so he kinda is unintentionally.

4. It's a forcefield that makes him no-sell attacks from every enemy in the game sans ToP Ganon (and it still allows him to be less damaged by his attacks), mind you ToP Ganon is High 4-C.

5. Sunglasses blocks the light, cool, how does this stop the paralysis? Also it can affect enemies that don't have eyes, so it's not via your eyes.

6. The fact that he can eat a poe's soul means he can interact and harm a soul, so yes it's applicable. Dave really has no choice

>4 km away

>Nayru's love makes him unkillable and unable to be incapped

>Din's fire severly burns + injuries all his clones.