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Some Homestuck Revisions

This is going to cover the Top-Tiers and Bottom-Tiers mainly. The High 4-Cs and 2-As stay where they are, except for their lower keys, if they have any.

Sadly as it is, the 1-B stuff has got to go. Apparently, String Theory =/= High 1-C, as the dimensions are small and/or they aren't superior to one another. Hence, killing 1-B.

However, their degree of 1-C is going to be increased. As discussed here, back when High 1-C ST was legit, Yuri said that 14-D would be fine. Since 12-D HS is getting knocked down to 7-D, 14-D is getting down to 9-D. So yay, Homestuck vs SMT

Shown here, if Derse isn't really a "land" that's the size of Rhode Island, then all High 7-As to 6-Cs should be 8-A. John did this, and should be around 7-A to High 6-C with his breath powers.

Agree with top tiers.

Disagree with Bottom Tiers however.

John physically tanked his own storm, so he should scale physically, as should all characters who make it into the Mid Game. Furthermore, Dave's chain breaking feat happened near the Mid Game, around the time of John's storm feat, so 8-A is superfluous thanks to scaling.

An Early Game key should instead be used, wherin the characters will be 9-A/8-C via scaling to the appropriate monsters/lusi.

In the meantime, I know some guys who are good with storm feats, so I'll ask them about what end should be used once a get time.
John's durability scaling to his 2-A storm is a big no. The calc is also kind of useless? Since WoG put the storm higher.

I agree with Derse stuff.

For the 9D, a better explabation is needed, I don't even remember the previous reason for 14D.

GPI views the rest of existence as spatial flat. Prolly on top of the transcendence

The Hussie Plane is where Hussie is, but we discussed how he is too inconsitent

MSPA Reader, they should vary from 9-B to 1-C, depending where they are

Land of Stumps of Dismay is the dimension they live in, and should be the same dimensional level

Paradox Space does indeed transcend existence

Also, before we nerf the Top-Tiers, we need to make a revision for the meat section.
YuriAkuto said:
John's durability scaling to his 2-A storm is a big no. The calc is also kind of useless? Since WoG put the storm higher.

I agree with Derse stuff.

For the 9D, a better explabation is needed, I don't even remember the previous reason for 14D.
>2-A storm

Sense when?
Problem Sleuth and Homestuck aren't in the same verse, I'm currently planning a possible thread about This. Friendsim's end kinda proved that MSPA reader reading Homestuck =/= him being transcendent LoSaD is just a supposed land. Paradox Space is existence
I'll likely make a thread about it someday. But just to say, while Jailbreak and Bard Quest are canon to PS, PS is as canon to Homestuck as Superman. It has some references, but nothing more.
So essentially

  • Top-Tier talk is already settled from another thread
  • For the bottom tiers, Derse is not a land. When Hussie said "Lands", you know the "Lands of A and B?", like Land of Stumps and Dismay or Land of Maps and Treasure? He's referring to those, not Derse. John didn't directly tank his storm, and even if he did, it'd prolly be an outlier
I'll try to give it as fast as I can. Btw if someone has the book in question, it's on the page where John do The Windy Thing for the first time.
I have it on phone now, just have to transfer it on computer (Idk when I'll be able to tho)
Uh, the only thing that scan acknowledges is John's ability to disperse Green Fire. Andrew even outright dismisses its ability to harm Bec.
His sentence is more a "maybe", with him saying that John will master it as a God Tier. Tbh there's also no reason to not scale the storm to GT John wind, since there isn't any boost in your aspect. Also, being able to disperse Green Sun Fire should support a "possibly 2-A".
I was thinking of "8-A, possibly 2-A with his Breath powers/The WIndy Thing". Sorry if I didn't explained correctly.
You will need to insert good justifications for the statistics into the pages though.
I don't see that being a problem. 8-A is from a recalc of the feat that they already scale to, 2-A comes from dispersing an attack from another 2-A with some backing from Word of God. Plus, it's the only time the attack gets used, so there's nothing to contradicting that one attack being on that level.
I mean, it only happened towards the end of SBURB. All of the lower feats happened towards the beginning. It could warrant separate tiers at least.