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chowder (character)

  1. Chowder needs some serious upscaling

    Due to the way Chowder is with its constant breaking of cartoon physics and all that, I am honestly surprised that most of the characters are only listed as being 9-B on this wiki. While I think listing every single feat that happened in Chowder would be pretty tedious, thankfully there is this...
  2. Flashlight237

    Chowder vs Spongebob Squarepants

    Okay, so this came across my mind. I mean Chowder is pretty much the most powerful Cartoon Network character that isn't a Looney Tunes character, while Spongebob is essentially the most powerful character Nickelodeon has to offer. I mean both characters have affected their own universe and have...
  3. Chowder vs Danny Phantom

    2 Overpowered 8-A characters decide to fight each other 8-A Chowder vs 8-A Danny Phantom Starting distance is 10 meters Speed is equalized Chowder has access to all of his equipment Who wins? Chowder: Danny Phantom Inconclusive:
  4. Jason_Courne

    Major Chowder upgrade

    This is Chowder's profile, he is currently rated at High 8-C based on characters surviving the catering company getting destroyed, however I have calculated it to 8-A+ I suggest we upgrade Chowder's durability to Multi City Block level+, and also their attack potency as characters can harm each...
  5. GoCommitDi

    Lazlo vs Chowder

    2 Cartoon Network animals with decently powerful hax and a tendency for causing trouble who debuted in the 2000s and clearly took notes from SpongeBob. Speed will be unequal There were two scouts who made a friend, and Lazlo was his name-O!: You take the moon, and you take the sun!: Incon:
  6. Arceus0x

    Kirby vs. Chowder, battle of the bottomless pits

    Kirby is High 6-A Chowder has all equipment Speed is equalized Kirby: Chowder: Both are in character. Fight.
  7. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Henry Stickmin

    Oh no! Chowder just said that Among Us is better than Henry Stickmin's games, so now Henry is out to kill him! Speed is = Henry is High 8-C Chowder has everything on him The fat bear who beat Sonic but lost to Mario: What the?: Incon:
  8. StrymULTRA

    Fight for 4th non-smurf High 8-C (Hajime Hinata vs Chowder)

    Speed Equalized, SBA otherwise. Hajime Hinata: Chowder: Incon:
  9. GoCommitDi

    Chowder tries to solo your favorite verses

    The fat purple cat-bear-rabbit hybrid who killed Game Sonic and MCU Thanos has decided he wants to solo your favorite verses since he needs a new home, how far does he go? Round 1 - Speed is =, Chowder is bloodlusted and won't hold back at all, he has every single thing in his equipment, and he...
  10. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Johnny Bravo (I hope this isn't a stomp)

    Johnny is High 8-C Speed is = Chowder is completely in-character, while Johnny is bloodlusted Fight takes place in Aron City inside of a Johnny Bravo episode titled "The Day Johnny Fought a Cat/Bear/Rabbit Hybrid", giving Johnny the home-field advantage Both start 200m away from each other...
  11. Psychomaster35

    Henry VS Chowder: Chow to Success

    Not sure if this is a stomp, and if so, I apologize. But hey, at least Henry’s profile got shiny gold potential. You can also consider this a battle for a High 8-C Non-Smurf placement. Speed is equalized, both are High 8-C, and both have everything. Chowder may have the brain grub, but he...
  12. GoCommitDi

    Spongebob vs Chowder

    Spongebob is 8-A, fully equipped, has prior knowledge and is bloodlusted Chowder is in-character and has everything EXCEPT for Brain Grub Speed is = Fight is in a Chowder episode called "Chowder Meets Spongebob" Both start 100 meters away The sponge: 2 The cat-bear-rabbit hybrid: Incon: 0
  13. Ahmed_berserker

    Chowder vs Gintoki

    Be careful, this guy reads manga. Speed Equalized Both in Character Gintoki is at his strongest 7-B Key Let's go Gintoki: Chowder:
  14. Adem_Warlock69

    Chowder VS Fable

    Fable is at 7-A And Chowder is at High 8-C Both are Bloodlusted Fight ends in K.O, Incap, Or Death Speed is = Chowder has all of his equipment Chowder: 2 (I'm Blue daba dee daba die, GoCommitDi) Fable: Incon:
  15. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Ainz vs Chowder

    Yes Speed Equal SBA Supreme Power: 3 (Pen, FDrybob, Blue) Supreme Stomach: Inconclusive: I like food.
  16. Stalker_Maggot

    Chowder takes on a SCP

    Oh god, I'm going to regret this, aren't I? Chowder (Character) vs SCP-3143 Speed is equalized Chowder (Character): SCP-3143: Inconclusive:
  17. Psychomaster35

    (GRACE) Chowder tries to get into the Battle for BFDI

    Yis. Story Today was the debut challenge, and Chowder, along with many other familiar famous character cameos (Mario, Sans, Spongebob, Goku, etc) also came out numerous portals linking to different universes into the world of Goiky. They were all standing on white platforms, as the host, Four...
  18. TheQuirkyBoy

    (GRACE) Chowder enters Twisted Metal

    Basically Chowder wishes to have all the sweets and ice cream in the world, and Calypso with his scheming ways, messes up his wish by BFRing him to the Dentist. However, somehow Chowder (now frustrated) manages to escape and catches up to The Wish granting prick, now demanding a fight. SBA...
  19. GoCommitDi

    Spongebob vs Chowder except maybe it's fair

    Spongebob is 8-A, bloodlusted and fully equipped Chowder is in-character Both start 50m away from each other Fight is at a golf course Speed is =
  20. Lord_JJJ

    Everything will end via talking: Chowder fights a Touhou character

    Story The fight takes place in a Chowder episode called "Urban Legend in Limbo", The episode coincides with the events of Touhou14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo, the occult balls somehow reached Marzipan City and everyone became aware that whoever collects 7 will get a wish, and every character...
  21. Genericstickman

    Fat purple thing fights a different Gilgamesh

    Chowder vs Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy speed equalised Likes to eat: Likes to fight:1 RIP Thunder McQueen's incons:
  22. GoCommitDi

    Dexter vs Chowder

    Or, as I like to call it: "Chowdah, get out of my lah-bor-a-toree!" Dexter has all of his inventions as well as a month of prep and some prior knowledge Speed is = Fight is at Six Flags New Orleans Both start 50m away from each other
  23. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Sonic: The Sequel

    Yup, this is Chowder vs Mario Base Mario will be used, and he has his equipment Both start 999m away Both in-character Speed is = Fight is in a Chowder episode called "There's an Italian Plumber in My Soup" Chowdah: 0 Mario: 8 Incon: 0
  24. GoCommitDi

    Courage vs Chowder (2 MORE)

    Courage vs Chowder Courage is 7-B (unless I need to change this) Speed is = Courage is fully equipped Courage is bloodlusted because he wants to protect Muriel, but Chowder is completely in-character Courage has a week of prep and prior knowledge The fight takes place in a Chowder episode...
  25. Bruhtelho

    The Snatcher VS Chowder

    let's give this a try The Snatcher is at 9-B And Chowder is at High 8-C Both are Bloodlusted Fight is in Subcon Forest Fight ends in K.O, Incap, Or Death Both are 50 meters from eachother Speed is = The Soul Stealer:3 (TFSCell, UnalignedStarswirl, Roachman40) The Cat/Bear/Rabbit...
  26. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Star Butterfly

    inhale* Star's Low 2-C stuff is restricted Chowder is in-character, BUT he is fully equipped Speed is = Both start 999m away from each other The fight is in a Chowder episode conveniently titled "Chowder vs Star Butterfly", and the location is in Marzipan City, giving Chowdah the home...
  27. Psychomaster35

    Ultimate Food Bear VS Ultimate Speaker Box

    For unknown reasons, Chowder ends up in the land of Goiky, where the Announcer was just so happening to be hosting until he saw Chowder, realizing he is not supposed to be here. He ultimately charges at Chowder, and Chowder prepares himself for the ultimate battle. Speed is equalized, both are...
  28. GoCommitDi

    I can plothax you with a thought vs I can transmute you with a thought

    Chowder vs Barney the Dinosaur (this can't be added once concluded tho) Speed is = Fight takes place in a Chowder episode, which is conveniently titled "Chowder vs Barney" Chowder has all of his equipment Both bloodlusted
  29. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Goku

    No, this is not in Fun & Games, yes I am serious that this is fair, and no, you are not hallucinating things Can Chowder hold his own against the most iconic anime character? Fight takes place in a Chowder episode, which is conveniently titled "Chowder vs Goku" Speed is = Chowder is...
  30. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Izuku Midoriya

    Well, here comes more Chowder spam Deku is 8% Speed is = Chowder is in-character Both start 20 meters from eachother Fight is in a gigantic spaceship heading for another galaxy which means they cannot get outside help or leave
  31. GoCommitDi

    Chowder tries to solo your verse

    Chowder is bloodlusted and fully equipped, speed is equal, and your verse(s) are willing to work together to stop this fat purple bear (doesn't matter if there's people enemies with each other or certain people don't know each other, everybody is still willing to stop Chowder)
  32. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Chowder time!!!!

    If Butter can spam the scary bear, and GocommitDi (Used to) can spam the cat which lost to a Fat Panda. I will spam the fat bear!!!!! Rules: Sonic is in base and has his equipment Both are 15 feet apart Both are bloodlusted Speed = The Hedgehog who stomped RWBY: 3 The Fat Bear who stomped...
  33. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Bugs Bunny

    Which of the two strongest toon force characters on the site will win? Speed is = Both sides bloodlusted Both are fully equipped Fight is in Nickelodeon Animation Studio
  34. Axl233

    Sasuke vs Chowder

    inspiried by a dream i had last night. -speed equalised -10 meters from each other -bloodlust for both -battle takes place on Azathoth's dead body.
  35. Spinoirr

    Chowder mets god

    speed is = Chowder (Character): 8 God of Light: For some reason chowder is in the rwby universe so he mets the GoL and the gol tries to get rid of this mortal Can a purple cat thing solo rwby (brothers what is wrong with me)
  36. NecroVoi

    Chowder Vs robbie rotten

    Chowder is 8-C Robbie is 7-B Chowder: Robbie: Inconclusive
  37. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Sans

    I lost a bet and had to make this so Chowder is bloodlusted speed is = Fight is in Elon Musk's backyard
  38. GoCommitDi

    Spongebob vs Chowder

    I hope this is somewhat fair Spongebob is 8-A speed is = Both bloodlusted Both are fully equipped fight is in Walt Disney Studios
  39. GoCommitDi

    Chowder vs Gumball

    Both bloodlusted and equipped Speed is = Fight is in Nickelodeon Animation Studio Gumball will eliminate the middle class
  40. Stalker_Maggot

    Thanos vs Chowder (Grace)

    Thanos is fighting..... Chowder (God, what the **** is wrong with me?) Rules: Speed equalized Chowder is bloodlusted Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 3 Chowder (Character): 8 Inconclusive: