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ban (nanatsu no taizai)

  1. speedster352

    Is this multiplier valid?

    Say a character can one shot somebody while being nerfed to 1/10th of their strength would that male said character 10x stronger?
  2. NikHelton

    Power Level of the Seven Deadly Sins

    What the hell is going on with the verse on his page? We have calculations of 7-A and scalings up to High 6-C, but at the same time the strength of the characters grows from High 6-C and 5-C to 4-A. The ban has a level of 5-C, but Meliodas is High 6-A. At the same time, there are no links to...
  3. Arkenis

    Ruin vs Ban

    Ruin - 6.88 Megatons vs Ban - 18 Megatons Equal Speed Location Tokyo 2.61x AP difference Ruin: Ban: Incon:
  4. Majinere566

    I'm the better Immortal!

    Zombieman Vs Ban Ban is in his Pre-Purgatory Key This fight is in Equal Stats. Location: Detroit Undead Ban: Zombieman:
  5. YoutubeForKing

    Ban vs Ji Ning

    Ban vs Ji Ning Ban scales to 75 gigatons Speed = 2 meters apart SBA. Both 6-C all High 6-C restricted. Undead Guy - 0 Hax Based Chinaman - 0 Inconeto - 0
  6. Kisaragi_Megumi

    6-C Tournament "Journey Through Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power" Round 1 - Match 4: Ban vs Gilgamesh (Caster)

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: THE IMMORTALIY PROBLEMATICAL One other side of the planet, around Africa....in the world's largest desert, the King of Heroes Walked around the Desert "How imbecile" the King said, "I, the King of Uruk, transported to this desert of outta nowhere and forced to walk like this...
  7. speedster352

    NNT skill and abilities revision

    It's come to my attention that no one takes nnt seriously in debates due to a result of lack or information in regards to the skill, stamina and power and abities section. For example Meliodas Stamina: Very high. On more than one occasion he has taken long barrages of attacks from comparable or...
  8. speedster352

    How do you calc this feat?

    How do you calculate this feat? Do I find out the weight of diamonds and multiply it with the mass? How do I get the timeframe?
  9. Pepsiman25th

    Battle of the white hair killing chads

    The Undead Bandit of Greed vs The Human Monster. Ban vs Garou Battle takes place in the aftermath of some fight the demons had with the sins and Ban encounters Garou. No prep and Ban is blood lusted after they killed Meliodas and Ban sees Garou as a demon. Keys: Base Ban vs Half monster garou...
  10. Duragoji123

    Irish Saber Boi VS Fox Sin of Greed

    Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber) VS Ban -Speed equalized, and both are at their 6-C keys. -Both combatants can use everything at their disposal. -Battle takes place in Liones. Diarmuid: 0 Ban: 0 Incon: 0
  11. Soulgizmo

    Weavile vs ban

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Weavile Post purgatory ban vs a trained Weavile Ban: Weavile: Incon:
  12. Majinere566

    Nanatsu No Taizai Multipliers and scaling

    Hello, in this thread i will be discussing amps from The 7 Deadly sins Demon Mark (Meliodas) In The Vaizel Fight Tournament, King States that One of Meliodas' blows = Several of Ban's Blows so that establishes a difference in strength between both competitors. Several by definition is more...
  13. Arkenis

    Sasori and Deidara vs Ban

    Sasori is in his real puppet body Deidara Deidara has no c0 VS Ban is in his post purgatory form Fight starts a hundred meters away in Konoha Art Duo: Ban:
  14. Teezar

    Ban vs hashirama

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hashirama_Senju Speed equalized Hope this isn't a stomp Who wins. Both are alive Not Edo-hashirama. Post purgatory ban.
  15. ChocoladeKnetter

    Battle of greed

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Regulus_Corneas https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai)#Beginning_of_Series the battle takes place in the Kingdom of Camelot both do not have any prior knowledge of each other Regulus his wives are in a unknown place in the city the battle...
  16. Arkenis

    The sins face the Schutzstaffel

    The Schutzstaffel vs the Sins Equal Speed Meliodas True magic form version Ban post purgartory version King full wings version Escanor The One Ultimate version Lille barro has Both eyes opened from the start Askin starts off in Vollstandig Pernida has Kenpachi's nerves level Gerard...
  17. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Nanatsu no Taizai: Nuking Relativistic

    Yeah so we agreed to get rid of Relativistic to Relativistic+ NNT because the calc that used the speed was mega incorrect, so I'm just making this now so we can properly nuke the rating from the profiles without issue, so yeah, that's that If anyone has any better calcs for speed ratings, feel...
  18. Axxtentacle

    Ban’s Durability Negation

    Ban from SDS’s durability negation shouldn’t be limited. His ability is to steal things, including internal organs straight from your body. There’s no reason for his durability neg to be limited. This is even stated on the profile. He doesn’t physically damage you, he just uses Snatch to...
  19. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Chef Battle (Sanji VS Ban)

    Sanji (One Piece) VS Ban (Nanatsu no Taizai) Both are 7-A (Wano Country Arc Sanji and Pre-Purgatory Ban are used here) Speed Equalized Fight takes place outside the Mirazur in Benton, France Battle theme: Shore Leave - Lacy/Bird/Maskill Straw Hat Chef: Boar Hat Chef: Inconclusive:
  20. Sonicflare9

    Ban vs Sosuke Aizen

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai)#Post-Purgatory https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sosuke_Aizen post purgatory ban and base aizen whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win speed equalized
  21. Dooyo

    Ban has limited statistic reduction hax

    Ban's snatch magic ability allow him to steal some physical attribute of his target, like strength, speed and stamina, which makes them weaker temporary in the process. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Statistics_Reduction That is limited statistic reduction hax as it doesn't target overall...
  22. Trapstarmal02

    The wild wiki from nnt

    Wild is stated to be stronger then ban and his attack potency is higher. But the problem is Ban has way better feats. Ban fought the dk in mels body and did significant damage to him. then he went and fought the dk in his prime and did damage to him also. Yet wild fought a older, washed up dk...
  23. BurlapJack

    Nanatsu no taizai general discussion thread 29

  24. Tots_Real

    Ban Vs Garnet

    Ban (Nanatsu no Taizai) Vs Garnet (Steven Universe) Pre-Purgatory Ban Fight takes place in England Speedequalized
  25. Tots_Real

    Kenpachi Zaraki Vs Ban

    Soul Society Arc Kenpachi Zaraki Pre-Purgatory Ban Fight takes place in a random feild in Brittian Both are in character
  26. Phoenixssj3

    Kaido vs Ban(Post Purgatory)

    Round 1: Ban lost immortality Round 2: Ban keeps Immortality
  27. Uchuma

    Gajeel Redfox VS Ban, Fox's Sin of Greed

    Gajeel: __ Ba: __ Speed Equalized. Alvarez base Gajeel VS 10C Arc Ban. Location: In a forest outside Camelot. Victory by knockout or 5 minute capture. Hunter's Fest is allowed. ISDM is restricted for now. DF Gajeel was able to take a close win agains CO Galand in the past, but...
  28. DragonEmperor23

    Nanatsu no Taizai General Discussion Thread 22

    Previous Thread
  29. SuperKamiNappa

    Ban vs. Reinhard

    Pre-Purgatory Ba, Hunter Fest Restricted Reinhard w/o Reid Speed Equalized
  30. Sonicflare9

    Ryu vs Ban

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryu_(Street_Fighter) 7-B versions speed equalized standard equipment whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  31. 1997KD

    NNT lifting Feat Downgrade

    Current characters have Class-G lifting feat, due to a long scaling, however there is no link/calc for Class-G feat available, Honestly i don't remember any good lifting feat in the series as well. If there is no calc/feat, pls removed/fix it with proper calc feats
  32. Sir_Ovens

    The Power of Greed - Ban vs Ultio R

    Fitting match. Greedy Thief vs Greedy Demigod Bishop R and Post-Purgatory Ban. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  33. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Undead Ban vs Immortal Sealer (Ban vs Momo Momozono)

    The Immortal vs The Counter Immortal Speed Equalised. Both in character. Fight takes place in a Tavern in Ireland, where they were in a casual talk before they got into a bar fight. SBA otherwise. She grew up fast
  34. EmperorRorepmeThree

    NNT: Ban new abilities.

    He can "gift" people with magic and heal them. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-c9tDr6KcatY/W6tBIy556CI/AAAAAAAAKjk/qXg2rCdK3jEkLEo7zzxBgOWyaekzjxyLgCHMYCw/s0/18.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xhsS9eFJ_JI/W6tBI5oJN7I/AAAAAAAAKjg/VSK4HYtJqE0uudrfCuOEKc3SziVla8r_ACHMYCw/s0/19.jpg...
  35. EmperorRorepmeThree

    Purgatory having biological manipulation and Ban and Meliodas having biological manipulation resistance

    Purgatory changes the biology of beings on an astral level and Ban and Meliodas and the Demon King gave resistance against it. Evidence: https://imgur.com/qQga27V https://imgur.com/6XoxTRp https://imgur.com/eHu4Wr9 https://imgur.com/6SI4vrQ
  36. Dragonmasterxyz

    Possible Ban Upgrade?

    So having recently gotten into Nanatsu no Taizai, I've noticed an issue with Ban's stats. Should he not scale to the other Seven Deadly Sins? All of which are High 6-B. Even without Snatch, he is still able to keep pace with the others. So shouldn't he be solid High 6-B then?
  37. Elizhaa

    Nanatsu No Taizai Content Revision BASED ON DEMONS' RESISTANCES

    Initially Ban earned these resistances after hundreds of years in purgatory-(the homeland of the demons): Resistances to Poison, Acid, Heat, and Cold, and should have mind manipulation (evidences: 1 , 2 , 3 ), even soul manipulation (Ban's soul is implied to be affected: 1 ,2 ) Thus, all...
  38. Elizhaa


    Ban earn these resistancesafter hundreds of years in purgatory-(the homeland of the demons): Resistances to Poison, Acid, Heat, and Cold, and should have mind manipulation (evidences: 1 , 2 , 3 ), even soul manipulation (Ban's soul is implied to be affected: 1 ,2 ) Thus, all demons in the...
  39. JohnCenaNation

    Ban (Composite) vs Sebastian Hiram Shaw (Composite)

    vs. Rules: This is the composite version of Ban from Seven Deadly Sins without any injuries; whereas this is the composite version of Sebastian Shaw from Marvel Comics without any injuries. Ban wields Holy Staff Courechouse, and is Immortal; whereas Sebastian Shaw wields Image Inducer, and...
  40. ZephyrosOmega

    Akame VS. Ban

    This is Ban with a Weapon VS. EOS Base Akame Enoodzuno is restricted as is Hunter Fest. Speed Equal, as always. who wins? Akame Ban