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The wild wiki from nnt

Wild is stated to be stronger then ban and his attack potency is higher. But the problem is Ban has way better feats. Ban fought the dk in mels body and did significant damage to him. then he went and fought the dk in his prime and did damage to him also. Yet wild fought a older, washed up dk and almost killed himself in that fight all he did was put a dent in the armour with his life risking attack.
Wild was blitzing and stomping that version of Ban, as well, Wild fought against a 50% Demon King and did fairly well on his own, while Ban fought the Demon King Meliodas, who was way weaker than the 50% Demon King, and when he fought prime Demon King, he had a lot of help from the other sins

I guess stronger than can be removed, but they definitely are comparable
What about the attack potency. I get why u say comparable but keep in mind all of those fights ban was in base he did not use snatch to give him a boost. I think ban should be large country level
We mostly see the sins barring The One Ultimate Escanor and Assault Mode Meliodas fighting the prime Demon King and hurting him as outliers, The final battle made little sense and the Demon King wasn't truly fazed by their attacks
The dk in purgatory wasnt really all that fazed by wild in purgatory and wild is stated as large country. Ban knocked the prime dk back with a kick and drew blood from him.
That's a fair argument, but like I said, we mostly treat the final battle as full of Outliers, meaning they aren't legit feats, Near Noon Escanor who was getting stomped by much lesser characters before is now able to hurt the Prime Demon King? King and Ban were getting pressured and wrecked a lot by the Demon King Meliodas

Ban just doesn't have enough to scale him to the Prime Demon King