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Nanatsu no taizai general discussion thread 29

Would like to bring up once more, why doesn't Grey Demon Hendrickson have Danmaku with Dark Snow?
And why does Gloxinia have Disaster, that's King's ability. Nothing suggests Glox uses the same inner magic (there can only be a single user of 1 magic)
Yeah kinda, but this is only the grey demons so maybe it speaks more of something to cover their relative weakness in comparison to the rest of their group.
Elizabeth and Elaine are pregnant. One child is named Tristan and the other Lancelot. Looks like Nakaba accurately portrated the children storyline here. (If the spoilers are correct)
Ah Gou said:
And why does Gloxinia have Disaster, that's King's ability. Nothing suggests Glox uses the same inner magic (there can only be a single user of 1 magic)
All Fairy Kings use Disaster. Nothing says that magic is exclusive to one person only, there are exceptions, like goddesses with Ark or magic that can be inherited by special circunstances (Dreyfus with Full Size, Jericho with her brothers magic)
I have a question. Shouldn't mid-morning Escanor scale to 3x Danafor feat via tanking his own full countered attack? Or do we not use the multipliers anymore?
It feels like he is preparing an Arthur sequel, that part with the dude from Denzels group is ominous (he wants to build a kingdom only for humans out of hate for goddesses and demons). Then again, it could just end like "and here starts Arthur and his knights story, but you wont see that".
Since Nakaba added more info about the Danafor destruction feat and we know it's vaporization shouldn't this change a whole lotta stuff? It was done by 56k PL Meliodas anyway.
Hmm, the high end of the calc would bump him up to the low end of Country level, while the low end would place him near the mid for Large Island level if vaporisation becomes used
https://*********.in/*********/nana...327-2-extra-scene-the-destruction-of-danafor/ it was adapted into the anime
I did the math, hence why I said low end would be mid Large Island Level while the high end would turn into the low end for Country level.
Doesn't Danafor feat scale to Prime Meliodas anyway since he actually did have that power in the past, like how he was prime against The One Escanor

Plus Drole has a 6-C feat so everything should stay the same
We already discused that, it wasnt Prime Meliodas, Meliodas himself mentioned he had lost power and was afraid of fighting the 10C (this when Merlin suggested breaking the seal). It also greatly contradicts the manga. Meliodas wasnt at his Prime when Danafor or before Dreyfus/Hendy betreyal. That was Nakaba screwing up.
It actually cales to power restored meliodas, at least at the moment, since it's assumed that this was the power that he originally used in destroying Danaford and not his prime base power.
What Duedate said, in the link i posted Meliodas literally says he doesn't have the same power as when he was the leader of the 10C
Its Unsealed Meliodas, as the power that Merlin stole and then returned in Istar is the one Mel had at that moment, been only 56k.

Both Mel and the DK mentioned he grew weaker during the 3000 years after the holy war, and that is proved by his fight against the commandments.
The scaling was all fine until Mel went Assault Mode against Escanor in the flashback, it's then when it all went to shit. Assault Mode's power is probably the same regardless of Mel's current PL. But then again the AM Mel that fought the DK>>>>>any Mel we've seen before that.
I wonder how'll they'll introduce Arthur's illegitimate sister into the verse?, if memory serves her magic rivals that of Merlin in Arthurian lore (ofc in some depictions she's actually powerless and it's either Madge and/or Morgan that have magic).