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tokyo ghoul

  1. NikHelton

    - The Strongest Ghoul vs The Strongest Swordfighter in history -

    Speed Equalized; Both 7-C keys; Kaneki - At least 88 Kilotons of TNT; Musashi- At least 15,25 Kilotons of TNT (long scaling chain) Kaneki has Yakimura in his outfit and is full of energy. Musashi is equipped with his own sword and Tokugawa sword. Place of battle: Cochlea.
  2. NikHelton

    - Eyepatch vs King of Demons -

    Speed Equalized; Both High 8-C keys (Demon Form Muzan and Eyepatch Kaneki); Kaneki - At least 7,3 Tons of TNT; Muzan - At least 2 Tons of TNT; Muzan knows who ghouls are. Kaneki knows who demons are. Place of battle: Streets of the 12th district. 4 hours before dawn.
  3. Arkenis

    Tokyo Ghoul - Page Updates (Part 1.5)

    After making a Ghoul Page, I'm now updating the pna section of the characters. A ton of these don't have profiles, and likely won't for some times or at all since most are pretty limited in scaling but lets just focus on characters who do have pages. Here is the sandbox.
  4. NikHelton

    Tokyo Ghoul Revision

    Due to the new and revised calculations of the verse, I would like to suggest updating the verse page and the order of forces. I will divide the thread into three parts: Attack Potency: Now we have two new calculations: -Kaneki causes an earthquake (7-C+); -Dragon Awakening (Low 7-B, likely...
  5. NikHelton

    Tokyo Ghoul speed revision

    Previously, the calculations of High Hypersonic and Massively Hypersonic were rejected, however, after looking at it again, I do not find this correct. High Hypersonic calculation, where Amon moves so fast that it creates a space without rain, was rejected by Cyberblader on the grounds that...
  6. V999

    Rock Lee VS Kaneki (0-2-0) REMAKE

    Naruto VS Tokyo Ghoul • Speed are equalized • Post-Cochlea Kaneki and Rock Lee Part 1 version are used • Rock Lee : 18.58 Tons, 92.9 Tons with the First Gate, 223.98 Tons with the Fourth Gate, higher with the Fifth Gate • Ken Kaneki : 195 Tons • Location : Tokyo Rock Lee : Ken Kaneki : 2...
  7. Arkenis

    Tokyo Ghoul - Ghoul Page

    I have done it, I created a page for Ghouls and Quinx. Here it is. I am not sure if I'm missing something, there's regen negation on the pages for kagune secretions but I couldn't find that in my reread so I'm not sure where that's from. I'm likely missing something though. But yeah I would...
  8. Arkenis

    Tokyo Ghoul - Ghoul Sensory CRT

    Quick CRT for ghouls senses which was somehow overlooked for all the pages. Not sure if anyone's planning a massive crt for the verse (its needed) but I just noticed this from reread and figured it needs to be applied since it would apply to most strong ghouls as Irimi is the one doing it and...
  9. FuriousFieryFist

    Tokyo Ghoul 8-B calculation update

    In short the 8-B calculation that the verses top tiers scale to doesn't factor in all the bars bent by Eto when she destroys the compactor. There are two panels that suggest more bars were bent then just 8 and depending on which one we use the new results they would scale to would be much...
  10. Arkenis

    Ken Kaneki vs Kyoichiro

    Kyoichiro Yozakura - 1.78 Kilotons vs Ken D. Kaneki - 3.54 Kilotons Equal Speed SBA
  11. V999

    Rock Lee VS Kaneki (0-2-0)

    Naruto VS Tokyo Ghoul • Speed are equalized • Both are 8-B • Post-Cochlea Kaneki and Rock Lee Part 1 version are used • Rock Lee: 18.58 Tons, 92.9 Tons with the First Gate • Ken Kaneki: 86.81 Tons, possibly higher • Location: Tokyo Rock Lee : Ken Kaneki : 2 (@NikHelton, @DavidTPPM)...
  12. V999

    King Andrias VS Furuta (0-0-0)

    Amphibia VS Tokyo Ghoul • Speed are equalized • Both are Low 7-C • King Andrias With Dyoplosaurus Armor is used • King Andrias: 1 Kilotons • Furuta: 3.54 Kilotons • Starting distance: 5 meters • Location: Tokyo King Andrias : Souta Washuu Furuta : Inconclusive :
  13. V999

    Shigaraki VS Furuta (0-1-0)

    My Hero Academia VS Tokyo Ghoul • Speed are equalized • Furuta Post Ghoulification and Awakened Shigaraki are used • Shigaraki : 711.97 Tons • Furuta : 3.54 Kilotons • Location : Random City Tomura Shigaraki : Souta Washuu Furuta : 1 (@NikHelton) Inconclusive :
  14. NikHelton

    - Kaneki Ken vs Deep Sea King -

    Speed Equalized Kaneki - Post-Dragon. Deep Sea King - Hydrated. Place of battle: Z City.
  15. NikHelton

    Arima and Suzuya additon

    Character profiles are scarce on the list of their abilities and should be supplemented with such as: • Acrobatics • Enhanced Senses (All trained investigators have enhanced reflexes and kinetic vision. Arima also has all his senses sharpened, because he is able to fight opponents while being...
  16. SuperKamiNappa

    Denji Vs Kaneko

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Denji_(Chainsaw_Man) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ken_Kaneki Chainsaw Man Denji Vs Post-Cochlea Kaneki
  17. M_Animefan

    Tengen Uzui runs a tokyo ghouls gauntlet!

    Speed is equalized! Tengen Uzui VERSUS Round 1: Kuki Urie Round 2: Matasaka Kamishiro Round 3: Tatara Round 4: Renji Yomo Final Round: Yoshimura Is clearing the list effortlessly or will have some difficulties?
  18. Loyd

    Tokyo Ghoul Kaiko profile

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Loydlloyd12/Wasted_potential yeah i have no idea what the scaling for the verse is some of the stats might be superficialdownplayed or off. Expert Swordsman and skilled Quinque user (Taught Arima in his younger years, easily dispatched a Special...
  19. Rasputin

    Arima vs Muzan

    Arima Muzan Equal Speed
  20. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ken Kaneki vs Kamen Rider Eternal

    As i promised in Kaneki vs Akaza, here is the Kamen Rider Eternal vs Ken Kaneki While i have a good faith for this match, i'm still not sure about it due of Eternal all T2 Gaia Memories strengthened form, but we'll see If you guys want, i can make them bloodlusted but for now, in-characters...
  21. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 3, Match 1: Optimus Prime (2007 DS Game) vs Ken Kaneki

    The first and only matchup in the 3rd round of the 8-B tournament! Optimus Prime (@Shadyboi0) vs Ken Kaneki (@Sero) Post Cochlea Kaneki will be used. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in Tokyo. Kaneki: 1 (NikHelton) Prime: 7 (azontr, XSOULOFCINDERX, Razor, Popted2, Harith0cell, Nierre...
  22. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Akaza vs Ken Kaneki

    Another attempt for making a DS matches that not using Tanjiro, and likely the last Akaza match i'm gonna make, after that i'm gonna focusing onto Kokushibo (which i'm struggling right now for finding a good opponents for him) "After Kokushibo, what are you gonna do?" I'm gonna wait for DS clean...
  23. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 2, Match 2 (Redone): Ken Kaneki vs Killua Zoldyck

    The 2nd matchup in the 2nd round of the 8-B tournament is being redone due to many issues I'm too lazy to list. Ken Kaneki (@Sero) vs Killua Zoldyck (@UchihaSlayer96). Post Cochlea Kaneki and Chimera Ant Arc Killua will be used. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in Tokyo. Kaneki...
  24. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 2, Match 2: Ken Kaneki vs Ashen One

    The 2nd matchup of the 2nd round of the 8-B tournament! Ken Kaneki (Sero) vs Ashen One (XSOULOFCINDERX) Post Cochlea Kaneki and Beginning of Game Ashen will be used. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in Tokyo. Kaneki: Ashen: 8 (XSOULOFCINDERX, LordGinSama, Rez, Sir_sun_man...
  25. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 1, Match 3: Kanoh Agito vs Ken Kaneki

    The 3rd matchup of the 8-B tournament! Kanoh Agito (LordGinSama) vs Ken Kaneki (Sero) 8-B keys are being used (Omega Kanoh vs Post Cochlea Kaneki) Speed is equalized. Jin-Woo will have all of his standard equipment up to his Psuedo Shadow Monarch key. Fight takes place in Ganryu Island...
  26. NikHelton

    Ken Kaneki vs Green Lantern

    Speed Equalized Kaneki - Post-Dragon. Hal Jordan - DC Animated Movies. Place of battle: Cochlea
  27. NikHelton

    Alex Mercer vs Kaneki Ken

    Speed Equalized Kaneki - Post-Dragon. Bloodthirsty. Alex Mercer -Prototype 1 End Game Place of battle: lifeless underground way V14.
  28. NikHelton

    Alex Mercer vs Kaneki Ken

    Speed Equalized Kaneki - Post-Dragon. Bloodthirsty. Alex Mercer -Prototype 1 End Game Place of battle: lifeless underground way V14.
  29. NikHelton

    Tokyo Ghoul Upgrade

    After looking through both manga a little, I collected some of the most obvious exploits of the characters and made their calculations. Some of them return the verse High Hypersonic, some 8-B, 8-A and Low 7-C for high and top tier. Actually, the calculations themselves. A member of the calc...
  30. Jamesthetaker

    Two Psychopaths Face Off: Roon VS Ken Kaneki

    Speed equalized. Starting distance is 100m, otherwise SBA Roon scales to 332.13 tons of TNT Kakuja Wings are used so Kaneki scales to 406.45 tons of TNT Who win and why? Roon: Ken Kaneki: 1 (Rez)
  31. Rez

    The One-Eyed king (Tokyo Ghoul) CRT

    The scans should be self explanatory Enhanced senses: Immortality type 2: Acrobatics: (All types) And this Analytical Prediction and Minor info analysis:Here
  32. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Abandoned Your Humanity for Embraced the New Lifes! (Dio Brando vs Ken Kaneki)

    Since the waiting for Kaneki turn in Higb 8-C is taking too long, i'll make a match for him in time (and aside that Dio wasn't included there lel), anyway... One is abandoned his humanity for his own desires and ruling the world in his own hand, one ia forced to (partially) abandoned his...
  33. DemonKingAkuto

    Question about Noro and his kakuhou from Tokyo Ghoul

    Ok so we know that Noro has a bikaku kakuhou/kagune. So I just want to know if anyone knows how Noro can regenerate so much even after urie blew him up with nutcracker. As the image shows it blew off massive portion of him. So it looks like it even blew away either all of or a good portion of...
  34. Abysswalker2126

    Gotou vs Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki vs Gotou Speed Equalized Both 9-B Tokyo ghoul key Kaneki with his Kagune restricted and Base Gotou are used Parasite: Ghoul:
  35. Van der Linde Gang w/ Q Bullets vs. Aogiri Tree

    Backdrop for the fight: Dutch talked his way into the gang working with the CCG and Arthur, Dutch, John, Bill, Javier, and Micah infiltrate the aogiri hideout. What happens?
  36. Cyberblader90

    Tokyo Ghoul Speed RE:vision

    Currently characters are listed as supersonic to supersonic, likely higher. I would like to revise that. User blog:Cyberblader9/Supersonic in tokyo ghoul | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom Part 1 has 3 supersonic feats, 2 of which are done by high tiers (at that time), Half Kakuja Kaneki and Arata...
  37. Cyberblader90

    Tokyo Ghoul Downgrade (Final)

    This is the final tg crt from me for a while hopefully Lifting strength downgrade User blog:NikHelton/Tokyo Ghoul total revision | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom This calc is inflated and unusable, as explained here: https://vsbattles.com/threads/tokyo-ghoul-ap-downgrade.111492/#post-3531476...
  38. Cyberblader90

    Tokyo Ghoul Anime - Can it be used for scaling

    Was curious if the Tokyo Ghoul anime is allowed to be used for scaling purposes for the tg profiles. Sui Ishida had direct involvement with the anime (Tokyo Ghoul root A Original draft by Ishida - Imgur), and while some his story choices were changed, the director still worked in tandem with...
  39. Cyberblader90

    Tokyo Ghoul AP Downgrade

    As the pages for tokyo ghoul currently are, they do not reflect the actual showings from the characters in the manga Dragon Dragon (Kaneki’s fourth key) is rated at city level for causing a massive earthquake originating from 5 kilometers below Tokyo. Ken Kaneki | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom...
  40. Cyberblader90

    Tokyo Ghoul Speed Downgrade

    Currently tokyo ghoul god tiers and some mid tiers are rated as "massively hypersonic", via scaling to kaneki reacting to and blocking lightning from a weapon called narukami. The issue with this is narukami doesn't shoot out electricity or "lightning" 0132-023.png (1115×1600) (discordapp.com)...