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the king of fighters

  1. CrackerVolley

    Enthusiastic Rookies (Shingo Yabuki vs Oshawott) [COMPLETE]

    Fight begins in the Poni Island wilds 10 meters apart. Oshawott has Torrent as its ability Speed equal Shingo (5.46 MT, but downscales hard): Oshawott (1.45 MT via Rhydon scaling): 8 (Stillwinston, Imaginym, Glaceon. Artorimachi, Leo, Ret, Popted, Mario) Fight Theme
  2. CrackerVolley

    SNK Games Discussion Thread

    A discussion thread about various SNK (the gaming company, not the manga) properties and verses such as The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury/Garou, Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, and so on. Topics can range from gameplay, memes, vs debating concepts, etc.
  3. CrackerVolley

    Rock Howard (KoF) vs. Finn the Human

    Low 7-B forms being used. Fight takes place at Southtown Beach at sunset, 10m apart. Finn has his Root Sword and his basic abilities. Victory by Knockout or Incap Speed Equalized Rock (Equal to Terry and other stronger KoF participants - 5.46 MT at best): Finn (Scales to low/mid-level Wizards...
  4. Mariogoods

    Separate characters from The King of Fighters from their original verses.

    As the title says because KOF continuity should be better treated as an independent continuity. Luckily, it does not need deletion of profiles since the current profiles which has the issue are all based on feats from The King of Fighters. All we need currently is to move the relative profiles...
  5. Cauann2K

    Battle of white haired guys: Orochi (KoF) vs Tomura Shigaraki

    Tomura with the All For One is being used, both are 50 meters away of each other and the speed is equalized. Orochi: Tomura Shigaraki: Inconclusive: Hope this isn't a stomp.
  6. Bobsican

    King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown: High 6-A to Low 2-C overall upgrade + a possible 2-C feat.

    I'm talking for an off-site user, so please be quite patient on the replies. < 1.- In Samsho 2019, Shizuka Gozen who was corrupted by Ambriosia (who is not an "item, but a character of its own" as implied in Mizuki's profile) creates a curse in the form of a cloud storm that extends over the...
  7. Stillwinston

    Terry Bogard vs Razor (Genshin Impact) - Spirit of the Wolf

    Well hey this might actually work out lol Plot: Terry wakes up in the world of Genshin and comes across Razor, impressed by the lad Terry takes him on to see if he's worthy of the animal. Speed is equalised, both are of course Low 7-B. SBA otherwise Hey! Come on come on!: 0 Wolf Boy: 4...
  8. Why Kyo Kusanagi vs Ryu is the best Fighting game rivalry.

    Ryu from Street Fighter and Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters is one of the best rivalries between fighting game MCs. Ryu is focused on learning, technique, controlling his power and not losing control of them, flat out fears what he could do if he lets his power loose, waits for his...
  9. Mariogoods

    Orochi (King of Fighters) VS Vaccine Man

    Rule: 1. Vaccine Man is in his second form (at least 7-B) while Orochi is higher than Low 7-B. 2. SBA 3. Speed is equalized. Vote: Orochi (King of Fighters): 0 Vaccine Man: 1 (Phoenks) Inconclusive: 0
  10. ZoroNotZolo

    "Hancock, Are You OK?!"

    Cringe joke, but I'm sticking with it. Boa Hancock VS Terry Bogard Speed is equalized. Fight Location - Shizaku Castle (Street Fighter) Hancock - 7 (SamanPatou, Oleggator, Naitodesu, Popted2, ThisThingisReallyBroken, God243, Expectro2000xxx) Terry - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  11. Oleggator

    Let's make a battle of wolfs now. Grace.

    Terry Bodgard vs Jon Talbain Classic speed is equalized rule... And that's it. Let them fight. Are you OK? : Awooooo (yeah, kinda lost originality here) : 7(@SamanPatou , @Shmooply, @Starter_Pack, @Stillwinston, @Mozzada, @Sergeant_Hypocrite, @Jamesthetaker) Inconclusive: Ready? Fight!
  12. Tonygameman

    Izuku Midoriya VS Rock Howard (5 VOTES LEFT)

    A sequel to Xanxussama1010's All Might vs Terry Bogard. Both are Low 7-B (Izuku's at his 100%) and their speed is equalized. Both start with 10 meter distance. Izuku Midoriya: 0 Rock Howard: 2 (N-nani, PuasLuisZX) Inconclusive: 0
  13. Bruhtelho

    All Might VS Krizalid

    Low 7-B, Weakened All Might is used Speed is = Fight takes place on U.A. High School P.E. Grounds Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap The World's Symbol of Peace:1 (CoolDeante) The K' clone:0 Inconclusive:0 It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!
  14. Stalker_Maggot

    Marco additions

    This should be simple Macro should have SOL attack speed with Laser guns He should have Transmutation with the snowball: https://metalslug.fandom.com/wiki/Snowball Statistics Amplification as Becoming fat will increase your firepower Also, he should have Purification as he can cure being...
  15. Professor_Voodoo

    General Budo (Akame Ga Kill) vs Rugal Bernstein (King Of Fighters)

    A boss vs boss battle come to life. - Speed equalized - Rugal gets his Omega form, Budo gets Solid Shooter - Deathmatch rules, only one can survive
  16. Ryuga21

    Nami vs Mai Shiranui

    Speed is Equalized They starts at 5 meters Wano arc Nami. Nami: 4 Mai Shiranui: Inconclusive:
  17. The_Smashor

    Low 7-B Bracket R3: Orochi (King of Fighters) vs Bulat

    Bracket Hub Current Standings Rules: Speed Equalized. Otherwise SBA. Nominated by The Smashor Nominated by SpookyShadow Orochi (King of Fighters): 1 (AquaWaifu) Bulat: Inconclusive:
  18. CrackerVolley

    All For One vs Omega Rugal (Bruisers of True Evil)

    Speed Equal, Fight takes place in Rugal's Skynoah airship (I do my research), SBA otherwise "The Symbol of Evil": "The cheapest bastard ever" : Inconclusive: 6 (Stillwinston, Tony, Ion, CBslayeR, Jasonith, V999)
  19. The_Smashor

    Doctor Strange vs Orochi

    Not related to this matchup, but Thanos' page has Powers and Abilities twice, so somebody please fix that. AP: Orochi massively upscales from 5 Megatons, while Strange somewhat upscales from 9.63 Megatons. Rules: Speed Equalized. Strange is Post-Infinity War and dosn't have the Eye of...
  20. The_Smashor

    The King of Fighters minor revision and Orochi question

    Where does Orochi's High-Mid regen and Type 8 come from? I know Orochi has at least low regen from one of his winposes, and Orochi's only ever been able to be truly defeated by sealing (Which makes me question why his soul was in Verse but eh), but nothing I've seen indicates High-Mid or Type 8...
  21. Mindovin

    Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown / King of Fighters) Speed

    Where her ''Massively Hypersonic'' speed comes from? I look at the linked character pages on her page and they are Hypersonic at best.
  22. CrackerVolley

    Kumatora vs Athena Asamiya

    Speed equal, fight starts out 5 meters apart on the streets of Tokyo, SBA otherwise. Pink-haired psychic tomboy : Pink-haired psychic idol : They accidentally detonate a New Year's Eve Bomb and blow up a city block:
  23. EightAte8

    King versus Vice

  24. Lavcore

    The Strongest Hero Vs The Mightiest Villain

    Last thread was a mismatch but i have a feeling this one won't be. -This is Base Ryu and Base Rugal -Fight takes place on the black noah -Victory through incap or Death -Both start 10 meters away from eachother -Speed Equalized Otherwise SBA Ryu:1 God:4 incon:0
  25. Continuum19

    KOF Calculation Evaluation

    Certain KOF verse characters need to either been upgraded or downgraded based on the calcs below. One of the calcs (Goenitz' storm) hasn't been evaluated even though it provides crucial scaling for the verse so I thought I'd facilitate that here. Verse creates a storm (this probably needs to...
  26. Ikelaggan

    Low 2-C Terry bogard can't hurt you.

    Are you ok goku, Busta wolf! Are you ok sakuya, Busta wolf! Are you ok Thanos, Busta Wolf! Are you ok Medka, Busta Wolf!
  27. AquaWaifu

    Psychokinesis versus Magic! Hero vs Idol! Athena vs Shantae!

    Shantae is a bit underrated Athena - 0 () VS Shantae - 0 () Inconclusive - 0 () BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: Both are in-character Fight takes place in ScuttleTown, distance is 1 meter Win via any method. No knowledge or preptime.
  28. BoomerKuwanger1

    Are you okay, Professor? Buster Wolf!

    At least Low 7-B forms Regular Terry vs Pre timeskip merged Byleth Speed equal Main fighter with of Fatal Fury
  29. Keeweed

    Bao vs the Saltborn

    I just noticed Bao hasn't had a match on this wiki yet or it's been a very long time. Unfortunately the majority of the 7-Bs I like are stupidly overpowered so I'm throwing Bao against the Saltborn; despite them having literally nothing in common. Fight takes place off the Nameless Island (the...
  30. Ted_Ed

    KOF Speed upgrade and further support to 7-B tiering for Mid Tiers.

    If we are using endings (like we aaer curerntly using with Kensou) Takuma completely deflected the blast at relativistic speeds. That should give everyone a speed bump and perhaps a more solid 7-B. https://youtu.be/VAzlVHVov1E Also, Kula's range or AP should be updated since she froze a whole...
  31. Ted_Ed

    KOF overall upgrade to High 6-A via Athena.

    Someone on discord asked me to post this for you all. Based on the translation of the plot from the manuals of an old game called "Psycho Soldier", Athena and Kensou defeated a monster that engulfed the entire planet in darkness and destroyed civilizations in the past, and once revived, does...
  32. MisterKtheKoala

    Welcome to Smash

    Terry Vs Ivysaur Speed is equalized New comer - Best Red Pokémo - Thunder Mcqueen - Main fighter with of Fatal Fury
  33. Kriskirby


    But so does Sans so speed equal Terry Bogard: Sans: Incon:
  34. WOTWorldofTanks

    Who's playing M.U.G.E.N?

    I love this game, because you can customize heroes (characters), add stages, custom music etc. I want see MUGEN players. My screenpack: The Climax Sacrifice Latest I made a K. Y. Shanxi's Bowser recoloration. Btw, my username is Hota1992 in MUGEN Archive. You can download my file you're liked...
  35. The_Web_Adventurer

    Geese Howard vs Heihachi Mishima

    Geese Howard vs Heihachi Mishima. At least low 7-B version of Heihachi is used vs Canon Geese. Speed not equalized. Heihachi: 1 Geese: 0 Heihachi Geese
  36. Zhaoshuais

    Take Misaka Mikoto and Sylvie Paula Paula as example:we should revise one of them

    We labeled Sylvie Paula Paula 7-A before,and Misaka Mikoto only 7-C. But it's clear that Sylvie Paula Paula's electricity power is 1 million volt at most,and Misaka Mikoto's power is 1 billion volt. So we need to revise at least one side:Upgrade Misaka Mikoto or Downgrade KOF series.
  37. Zhaoshuais

    Misaka Mikoto VS Sylvie Paula Paula (VS Battle between two Biribiri)

    Both Tier 7,seems okay. Misaka Mikoto is 7-C and Sylvie Paula Paula is Low-7-B,but Misaka Mikoto has better range and Resistance to electricity. The reason why I don't choose Benimaru or Shermie is that both of them are "biribiri",or give Sylvie Paula Paula a chance to fight against "real...
  38. Bobsican

    King of Fighters: Tier 4 stuff, Danmaku and Flight

    Hans found these feats and i am just sharing them, aka, my friend at the past thread wants to continue, I´ll speak in her part via another site I can contact him with. Tier 4 stuff First up, SNK Heroines is 100% canon to the KOF verse...
  39. KingEzran

    The One Who Holds Absolute Power vs The One Who Holds All Might

    ROFA All Might vs Geese Howard (KOF). Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: All Might: 0 Geese Howard: 0
  40. The_King_of_Prudence

    Noise tries to kill himself again

    Noise (Suite Pretty CureÔÖ¬): Verse (The King of Fighters): Inconclusive: