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Nami is faster and more versatile, but Mai is immensely superior in terms of pure skill.

They scale to around the same feat

That said how good is Nami in CQC? Is there a feat I'm missing?
She could block some of Kalifa's attacks but isn't really good at martial arts. She compensates that using illusions and long-ranged attacks.
Correction: Beating weakened Wanda.

Worth noting that Carrot is able to outmaneuver Zoro, however. Wanda should be equal if not superior to her.
Okay, judging by the profiles, Mai might be more skilled in CQC, but Nami is a bit stronger, way more versatile and smart.

Mai's skill is certainly troublesome, but her abilities ain't something too special when we remember Nami has outwitted Miss Doublefinger (an accomplished assassin) and Kalifa (assassin, secret agent and martial artist). Both were considerably more skilled and arguably physically stronger yet Nami handled them in the end.

Mai can't handle with Zeus and the range advantage also puts her into a big trouble as she won't get close enough if Nami manages to get away. And she has way more options with wind, snow, thunder and water variants. Mirage Tempo being literally invisibility is also a plus so Nami can sit down and spam Thunder Eggs if necessary.

Voting Nami