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shrek (dreamworks)

  1. MinecraftHater2011

    Update for Shrek's Profile

    Old profile here; new profile here. Agree: HonestlyBored24, DimeUhDozen, IDK3465, SamanPatou (disagree on Sound Manipulation resistance), Therefir Neutral: Disagree:
  2. ArachDusa

    This Vs match is brought to you by Slazo's comment section

    After the Fairy Godmother's rebounding spell sent her a thousand years into the future, she had the idea to get the future world's most powerful villain to go to the past and get rid of Shrek for her. He wasn't interested so she got Gru instead. Fight takes place in San Ricardo. Speed...
  3. Employe

    Marauder vs Shrek (Doom vs Dreamworks)

    Former Night sentiel against swamp ogre Shrek's swamp (Also known as "Blood swamp") got invaded by demons and he decided to protect own home Speed is equal. Weapons, summoning and all "Possibly" categories are restricted Doom upscales from this Shrek scales to this
  4. Employe

    Shrek vs Kratos (7-0-0). GRACE

    Kratos arrives into Shrek's swamp and Shrek wants to kick his ass. Can Kratos slay another god? Speed is = A green Ogre - scales to 1195 megajoules (7 votes) A grey demigod - scales to 1075125395.76 Joules (O votes) Solos DMC
  5. King_Dom470

    Dragon Fighter takes a crack at a Dinosaur (0-0-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in the amazon rainforest SBA for everything else Dino Psychopath: Mike Myers (Not the serial killer): Incon: Battle Stuff: Shrek is 1.67583437624x stronger Shrek downscales from his lifting strength (19.4 tons) and Dino upscales from theirs (14 tons)...
  6. Employe

    Superman vs Shrek rematch (3-6-0)

    Both are at 9-A key, speed is equal. Battle takes in Shrek's swamp, both are at character Alien Hero - 3 votes (Scales to around 0.0356106597 tons or just 0.035) Ogre Hero - 6 votes (0.036 tons) Inconclusive
  7. AceOfSpaces3709

    Question regarding Shrek's LS

    Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Much stronger than Puss in Boots and overpowered him with one arm. Can uproot trees and pick up large metal gates) When did Shrek ever uproot a tree? I've seen every Shrek film and even watched the two holiday specials but no such feat exists in any of them. Am I...
  8. GoCommitDi

    Shrek wants to commit suicide

    DreamWorks Shrek vs Book Shrek Speed is = Both are bloodlusted Fight is at a Florida swamp DreamWorks: Original: Incon:
  9. GoCommitDi

    Shrek vs Jimmy Hopkins (0-7-0)

    Sarcastic ogre who initially got judged for how they appear on the outside and ended up defeating a sociopathic leader with help from their best friend and won over their sporty love interest vs. sarcastic teen who initially got judged for how they appear on the outside and defeated a...
  10. chosen

    Puss vs Shrek

    When did puss took a hit from Shrek like profile claims?
  11. CiscoTheSoto

    Shrek Downgrades

    Recently, the Shrek universe has been upgraded to Building level. However, there are several reasons which I find this reasoning to be utterly ridiculous and why the ratings should be returned to the original Wall level they were. So the justification being used for the 8-C is that Dragon's...
  12. Flashlight237

    Krillin vs Bacterian, But It's Shrek

    So heck with it. Shrek vs Krillin. So Shrek's main wincon is, unlike Bacterian, he's actually poisonous. Well, his farts are, anyway. I dunno if Shrek poisoning fish with his farts came from the fish's sense of smell or Shrek directly poisoning the water, however. That and Shrek survived getting...
  13. SageF

    Puss in Boots 2 minor addition

    "It was hinted he had nine lives so that" (limited resurrection) (minor physic manipulation) he did that twice with kitty in the new movie.
  14. Recon1511

    Spring Moustache vs Puss in Boots (One Punch Man vs Shrek)

    Both characters use rapiers to fight so I thought this could be a fun match Speed is equalized Spring Moustache is on his second key Puss's AP upscales from 0.0189 Tons of TNT Tons of TNT (9-A) Spring Moustache AP upscales from 0.01389 Tons of TNT (9-A) and 1.49 Megatons (Low 7-B) with Tomboy...
  15. AceOfSpaces3709

    Shrek becoming Uncanny (0-0-0)

    Two memeable dads from revered animated classics decide to fight each other. Both start 10 m apart, Reaction Speed is equal, and Battle takes place in the Lush Jungle Shrek's AP is 0.83 Tons of TNT, Mr. Incredible's AP is 1.83 Tons of TNT The AP difference is 2.2x It's Showtime: What are...
  16. BigSmoke4269

    shrek vs the flash (post crisis)

    i cant believe this is real both 8-C, speed is equal and speed force amp is restricted (pretty sure thats allowed since it brings his tier up) shrek is bloodlusted and has prior knowledge combatants start a meter away from each other shrek has a 3.3x AP advantage and dura neg which he will...
  17. HonestlyBored24

    “Freddy Fazbear, your time here is ogre.” (Novel Freddy vs. Manga Shrek) (8-0-0) (GRACE!)

    This better not be a stomp I swear to god Da Roolz Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at Shrek’s Swamp. SBA for everything else. Da Vouts The Fazbear with the Fazdrip: 8 Scales above this; At least 5.534 MJ The Funny Ogre Man but Anime: Scales to this; Exact joule value unknown Four BFB...
  18. Cimafranca133

    Shrek VS Chisato Nishikigi (0-7-0)

    Alternate Title: Battle of the Best Lycoris and SHREK I made this thread cuz Shrek Is Love + Shrek Is Life Speed is equalized. Battle takes place at Shrek's Swamp. Both start 25 meters from each other and not within each others line of sight "What are you doing in my swamp!?": 0 "What I want...
  19. MasonLoweYT

    Wrong Toilet. [Shrek vs Toilet of Doom]

    Shrek has been sent to the Universe of A Hat In Time, and ended up in Subcon Forest. Unfortunately though Shrek has to...yeah. He then tries to find the nearest toilet, and then finds one! He then walks towards the toilet, then it ends up screaming at Shrek. Shrek then hops back, extremely...
  20. BigSmoke4269

    john cena vs shrek

    THE FUNNY!!!! speed is equal john cena: 4 shrek: me:
  21. AceOfSpaces3709

    An Ogre fights a Lizard (0-0-0)

    Battle takes place in Central Park and Speed is equalized, Shrek: The Lizard: Inconclusive:
  22. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    The Legendary Fight you all have been waiting for, Shaggy vs Shrek

    Shaggy had defeated thanos in Wakanda and is about to grab the infinity stones when suddenly shrek has arrived. They both fight to the death for the infinity stones and to prove who is the strongest meme character alive Ultra Instinct The OgreLord Rules Both are 9-B Shaggy has the sword of...
  23. Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv

    Shrek fights a big bad wolf

    Shrek vs Legosi Shrek finds himself teleported to Cherryton after Rumplestiltskin convinces him to sign a contract again and he meets with Legosi, after a misunderstanding Shrek begins to fight Legosi Both are 9-B speed equalised fight takes place at Cherryton Search for the culprit Legosi...
  24. ColonelSlyBanjo

    (Grace) Shrek the Ogre vs. Heavy Weapons Guy tf2 ( 0-8-0 )

    (Dreamworks vs Valve) (Shrek vs Team Fortress 2) Both 9-B reaction speed is equalized, movement speed is unequalized. Heavy is restricted from using his standard bullet weapons Heavy has his lunchbox items Melee and fists only Location takes place at Mossrock in tf2 Shrek's profile TF2...
  25. Braking

    Shrek vs Big chungus resume

    yes https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shrek_(DreamWorks) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Big_Chungus resumed from this thread Flub From above restricted both are 9-B Shrek: Chungus: incon:
  26. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    somebody once told me an ogre doesn't like a furry. 3 votes left

    Beast invaded shrek's swamp and now shrek wants him stomped (but not actually this a stomp thread) Hey now your an ogre get your sword on go slay. (i don't have time to make a full parody of allstar which is about shrek hating furries and trying to slay them with his sword) Shrek's profile 4...
  27. The_Impress

    Fixing Shrek Wank

    Donkey Social Influencing is unjustified, anyone who has asked another for a date can get this, and honestly it's moreso the Dragon being gullible than the Donkey's skills Fiona ...Why does she have Fearhax listed? The "Duraneg" comes from a scene where Fiona's singing kills a bird. This is...
  28. Bobsican

    Big Chungus Vs Shrek

    Speed equalized Shrek Big Chungus
  29. KingKenjo

    Can Shrek be Stopped!?

    Shrek has absorbed Goku, Yhwach, Madara and Giorno Giovanna and has gained all of their powers. Without equalizing speed, can any singular character (Up to Low 2-C) possibly defeat him?
  30. Anomalous_N_I_W_D_E

    Some Shrek-Sama upgrades.

    Music (And not the one you would think). Basically there are some things to take into account in what we can update Shrek's stats, turns out I missed a lot so brace yourself: AP/Dura: Shrek instead of 9-B would be full on 9-A. Given he has taken Dragon fire. Which can skeletonize or turn...
  31. Doomguy vs Shrek (A Christmas special)

    Shrek vs Doomguy Speed equal. Doomguy is restricted to the bear minimum gear and has Security Armor (25 million joule dura set). Shrek has all optional equipment. Fight starts near melee range. Doomguy(12 megajoules physically,casually 1 shots megajoules with shotgun. His durability with...
  32. GoCommitDi

    Shrek wants to kill himself

    Or in other words, DreamWorks Shrek vs book Shrek Speed is = Fight takes place in Wal-Mart
  33. HulkoHuko

    Shrek and Lord Farquaad vs Shrek with Avalon

    This is Shrek
  34. MilesTheMorales1

    Remove Shrek's Fear manipulation from his profile

    Shrek doesn't have fear manipulation. People who are able to skillfully scare others are called social influencers. Shrek doesn't use anything like fear gas or supernatural powers to scare, so why does he have this again? I aim on having this removed from his profile and others for similar...
  35. Zamasu_Chan

    Shrek vs Sully

    Speed equal Dreamworks: Disney: Smash Mouth:
  36. BigSmoke4269

    Shrek VS Protegent

    Speed Equalized Shrek: Super Why:
  37. Wolverine-Man

    Shrek VS Manny

    Both are in-character. Fight takes place in a gladiatorial arena.
  38. Deerofdreams

    shrek v shrek

    book v movie speed equal
  39. Spinoirr

    Shrek vs han

    Speed is = Han Solo: Shrek (DreamWorks):
  40. BigSmoke4269

    Shrek VS Gru

    yes Shrek: 0 Gru: 7