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sephiroth (final fantasy)

  1. Cyberblader90

    Final Fantasy 7 Fix Part 3: Hax and The Power of the Lifestream

    Welcome to the final part of the ff7 verse fix. Today we will be discussing some minor hax additions, and some controversial. Without further ado: Hax https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Cyberblader9/Will_and_Emotions_in_FF7 All first-class Soldiers have Memory Manipulation and...
  2. Cyberblader90

    Sephiroth Revision (FF7 Remake Exclusive)

    So in the final mission of the remake, sephiroth absorbs this giant hot orb: Sephiroth absorbs it (also absorbs several whispers in the process). Absorption begins at 0:58. What sephiroth absorbed here it METEOR from the black materia. This was possible due to the unique location they were...
  3. Cyberblader90

    FF7 Stats fix (Part 1)

    Recently final fantasy vii has gone through some revisions for speed and ap. Several characters will be updated accordingly, and keys will be restructured to match. Due to the number of pages that will have to be changed, I will be dividing this project in to separate parts. This first part will...
  4. Cyberblader90

    FF7 Speed Upgrade

    Supernova https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Migue79/Final_Fantasy_7:_Supernova_Comet_Speed#articleComments Miguel79’s calc for Supernova was recently accepted, which puts the speed of the comet at 20.571 Trillions C. The contention is whether or not it should scale in some fashion to...
  5. Dante_Demon_Killah

    Death Battle Rematch: Vergil Vs Sephiroth

    Let's see how this works, I'm curious myself - DMC5 Vergil and Dissidia Seph, both 2-C - Speed is Equal - They are in character - They start 100 meters away from each other https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vergil_(Devil_May_Cry) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy)
  6. MarvelFanatic119

    "Shall I give you despair?" "Now I'm motivated!" Sephiroth vs Vergil (Final Fantasy 7 vs Devil May Cry)

    Time for these two to have a battle to the death and settle who's stronger once and for all! This Dissidia Sephiroth vs DMC 5 Vergil Both are in character Speed Equalized Fight takes place in an abandoned Mako Reactor They start off 10 meters away from each other Win via Death, KO, BFR or...
  7. Cyberblader90

    Sephiroth upgrade via Knights (Final Fantasy 7)

    So Knights of the Round was accepted as Multi Galaxy. This crt is part 1 of a cast revision due to this. This part will be strictly Sephiroth only. This is for his second and third key. Scaling To Knights Post Lifestream PS Sephiroth scales to Knights for a few reasons: So it doesnt hurt to...
  8. Tony_di_bugalu

    I'm bored so why not? Aesir vs Sephiroth

    This is a battle of the big bads of their respective games and because I want to kill someone time Battle takes place in the grand canyon 2 KM appart. Speed is equal. SBA otherwise. Sephiroth: Aesir: Incon:
  9. Bruhtelho

    One-Winged Spartan: Sephiroth VS Kratos

    My friends really wanted me to do this so why not Both at 2-C, Kratos With the Power of Hope and Dissidia Sephiroth are used Fight takes place in Midgar Speed is equalized Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death Both start 1 Kilometer apart The One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth:0 The God of War...
  10. Knifeman29

    One Winged Devil

    The One Winged Angel battles the Half Demon Dark Slayer (again) Standard Battle Assumptions Speed is equal Vergil: Sephiroth: Battle Music
  11. Pokémon_Trainer_Jacob

    Whis vs Sephiroth

    Sephiroth vs Whis. Dissidia vs DC Super. I noticed they're both White Haired, 2-C, MFTL'd, manly men and so what better to do than to see who would beat who in a fight. Fight to the Death, and Speed is Equalized because Whis blitzes Sephiroth otherwise. This takes place on Beerus's home world...
  12. ShrekAnakin

    Squall vs Kars

    I regret everything. Kars is at his peak, Squall is Low 2-C with Disk 4, speed equal, who wins and why? Gill from Street Fighter: 0 Jotaro with a Sword: 0 Iconclusive: 0
  13. Smashtwig

    Kirito vs Sephiroth

    I was honestly just pretty bored and wanted to see the world burn. Have fun. Star King: Advent: Rules 4-A, Speed Equal, SBA Kirito - e61 Joules: Sephiroth - e63 Joules: Points Brought Up Kirito + - Sephiroth + -
  14. TyranoDoom30

    Sephiroth fights a Egg (Completed)

    I hope this is not a stomp Sephiroth (Post-Lifestream) Vs Magolor (Post-Star Allies) Sephiroth is 3-C while Magolor is 4-A (Pretty high into 4-A, borderline 3-C) Speed is equalized Both are in character Both start away at a 8 meters distance Location is Central Highway (from Mega Man X)...
  15. SamanPatou

    What's precisely Sephiroth's AP?

    Sephiroth is 3-C but how far into it? Like, how many times above baseline? This came up in a vs thread, as no one could apparently give a clear answer, mentioning that he scales to a dimension containing a galaxy, but that should be far bigger as the galaxy was rather small. And apparently, the...
  16. FoxySonicMaster108

    (Finished) Goku VS The One Winged Angel

    Advent Children Sephiroth is used Toei Goku in the Buu Saga is used Both are at 3-C Speed is equalized if needed Who wins? Goku: Sephiroth: 2 (WarriorofMite, sanicspood) Inconclusive: 7 (LightReinh12345, SheevShezarrine, Waka1979, FluffyCreatureZ, Arcker123, Gilad_Hyperstar...
  17. BrazilianDeadpool

    Kratos vs Sephiroth

    Speed equalized. Battle takes place in Midgard, near the Lake of Nine; this is 4-A Kratos vs Post-Lifestream Fall Sephiroth. God of War: 0 One-Winged Angel: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  18. Cultivator_Daemon

    Dark Schneider (Bastard!) VS. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

    VERSUS! Conditions: Majin Schneider & Advent Children Sephiroth (3-C version) Speed is equalized. Both are in-character. Voting: Dark Schneider: Sephiroth: Inconclusive:
  19. Vaner77

    Pre-Lifestream Sephiroth scalling

    I've been reading Sephiroth's profile and a certain line cought my attention: What exactly puts Bahamut Fury/Strain above Typhon?
  20. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Sephiroth VS Ahzek Ahriman

    Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) VS Ahzek Ahriman (Warhammer 40,000) Advent Children Sephiroth is used here Speed is equalized Sephiroth: Ahzek Ahriman: 2 (Setsuna tenma, Cropfist) Inconclusive:
  21. The_Smashor

    Kirby vs Sephiroth

    I mostly made this because I found the perfect soundtrack for it. Rules: Speed Equalized. Sephiroth is his advent children self and is 4-A. Kirby is Pre-Star Allies Otherwise SBA. Bringer of Dis Pear: The Pink Demon: 2 (Cropfist, Garchomp777)
  22. Bobsican

    Mario Vs Sephiroth

    This may be an stomp, but eh Both at 4-A, speed equalized Mario Sephiroth
  23. The_Axiom_of_Virgo

    Gilgamesh's hunt for Masamune!

    Let's just see who is the greatest swordsman in the Final Fantasy franchise shall we? In the red corner: we have the traveller of worlds, collector of swords, the scarlet man of mystery... it's Gilgamesh! In the blue corner: we have the fallen hero, bringer of despair, the one-winged angel...
  24. FoxySonicMaster108

    Flowey VS Sephiroth

    Omega Flowey and Safer Sephiroth are used Speed is equalized Win by death. Who wins? Flowey: Sephiroth: Incon:
  25. Lord_JJJ

    Sephiroth fights Himself!!!

    After Sephiroth get into Smash, get Upgraded and start get more matches it wouldn't take long time for him to fight himself. So, I will do that before someone do it before me Sephiroth : Copy Robot : Incon :
  26. Psychomaster35


    Based on a One Winged Angel misheard lyric video, along with Sephiroth being in Smash Speed is equalized, High 4-C Daffy and 4-A Lifestream Sephiroth are used, and both are bloodlusted. The battle is in Midgar, with them being 10 meters apart. Who wins? Despicable: Despair: Dame Da Ne: 7...
  27. Lord_JJJ

    Bandana Waddle Dee fights SSB new comer

    After Sephiroth get into Super Smash Bros and all the choas he causes there just a tiny warrior with his little trusty spear stand again the one winged angel. Maybe that little warrior Isn't a part of the roster but when in it come to helping friends he will not back down. Bandana Waddle Dee is...
  28. BeeDub98

    Granblue Fantasy vs Final Fantasy: Gran/Djeeta vs Sephiroth

    Gran/Djeeta: 1 (Brazilian Deadpool) vs Sephiroth: Inconclusive: Stomp: Rules: Both Combatants at 4-A Speed is Equalized Both have access to everything in their arsenal. Who wins and why?
  29. BrazilianDeadpool

    King of the Koopas vs One-Winged Angel (CLOSED)

    Since the man is now in Smash, let's put him against one of his rivals for the title of greatest gaming villain. Bowser (in his base form) vs Post-Lifestream Fall Sephiroth. Speed equalized, no prep time, victory via KO, death or BFR. Battle takes place at the Moon Kingdom. Soundtrack: Fated...
  30. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    So since Sephiroth is 4-A now, does that make Tifa, Cloud, and such 4-A too?

  31. TyranoDoom30

    edgy sword men battle

    Sephiroth arrives in the Kirby universe and starts attacking Popstar and Meta Knight has to stop him speed is equalized both at their peak this is canon sephiroth The One Winged Angel vs The Lone Swordman
  32. Saintdhqhdy

    Low 2-C Sephiroth and Cloud

    So in the new smash trailer for sephiroth um he One shots galeem so does that make him universal+ now?
  33. TartaChocholate

    Ad Distant Astra -Final Fantasy VII- New Tiering and Keys

    EDIT: Added the conclusions at the bottom of the post. Well... I actually went there... With a pretentious latin title. Then again, what isn't pretentious in FF =P At first I planned to propose this later along with other revisions, but a lot of future profiles and rewritings depend on...
  34. The_Smashor

    Sephiroth vs Omega

    Swordfighters with iconic introductions and theme music that are supported by a powerful being that can basically control the entire planet. Perfect. Rules: Speed Equalized. Omega starts in his Golden Form but can go into further forms, and has the Dark Elf. Sephiroth is his Advent Children...
  35. Setsuna_tenma

    Chinese Boy fights edgelord

    Linley Baruch VS Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) 4B versions Speed equalized
  36. AB1124

    Sephiroth VS Brainiac

    Safer Sephiroth VS Post Crisis Brainiac 4-B each Random encounter for both of them. Who wins and how?
  37. SaitamaTier0

    Sephiroth vs Evolto

    Sephiroth vs Evolto Both at their peak Speed Equalized
  38. ShrekAnakin

    Sigma vs Sephiroth

    Both 4-B, speed equalized, victory by normal circumstasnces, who wins and why? Ultron Rip off: 0 One Winged Angel: 0 Inconclusive: 0 One last thing, this is Crisis Core Sephiroth.
  39. DariusStrada

    Why did Vergil (DMC) lost to Sephiroth (FFVII) in Death Battle ?

    I know DB isn't the most reliable source but why do you think they gave the victory to Sephiroth? This wiki says Sephiroth is a 4-B, likely far higher and Vergil is a 3-A, possibly Low 2-C. Shoudn't he win easily? Did DMC V gave him that big of a power boost? What do you think would happen in a...
  40. Bobsican

    Sora Vs. Sephiroth: Canon edition

    Yeah, this is possible now. Both at tier 4, speed equalized. The Fallen Hero The Keyblade Wielder
  41. Bobsican

    Final Fantasy VII: Needless lore dumping and explanations on profiles

    Okay, it has been bugging me for a while. Having lore and other stuff explained is nice and all, but when you get to copy and paste a lot of stuff that could just be in a blog post, it isn't, especially if a bunch of profiles share the exact same thing. My idea is to just move those things to...
  42. Remy_the_wolf

    Jin Kazama vs Sephiroth (Stats Equal)

    Okay , so to try to not make this a massive mismatch in sephiroths favor , i decided to . speed equal Ap and Durabillty Equal who prevails????????
  43. Remy_the_wolf

    why is sephiroth under the hero category??? , if he is a villian???

    this makes zero sense , as sephiroth is protrayed as a villian in the ff7 games , movies and anime , so if a mod is reading , plz remove this category and replace it with villian , thanks in advance https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy)#Sephiroth
  44. ZephyrosOmega

    I had to debate this, so now you do too: Sephiroth VS. The White Queen

    Both of them are at their strongest 4-B keys and speed is equalized. Who will win? Sephiroth: The White Queen: Inconclusive:
  45. No_Might_09

    Sephiroth super nova link

    I know this is an annoying topic but can anyone post a link from ultimania that states How super nova works? Im currently debating with someone about it.
  46. Mohammed_Mubarak_Alkhater

    Hulk vs Sephiroth

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Who Will Win In a Fight? Hulk or Sephiroth?
  47. Ted_Ed

    Superman vs Sephiroth

    4-B forms Speed equal I stomp your cannon verse!
  48. ZephyrosOmega

    Sephiroth VS. Shadow the Hedgehog

    Something about ultimate lifeforms. This is base Archie Shadow, both 4-B and Speed Equalized. Really hoping this isn't a stomp. Seph: Shadoo: Inconclusive:
  49. ZephyrosOmega

    Sephiroth VS. Reinhard Heydrich

    This might be a terrible idea, but Hazama was able to stalemate him, so maybe Seph can too. This is Seph's strongest key, and Interview with Kazikli Bey Reinhard. Outerversal Nazi: My Husband: Inconclusive:
  50. Modernmyrmidon

    Sephiroth vs Majin Buu

    Safer Sephiroth vs Kid Buu Both 4-B Speed equalized
  51. ZephyrosOmega

    Thor VS. Sephiroth

    The Son of Jeniva VS. The Son of Odin Thor: Sephiroth: Inconclusive:
  52. ZephyrosOmega

    Darkseid VS. Sephiroth

    No fancy intro, just something I thought would be cool. Speed is equalized and both are at their strongest 4-B incarnation. Darkseid: Sephiroth: Inconclusive:
  53. Sonicflare9

    Sephiroth vs Darth Sidious

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Sidious#Legends 4-B versions advent children sephiroth and legends palpatine speed equalized standard equipment whoooooo would win
  54. Prometeus1999

    Sephiroth vs Darth Sidious

    Both at 4-B, speed equalized, in character, random encounter, victory by death Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), 0 Darth Sidious 3 (Devils May Die, Schnee One, GojiBoyForever), Inconcluded 0
  55. JohnMorrison33

    Sephiroth vs Loki (Comics)

    Both at 4-B, in character, random encounter, speed equalized Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) 2 (Creaturemaster971, SladeWilson6), Loki (Marvel Comics) (Classic) 0, Inconcluded 3 (Devils May Die, Modernmyrmidon, Ionliosite)
  56. Mohammed_Mubarak_Alkhater

    Kenshiro vs Sephiroth

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Who Do You Believe Will Win? ATATATATATATATA
  57. Dienomite22

    2 Humanlets, One Battle

    Judge R Vs Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) SBA Both 4-B Speed Equalized Judge R (7):Sir Ovens, CrimsonStarFallen,ZackMoon1234,Blahblah9755,TheArsenal1212,Ionlionsite,Schnee One Sephiroth : Inconclusive : Grace has long past
  58. TartaChocholate

    Final Fantasy VII Revised Profiles Proposal

    Following the advice from the previous thread I made the blog. The profiles for Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth can be seen HERE. Added Barret, Nanaki and Yuffie. Added Cid, Cait Sith and moved Vincent here. Added Aerith and Jenova. I tried to add all justifications and explanations to the profiles...
  59. Mohammed_Mubarak_Alkhater

    Shao Kahn vs Sephiroth

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Who Would Win In a Fight?
  60. Eficiente

    Jorgen Von Strangle vs Sephiroth

    Speed = Jorgen Von Strangle: 0 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  61. TartaChocholate

    Final Fantasy VII Abilities Revision Proposal (Long Post)

    After the changes that have been in the last months regarding how RPG characters are considered, I decided to look up all the possible abilities that could be missing from the profiles, others that have been discussed but haven't been properly added and other possible changes. And given my...
  62. Schnee_One

    Ganondorf vs Sephiroth

    This isn't going to go well..... Since Link doesn't have the Hax or regen to beat those that AP stomp him, Ganon is the only alternative with his Low Godly Regenerationn. Speed is Equal this time as well, and of course, 4B for both. Sephiroth: Ganondorf:
  63. Samira30

    Link (Composite) vs Sephiroth

    Speed equalized Full power Bloodlusted Hope it is not a Stomp (I'm new to this) Ok now it should be good.
  64. Nier_Hitoshura

    Sephiroth vs. The White Queen

    Both Sephiroth and White Queen are in their 4B versions. (Advent Children Sephiroth, and Unrestrained White Quee) Speed is equalized. Sephiroth: White Quee :
  65. StarSlayer666

    Sephiroth Versus Divine Crusader

    I just erased the entire underground bish Is that the best you could do Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) VS The Champion of Cyrodiil Pelinal Reborn Champio Speed Equalized Inconclusive: Champion: 1 Sephiroth:
  66. ShockingPsychic

    Meta Knight(Kirby) Vs. Sephiroth(Final Fantasy)

    Both are in character. They start 100ft. away from each other. The battle takes place in a large canyon. Round 2: Bloodlusted. They fight atop the Halberd. Context: Sephiroth started the attack and Meta Knight swooped in to defend his ship.
  67. ZephyrosOmega

    Final Fantasy VII speed upgrades

    Here are some speed feats that are new, as well as a recalc of bahamut fury's feat. I don't think the last two would actually scale, but we'll find out. Bahamut Fury Speed: 17 million C https://www.narutoforums.org/xfa-blog-entry/final-fantasy-vii-feats-typhon-bahamut-fury-and-a-comet.36394/...
  68. ZephyrosOmega

    Sephiroth VS. Palpatine

    Yeah, here we go. Palpatine as of Dark Empire, and Sephiroth as of Advent Children. Both are at their best, and speed is equalized. Let's begin, shall we? Sephiroth: Palpatine: Thunder McQueen:
  69. Cuckmaster_Gilgamesh

    Dunno if this is a good fight but I'll post it anyway. Ganondorf vs Sephiroth

    Both 4-B versions, Speed Equalized. Ganondorf
  70. Shootingkill

    Low-Godly regen for Sephiroth?

    Should Sephiroth have Low-Godly regen since he was able to reconstruct his body while remaining as a disembodied spirit and was able to fight Cloud in his mind even after after his physical body was completely destroyed? There's also this...
  71. DMUA

    Black Hat vs Sephiroth

    After my last match Hecking exploded, time to make a new one Speed Equalized High 5-A Sephy with the most Ha They're standing like 10 deer away from each other so Black Hat doesn't get noscoped Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Black Hat: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy): Inconclusive:
  72. Eficiente

    Sephiroth fights a Dark Cloud

    Apologies if this is a stomp, I think it could go either way. Speed = Sephiroth: 0 Dark Matter: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  73. Archaron

    Guardian vs Sephiroth

    The Guardian in his quest for new enemies that could be a threat, eventually encountered sephiroth and encountered his evil plans, and now it is up to him to defeat sephiroth to end with his fearsome evil plans. Okay, my first battle, so... Let's do this. Both 4-B. Speed Equal. Safer...
  74. Benandi

    Ganondorf vs Sephiroth

    Ganondorf The One Winged Angel Full power, no holds barred, all equipment, nothing equalized! An all-out fight to the death between the King of Darkness and the One-winged Angel! Who takes the win in this age-old grudge match?!
  75. Dragonmasterxyz

    Sephiroth vs Wisemon 02

    Let's try this again. No changes. Final Fantasy vs Digimon One Winged Angel vs Wise Demon Man -Speed Equal -Advent Children Sephiroth -SBA FIGHT!!! Sephiroth: 0 Wisemo: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  76. Eficiente

    Crocker vs Sephiroth

    Both at High 5-A. Speed = Dictator Crocker: 1 (ZacharyGrossman273) Sephiroth: 7 (Gargoyle One, Dragonmasterxyz, Vsguy75, Paulo.junior.969, ShadowWarrior1999, GyroNutz, Desiromaster) Inconclusive: 0
  77. Vsguy75

    Sephiroth vs Thanos

    Both are at 4-B Speed = Sephiroth - 8 (Derpinator, Asuka, ABoogie, Sound, Gargoyle, Zephyros, Kirby71, Shootingkill) Thanos - 0 Inconclusive - 0 Who wins and for what reason? If this is a stomp who should I switch to? "Is that the best you could do" "I am the mightiest"
  78. PaChi2

    Sephiroth vs Necrozma

    Safer Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) vs Ultra Necrozma SBA Speed equal Necrozma
  79. PaChi2

    Link vs Sephiroth

    4-B is fun Link (Composite) vs Advent Children Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) SBA Speed equal
  80. Son_Gandhi

    Superman(post crisis) vs Sephiroth

    Bothh 4-B and bloodlusted, speed is equalized.
  81. ZephyrosOmega

    Zero VS. Sephiroth

    I feel like this should have been done already. but what do i know? This is both at their strongest (So Z!Zero VS Safer Sephiroth) and Speed is NOT Equalized. ZERO: SEPHIROTH:
  82. JohnCenaNation

    Update Sephiroth's Powers & Abilities

    I know this is strange, but Sephiroth can fly despite having only one wing, so why isn't this mention in his profile?
  83. Paladinporter

    Sephiroth Question

    Is Sephiroth truly a 4-B character? Is his Supernova actually real or is it an illusion? Why is he counted as 4-B? Supernova can be used multiple times, but what makes it 4-B?
  84. GloryTheRainWing108

    Jorgen, Tsunderplane, Final Fantasy VII, Danny Sexbang and the Tiering System in general…

    So, firstly, the main feat used to back up Jorgen Von Strangle's Low 2-C Status might be wrong. According to Cryptidhunter41 (https://cryptidhunter41.deviantart.com/journal/Debunking-VBW-Jorgen-Von-Strangle-717606562), in the 2nd Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour, Professor Calamitous never says the bomb...
  85. Stefano4444

    Horus Lupercal vs Sephiroth

    Primarch Horus vs Advent Children Sephiroth Speed Equalized Sephiroth: 0 Horus: 5 (Gargoyle One, Kaltias, The Wright Way, DMUA, Kaltias) Inconclusive: 0
  86. Vsguy75

    Some Sephiroth questions

    Can Sephiroth still use Supernova? His Safer Form can but is that just an asthetic change or a completely different version of Sephiroth? WoG states AC Sephiroth to be the strongest IIRC but does he still retain that ability? Is Dissidia canon to the main games? If so what proves that is there...
  87. Kiryu2012

    Discord vs Sephiroth

    Discord vs Sephiroth Rules: Speed equalized 4-B Sephiroth No BFRs Otherwise SBA The One Winged Angel
  88. TheGoodCapt

    Final Fantasy 4-B Revision

    Alright, I've always had a problem with this series' calcs. Supernova is NOT a Solar System attack. Sure, it wipes out all the planets in a Solar System. But, it's one at a time and Sephiroth is just throwing a star at them. It's a Star Level feat. Solar System feats require the destruction of...
  89. DodoNova2

    A Badass Vilain Vs...a Pretty Soldier...?

    Well, I hope this match will be good, an overcheat guys with a lot of hax Vs girls, it's been a long time since I did not make a match with SM Speed Equalized Both 4-B No restriction Battle in the Solar systems
  90. Vsguy75

    Lord Zedd vs Sephiroth

    All right, who wins and why? Speed un - equalized Both in character 5 - A vs High 5 - A Lord Zedd: 0 Vs Crisis core Sephiroth : 2 Fight takes place in Aku City
  91. The_real_cal_howard

    Necrozma vs Sephiroth

    They fight to see who has better theme music ovo. Speed equalized. Necrozma can't absorb, Sephiroth can't transmute, death, or timestop. (I want this to be at least a little fair)
  92. Heartless_angel7

    Sephiroth speed increase and new ability for the final fantasy series

    Sephiroth, speed for combat should be mftl or even mftl+ with ,supernova which the meteor.(or whatever the thing that hit the sun)Came from a different solar system possibly galaxy and reach our sun in 40 seconds or...
  93. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Sephiroth vs Kevin 11,000

    Time to find out who's the strongest High 5-A with speed equalized This has already been tried before but it was a while ago and never concluded Bizarro Sephiroth vs Kevin 11,000
  94. Assaltwaffle

    4-B Battle Royale!

    Looks like we got another one! This time we're in 4-B. Here is the recruitment thread. Characters like Darth Sidious are banned; 2-C was bad enough with everyone getting insta-erased and we don't want that with mind hax boi. Superma OUT (Dead by Supernova) Silver Surfer OUT (Dead by...
  95. The_Wright_Way

    Hero of Tython vs. Sephiroth

    Peak Sephiroth. Speed Equalized.
  96. Seventy96

    Sephiroth vs Ganondorf

    High 5-A Speed equalized In character The One Winged Angel Ganondorf
  97. Firestorm808

    Cloud's Durability Addition

    Why doesn't Cloud have "Survived a supernova" in his durability section?
  98. Lunacorva

    FFVII Supernova feat possible outlier?

    I know I did a post on this before that got debunked, but looking at this again, a new reason has come to light that may put the Supernova as an outlier, and that is the sheer JUMP in AP. While characters in FFVII have been shown to be capable of moon or even planet level feats, a solar system...
  99. Shadowbokunohero

    Sephiroth vs Luke Skywalker

    Both are 4-B Speed Equalized battle takes place in the middle of Kanto surrounded by a shit ton of Caterpie
  100. Xmark12

    And you thought the original boss fights were hard... Sora vs Sephiroth!

    Sora beat Sephiroth twice in his canon. But, can he take on the real One Winged Angel? Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) Rules: Composite canon Sora vs composite canon Sephiroth. Speed equalized. In-character. Win by whatever they would do in-character to win. The...