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sephiroth (final fantasy)

  1. TartaChocholate

    Something, something about Mother, Reunion, Promised Land, Chosen Ones, Destiny and Pears (Sephiroth profile revision and one last addition)

    The final leg of the whole deal, but I am getting to work on the profiles proper at last. This time I bring two things: Sephiroth's revised profile, applying all the revision that have been accepted in the last few months. OLD vs NEW Now this only covers the Original Game continuity, mostly...
  2. Lightning_XXI

    Vergil Vs Sephiroth - 4-A edition

    I was told FF7 is going through revisions, and I believe Sephiroth's 4-A key will be affected, however, even if he is getting something, hopefully this can be fun with the current profiles and, if the changes affect the result, we can adjust the arguments accordingly - Both are in their 4-A...
  3. A Shrine Maiden tries to seal away a Fallen Hero(Kirin{Azure Striker Gunvolt} vs Sephiroth{Final Fantasy})0-0-7(Grace finished))

    Sephiroth-Final Fantasy VII key Kirin(Azure Striker Gunvolt) Inconclusive:7 Distance:100 meters Speed equal Sephiroth is 2-A Kirin is not paired with Gunvolt Kirin has Djinn's Wish and Golden Trillion SBA for the rest
  4. Smashtwig

    Lifestream Traveler Sephiroth CRT

    Sephiroth acquires all of the knowledge of the Ancients After being defeated by Cloud in the Nibelheim Reaction, Sephiroth fell into the Lifestream and became its traveler- gaining the knowledge of the Ancients, and claiming that he’s surpassed them in knowledge after obtaining said knowledge...
  5. TartaChocholate

    Spiritual Energy Manipulation - Celebrating the Release of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

    A little over a year and a half of work on this, woo! Was actually planning to do this CRT before the release of Rebirth but it took more time than I expected. Now for Rebirth to debunk all my hard work. Many thanks to @AlphaOmegaV1 for help through the months and @Theglassman12 for some very...
  6. SYPHe5D

    The Dark slayer vs The One winged angel

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vergil_(Devil_May_Cry) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy) SBA Speed is equalized
  7. The_Smashor


  8. Pippom3la

    Sephiroth vs Sonic

    Both at 2-A Sonic can't use Hyper Speed Equalized One Winged Angel: Blue Blur:
  9. Ikelaggan

    Lance vs Sephiroth

    Speed equalized Ebf4 key vs Pre-Lifestream Fall key Settle down Mattress and open the door: Jenova's witness: Bruh incon:
  10. BoilingMold

    One winged people say stuff to eachother

    Sagume Kishin vs Sephiroth (2C? Yes. One wing? Yes. Same hair color? Yes.) Physical Sagume vs Post Lifestream Sephiroth
  11. HST_Master

    Final Fantasy Miscellaneous Revisions

    Gonna get into some stuff so buckle up. Zack World of Final Fantasy 2-A Key: In World of Final Fantasy Zack unlike other Lilikins is stated to be the exact same Zack from FF7, sent to Grymoire after his death via the lifestream and its small amount of Mako connecting Gaia and Grymoire. He'd...
  12. Jesterofgames

    Question about Sephiroth (Mostly about Supernova)

    Currently trying to formulate a defense of Sephiroths Supernova. And while I know Supernova has stopped being used as a main scalining thing for Sephiroth as of now, but I was wondering if some people could help me. Namely Can someone help me with the "they only tank a fraction of supernova."...
  13. XXKINGXX69

    Sephiroth vs Kefka

    Sephiroth (Post Lifestream Fall) vs God Kefka Speed equal, both 2-C. Battle takes place in the Final Battlefield
  14. JohnCenaNation

    Sephiroth Revision Thread (Final Fantasy)

    Credit goes to thenamelessone. Sephiroth - From a Certain Point of View Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and one of the main antagonists in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, with an important role in the prequel Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and a supporting appearance...
  15. CardboardSlime

    Darth Vader VS Sephiroth

    Art by: yrfreakyneighbr Both are 4-A Darth Vader from Soul Caliber is used and is given the Soul Edge Sephiroth is in his Pre-Lifestream Fall Speed equalized Darth Vader: Sephiroth: Draw:
  16. BEASTHEART8800

    Goku Vs Sephiroth

    Ultra God Mission Goku. Dissidia Sephiroth. Speed equal. Starts 50 meters away. Takes place in Z-City. Goku: Sephiroth:
  17. Deceived3596

    Ji Ning Vs Sephiroth - The Cultivator Vs The One-Winged Angel

    SBA Speed Equalized Ji Ning (World God) Vs Sephiroth (Post-Lifestream Fall) Ji Ning - Sephiroth - Incon -
  18. Stillwinston

    Saitama vs Sephiroth

    I figured I might as well try my hand at the tier 4 Saitama, hopefully this goes okay iirc Seph doesn't use a whole lot of hax in this key anyway. Speed is equalised Both are 4-A Current Timeline Saitama is being used (May change to Parallel upon enough requests) SBA Otherwise The Caped...
  19. XXKINGXX69

    Sephiroth vs Sora

    Dissidia Sephiroth vs Sora Last keys for both, Sephiroth has Odin as his Eidolon Speed equal, Sora is willing to kill
  20. Pikaman

    Cloud vs Sephiroth (Smash Bros Ranking)

    Title Both are 2-A Cloud: Sephiroth:
  21. Yakushimi

    Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) vs Ardyn Izunia (Final Fantasy XV)

    SBA apply here, both fighters are at their strongest, not including Dissidia Final Fantasy. One-Winged Angel: Chancellor of Niflheim:
  22. RanaProGamer

    Battle Of Badass Villains (Sosuke Aizen vs Sephiroth)

    You facing me was all part of my plan, says Aizen as he stares down Sephiroth. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 3-B Versions. EOS Aizen vs Advent Children Sephiroth Who wins and why?
  23. Mariogoods

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters Battle Royale

    Rule: 1. All characters should be in their canon strongest state. 2. The list's order is from the strongest to the weakest. 3. If there is some question regarding the list, it is better to start a vs debate thread. List: 1. Joker (1-C, higher with Willpower) 2. Sephiroth (At least 2-A) 3. The...
  24. Cyberblader90

    Final Fantasy 7 Fix Part 3: Hax and The Power of the Lifestream

    Welcome to the final part of the ff7 verse fix. Today we will be discussing some minor hax additions, and some controversial. Without further ado: Hax https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Cyberblader9/Will_and_Emotions_in_FF7 All first-class Soldiers have Memory Manipulation and...
  25. Cyberblader90

    Sephiroth Revision (FF7 Remake Exclusive)

    So in the final mission of the remake, sephiroth absorbs this giant hot orb: Sephiroth absorbs it (also absorbs several whispers in the process). Absorption begins at 0:58. What sephiroth absorbed here it METEOR from the black materia. This was possible due to the unique location they were...
  26. Cyberblader90

    FF7 Stats fix (Part 1)

    Recently final fantasy vii has gone through some revisions for speed and ap. Several characters will be updated accordingly, and keys will be restructured to match. Due to the number of pages that will have to be changed, I will be dividing this project in to separate parts. This first part will...
  27. Cyberblader90

    FF7 Speed Upgrade

    Supernova https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Migue79/Final_Fantasy_7:_Supernova_Comet_Speed#articleComments Miguel79’s calc for Supernova was recently accepted, which puts the speed of the comet at 20.571 Trillions C. The contention is whether or not it should scale in some fashion to...
  28. Lightning_XXI

    Death Battle Rematch: Vergil Vs Sephiroth

    Let's see how this works, I'm curious myself - DMC5 Vergil and Dissidia Seph, both 2-C - Speed is Equal - They are in character - They start 100 meters away from each other https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vergil_(Devil_May_Cry) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sephiroth_(Final_Fantasy)
  29. MarvelFanatic119

    "Shall I give you despair?" "Now I'm motivated!" Sephiroth vs Vergil (Final Fantasy 7 vs Devil May Cry)

    Time for these two to have a battle to the death and settle who's stronger once and for all! This Dissidia Sephiroth vs DMC 5 Vergil Both are in character Speed Equalized Fight takes place in an abandoned Mako Reactor They start off 10 meters away from each other Win via Death, KO, BFR or...
  30. Cyberblader90

    Sephiroth upgrade via Knights (Final Fantasy 7)

    So Knights of the Round was accepted as Multi Galaxy. This crt is part 1 of a cast revision due to this. This part will be strictly Sephiroth only. This is for his second and third key. Scaling To Knights Post Lifestream PS Sephiroth scales to Knights for a few reasons: So it doesnt hurt to...
  31. Tony_di_bugalu

    I'm bored so why not? Aesir vs Sephiroth

    This is a battle of the big bads of their respective games and because I want to kill someone time Battle takes place in the grand canyon 2 KM appart. Speed is equal. SBA otherwise. Sephiroth: Aesir: Incon:
  32. Bruhtelho

    One-Winged Spartan: Sephiroth VS Kratos

    My friends really wanted me to do this so why not Both at 2-C, Kratos With the Power of Hope and Dissidia Sephiroth are used Fight takes place in Midgar Speed is equalized Fight ends in K.O, Incap, or Death Both start 1 Kilometer apart The One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth:0 The God of War...
  33. Knifeman29

    One Winged Devil

    The One Winged Angel battles the Half Demon Dark Slayer (again) Standard Battle Assumptions Speed is equal Vergil: Sephiroth: Battle Music
  34. Pokémon_Trainer_Jacob

    Whis vs Sephiroth

    Sephiroth vs Whis. Dissidia vs DC Super. I noticed they're both White Haired, 2-C, MFTL'd, manly men and so what better to do than to see who would beat who in a fight. Fight to the Death, and Speed is Equalized because Whis blitzes Sephiroth otherwise. This takes place on Beerus's home world...
  35. ShrekAnakin

    Squall vs Kars

    I regret everything. Kars is at his peak, Squall is Low 2-C with Disk 4, speed equal, who wins and why? Gill from Street Fighter: 0 Jotaro with a Sword: 0 Iconclusive: 0
  36. Smashtwig

    Kirito vs Sephiroth

    I was honestly just pretty bored and wanted to see the world burn. Have fun. Star King: Advent: Rules 4-A, Speed Equal, SBA Kirito - e61 Joules: Sephiroth - e63 Joules: Points Brought Up Kirito + - Sephiroth + -
  37. TyranoDoom30

    Sephiroth fights a Egg (Completed)

    I hope this is not a stomp Sephiroth (Post-Lifestream) Vs Magolor (Post-Star Allies) Sephiroth is 3-C while Magolor is 4-A (Pretty high into 4-A, borderline 3-C) Speed is equalized Both are in character Both start away at a 8 meters distance Location is Central Highway (from Mega Man X)...
  38. SamanPatou

    What's precisely Sephiroth's AP?

    Sephiroth is 3-C but how far into it? Like, how many times above baseline? This came up in a vs thread, as no one could apparently give a clear answer, mentioning that he scales to a dimension containing a galaxy, but that should be far bigger as the galaxy was rather small. And apparently, the...
  39. FoxySonicMaster108

    (Finished) Goku VS The One Winged Angel

    Advent Children Sephiroth is used Toei Goku in the Buu Saga is used Both are at 3-C Speed is equalized if needed Who wins? Goku: Sephiroth: 2 (WarriorofMite, sanicspood) Inconclusive: 7 (LightReinh12345, SheevShezarrine, Waka1979, FluffyCreatureZ, Arcker123, Gilad_Hyperstar...
  40. BrazilianDeadpool

    Kratos vs Sephiroth

    Speed equalized. Battle takes place in Midgard, near the Lake of Nine; this is 4-A Kratos vs Post-Lifestream Fall Sephiroth. God of War: 0 One-Winged Angel: 0 Inconclusive: 0