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  1. koopa3144

    the average introvert fights the Merc with a Mouth (Scp-096 vs Deadpool (Marvel Comics)) (1-0-0)

    This is probably one of 96 few fair fights in this key but we'll see how this goes down The fight takes place in a random warehouse 96's Extended Canon key is being used 96 has 9-A ap and skin dura Deadpool has his Large Building level weaponry and Optional Equipment except the Chitauri hand...
  2. Uncontainable Cries

    SCP-096 VS RPC-042 Artwork by u/BlackDarkBoi on Reddit RULES Speed Equalized Main article 096 is used It's a fight to death
  3. That_moron2

    Obunga Jesus vs SCP-096

    Battle takes place in Karakura Town. Speed is equal. The Invoker: 096: Ichigo Kills Both:
  4. Battle of the Shyest

    SCP-096 9A likely higher Tooru with Wonder of U 8C likely higher Tooru is sent a picture of SCP-096 and looks at it with Satoru Afeku and SCP-096 tries to kill them. Wonder of U is activated to defend Tooru, SCP-096 can see and interact with Wonder of U Tooru is at the Hospital and SCP-096 19...
  5. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Complaining about Series 1 SCP Ratings

    A lot of the Series 1 low tier SCPs are bad on some level. I want to end this. Partially because I missed a ton of CRTs but: Now as a result of all this, you might notice that there is a problem. Namely, that there is no 9-A feat at all that scales to the big bad Series 1 SCPs...
  6. Kirinator07

    The Hero Hunter pityingly looks at an Assassin

    SBA The battle takes place halfway between Mercury and The Sun Speed is equalized Awakened Garou (5-A) is used Royal Assassin SCP-096 (5-A) is used Garou: @Kachon123 SCP-096: Inconclusive: @WeeklyBattles
  7. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Finals. Tanya von Degurechaff vs SCP-096 (8-5-0)

    German Soldier : 8 Shy Boi : 5 Incon : 0 Everything above 9-A is restricted Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Original File SCP-096 used
  8. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Semifinals Match 2. Adora vs SCP-096

    Shy Guy : 0 Light Monke : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Original File SCP-096 used Everything above 9-A is restricted Starting distance is 10 meters Adora has been getting ****** over in every other match because her opponent's supporters keep refusing to show up. I trust you won't do that...
  9. Comiphorous

    SCP-096 ability removal

    SCP-096's resistance to time manipulation should be removed, as that feat comes from a translated chinese branch tale
  10. hockame

    3-0-0 SCP-096 VS Stanley S. SquarePants

    The guy who destroys everything he touches, and the guy who can't be destroyed. SCP-096: 6 Stanley S. SquarePants: Incon: Speed is equalized Both are 9-A Fighters are bloodlusted Fight takes place outside the Krusty Krab Stanley is aware of SCP-096's abilities Extended Canon 096 is being used...
  11. Kirinator07

    Some SCP additions

    There are some additions that I want to clarify with before I can add them just so we're on the same page, some of them have been touched upon however as they would most likely go more in detail. SCP-076-2 For this particular SCP I went over the respect threads and found these scans This...
  12. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Round 2 Match 3. Winter Wolf vs SCP-096

    Cold Doggo : 0 Shy Boi : 0 Incon : 0 Original File SCP-096 and Snowfang used Anything above 9-A is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters
  13. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Round 1 Match 4. Volo vs SCP-096

    Volo's Guide to VS Battle Wiki : 0 Shy Boi : 7 Incon : 0 Original File SCP-096 used Everything above 9-A is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters I'm ******
  14. Does this makes SCP-096 blessed with Causality Manipulation?

    I need to clarify whether if this is true or not. Recently, I have discovered an SCP with a designated codenumber as SCP-4121. The SCP is present as a spacetime impetus paradox affecting the current reality inhabited by the human race, the SCP Foundation and all associated items of importance...
  15. Comiphorous

    SCP-096 regeneration

    The interview with the MTF that by the gods survived his squad being ripped apart by 096 said; "If it was, it wasn't showing it. It must have lost all its organs, all its blood, but it didn't acknowledge any of it. Its bone structure wasn't hurt at all, though. It kept tearing my squad apart."...
  16. ShionAH


    In extended canon SCP-096 moved the sun wouldnt that make him more than 9-A?
  17. ShionAH

    SCP-096 VS SCP-173 GRACE

    SCP-096 vs SCP-173 Speed equal Both 9-A SCP-173: 1 SCP-96: 8 Incon:
  18. RedGX

    Tooru (Wonder Of U) vs SCP-096

    Tooru vs SCP-096 SCP-096 is in his extended cannon key. Tooru: 0 SCP-096: 0 Incon: 0 Both In Character. Location: A Forest
  19. Braking

    another 096 match lmao

    Ryu is in his alpha 3 key. SCP-096 is in his article cannon key Both are 9-A Speed is equal Distance: a mile i guess Ryu: 096: Incon:
  20. Braking

    Tanjiro Vs SCP-096 (Concluded)

    Tanjiro is in His 9-A key and can use Dance of the fire god if near certain death (Post-Rehabilitation) (Demon Slayer Mark restricted) SCP-096 is in his extended cannon key Speed equal Fight takes place in a forest in daylight Tanjiro:7 (@Confluctor ) (@ShadowWhoWalks ) (@Popted2 )...
  21. Braking

    Peter vs 096

    SCP-096 is in his extended cannon and can be lowered to original file if a stomp Peter does not have deaths powers Both are 9-A Speed equal Peter Griffin: SCP-096:7 (@WeeklyBattles ) (@Lou_change ) (@TauanVictor ) (@Rez ) (@Popted2 ) (@Maverick_Zero_X ) (@CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 ) This is kinda...
  22. Revision of SCP-096/New Feats Founded.

    So, I've been in putting a battle between All Might and SCP-096 on another website as "whowouldwin" on reddit. And surprised, they have input that SCP-096 would win. They revealed these newfound feats that are discovered somewhere in language branches of the SCP-Foundation wiki. The fact that...
  23. Tots_Real

    SCP-096 Vs Arch-vile

    Speed Equalized Fight takes place right after Doomguy genocided a level, Arch-vile is located in an open room full of dead demons (4 Zombieman, 3 Shotgun Guy, 5 Imp, 5 Pinkys, 2 Spectre, 3 Cacodemon, 3 Pain elemental, 4 Cacodemon, 1 Barons of Hell, 2 Revenant, 1 Hell Knight, 2 Mancubus and 1...
  24. Doomguy vs SCP-096

    Doomguy vs SCP-096 Speed is equalized. Baseline 9-A weapons are given(however,higher 9-A stuff can be given if it is a stomp) SCP-096’s first 9-A key used. Doomguy has the haste sphere only. SCP-096(baseline 9-A) Doomguy(Baseline 9-A with lower tier weaponry and physicals,higher tiered...
  25. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    SCP-073 vs SCP-096

    Both are article canon Cain has seen a picture of 096's face SCP-073: SCP-096: Inconclusive: FIGHT!!!
  26. Maksim_Zagoskin

    Alien Queen VS SCP-096

  27. GodzillaTPP

    Indominus Rex VS SCP-096

    Both are in character even though bloodlusted wouldn't make a difference. The hybrid dinosaur that kills for sport: 0 The tall pale man who kills to hide his face: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  28. Soupywolf5

    Thin Man Does the Mario

    SCP-096 vs. Mario (Captain Lou Albono) Speed equalized, Article Canon 096 is used, and Mario is 9-A SCP-096 is 340 Megajoules(?), Mario is casually 488 Megajoules 9.79795897113^2: Pizza Time!: 8 (Buttersamuri, GoCommitDi, Joaco0902, Lord JJJ, 00potato, Anomalous N I W D E, Adem Warlock69...
  29. The_Smashor

    SCP-096 revisions I think

    Alright then, I've heard a lot about this story. Basically, the foundation rocketed 096 into the sun, and it began bringing the Earth's orbit closer. This would buff 096's durability to anywhere from Building to Multi-City Block level+ since It's unknown how deep into the sun 096 went. They...
  30. EnnardTrap1987

    SCP-096 VS SCP-106

    Both are 9-A and speed is equalised. 096: 0 106: 0 Tie: 0
  31. Bereghostfan12345788

    thanks vs 096

  32. EnnardTrap1987

    Tyrant vs SCP-096

    Both are 9-A and speed is equalised. X gon give it to ya: 0 Shy boi: 0 Tie: 0
  33. Roachman40

    The Shy Guy vs The Insect Worshipper

    SCP-096: Insect Worshipper: 1 Speed Equalized Shy Guy is 9-A, Insect Worshipper is 9-B Win via Death or Incapitation
  34. Sans2345

    Hulk (2003 movie version) vs SCP-096

    Both 9-A speed equalized win via by death or KO SBA Me On A Monday: 2 (Christian Higdon) (ChocomilkAlex) Emo: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  35. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    SCP-096 vs Schadenfreude

    Don't look at them. Human "Don't look at me" vs Robot "Don't look at me" Extended Canon 096 and speed is equalized. The SCP Foundation and the Lobotomy Corporation team up in order to eliminate two problematic monsters. Both are dropped in a large containment unit 10 meters away from each...
  36. Sans2345

    SCP-096 vs Specimen 9

    Both 9-A tier speed equalized win via death or KO SBA battle takes place in a large empty containment chamber Specimen 9: 0 SCP-096: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  37. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP VS Series Additions

    SCP-096 http://www.scp-wiki.net/consequences-and-collarbones Dr. Carver: 682 skinned 096 and then dissolved its flesh with acid. The bones were unaffected though. It's actually quite astounding. Dr. Daniels: Yeah, he's a real miracle. Resistance to Acid Manipulation. "SCP-096 has...
  38. ShockingPsychic

    SCP-096 Vs. Guts (Berserk)

    Speed is equalized (Is there really a reason to though?) Guts sees 096 while walking through a wide, flat feild. Both are at their peak. Guts has his sword and armor They start 50ft. apart from each other Victory is achived by death or incap. Both are in-character.
  39. HierophantDeluxe

    Green Baby vs SCP-096 (aka "the impossible fight")

    Inconclusive? Green Baby vs SCP-096 Green Babyy: Wendigo: Inconclusive:
  40. Kyschan21

    JoJo vs SCP Got Me Interested (Damo vs 096) (Grace)

    Tamaki Damo vs SCP-096 Damo has 7 minutes of prep, Extended Canon 096, and speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Higashikata Household Damo: 7 096: Inconclusive: