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  1. N_Kardashev

    Possible minor upgrades for top tier Inuyasha characters

    There may be a way to determine their tiers in spite of the lack of calcs. It has been said that the Bakusaiga is ten times stronger than the Tessaiga. If we can find proof of that from the primary sources, then maybe we can get Inuyasha and gang to 7-B if we back scale that from Sesshomaru...
  2. Setsuna_tenma

    A mage fights a demon

    Theodre:1 vs Naraku: Low 7B versions Speed equalized
  3. OriginFox

    Juuzou Shishimi Vs Naraku

    Juuzou (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Juuzou_Shishimi) VS Naraku (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naraku) Rules: Equal speed, No status amplification, starting distance: 100 meters. Rest is SBA
  4. DontTalkDT

    Naraku vs Darquesse (Battle for #5 Low 7-B)

    Naraku vs Darquesse Low 7-B versions of both. Speed Equal SBA otherwise. I remember a few years ago this thread was closed because people were saying Naraku stomps. Let's see if that is actually the case.
  5. DontTalkDT

    Massive Naraku downgrades and some minor upgrades (Inuyasha)

    Since I currently can't find the time and/or motivation to write a new CRT I thought it's time to do this one. I had already written the CRT in question in the old forum, but was late to post it. So I put it in a blog post, which can be found here. It's a fitting time anyways, seeing as...
  6. JohnCenaNation

    Naraku vs Meruem

    vs. Rules: 1. This is Naraku at his strongest from InuYasha without any injuries; whereas this is Meruem at his strongest from Hunter X Hunter without any injuries. 2. Naraku in prime, transforms into Spider Yōkai, absorps to limit, and fused with Shikon no Tama; whereas Meruem in prime...
  7. Celestial_Pegasus

    Naraku vs Arnos Voldigod

    Speed equalized Who wins? Naraku: Arnos Voldigod: Inconclusive:
  8. Derpyrebound

    Naraku vs Mundus (Inuyasha vs The Elder Scrolls 5)

    Naraku has used the Shikon Jewel to enter the plane of existence known as Mundus and he is looking to cause trouble in the form of bloodshed, orchestrating heart-wrenching betrayals between lovers, absorbing non-mortals that will further his own power (i.e. daedra), false promises of power, and...
  9. FloweryAlex

    Han vs Naraku

    Han Jee-Ha Naraku Speed equal (not that it changes much), Low 7-B, 40 meters of distance and there is no-one else around in Central Park.
  10. GiverOfThePeace

    A psychic kid fights a furry

    Sorry DaBigP, nothing personal but it is time for Nes to have a true challenge. >:) Ness walks into Inuyasha and sees this evil dude. Ness: Naraku:
  11. HST_Master

    Any ideas for matches?: Naraku.

    Does anyone have any ideas for matches against Naraku? Been itching to make matches for him.
  12. MisterKtheKoala

    Ok, this is epic

    Battle to decide who is the strongest Low 7-B Naraku Vs Funny Valentine Both at full power Speed is equalized SBA Who would win? Funny Valentine
  13. Hl3_or_bust

    A Girl from a Music Game vs Hell (Altair vs Naraku)

    *distant trumpets* *melting noises* Altair (Re:Creators) vs Naraku >Speed=/= (Naraku is like 1.5x faster at most) >Obvious keys are obvious because why not?
  14. Antoniofer

    I put a haxxy guy against absolute nothing: Naraku VS. Noth

    Naraku VS Noth Principality. Battle take place in one of those japanese mountain temples. For reference, Noth scale above 2.87 Megatons. Naraku - 1 (Sigurd) Noth - 1 (HI3) Incon - 4 (RavenSupreme, Zensum, Schnee, ABoogie)
  15. Demise0

    Nocturne vs. Naraku

    SBA 100 Meters Speed Equalized Dream Realm Nocturne v Evil Will Naraku Profiles: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Nocturne https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naraku
  16. RavenSupreme

    Some more Naraku additions - Resistance to TimeStop, Mid-Godly Regenerationn, Immortality type 9

    Continuing from this thread: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2184684 Basic explanation: - The Shikon Jewel is a space and timeless void where the good and evil will are fighting for all eternity which is the fate of the Jewel Even when the Jewel is shattered and its fragments send...
  17. RavenSupreme

    Additions to the Naraku Profile which are yet missing

    Gonna let the feats speak for themselves: Astral Projection Around Mount Hakurei a holy barrier is created by a living buddha whichprevents any demon and evil spirit from entering the general vicinity oft he sacred mountain. The living buddhas soul continued to uphold the barrier after his...
  18. StrongClick

    Road Kamelot vs Naraku

    Road Kamelot vs Naraku Equalized speed, SBA. who wins tbh>?
  19. Yobo_Blue

    Naraku vs The Preeminent

    The Preeminent vs Naraku SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  20. Tony_di_bugalu

    Zarathustra vs literally Hell

    Base Re vs Naraku Speed Equal SBA "What about No..." "What about yes" Btw kudos to whoever made naraku's page, it is very detailed. Good job.
  21. DMB_1

    The Narrator (The Stanley Parable) vs. Naraku: Battle for the strongest Low 7-B

    Speed equalized. Naraku: 0 The Narrator: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  22. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Lord Vile vs Naraku

    Welp,someone request it so i create this match,i dunno if this goes well but let's see what next........Alright lets go!!! -7-B Lord Vile is used -Both in character -Speed equalized -Range is 50 meter -Win via anything!!! VS Naraku : 0 Skulduggery Pleasant : 0
  23. RavenSupreme

    Naraku vs Rusalka Schwagerin

    Base Rusalka and speed equal for obvious reasons. In character. Naraku: 0 Rusalka Schwagerin: 0 Inconclusive: 7
  24. Raito_Utopia

    Naraku vs Alucard

    Round 1 : Naraku hasn't shikon vs Alucard (Pre-Schrodinger) Round 2 : Naraku has shikon vs Alucard (Post-Schrodinger) Who win and why ?
  25. Antoniofer

    Naraku vs. Arclight

    Naraku hasn't the Shikon no Tama wish and Arclight hasn't Stigmata
  26. Raito_Utopia

    Naraku vs Misogi

    Naraku has Shikon no Tama In chaeacter Speed equal Who win an why ? Misogi :4 Naraku :2
  27. Collerateral

    Naraku vs FTVerse

    Naraku vs Fairy Tail Verse who wins? Scenario 1:Gauntlet style from weakest to strongest Scenario 2:Entire Verse
  28. Yamatohime

    Naraku vs Nrvnsqr Chaos

    Standard Battle Assumptions. Scenario 1: Battle damaged Nrvnsqr Chaos (can't summon his high tiers) vs Naraku; Scenario 2: Full powered Nrvnsqr Chaos vs Naraku.
  29. Mister_Death

    Naraku's DC/Durability

    I noticed that Naraku is only small town level, though in much weaker forms he's been seen shrugging off things like the windscar which has shown to be a consistent mountain level attack, and EOS Naraku at his peak has shown that his body alone/not even using the barrier, even when hammered with...