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nanatsu no taizai

  1. CloverDragon03

    Nanatsu no Taizai CRT: Chaos Did Not Create Purgatory

    Why did I do this? Am I stupid? So, following a recent NNT thread, I came to the realization of something: Chaos is currently accepted as having created Purgatory. When looking through the scans justifying this, I came to realize just how faulty this is. As such, I'd like to remove this, and...
  2. speedster352

    What is the LS of Neo Camelot?

    So Arthur can keep Camelot afloat and keep countless stars in place what LS is that? Here
  3. speedster352

    Can this calc be used?

  4. KingArthur561

    Devil Host Vs Goddess

    I never knew Supereme Deity Battle's thread, so i created this one Supreme Deity Vs Asta SBA Speed Equalized Post zetten asta restricted Supreme Deity votes= Neutral= Asta=
  5. Arkenis

    Black Clover vs NNT - Captain vs Archangel

    SBA Speed is unequal, will equalize if it becomes a stomp. Mereoleona is in Spade Kingdom Raid Arc Location - Britannia Starting distance - 4km
  6. Faa_Tzy

    Nightmare Teller Gowther

    Continuing from this old CRT, I want to add a little to the other sub-abilities obtained from Nightmare-Teller. Dream Manipulation, Fear Manipulation ( Nightmare Manipulation ), Statistics Reduction & Minor Paralysis Inducement: Gowther generates nightmares based on the target's traumatic...
  7. Himokashi

    Zeldris vs Langris

    Speed equalized Round 1: No knowledge Round 2: With knowledge
  8. Faa_Tzy

    NNT some upgrades

    Again and again, I come back Ban: Intangbility Negation : 『Elemental』,destroying a Djinn by simply passing through it, which is an elemental spirit. King: Supernatural Willpower: His transformation into the fairy king destroyed Mael's Scythe of Silence, which created a seal of not being able...
  9. speedster352

    Four knights of the apocalypse abilities crt

    Percival: -Martial Arts (Practice Gouren) Varghese: -Martial Arts (Practice Gouren) -Expert Swordsmanship (As an ancient Holy Knight he is a trained soldier with a great experience of fighting and is shown using a sword) Ironside: -Limited Flight With Floating Boat -Possibly Air Manip (Here)...
  10. Nexus_still_slams

    downgrade of purgatory infinite size (Nanatsu no taizai)

    first of all I apologize if what I am going to say here has already been discussed / addressed, according to my research this has not been the case but perhaps I did not research enough. That being said I will address the main subject of this thread: the size of purgatory in nnt. From what I...
  11. NatzuX

    7DS speed adjustment

    First of all, thanks to Aether2734 for calculated the character's speed (yes, it passed the evaluation). I will provide accepted calculation links and will present it in this thread. as follows: Nanatsu No Taizai : Another Shorty King Majesty Brother Speed (scale to Zeldris) Short King Majesty...
  12. ByAsura

    New 4KoA/7DS Revisions

    AP Revisions The Ocean Calculation Unfortunately, Tarmiel's calculation is flawed because Aether and KLOL used 40 km for the radius instead of 20. The actual value is just under 2.6 teratons. But, we have another way to get a higher value. Behemoth/Demon King Scaling Behemoth has 5-C feats just...
  13. Faa_Tzy

    NNT Some additions

    Woah, I thought of this ability, which could possibly be used. Denzel: Curse Manipulation, Limited Law Manipulation, Limited Fate Manipulation & Necromancy: via Judgement. Denzel applies the symbol to fraudrin's body parts (possessing dreyfus), which causes the target to be haunted...
  14. DaReaperMan

    Escanor vs Endeavor

    Both High 6-C (Yes that means it stays dawn so Escanor doesn't just last a decently long time and AP-****) Speed Equal Battle takes place in Jurassic Park Escanor: 0 Endeavor: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. LuffyRuffy46307

    Infinite Underworld

    I noticed that there is a scan in Nanatsu no Taizai that talks about the underworld being infinite, wouldn't that change the levels of the characters in Nanatsu no Taizai?
  16. Faa_Tzy

    Minor upgrade abillities

    Accidentally found things that are quite interesting, maybe this can be used Gowther: Up range Tens of kilometer: Using his sense, Gowther shoots his magic arrows at targets with a range of 9,2 miles. As support, gowther is able to use "self destructive" with a radius of up to 10 miles...
  17. Arkenis

    Ruin vs Ban

    Ruin - 6.88 Megatons vs Ban - 18 Megatons Equal Speed Location Tokyo 2.61x AP difference Ruin: Ban: Incon:
  18. Majinere566

    I'm the better Immortal!

    Zombieman Vs Ban Ban is in his Pre-Purgatory Key This fight is in Equal Stats. Location: Detroit Undead Ban: Zombieman:
  19. Arkenis

    New Gen Villains Fight

    Think this could be fun. I will be doing this by mangas who have come out since 2010s. Makima Ryomen Sukuna - Meguna (use meguna link for reference) Shigaraki - Complete Kaiju No. 9 - Post 2nd Absorption Eden Weiss Billy - 100th Loop Muzan Esdeath Sakanashi South Zeldris - Base/Demon Mark...
  20. speedster352

    Escanor revision thread

    Resistance negation Can harm Izraf who can't be harmed by normal fire can still burn him despite his armour resisting purgatory fire which in turn can burn things immune to regular fire thus surpassing its potency Magic resistance negation Can burn characters slash objects that are very...
  21. Majinere566

    The Lion Sin of Pride Vs The Number One Hero (0-0-0)

    Escanor vs Allmight Escanor is in his Pre New Holy War Arc Key while Allmight should be in his Prime Version. The fight starts at Late Morning and ends at noon so Escanor would be starting at least 5.15 Teratons while Allmight is 8.3 Teratons. This is a battle of endurance and if Allmight can...
  22. speedster352

    Vey small nnt addition

    Changing molecular to atomic. Funision for Chandler and cusack(Can merge into the original demon)
  23. speedster352

    Grand crosss profile creation crt

    So I made these sandboxes some things are still missing and I propose that they be edited and made into profiles. If there's a need for more evidence from sources I can provide it.
  24. speedster352

    Meliodas vs Natsu

    Base unsealed Meliodas vs BFDM Natsu Speed equalized High 6c versions Just for fun
  25. speedster352

    What verse can composite nnt character solo?

    So which verse get solo?
  26. Robo432343

    Supreme Deity vs Gremmy Thoumeaux

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Supreme_Deity_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gremmy_Thoumeaux Both 6-A SBA Speed =
  27. KingArthur561

    Blessed vs Hated

    Arthur Pendragon Vs Asta Rules: -speed eq -Pre zetten asta -4koa Arthur -Sba -Arena=marineford
  28. speedster352

    Small nnt/4koa crt

    Giving the SD and Tarmiel and Sariel inter dimensional bfr range with domain of god. Tarmiel and Sariel combine their Graces to create a pocket dimension to trap their opponent in. Tarmiel creates an ocean while Sariel creates the sky above it. Sariel has complete control over the sky, freely...
  29. speedster352

    Zeldris vs King

    Zeldris vs King SBA
  30. Mickey1940

    7 Deadly Sins Diane and Gowther Upgrade

    I recently finished watching 7DS: Cursed by Light, and I noticed that Diane could push back and blast holes into the Supreme Deity with her Creation magic despite not even using Drole's Dance, as well as take direct blows from and keep up with her alongside the rest of the Sins despite not using...
  31. speedster352

    Meliodas vs Asta(I got bored)

    Meliodas vs Asta 6b versions Prime/holy war Meliodas vs Black Asta SBA Speed equalized
  32. speedster352

    Can bfr be scaled to other characters?

    So if a Giant can fling a character 40 plus miles away and there are other Giants with 3x that giants strength would they scale to this feat? Since they might be able to replicate it easily.
  33. speedster352

    Another small nnt thread

    Resistance to Information analysis for Meliodas he was unaffected by Drole magic eye Which is the same as Merlin eye that allows the user to see the combat class and power of the opponent. Drole's ability served as the basis for the inspiration of Merlin's Balor Power Eye. Meliodas adds...
  34. Pedonar

    Meliodas vs Luffy

    Both at their Strongest Stats Unequalized SBA rules Luffy: Meliodas:
  35. speedster352

    Behemoth earthquake evaluation

    Yes I got permission https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ByAsura/Behemoth_Earthquake
  36. speedster352

    Nanatsu no tazai speed and ap calcs

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ByAsura/Behemoth_Earthquake https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Aether2734/Four_Knight_Of_Apocalypse_:_Awakens_Of_Behemoth https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Aether2734/Nanatsu_no_taizai_:_Golden_sky...
  37. speedster352

    Battle for top 10 strongest high 6a non Smurf Arthur vs gremmy

    Arthur Vs Gremmy SBA 4km away Speed equal
  38. speedster352

    Supernatural 6a/high 6a tournament

    High hax is allowed Ap range 700 teratons minimum Ap range 100 petatons minimum Must state ap of character If the matches aren’t finished within 7 days the one with the most votes go on if that is not the case a coin flip will be done Each person can chose 2 characters one 6a and one high 6a 6a...
  39. speedster352

    Natsu vs Meliodas rematch

    Speed is equalized Meliodas vs Natsu High 6c version 3rd key Natsu Night time SBA Demon mark and enchantments cannot be used.
  40. speedster352

    Meliodas and Zeldris vs Asta and Yuno rematch

    Meliodas and Zeldris vs Asta and Yuno. 6b versions Speed equalized Holy war base Meliodas and Holy war second demon mark Zeldris with god vs post timeskip base Asta and Yuno Night time