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kuzan (admiral aokiji)

  1. KingTempest

    One Piece: High 6-A downgrade Pt. 2

    Yo. https://vsbattles.com/threads/one-piece-high-6-a-downgrade.151197/ Pt 2 Main Scaling 1 The God Tiers scale above this calculation here for Aokiji. So change the values to those who fought Aokiji. Maybe put "combatted Aokiji", and for Akainu put "matched Aokiji for 10 days" or w/e. I've...
  2. Fireld

    One Piece Admirals CTR

    Note: This isn't talking just about admirals but also a few people who have "fought" them for better or worse. AKAINU Possibly Danmaku: Via Meteor Volcano RAYLEIGH AP: Just linking more evidence that his prime-self is above his older-self KUZAN Elemental Intangibility: Should be removed as...
  3. LordGinSama

    A battle of the ice age! Esdeath vs Kuzan

    Now here goes a good match, thematic and now that they're are the same tier we can end this discussion. 6-A Esdeath vs Post Time-Skip Kuzan. Speed is equalized. Winner via Death of the opponent. Esdeath: 0 Kuzan: 0 Incon:0
  4. Azevedo128

    Admirals VS Devils(Akainu and Aokiji VS Lilith and Naamah)

    Speed is Equalised Twin Devils (Each word is a different twin) VS Aokiji + Akainu
  5. DiedrichYagami

    Aokiji & Akainu Striking Strength

    I was looking on the wiki and I realized the current justifications for their Striking Strength are... bad. Akainu's profile says: While Aokiji's profile says: Shouldn't we have better justifications for this? It looks a circular scaling.
  6. TauanVictor

    Aokiji (Kuzan) VS Noelle Silva

    Aokiji (Kuzan) VS Noelle Silva Fight Location: Russia Starting Distance: 10 Meters Both in character Equalized speed Verse equalization applied Kuzan: 4 (@Bernkastelll, @joshpiece, @Loyd, @NomsNoms) Noelle: Inconclusive:
  7. TauanVictor

    Aokiji (Kuzan) VS Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) (GRACE)

    Aokiji VS Whitebeard Fight Location: Marineford Island Starting Distance: 15 Meters Old Whitebeard will be used The prior knowledge of the other shown in the manga will be taken into consideration Both in character Aokiji: 3 (@KingOFG, @Darkvie123, @joshpiece) Whitebeard: 7 (@KingTempest...
  8. LordGinSama

    The Empire's Strongest vs The Blue Pheasant

    Both are at 6-B Winner via death of the opponent Speed is equalized Battle takes place in the Fairy Tail guild. Ice man: 0 Ice woman:0 Incon
  9. KingTempest

    One Piece God-High Tiers Revision

    Introduction This content revision thread is to discuss those who aren't high Tiers of One Piece but they aren't god tiers, right in the middle to be exact. I request that we strictly talk about Attack Potency, Striking Strength, and Durability in here. We will not talk about any abilities, any...
  10. KingTempest

    Busoshoku Haki Huge Addition

    Busoshoku Haki Revision This is gonna be a lot. In fact, it was so much that I put every resistance in a spoiler. Resistance to Heat and Fire Manipulation Agree: StrawHatArslan, joshpiece, Axxtentacle, Milly_Rocking_Bandit, LordGinSama Partially Disagree: Disagree: theultimate5105, Damage3245...
  11. KingTempest

    One Piece Pre-Timeskip AP Scaling

    One Piece Pre-Timeskip Topics to Talk About Doriki Scaling. We found out that one of the old justifications for Linear Doriki was a mistranslation, so we need a new justification or we don't count it as linear. Asura 3x Multiplier scaling revision. Asura had a random 3x multiplier. That is...
  12. Darkvie123

    One Piece: Fleet Admiral And Admirals Power Respect

    I mean we have multiple feats and statements + portrayal that puts them in the same tier as the Yonkos 1) Akainu equally matched Whitebeard in power, and clashed with him Multiple Time . (Chapter 567) 2) Akainu Took 2 of Whitebeard's attacks, who had full intent to kill - Managed to blow off a...
  13. Darkvie123

    One Piece Revision Upgrade: Shouldn't The Fleet Admiral And The Admirals Move To 6-B Like The Yonkos Are?

    I mean we have multiple feats and statements + portrayal that puts them in the same tier as the Yonkos 1) Akainu equally matched Whitebeard in power, and clashed with him Multiple Time . (Chapter 567) 2) Akainu Took 2 of Whitebeard's attacks, who had full intent to kill - Managed to blow off a...
  14. ObberGobb

    6-B Admirals

    Why aren't the Admirals (And Mihawk for that matter) at 6-B? Akainu blasted a whole in Whitebeard's face, which I think should easily fall under "can hurt characters who have country level durability". Based on this, it would make sense the Aokiji is 6-B too, as he fought evenly with Akainu for...
  15. Nier_Hitoshura

    Gray Fullbuster vs. Kuzan

    Key(s): In792 Gray Mindset: Both are in character. Speed?: Speed is equalized. Distance: They start 24 meters apart Gray Fullbuster: Kuza: Inconclusive:
  16. Aerozz

    possible upgrade for akoji's long range

    so as we all remmber in chapter 397 young akoji (22 years ago) used 2 long ice lines for kid robin that reach another island which should be at least hundreds of miles coz its not visible and we saw marine ships but still there is no lands behind them here is picture of young akoji also this is...
  17. SupremeGilgamesh

    Calcs of Change in Temperature

    Can someone point me to a calc that uses a simple version of calculation of change of temperature? If you can't,can you at least explain to me so i can put at my experimental wiki?
  18. SupremeGilgamesh

    Recent Observations about One Piece Tiering

    Hey guys what's up i'm gonna start a war on the world and you can't stop me "Cough Cough" Going to the deal in hand Whitebeard has a Country level calc His durability scales to this Akainu harmed Whitebeard=Whitebeard harmed Akainu Aokiji fought Akainu in their ten day duel What i'm basically...
  19. CinCameron20

    One Piece - 6-C revision

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3876542 - Mainly came up through this thread. so, with the 6-B feat seemingly no longer scaling to the Admirals, they have been downgraded to High 7-A. This however, is wrong. Where the High 7-A scaling comes from: Issho (Admiral Fujitora) has a casual feat...
  20. Xulrev

    One Piece CRT: Kuzan Tiering Issues

    Issues With Aokiji's Tier The Issue Currently, Admiral Aokiji (Kuzan) sits at Small Country Level on the wiki by virtue of being "Comparable to Akainu" and having participated in this feat wherein the Three Admirals all halted one of Whitebeard's Quake attacks. Seemingly pretty...
  21. ZackMoon1234

    Aokiji vs August (8-10-0) / Needs One Piece Supporters to see if it's a Stomp!

    As Irene Belserion was defeated by Aokiji in a fight, I figured August should try avenging her Speed Equalized 7 meters apart Location - SBA Low 6-B Keys used Aokiji - 8 (Number1Tryhard, CinCameron20, Rin The Dragon Empress, Rei Rubro, Jimboydejuan12, Strawboi, MonkeyDeeLuffy, Xulrev)...
  22. CinCameron20

    Irene Belserion vs Admiral Aokiji

    Irene's been causing some chaos lately out of sheer boredom. She has laid waste to entire islands, and marine outposts, earning her a sizable bounty. Due to her level of threat and being highly active, the marines send Admiral Aokiji to stop her. Irene starts in Dragon Form (Low 6-B), and both...
  23. Ryuga21

    Minor OP additions and corrections

    Just an correction and some additions. First, Silvers Rayleigh page says that he can reach "Hundred of Meters" with air slashs but he only shows being capable of affect dozen of meters. Second, logias who can transform himself into the element that they control should gain Inorganic Physiology...
  24. Schnee_One

    Resistance to Heat and Ice for Admirals (One Piece)

    So this was something I was constantly thinking about, but ultimately needed more input on. As those who are familiar with One Piece know, Kuzan (Admiral Aokiji) and Sakazuki (Admiral Akainu) fought each other for 10 days straight, and the fight was extremely evenly matched with Akainu barely...
  25. The_real_cal_howard

    Aokiji vs Articuno

    Marine vs birb. Two Low 6-B beings whose names start with A. Kuzan (Admiral Aokiji); Articuno
  26. Lgamer099_99

    Admirals are stronger than you think

    I actually disagree with Akainu and other admirals being Small Country, they should be comparable to Yonkos. We all know Marineford's feats like Akainu stopping Whitebeard's Attack with one leg and other things so I will use this "new" proof to prove that Admirals are in the same level of...
  27. Ryuga21

    Meliodas vs Aokiji

    >Speed is Equalized >Both in-character Aokiji: Meliodas: Inconclusive: I really hope this is not a stomp this time
  28. Superßull

    Big Mom Pirates VS Marineford (Kaido alliance)

    this topic was probably already spammed but whatever i'm curious also this time we have the beast pirtes around for a little hand . . The big mom pirates invade marineford to rescue their beloved sweet commander Smoothie (i'm picking her since her abilities aren't as fleshed out as the other...
  29. Stefano4444

    Kuzan (8) vs Glacius (1)

    Current Timeline Glacius. Speed Equalized. Kuza: 8 (Calaca Vs, Schnee One, RayStrider, Rei Rubro, Js250476, EmperorDoom25, Milly Rocking Bandit, TUHTPeaSkull12) Glacius : 1 (Mr. Bambu) Inconclusive: 1 (ZackMoon1234)
  30. Eseseso

    Aokiji getting some serious icepower (can't say firepower cuz he's made of ice, get it?).

    I found one of many well done respect threads on deviantart, and they are all done by a person called Irenebelserion69, and he made a calc which would put all Admiral level people at 6-A or continent level scaling to this Aokiji feat...
  31. Eganergo

    Goku vs aokiji

    Sba, speed equal, MUI goku. Fight take place on earth. Who win!? Son Goku: Kuzan (Admiral Aokiji):
  32. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    Heat resistance Negation for Akainu & resistance to for Logias.

    I've been reading some of the Manga again and I noticed that Akainu should actually have this added to his profile. He bypassed the heat resistance of Portgas D. Aceand Whitebeard, which also leads me to the next thing. Every Logia should get a resistance to thier own elements for being able to...
  33. Lightbuster30

    Kuzan's Ice Age

    So basically why are we using 2257 joules per kilogram for the calc? Freezing saltwater is; according to the calc, 2257 Kilojoules per kilogram; as in 2.257e6 joules per kilogram, not joules per kilogram. The calcs used 2257 joules per kilogram. The official calculations guide even states that...
  34. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    One Piece - Logia Regenerationn upgrade

    From what I've noticed the current ratings for the current Logia Regenerationn is a little bit off. After reading the OBD profiles for all Logias they have low-high Regenerationn and I found the feats they're referring to. There's currently two feats on this level displayed by Smoker and one by...
  35. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Tohru vs Kuzan (Aokiji)

    Tohru vs OP again,but this time she fight the admiral instead Yonko,who gonna win!!? -Both in character but in serious mindset -Speed equalized -Place located in Port of Shanghai ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_of_Shanghai) -Range is 50 meters -Win via anything!!! VS Tohru: 0...
  36. Js250476

    The other Admirals clash ( Aokiji vs Kizaru)

    So Kuzan already had a clash with Akainu that he ultimately lost so I wanted to see how he does against his other fellow admiral at the time So who wins and why? Aokiji: 8 Kizaru:
  37. EcchiOtakuTM

    Shanks and mihawks' outlier feat/statement.

    I am going to start off saying I already know it's currently accepted as a "ridiculous" outlier until further supporting feats/statements are shown. My question is, who would be best to ask to entertain the idea of actually calc'ing it according to the current accepted planet size? I feel...
  38. CinCameron20

    One Piece - Relativistic Speed Revision

    Okay, so as discussed in this thread, which also links to the blog for the Calculation, the speed feat of Rayleigh tagging Kizaru in his light movement has been accepted. I'll cut to the characters that would be affected by this, and where they would be placed: Top Tiers Silvers Rayleigh...
  39. Dannysayan

    Articuno vs Kuzan

    Take place on a Island Articuno Can fly but he cant overuse it Speed Equilized, if needed
  40. LordGriffin1000

    One Piece: Triple Admiral Royal

    We know Admiral Akainu beat Admiral Aokiji after a 10 day fight but what would happen if all three Admirals fought for the top position. Sakazuki (Admiral Akainu) vs Kuzan (Admiral Aokiji) vs Borsalino (Admiral Kizaru)