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kid icarus

  1. Dust_Collector

    Palutena vs Demise

    Was gonna do Palutena vs Hylia but honestly this seemed cooler, like an alternate history where Palutena was the goddess chosen to watch over the Triforce and went to war with the demon king. Demise in his... Demise key, and speed is equalized for obvious reasons. Making this now before Kid...
  2. Tankirbmon

    Kid Icarus: Uprising, Feats Recalc Discussion

    I was told that recalcs need to be discussed here to determine which versions should be used. Currently the entire verse scales to these two calcs: Speed: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:DarkDragonMedeus/Pit_Flies_Beyond_the_Stars Attack Potency...
  3. Tankirbmon

    Potential Kid Icarus AP upgrade

    Currently the verse scales off of this calc, It uses the curvature of the earth to place the Aurum Brain fortress at 24,000m in diameter. I noticed while watching some gameplay that Palutena says this in chapter 17 "That aurum ship is the size of a continent" It also seems that this piece of...
  4. Tankirbmon

    Potential Kid Icarus speed upgrade

    The current calc linked on the kid icarus page uses Proxima Centauri. The reason given is ", a blue star appears. It appears to be Proxima Centauri" Problem with that is that Proxima centauri is not a blue star. It is a red dwarf star. So wouldnt it make more sense to use the closest blue star...
  5. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Round 1 Match 2. Palutena vs Hyness

    What’s goin’ on everybody, this is Fry. So today, simple as this, we are bringing back the best deck in the entire game, other than maybe Cyclecap, and I actually sorta built this deck in order to counter Cyclecap. This is of course Valk Trickster Hybrid. It’s been one of the best since the...
  6. Dust_Collector

    Hades (Kid Icarus) profile update

    Did one for Palutena, so I did one for the best Nintendo villain as well. Here's my sandbox for it and here's the current profile for comparison, all the usual stuff like adding more links and also shoving in references, adding and removing things, not much to say about it.
  7. Dust_Collector

    Palutena changes and Pit Immortality removal

    Just as the title says, I changed Palutenas P&A section and also changed the justifications for her stats to be more in line with how she's actually portrayed. You may notice that unlike her current profile my sandbox doesn't have resurrection despite having a statement for it. This leads into...
  8. Knifeman29

    Too close to the sun: Firestorm vs Pit

    VS Firestorm VS Pit Speed is equal Base pit Fight takes place in metro city hope this goes well Firestorm: Pit:
  9. DemonicDude

    Heihachi Mishima vs Cragalanche (High 6-B Tourney)

    Round 1: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. It's the experienced Heihachi aka The King of Iron Fist vs the indestructible rock monster Cragalanche ! Results: Heihachi Mishima: 8 (ThanatosX, Scotty, Notoriou, Saman, Blank, Nicetoderp, Pepper, Kneifman) Cragalanche: 0 Inconclusive: vs
  10. Knifeman29

    Pit vs The Flash (Nintendo VS DC Comics)

    Pit VS The Flash Captain of Palutena's Guard Faces off Against The Fastest Man Alive Both are High 6-B Speed equalized Both in character Speed Force amps are restricted Base Pit Battle music Fight takes at Metro City
  11. It_is_i_wyatt

    Kirby vs Pit

    Sakurai's favorite child vs the other one both 4-A, speed equalized if one blitzes the other Kirby: Pit: Incon:
  12. Peptocoptr27

    Pit and co.'s 4-A ranking is very vague

    I'm not trying to debunk anything. For now, I just want a better explenation. According to his profile, Hades created and maintained a pocket dimension full of stars. When you click the links, all it shows is Pit chasing Hades' heart which is dark blue and has white spots on it. Is this really...
  13. Dragonmasterxyz

    Kid Icarus 6-C feat Downgrade

    An issue brought to my attention is the 6-C+ feat the cast scales to. They seemingly scale to blowing up the Aurum Hive, the issue however is that Pit did this via destroying the core. So I question whether he should scale to destroying the entire thing. Do we have any lower other feats to fall...
  14. Lonkitt

    Trunks fights a Non-Sonic video game character

    Xeno Future Trunks vs a Fighter (Kid Icarus) Xenoverse 1 Trunks (4-A) and 4-A Fighter are used. Trunks does not have access to any time traveling devices. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Who wins and why? Trunks: 0 Nameless guy with a cool design: 0...
  15. SuperKamiNappa

    Mario vs Pit

    Base Mario Base Pit Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  16. Soupywolf5

    Battle of Protagonists (Stomp)

    Mario characters have gotten some new profiles (And they're looking pretty nice) Mario vs. Pit Speed is Equalized, Power Star Amped Mario (The 4-A version) and Pit with the Great Sacred Treasure are being used, Mario is fully equipped Pit scales massively above 140.9373 PetaFoe, Mario is...
  17. Soupywolf5

    Bowser tries to kidnap a different damsel

    Bowser vs. Palutena Base Bowser and 4-A Palutena are used, Bowser is fully equipped (Besides any equipment that's a higher tier, if any), Speed is Equalized Palutena scales to creating a Starry dimension (140 PetaFoe), Bowser scales to creating 6 (840 PetaFoe) The Damsel: The Villai...
  18. MasterMewtwo3

    Regarding Pittoo's AP...

    I feel like Dark Pit's AP, while impressive, shouldn't come from him harming Hades. Looking back at Chapter 23, Dark Pit goes through Hades's chest via the Lightning Chariot (the tool needed to break Palutena's barrier earlier on). That feat has nothing to do with Dark Pit...
  19. Jinsye

    Palutena vs. Ishtar

    Both 6-C, anything higher tier is restricted Speed is = Who wins? Palutena: 0 Archer (Ishtar): 0
  20. Jinsye

    Medusa vs. Medusa

    Yay Kid Icarus fights. Breaker Gorgon is on. Speed is = Both are 6-C Who wins? Best Girl: 0 Big Tiddy Goth GF: 0
  21. Jinsye

    Dark Pit vs. EMIYA Alter

    Dark Pit You've got me confused with the other guy. THIS Pit is no pawn. I'll take care of him, but only after I finish you! ~ Dark Pit Powers and Stats Tier: At least 6-C Name: Dark Pit, Pitoo, Pitooey Origin: Kid Icarus Gender: Male Age: Less than a month old...
  22. Jackythejack

    Ikki vs. The Angel Boy who can't fly-

    Soooooo Speed equalized! Fight takes place in the world of light. Palutena's realm. I'll only give Pit the four sacred treasures if needed. I wanna see how this goes. Not the the desperado Spanish conquistador mariachi Ikki Ikki Kurogane Pit
  23. SuperKamiNappa

    Rosalina vs. Palutena

    Rosalina Palutena Speed equalized
  24. Bware1

    Palutena fights a different kind of Angel

    Oh I'm not here to save you, Pit. I'm here for a little... ah, Divine Intervention. Rules: Both Combatants at 4-A Speed is Equalied Who Wins and Why? Palutena: Rinoa: Inconclusive:
  25. Jinsye

    Pit vs. Cirno

    Speed = Base forms for both, 6-C. Who wins? Best Math Teacher: 0 Never Learned How to Read: 0
  26. Stillwinston

    Palutena vs Leon Belmont

    Wondering if this might be good, let's try it. Speed is equalised, both are 4-A. SBA otherwise, goddess vs crusader Palutena: 0 Leon: 0 Inconclusive: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Palutena https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Leon_Belmont
  27. Jinsye

    Issei Hyoudou vs. Pit

    Cinnamon Angel boi fights very perverted devil Speed = CxC Issei and Base Pit Tier is common sense Who wins? Issei Hyoudou: 0 Pit: 0
  28. PuasLuisZX

    The Chaos Vortex

    When looking at Kid Icarus Uprisisng I got a question about the Chaos Vortex. His Idol Description mentions: A bizarre dimension not governed by the physical laws of our world, one inch here is somehow a mile there. This mysterious tear in space is truly a glimpse into another world. When...
  29. Starter_Pack

    Phosphora vs. Sparky (An Electric Throwdown) (Voting Completed)

    One day, while on break from attempting to destroy all mankind as one of the commanders of the Forces of Nature, Phosphora was relaxing in her bed when a loud explosion rocked the Thunder Cloud Temple. Forcing her out of bed, she goes to try to find the source of the loud noise, when something...
  30. Phoenix821

    Amaterasu (Ōkami) vs Palutena

    Both 4-A Speed equalized Amaterasu (Ōkami) : 1 (ChocomilkAlex) Palutena: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  31. JohnCenaNation

    Update Pit to Tier 3-A: Universe level

    This is a legit quote from the game itself: "He's the man of mystery. He disappears without a trace. He's the amazing Captain Flare! He shoots comets from the space rift within his cape--the very same cape that contains the alternate universe Captain Flare likes to disappear into." Captain...
  32. Eficiente

    Dark Meta Knight vs Dark Pit

    Speed = Dark Meta Knight: 0 Dark Pit: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  33. SuperKamiNappa

    Kirby vs. Pit

    Kirby, standard equipment only Base Pit who wins and why?
  34. Eficiente

    Finishing the battle Brawl's trailer started (Grace)

    Speed = Optional Equipment on 4-A both Meta Knight: 7 (Skalt711, Stalker Maggot, Sptflcrw, Niccokirby, Ionliosite, TheQuirkyBoy, CoolDeante) Pit: 1 (Milly Rocking Bandit) Inconclusive: 1 (Thatsafloridathing)
  35. MisterKtheKoala

    Pit Vs Madoka

    Both at 6-C, speed is equalized Madoka knows you can do it!
  36. ChocomilkAlex

    Pit vs Goku (Toei)

    Probably gonna get his taken down for being a really dumb matchup. Both 4-A Speed Equalized Base form Pit (when he fought the Chaos Kin)
  37. Sptflcrw

    Minor Kid Icarus ability addition

    It's stated in Chapter 18 that whenever Pit dies, Palutena revives him. Because of this, I think Palutena should have resurrection on her page. Viridi also likely gets this, as she takes over for Palutena for a section of the game, meaning she can likely do the same thing. It could also possibly...
  38. Ionliosite

    Pit vs. Issei

    Pit vs. Issei Hyoudou Speed equalized Base Pit and CxC Issei will be used All other SBA Who wins and why?
  39. Jinsye

    Joker vs. Pit

    Pit w/ Three Sacred Treasures vs. Joker with the Omnipotent Orb Speed = 4-A Who wins?
  40. Dragonmasterxyz

    Palutena vs Angewomon

    This is too perfect to pass up. Kid Icarus vs Digimon Goddess of Light vs Goddess of Light -Speed Equal -4-A versions -Takes place 20 meters from each other. FIGHT!!! Palutena: 0 Angewomo: 0 Inconclusive: 0