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featherine augustus aurora

  1. Robo432343

    Featherine vs Void Shiki

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora#True_Form vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryougi_Shiki#Void_Shiki SBA
  2. Sparx_gaming

    Yogiri vs Featherine

    Just as the title says The end Vs The legendary great witch Yogiri : Featherine : Inconclusive :
  3. Ihsjihahxu

    Yogiri (instant death) vs Featherine Augustus aurora

    Featherine Augustus aurora : Yogiri takatou : Inconclusive : speed equal
  4. Ihsjihahxu

    Umineko Transdulity

    Why Maria and the Creator Even though there is a type 2 , Who can find Scan State Transduality Type 2? Can it be Maria's? So why doesn't Featheria have one? Transduality type 2 Either Featherine became the creator or entered the Supreme Domain. Creator domain?
  5. Plot vs Plot Yan Sen vs Featherine

    Yan Sen 1-B key Featherine 1-B key All out fight. Anything goes. Speed equalized. Votes: Yan Sen: Quintessence_PE (If both are 12-D) Featherine: Robo432343 | Ovy7 | Dragonite007 | JustANormalPerson01 Inconclusive: SweetDao | Railgun | TWILIGHT-OP
  6. PrinceofPein

    Umineko's HDE

    Does umineko have higher spatial dimensions?
  7. Gohanblanco217

    Yogiri takatou vs Featherine (Umineko)

    Both in character Both at their strongest Featherine : Yogiri takatou :
  8. InterFIGHTER123

    script power VS script power

    Tzeentch https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tzeentch VS featerine https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora Versions: Strongest known canon versions. Victory Conditions: KO. State of mind: Characters will employ their usual battle strategies Knowledge of the other...
  9. InterFIGHTER123

    The power of imagination VS The power of the script

    Gork and Mork https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gork_and_Mork VS Featherine https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora according to the profiles both are at 1-A Versions: Strongest known canon versions. Victory Conditions: KO. State of mind: Characters will employ their...
  10. Shadow_Somnius

    Featherine Augustus Aurora VS Shallow Vernal

    Both are at their strongest.
  11. 07-expansion (Raising levels and reviewing metaphysics)

    I apologize in advance if there are mistakes in English I would like to discuss with you the increase in force levels of the 07-expansion universe. To begin with, I agree with a certain part of the presentation of metaphysics. But I would still like to go over the basics. As we already know...
  12. Jakepj1

    Some problems I see with Featherines profile.

    I was looking at Featherines profile and I noticed something that doesn't make sense unless I am missing something or don't understand the context. "As a Creator, she is completely boundless and devoid of any existential limits and restrictions, transcending the infinite layers that make up the...
  13. Alitudil0

    Truth vs Lie, Featherine August Aurora vs SCP-3125

    Just comeback to the wiki after years of hiatus and now the SCP got upgraded and Umineko was downgraded to baseline 1-A, pretty shocking for me tbh. They used to be pretty OP verse before. Anyway, I heard SCP 1-As are baseline, right? So, hopefully this is not a stomp. Featherine : SCP-3125 ...
  14. Iiliminal

    Pennywise vs Featherine

    Pennywise vs Featherine Both in their 1-A key This should be a fair fight...right? Pennywise: Featherine:
  15. Ikelaggan

    "Doctor Doom vs Featherine"

  16. Why did they downgrade Umineko to 1-A?

    I've honestly tried to find why, but I couldn't, so if anyone knows the justification on why, Umineko went from High 1-A too 1-A, that would be nice.
  17. CrystalValley

    Void Ryougi Shiki Vs Featherine Augustus Aurora

    my friend outside of this wiki wanted me to make a match on this due to some Umineko downgrades or something. not really knowledgeable on the verse myself but let's see how this plays out. both are 1-A . speed is equal since Void's is unknown right now. Ryougi Shiki profile. Featherine...
  18. Apollo

    How high into 1-A is Featherine?

    I want to know because of the changes to the Umineko cosmology.
  19. Shadowbeast

    Scarlet King Vs Featherine

    Can the king of darkness somehow defeat the powerful Umineko witch with his full power? Scarlet King:https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Scarlet_King Featherine:https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora
  20. Shadowbeast

    Question about Featherine True Form

    What's up with Featherine's True form? i always see people mentioning this True Form in discussions as some kind of "form" way more powerful than normal Featherine(the one we all know) and also, there's a key in her profile with "True Form" in it too. I know that Lambdadelta True Form should be...
  21. Shadowbeast

    Question about Featherine True Form

    What's up with Featherine's True form? i always see people mentioning this True Form in discussions as some kind of "form" way more powerful than normal Featherine(the one we all know) and also, there's a key in her profile with "True Form" in it too. I know that Lambdadelta True Form should be...
  22. Teezar

    A requested matchup from a friend.

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Thought_Robot Both are 1A. speed equalized.
  23. Pepsiman25th

    Story Writer vs Horror Writers

    SCP-001 (S Andrew Swann's Proposal) vs Featherine Augustus Aurora True form featherine vs EC true authors speed equal truths restricted who wins? Featherine: The swann:
  24. Udlmaster

    Featherine v Yahweh

    Some Opera goer vs A Tree The Tree: Script Writer: Barney the Dinosaur:
  25. QuasiYuri

    When Creators Cry: Answer Arcs (Yes, it's a downgrade)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I complained about some Umineko stuff for quite some times now ever since the big revision we did, and it's time to do more than complaining. Thanks to anyone who helped, either directly or indirectly. Anyway, I know it'll obviously be a controversial thread, but since...
  26. Whiz_Almighty

    Featherine Augustus Aurora Upgrade CRT!

    In Featherine Augustus Aurora's 3rd Domain Manifestation, she is already residing at the very end of the infinite staircase leading to the Kingdom of God which essentially means she's infinitely layered transcendent to the high 1-A level. Her true form would be above that so she's tier 0.
  27. Battle between umineko characters

    Round 1: Wild cats vs Theory goats Round 2: Beatrice vs 10 wild cats Round 3: EoS Battler vs Bernkastel and Lambdadelta Round 4: Featherine vs every other umineko characters except creator True potential Beatrice and Future Maria are not included
  28. Kumo

    Demon King vs Witch

    Featherine Augustus Aurora vs Akuto Sai Rules: -Both Bloodthirsty -AP equal -Speed equal
  29. Teezar

    Featherine vs gilgamesh

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gilgamesh_(The_Unwritten) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Featherine_Augustus_Aurora Both are 1A Speed equalize.
  30. Naito-desu

    Laura Palmer vs Featherine Augustus Aurora

    Abstract Essence Laura vs True Form Aurora
  31. DaReaperMan

    Nyarlathotep vs Featherine Augustus Aurora. The day a fair match is found for it

    No. This is not a joke. I actually think this might be fair Both High 1-A. Why the actual **** does anything matter besides that? The Crawling Chaos: 0 Featherine Augustus Aurora: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  32. Catzlaflame

    Umineko inverse

    this should MAYBE be interesting: Featherine WITCH KEY ONLY (1A+) Her type 9 immortality to her true self is restricted (cus it’s high-1A) Vs Basically the rest of the verse Beatrice Battler Bernkastel Lambadelta Piece Willard (basically anyone that isn’t the creator)
  33. Gohanblanco217

    Featherine (Umineko no naku koro ni) Vs Yogiri Takatou ( Instant Death)

    Okay so this is a serious thread but with equal cosmology Speed equalized Both in character Cosmologies are equalized including hax potency and resistance Yogiri : Featherine :
  34. Gohanblanco217

    Featherine (Umineko) vs SCP-3812 (SCP Foundation)

    Both in character Fight start at 10 meters away from each other 1-A+ keys are being used Featherine : 3 SCP-3812 : Incon :
  35. Elizhaa

    Umineko and others Revision

    The Creator's and other additions Transduality change City of book key update Featherine Augustus Aurora missing speed key Immortality Type 5 change
  36. HalilAssassino

    Minor hax addition to Featherine

    Pretty simple. As seen on panel, Featherine shape ange's clothes according to her own desire and turned it into a miko outfit. This success meets the requirements in the cloth manipulation page, so Featherine needs to get cloth manipulation hax. Cloth Manipulation (Featherine shapes Ange's...
  37. Ultima_Reality

    Some Umineko Revisions

    Hm. This one's actually pretty straightforward. Introduction So, currently, both Featherine's Study and the City of Books are rated at 1-B for being the highest showcased realms in the series, and likewise transcending the entire story of Umineko, with the latter in particular containing a...
  38. AZeron420

    Regarding Featherine tier.

    Can somebody tell me with a explanation whether FFA is baseline or above baseline or on the high end of High 1-A.
  39. Itzmrbonezone

    This should (maybe) be interesting

    Hajun vs Featherine Augustus Aurora Both are at High 1-A Who wins?
  40. Ovy7

    Murder-Mystery vs SF: Featherine (Umineko) vs Goddess (Manifold)

    Cause why not... Both 1-A+ SBA Author's self-insert: 0 God in SF setting: 0 Inconclusive: 0